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Monday, June 30, 2003

AT&T e-mail switch arrives.
Today's Boston Herald article on the ATT to Comcast email transition has got to be the most inacurate newspaper article I've ever read in my whole life!
However, if a customer hasn't downloaded the Transition Wizard program, there's no need to panic - yet.
This makes no sense at all. Why would the reporter imply there is a need to panic in the future?
All e-mail messages sent to the old will be saved until the transition to is completed.
Again, makes no sense. The emails are now being forwarded to the new account.
However, she says, there may be some extra steps for those who use non-Windows and non-Mac browsers and e-mail systems such as Netscape and Eudora. Those users may need to take extra ``manual steps'' to download Transition Wizard, said Khoury, who expressed confidence the transition will go well today.
She has no idea what she is talking about. It's unbelievable to me how a spokesperson for Comcast can explain that you need to download hte Transition Wizard for Eudora and Netscape. Those users need to follow the manual instructions. to : Manual Instructions for Transitioning Customers
E-mail Settings:
1. POP3 (Incoming Mail) Server:
2. SMTP (Outgoing Mail) Server:
3. Your E-Mail address: e-mail
I didn't use the transition wizard and my email from has is now being forwarded to!

So after all the dire warnings, if you choose to do nothing and not run the transition wizard, your email still gets forwarded from to

I didn't do anything this morning and logged onto I was automatically transferred to All my old email was there and new mail that was sent to me at my old address showed up in my new mailbox.

It was a lot simpler than we were lead to believe.

Next up, I'll go into my Macintosh OS X Mail application and change my settings as outlined above.

I guess I'm not surprised that the only directions they provide for Macintosh are for Outlook Express. If they had read any of my emails and understood themm, they'd have put in instructions for Microsoft Entourage and all the other Mac OS X mail apps.


Maybe you can just put them in the comments on this post.


Saturday, June 28, 2003

Cheers Boston vs. Cheers Hamilton, Bermuda.
The Hog Penny Pub in Hamilton Bermuda, which has a great grilled chicken salad, says:
the Hog Penny is the actual original inspiration for the "Cheers" Pub in Boston.

I always thaought at was the Bull & Finch Pub in Boston.
When the producers of the TV show went looking for a location to depict the ideal American bar, they headed to Boston, famous for colorful pubs, sports teams, and lively politics. After visiting other Boston bars, they returned to the Bull & Finch and declared, “This is the place.”
The whole story is here.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Wil Wheaton's Audblog.
His notes from the road.
Flight Tracker is over here now.
It allows you to track airline flights in real time.

Will Markson for President 2004.
"I'm running to win. But if not to win, I'm running for president to not lose too badly. And if not to not lose too badly, then at least to cover my expenses."
Laugh. Register. Vote.

I think I just found my candidate.
Love Chain: Gwyneth Paltrow and Mark Ramsey.
Drop over to the MovieJuice weblog, to read Mark Ramsey's uncut interview from E! show Love Chain: Gwyneth Paltrow.
Who else is she gonna date? Not the guy down at the Jiffy Lube. Gwyneth doesn’t get to the Jiffy Lube. As far as Gwyneth knows, Jiffys lube themselves.
I think he got some good quotes on the air.
Roy Orbison In Clingfilm.
Roy Orbison walks inside my house and sits down on my couch. We talk urbanely of various issues of the day. Presently I say, 'Perhaps you would like to see my cling-film?'
Since I'm here, why not?
352nd Harvard Commencement: Speech by Will Ferrell.
This is not the Worcester, Mass Boat Show, is it? I am sorry. I have made a terrible mistake. Ever since I left "Saturday Night Live," I mostly do public speaking now. And I must have made an error in the little Palm Pilot. Boy. Don't worry. I got it on me. I got the speech on me. Let's see. Ah, yes. Here we go.
Starts off well.
via [ Heath Row's Media Diet ]

Will Ferrel's speech made me seek out the best commencement speech ever:

Commencement Speech to the Havard Class of 2000: Conan O'Brien
I'd like to thank the Class Marshals for inviting me here today. The last time I was invited to Harvard it cost me $110,000, so you'll forgive me if I'm a bit suspicious.
Conan rocks!

Grab some free mp3s from Me First and the Gimmie Gimmies, a band that only does punk covers of easy listening songs like Mandy and Wild World.

See all the songs they've covered at The Covers Project.

