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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween: Take One. Please Resist Fear. Conan O'Brien will host a live video chat on election night

Over on at The Pulse Network I'm experimenting with Online Video and Social Media. Part of my exploration is into ways to make it easy for the audience to interact int eh live broadcast via a video chat.

I just heard from Brian August at Watchitoo that they are going to be working with to host a live video chat on election night. The chat is scheduled to take place Tues. Nov 2, between 7 and 8 pm.

Here is a mock up of what the experience will look like with instructions that explain how you can log into Watchitoo and activate your webcam.Watchitoo Landing Page for NBC News election night video chat mock up

Here's more from Brian:
Once viewing the show, you will be contacted by a moderator via a chat room and you will be staged in our virtual "Green Room" until it is your turn to speak with the host. While that is happening, you will be able to watch the show. If possible, please have earbuds (or headphones) handy.
Looks promising.

Your thoughts?

Friday, October 29, 2010

YouTube Widget Allows Subscribing Outside of YouTube

Mashable reports, YouTube Hits 1 Billion Subscriptions, Launches Widget to Celebrate:
YouTube is also rolling out a widget that video-makers can embed in their sites, which will allow people to subscribe to channels even outside of the video-sharing site.

Let's see how this works:

You can learn more on the YouTube blog.

A portion of the example code looks like this:
src="[add YouTube Username here]"
But that's misleading since you don't include the brackets.

My code looks like this:

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video

This Week in Media

This Week in Media, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY-NC-SA

I'm a guest on this episode.

October 28th, 2010
LISTEN: Return of the CueCat

Host: Alex Lindsay

Netflix goes big and then blows up, GoogleTV gets sandbagged by the big three, Boxee tries to break out, and for Sony, it's the end of an Era.

Guest twitter ID's: @alexlindsay, @1timstreet, @lonseidman, @stevegarfield

Pixability webinar: "Get Seen: Online Video Secrets From Steve Garfield"

Join us to learn from the best in a free 60-minute webinar. Steve Garfield, the "Paul Revere of video blogging", and Bettina Hein, CEO of Pixability, will share with you the latest trends that online video and related media have to offer. You'll learn:
- benefits of marketing with online video
- how to shoot video like a pro (recording, editing, exporting, etc)
- how to build presence with video on the social web
- how to increase views for your video
We will also raffle off ten copies of "Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business", an amazing book by Steve about online video.

Space is limited, so register now.

The webinar will take place from 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. EST on December 1st, 2010

Webinar Registration.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

How people can easily start using video on the web

Steve Greenberg Interview 10/28 with Steve Garfield on The Pulse Network

Steve Greenberg Interview 10/28 with Steve Garfield on The Pulse Network

Steve Greenberg on twitter

S-Curve Records

Andy Grammer

Alexa Goddard Interview 10/28 with Steve Garfield on The Pulse Network

Alexa Goddard Interview 10/28 with Steve Garfield on The Pulse Network.

Alexa Goddard

Alexa Goddard - Twitter

Alexa Goddard - YouTube

Alexa Goddard - Facebook

iMovie Animatics

Trying out the new storyboarding feature of iMovie '11. These animatics are going to be great for teaching people how to edit clips together.

How Artists are using Music Videos: Today At 2:00 Eastern on

Scheduled Guests:

Alexa Goddard, #19 most viewed this week, Musicians UK on YouTube.
Alexa Goddard - YouTube
Alexa Goddard - Facebook

Example choice: Bump into Movers or Bumped by Bikers

Steve Greenberg CEO of S-Curve Records to talk about Andy Grammer's interactive music video.

Watch LIVE at The Pulse Network.

SteveGarfield.TV on TPN brought to you by the .TV domain name

The Path to Fall Color at Jamaica Pond

This photo was taken using Pro HDR for the iPhone.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Book Publishing Secrets: Steve Garfield at PodCamp NH 2010

20101023-4152, originally uploaded by Roger H. Goun. CC BY

I was happy to participate in John Herman's Author panel at PodCamp NH 2010.

In preparation for the panel I made some notes about how to promote your book, once it's published.

How to Promote Your Book
- Make a destination site for your book.

Ex: Content Rules, Un Marketing, Crush It.