While there if you click on a band that they have covered, you'll go to a page that shows all the bands that the covered band has covered, and also see a list of all the bands that have covered that band.

It's a covers party!

And if you like that, you'll also enjoy The Knockoff*Project. It features album cover spoofs, goofs, tributes, send ups, near misses and coincedences.

Hot Dog Fun Figures.
When you are looking for more to do with a hot dog than Octodog.
via [ weblogsky ]

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

The Office: David Brent Sings.
My TiVo recorded The Office for me and I watched it last night. It was a repeat, but I guess it was a viewers choice as best episode.

This episode was the one with the customer care training session.

The link to David's songs doesn't work, but I found an amazing fan site called The World of the Office that has David Brent's songs as mp3's.

Go listen to Free Love Highway:
Free love on the free love freeway,
The love is free and the freeway’s long...
I got some hot love on the hot-love freeway
I ain’t going home cos’ my baby’s gone.
Spaceman and Paris Nights are there too!

The Office Rules!

Radio Lovers.
Listen to old time radio shows for free.
Avenger, Batman, Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, Abbott & Costello, Benny Goodman, Jack Paar, Barry Craig Confidential Investigator, and tons more.
I just can't get enough of Barry Craig.

Wired: G5 Power Mac Design According to Ive.
Ive picked up a clear plastic cover that sits inside the side door. It is oddly shaped to help air circulate inside the G5.

A purely functional component like this would have been paid little heed by the rest of the computer industry, Ive said. But it was made transparent so people could run their machines with the door off.
Ive's talk blew people's doors off.

Ha Ha.

Boston Clear Sky Clock.
It's getting hot in here.
via [ greengrl ]
It's Tuesday night and you have a choice, Ralphie or Elyse, which show do you watch?

Ralphie May on NBC's Last Comic Standing.


Elyse on UPN's America's Next Top Model.

Can someone find me the ratings for Tuesday night so I can see what America is doing?

HipTingle, a site for computer music producers to share their latest and get reviewed by peers.

musicon mac.
A new Web site for Mac musicians like me. :-)

Well, once I load Soundtrack, that is.
via [ MacMinute ]

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

American Juniors.
My prediction for finalists from tonight's show are: Lucy Hale, Chantel Kohl, Tori Thompson, Canyon Grove and Taylor Thompson.

Why does Ryan Seacrest have to display the words "Nylon" on his shirt like that?

At least he shaved.

The Devil Makes Work For Idle Thumbs. [ QuickTime ]
Boredom at the mental hospital leads to mischief. Uncut version of a banned Virgin Mobile commercial.
via [ Milk and Cookies ]

How does this fit into the G5? Please explain.
Can someone explain what Steve Jobs is holding in his hand, and how it fits into the new Apple Power Mac G5.

I would imagine that this disk gets cut up into little pieces that end up looking like this:

Am I right?

The Temple Bar: Cambridge.
I'd go back.

We had Mussels, Salad and a Margherita Pizza served in a really cool atmosphere.

There were plenty of choices for beer on tap. I went with the Harpoon Summer Ale. I love to support the local brewery.

We were seated in a banquette. You don't see those every day.

At around 8:45 the lights were turned down, from dim to almost dark.

If you have a problem seeing in the dark bring a maglite.
R.E.M. Rehearsal Webcast.
R.E.M. set up at least four cameras with wide angle lenses and recorded a rehearsal session for their upcomming tour.

Now you can see four of the songs for free from the R.E.M. HQ website.
Gatecrasher comedian Aaron Barschak kissed Prince William after climbing three walls, a tree and two gates.
It's a royal mess!
via [ Drudge ]

I used the clown I painted when I was little, to make my own postage stamps!
via [ J-Walk ]

Hello Takeshi.
I downloaded Apple's new iChat AV last night and tried it out.

It was pretty cool as I talked to a friend from Scituate.

This morning I logged back in to try it again, and saw that my friend Takeshi was on iChat AV with a camera.

So I connected to him and he wasn't at work.

"Where are you?" I asked.

"Japan," he replied.


He just moved from Boston and now lives near Shinjyuku.

This is amazing. It's one of those 'ah-ha' moments where after you try it you really understand the power of the technology.

Gotta go back to my 'overseas video conference now'.

I'm going to play him some selections from my iTunes library.