- If you don't want to make a full site, set up a Facebook page

- Create a custom URL to point to your book page. Mine is I started off at NING, but changed over to Facebook. You use the custom URL to redirect to wherever you want, so if people use your custom URL to point to your book site, it will always work

GET SEEN: Moo Cards!
GET SEEN: Moo Card

- Make up custom business cards for your book. I used MOO. They make high quality cards that stand out.

- Travel. I combined scheduled travel with book events. CC Chapman and Ann Handley are folowing the UN Marketing model of going on a sponsored book tour for their book Content Rules.

- Record a video for your Amazon book page.

- Write articles for blogs and magazines.

Videoblogging Webinar 5/20/10: Brightcove and Get Seen
Videoblogging Webinar 5/20/10: Brightcove and Get Seen

- Accept interview requests for blogs, podcasts, newspapers, radio, tv, magazines... Keep track of interviews with a site like Profilactic.

- Create an author page

- Set up a page at and link it to your author page and embed it on the side bar of your blog

- Write a Where to Buy blog post.

- Include all sellers on your site.

- Ask your publisher for support with posters, bookmarks, ad copy and web ads

Get Video. Get It Online. Get Results.
Get Seen Ad.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Choose your own Andy Grammer interactive music video

Interlude, S-Curve, And VEVO Team To Launch Ridiculously Engaging Interactive Music Video:
Head to leading music video portal VEVO this morning and you’re going to see something that’s quite out of the ordinary: a new music video starring Andy Grammer that puts you in the director’s chair. Hit ‘play’ and things will start simply enough, with Grammer walking down an alley as he croons toward the camera. But after a few moments you’ll see a popup asking if you want him to “Bump into Movers” or get “Dumped by Bikers”. Better make up your mind — you only have ten seconds to make your choice, and it actually impacts which version of the video you’ll be seeing. It’s part video game, part choose-your-own adventure story, and it’s what you might call “engaging as hell”.
There are many choices to be made throughout the music video.

Example choice: Bump into Movers or Bumped by Bikers

As you make choices, by clicking on the video, the path of the video seamlessly branches along.

Go to the Second Floor:

Hey, it's Rainn Wilson! ;-)

When you're done you can embed your version anywhere.

Note: When I embedded the video it was missing a closing OBJECT tag. I've let them know.

Choose your own Andy Grammer interactive music video.

Watch for Jeff Pulver in the video.
I'll be interviewing S-Curve Records CEO Steve Greenberg on this Thursday at 2:30 PM Eastern.

Tune in Live. broadcasts live on The Pulse Network every Thursday from 2:00 - 3:00.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pumpkin Preacher

I shot this photo of the pumpkin preacher in front of North Church in Portsmouth, NH on the iPhone 4 using the Pro HDR application.

It takes two photos. The first exposes for the lighter area, the second exposes for the darker area.

Then Pro HDR mashes up the two photos giving you a combined image that takes the best of both.

Friday, October 22, 2010

He Would Have Come in Second if Fewer People Had Voted for Him

Just saw this article by David Taber in the local paper, It’s down to two - O’Malley, Hennigan prevail in local council race:
Over half of the 7,203 ballots in the Oct. 19 preliminary were cast for O’Malley, who received 3827 votes—53.17 percent of the total according to unnofficial results provided by the City Elections Department. But he would have come in second if the only people who had voted for him were the 750 who showed up at his September campaign kick-off, presuming they were District 6 residents.

At the Forefront of TV News and Social Media: Fox 4 DFW

Fox 4 Dallas - Fort Worth has some fun taking the intersection of news reporting and social media to the extreme.

Follow FOX4 on twitter.

via [ Lost Remote ]

Blogtoberfest 2010

Blogtoberfest 2010, originally uploaded by jwol3.

John Wall writes: "Jenny's Event at Ginger Park with Steve Garfield! I was impressed with this shot taken in very low light with no flash."

Photo taken with Sony NEX-5.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

You’re Fred! How I met Fred White at Jamaica Pond by using Foursquare

The Boston Globe has a story by Beth Teitell on Foursquare WITHOUT a link to Foursquare, Virtual tracking fosters real-life connections.

Teitell called me for help in identifying local Foursquare users, so I put a call out to twitter.

You Click an iPhone, Right?
Teitell also called me to make sure of the correct terminology for using Foursquare was the word 'click'.

You do click buttons on your iPhone with your finger, right?

Foursquare Explained, Sort of.
Foursquare is explained this way:
For those unsure how this whole geolocation thing works, or even unaware that its social applications exist, here’s a quickie lesson, using Foursquare as an example: A user checks in, via a smartphone click, at a favorite location — Starbucks, say, or an Indian restaurant. That sends a message to two groups: the user’s friends, wherever they are, and other users who have clicked on the location in the app and scroll through the “Who’s here’’ list (a level of sharing users can opt out of). The user’s picture, first name, and last-name initial appear on the list.
That's kinda right, although it misses the point that all the data is stored in a database, and that when you check into a place, messages aren't sent out to all your friends, only those that have chosen to receive push notifications.

My Agenda
Teitell introduces the section I'm in with this paragraph:
As businesses try to woo customers, singles check each other out, and social network-types try to make connections, there’s one group of people with no agenda other than making friends.
I don't recall the reporter asking me about my Foursquare agenda.

Obviously it's not mainly about making new friends, I use Foursquare to keep track of people that I already know. That agenda doesn't fit the premise of the article though.

We do get a glimpse at my meeting with Fred at Jamaica Pond.

Foursquare in Boston Globe 10/21/10
Fred at Jamaica Pond and me on the iPhone
Consider the meeting between Fred White, 48, management consultant, and Steve Garfield, author of “Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business.’’ White had been following Garfield on Twitter, and one day he was at Jamaica Pond when a guy called out: “You’re Fred White.’’ To which White answered: “You’re Steve Garfield.’’ They had recognized each other from their Foursquare pictures.

“It was kind of weird,’’ White said. “We’re practically neighbors, but here we have to meet through this forum of millions of people.’’
One more thing, I didn't say "“You’re Fred White" since Foursquare only supplies first name, last initial.

It was more like, “Fred?"

Please don't follow me on Foursquare.

You can follow me on twitter though.

My friend, Carissa O'Brien, also featured in the article, shares her thoughts too, Connections Eclipse the Virtual World.
I have friends–male and female–with very diverging opinions on how to connect on location-based apps. Personally, when it comes to LBS platforms, I choose only to friend folks with whom I’ve had some form of previous connection. I’ve either met them personally or have had online interaction with them on Twitter or elsewhere. I don’t see a need to connect further with someone on a service that shares my location until we’ve had at least that much experience with each other first. And I’m thoughtful about how and when I share my location. If there’s any question of security or risk, I just don’t check in. The social experience isn’t worth putting myself or others at personal risk.
Note that she too doesn't mainly use Foursquare to meet new people, but to share her location with people that she already knows.

I left this comment on her blog:
I find it interesting that we both wrote blog posts that actually are the opposite of the article’s premise. We both use Foursquare, not to meet new people, although that has happened, but to let people in our existing network know where we are...

Our experience shows how broken news reporting is. Anyone who has ever been quoted in a news article knows how error prone it is.

One more thing, when we were both in Las Vegas this weekend, I checked into the MORE buffet at the Luxor, and Foursquare showed me that you were there with 50 other people, so I joined you for an amazing breakfast.

That place is so huge that I might not have known you were there without Foursquare.

That is why it’s valuable.
Here's a link to my book, Get Seen, if you're interested in learning about putting video online:

UPDATE 10/22/10:

Boston Globe Deleted My Comment to An Article I Was In

The Boston Globe deleted my comment that I made to this article.

My comment was a link to this post:
My comments:

The Boston Globe deleted my comment, which included a link away from, on the article that I'm in?


I am now going to go back and try to comment again without a link.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

1st FaceTime for Mac Call with Wayne Sutton

Called Wayne Sutton using the new FaceTime for Mac app.

Actually I don't even know if he was on his Mac or his iPhone. ;-)

It was his phone I took a look at his address book entry and all I have is his phone #. If I also had his email address, I could choose which to call, his iPhone via his phone #, or his Mac via his email address.

Charlie Baker Uses Bruce K Garber's Video Without Permission

Baker Campaign Video, The Choice:

Bruce K Garber Video, Governor Deval Patrick 042410B:

Clip used is at 2:43

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Never Miss a Justin Bieber Tweet with Google Replay

Google Replay Simplified:
Google launched its new Replay feature, which lets you search past tweets and Twitter feeds.