Hello, I'm sitting in an egg.
It's a Ball, Bubble, and Egg Chair Gallery.

t.A.T.u. Does The Smiths
SixDifferentWays has an MP3 of t.A.T.u.'s cover of The Smith's "How Soon Is Now?".
This rocks!

I grabbed this yesterday, and have listened to it at least 24 times since then. Get it before it's gone.
via [ fimoculous ]

cyberlounge debuts tonight.
Our feature length documentary film, Cyberlounge, debuts tonight.

More info here.

Monday, June 23, 2003

Juemilia: Two Japanese girls covering t.A.T.u. songs.

via [ fimoculous ]

It's a Molson twinlabel.
Mmm... Beer.
Altavista FREE mp3 search tool.
Just key in a random word and you'll find free mp3's out on the web.
I just played a game of trivia with the AIM BOT Smarterchild.
You answered 10 questions correctly out of 10 and scored a total of 350 points.

You're a genius!

The average score for players who played this particular television trivia game is 150.44!
I only had to look up one answer:
Mr Ed, the talking equine star of the 1960s television series, was a golden palomino. He learned an enormous amount of tricks for his role, including answering a telephone, opening doors, writing notes with a pencil, and unplugging a light. Apparently, Mr. Ed would occasionally have a fit of temper, as befitting his star status, and would stand stock still, wheezing and refusing to move.
He should have called the actors union.
WWDC Steve Jobs Keynote Blogged by Brian Jepson.

Adam Sandler Got Married.

Your days of being lifted overhead are numbered, young man.
World Beer Games.
I know the guy that I want on my team for the pint chug. This guy can open up his throat and pour the beer down, doesn't even need to swallow:
Please note:
There is a Residual Liquid Allowance of ¼ of an ounce, as denoted by line on bottom of official glass. If any liquid remains above the line the contestant is disqualified.
In other words, don't let good beer go to waste.

Going Digital.
She's happy because Kingston has rebates on memory cards for digital cameras this month.

I'm trying to decide between the Canon S400 and the S45.

I like the cool neck strap.

H - I = Hi.
You can refer to this web site, for American Sign Language, if you've lost your handy reference card that you got from a guy in the subway.
Hot blog links.

Sunday, June 22, 2003
I just added this blog to
How Much For That Hydrant?
Today we went to a memorial service for a close family friend, Harold Green.

The Rabbi was talking about how Harold had such a great sense of humor.

He told a story about how Harold loved to participate in the yearly yard sales we had at our house.

It was a big deal.

Our house was perfect for a yard sale since it was right on the Walnut Street, which leads to Route 1.

Harold always set up his table on the far left of of front yard. We used to have about 8-10 families carry all their junk over to our house for the day of the big yard sale.

Harold set up on the far left because that's where there was a fire hydrant.

Harold would always pile his junk for sale all around that hydrant. Then he'd put stickers with pricing on everything including the hydrant. It think he priced it at $50.

People would then come by and ask, "Is that hydrant for sale?"

Harold would always reply, "Yes it is, and it's yours if you can carry it away!"

A New Passover Tradition
Harold's granddaughter told a story of how during a passover seder, Harold, while leading the service, lifted up his plate. The kids, thinking it was part of the service also lifted their plates.

Harold again lifted his plate and the kids again followed his lead and lifted their plates.

At this point, Harold's son Michael asked, "Dad, what are you doing?" Harold replied, "I lost my fork."

Passover plate raising, a new tradition.

Saint Anetsky?
When we got to the grave site, it was raining. My wife asked me why someone would be carrying an umbrella with the name of a Saint on it. I looked over and saw the umbrella. It read, "S T A N E T S K Y."

I told her that it wasn't Saint Anetsky, it was Stanetsky Memorial Chapel!

Harold, we'll miss you and always remember you.
The Sublime and Ridiculous Show
Mr. Stark Effect does a radio show on the web, "The Sublime and Ridiculous Show," from 8-11 Monday nights on Radio Freedom:

His moniker there is "D^2". He plays a mixture of guilty and not-so-guilty pleasure pop, outsider, avant-garde, and unusual covers.

I like his song bunnyrabbits, satan, cheese and milk. [ mp3 ]

He adds music to found vocal tracks.

He tells me that he has a new song, Tennis Ball. [ mp3 ]

My mom is here visting and just told me to "turn that down."