This 1-minute video by Switch Marketing uses the likes of Justin Bieber and Ernie to explain how Google Replay works and how you can use it to watch past events unfold.

Cher Lloyd sings Hard Knock Life - The X Factor Live show 2 (Full Version)

Saw this while experimenting with the YouTube Leanback player.

This player is great for discovery.

7 Ways the BlogWorldExpo Experience Can Be Improved

Photo by kk+ cc by-nc-sa

I enjoyed BlogWorldExpo 2010, but there are a few things that could be improved. I'm listing them here in the hope that conference organizers and vendors do better next time.

Here they are.

1. Can We Get Some Good WiFi in Here?

Photo by kk+ cc by-nc-sa

I took this trip out to BlogWorldExpo without my laptop.

Just brought my WiFi iPad. Never got WiFi to work.

I had a complementary pass for WiFi at the Luxor hotel which was supposed to work at the Starbucks. It didn't

Never was able to get WiFi to work at BlogWorld.

This happens all the time. It would be nice if you could go to a conference where the WiFi worked.

2. Speakers need wired internet connections
For my session on Video POdcasting 101, the speaker's laptop didn't have a hard wired connection. It shared the WiFi for the conference.

I ended up using a presentation that included embedded videos that I could play from the hard drive.

3. Show floor Should Open on Thursday
#thepulse network broadcasts live from #bwe10

My schedule for Friday was packed: Live broadcast, Session, book signing, interview, panel.

Thursday wasn't so full, but the show floor wasn't open.

I would have loved to spend time at many of the booths including Blogger, BlogTalkRadio, CoTweet, DemandMEdia, Ford, Jenn-Air, Lijit, Plixi, radioan6, Bluberry, Sony, Telestream, my sponsor .tv, and YouTube.

4. Project Keynotes on big screen
At @briansolis keynote with Mark Burnett

I was excited to take part in the Mark Burnett presentation and had to sit in the last row for the planned recording of my segment. But from the back row, I could see the need for the video of Brian Solis and Mark Burnett to be broadcast live onto the big screens during the session.

Note: I didn't go to the other keynotes. Those might have been projected.

5. Sponsored dinners: What's Your Story?
Focus Rally America

I went to two very nice sponsored dinners. At one dinner, Ford got up and gave a brief multimedia presentation about their social media success and plans for the coming year. It was just right.

At the other dinner, we got to meet everyone, but didn't get any information about the company.

I'm a proponent of keeping sales pitches to a minimum, but nothing at all?

6. Reduce the Barriers to Register for Parties
Awesome party with my Kodak friends last night. #bwe10

For one party you had to go through a Triple Registration.

This included:
- Signing up with a username/password
- Authenticating with Twitter
- Sending in a text message to register via cellphone

Too much.

7. Unconference?
Were there UnConference areas for people to put together ad hoc presentations?

That's a good idea for people who didn't get their sessions accepted or if someone has an idea to do something on the day of the show.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mark Burnett Backstage Interview about Sarah Palin's Alaska

Brian Solis gave me the opportunity to meet Mark Burnett at BlogWorldExpo 2010 and then premiere a clip from Sarah Palin's Alaska.

In the Greenroom

Filmed with Kodak Zi8, Sennheiser MKE 400 shotgun mic, and additional lighting.

This experience is a perfect example of the combination of Social Media and Online Video.

The Backstory
I've gotten to know Brian over the years through Social Media.

My friend Jenn Selke posted to twitter that Brian had come out with a new Conversation Prism.

I clicked over and took a look, The Conversation Prism.

Then, during our tour of Zappos, I saw the Brian's Conversation Prism at an employees desk, so I took a photo and posted it to flickr. I auto post photos uploaded from my iPhone over to twitter.

@briansolis look what I saw at @Zappos

BTW, if you are ever in Las Vegas, contact Zappos for a tour. IT's great!

Here's what I posted:

Brain saw this and responded:

What Happened Next
So this sets the stage for what happens next.

Brian saw I was in Las Vegas for BlogWorld Expo and was planning something special for his Keynote with Mark Burnett.

We saw each other on the first night of BlogWorld and Brian told me that he might have something for me to do, but he couldn't say yet.

Can Steve Garfield Come to the Front of the Ballroom
Just before the Mark Burnett Keynote, my cellphone started ringing off the hook with messages that I had to go to the ballroom immediately. When I got there I heard on the loudspeaker, "Can Steve Garfield Come to the Front of the Ballroom".

I was met bay a whole group of people including Brian Solis and Mark Burnett. They asked if I'd be willing to take part in a Social Media experiment to launch Burnett's new show, Sarah Palin's Alaska."

At this point in time we were a few minutes away from the start of the session so there was little time to think. I agreed to help Brian with this experiment. Anyone who follows me knows how I feel about Sarah Palin. ;-)

The idea was that I would tweet out a link to a never before seen clip from Sarah Palin's Alaska that I would host on my YouTube account.

At @briansolis keynote with Mark Burnett

We set me up at the back of the ballroom with a laptop, a wireless mic, and two cameras.

I got the tweet with the link ready to send and also put it on my iPhone as backup.

Brian called out to me, and I posted the tweet. He then asked everyone to retweet it.

The tweet:

... an it's duplicate.

The Video:

Some Results:

As of 10/18/10: 70,178 views.
As of 12/06/10: 116,634 views.

Seen on: The Scoop / The Today Show:
The TLC publicity team is certainly taking a tongue-in-cheek approach to spreading word about the show. A TLC rep handed out stickers at Thursday's Blogworld expo (where producer Mark Burnett was a keynote speaker) to attendees. The stickers read: "I can see Sarah Palin's Alaska from my living room."

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Twitter Wordle

Twitter Wordle, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY-NC-SA


My top five words: rt, video, www, boston, thanks

Photojojo - Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses on Kodak Zi8

Buy the Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses at the Photojojo Store!

The metal ring doesn't adhere well to the iPhone 4 or Kodak PlayTouch glass lens.

Photojojo responds:
We have heard that if you have a case or protective film on the back of your phone, then they will stick, but that's not the best solution if you ask us! We're still looking into other ideas... like getting some rings made that are extra sticky (and don't block the iphone 4 flash).
Learn all kinds of cool things about shooting video in my book, Get Seen:

Inbound Marketing Summit at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA.

Derek Wilmot got some great shots of my talk about Web Video Made Easy at the Inbound Marketing Summit.

Here we are setting a URDB World Record for Most People Shooting Videos at the Same Time.

Foxboro, MA - October 07, 2010 - Inbound Marketing Summit kicks off at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA.  This two day event brings companies and entrepreneurs in from all over the country to discuss inbound marketing, social media, and everything in betwe

Foxboro, MA - October 07, 2010 - Inbound Marketing Summit kicks off at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA.  This two day event brings companies and entrepreneurs in from all over the country to discuss inbound marketing, social media, and everything in betwe

Foxboro, MA - October 07, 2010 - Inbound Marketing Summit kicks off at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, MA.  This two day event brings companies and entrepreneurs in from all over the country to discuss inbound marketing, social media, and everything in betwe

66 People Shooting Video

66? I need a better way to count.

URDB: Most People Shooting A Video At The Same Time

WebProNews Interview: Set Your Business Apart With Video

This is the video interview, click to watch.

WebProNews Interview: Set Your Business Apart With Video
Don't click this photo. It's a screenshot from the video. ;-)

This is a great interview about web video from Inbound Marketing Summit 2010.

WebProNews: Set Your Business Apart With Video:
"Although everyone wants to do video these days, they seem to be hesitant with it for multiple reasons. For starters, many people are intimidated by video. They also think that it is hard and that they have to have a full video crew to be successful at it.

According to video blogging pioneer Steve Garfield, these theories are false. He tells WebProNews that these theories are common misconceptions about video and that video can actually be quite simple."
WebProNews: Set Your Business Apart With Video

YouTube Video on Twitter

If you highlight a tweet that has a YouTube URL in it, on twitter, you can see the video in the sidebar.

YouTube Video Inline on Twitter

If you go to the permalink page of this tweet, you can see the YouTube video inline, on the page.

Go to twitter to see this:!/stevegarfield/status/27115345097