Reminds me of the old days when I lived at home and had a Harmon Kardon receiver and EPI speakers!
Michael Barrish finds himself with no choice but to listen to his roommate have sex with her boyfriend.

Believe it or not, it's all the fault of Apple Computer.
via [ soreeyes ]

Saturday, June 21, 2003

Off On A Tangent: MSNBC Best of Blogs!
Steve in Boston offers, “Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links!” at his Off on a Tangent blog. My visit there was for mostly the latter, but that’s good enough for the Best of Blogs list.
Thanks Will Femia, from MSNBC Weblog Central, for picking Off On A Tangent as one of the BEST OF THE BLOGS!

The Great Southwest.
Images from the Southwest United States By Geraint Smith.
via [ ]
InstaPundit gets high ratings when Bloggers Rate the Most Influential Blogs.

Lorissa got her photo of a storefront accepted into the LALALAND gallery.
Time to go shopping.

With a camera.

Urinal Dot Net.
Urinal Dot Net collects and displays photographs of different styles urinals for men and women. It's a global display — everywhere from Amsterdam to Zurich, including the South Pole.
You've gotta go.
via [ Site du Jour of the Day ]

The 800x600 Project.
Collages in this project are made up of 64 pictures total. Pictures should be arranged in an eight picture by eight picture grid, forming the final 800 pixel wide by 600 pixel high collage.
Gotta go take 64 pictures of my kitten.

Oh wait, I don't have a kitten.

Gotta go get a kitten.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Subject: LAST CHANCE to Make your Comcast E-Mail Transition Easy!
Another email in the series, "We treat our customers like children and don't even understand what we are talking about."
Dear Former AT&T Broadband Internet Customer:

Time is running out to transition to Comcast High-Speed Internet. It is very important that you take a couple of minutes to make the necessary changes now. Follow the instructions below to download the Transition Wizard or you may use the manual instructions posted on on Monday, June 30th.

If you don't make these changes by June 30, 2003, you will still be able to access your High-Speed Internet connection but will not be able to continue to receive your e-mail and you'll miss out on all of Comcast's great features!
Ok, I have a question for you.

What if I'm on vacation on June 30th, returning on July 3rd?

What if I make the manual changes then? Will I be able to receive my email?

I think I will. I think you will forward all my email to my new address and it will accumulate over there until I retrieve it.

So when you say, "If you don't make these changes by June 30, 2003", I don't think you really mean it. In fact I think you don't even understand what you have written.

Esquire Magazine in it's July 2003 article 'A Roadmap to Musical America' selects WZBC 90.3 FM as one of their 'picks for the best ... radio stations.. from Maine to Alaska.'

If you live in the Boston area, you can listen on 90.3 FM.

You can always view the current playlist online.

Here's the 56kbps stream, if you want to listen and you are not in the Boston area.

And there's a message board too.

BTW, I'm on the air today from 2-6.

Tune in to hear the best of independent rock, local music and some songs from my milkcrate.

Thursday, June 19, 2003

Apple Store Chicago Grand Opening: June 27th.
Check out their Made on a Mac Series:
Billy Sheahan - Film Editor
Sun Jun 29
3:00 p.m.

Cheap Trick - Musicians
Tue Jul 1
7:00 p.m.
Sounds like a fun Apple store.
We’ve taken everything that we learned from our other stores and designed the ultimate Apple Store especially for you. We even put in the first-ever Apple Store Internet CafĂ© with 16 computers for you to check your email and experience the Mac at your own pace.
All that's missing is a tall decaf non-fat latte.
For Love or Money Winner to get $17,000/yr.
That's $1 million, spread out over 40 years after taxes.

Paige is a drunk driver.

The Tim Yeo Nude Gallery.

Cameron Diaz: Naked.
Big, Left, Outside.
Al Giordano's countercoup for authentic journalism, democracy and a free press.

He's right on top of the news regarding the 2004 presidential election since he comments on and links to tons of blogs in the blogosphere.
via [ Barry Crimmins ]

iTablet: CeBit 2003.
Could this be a new Apple design?

Stencil Revolution: T-Shirt printing with stencils.
There's also a nice Photoshop turotial there about how to convert a color photo to a single layered stencil.
via [ koasworld ]

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Senator Hatch Introduces Bill to Burn People’s Eyes Out.
Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) today introduced legislation authorizing the use of high-powered microwave lasers to burn out the eyes of non-paying viewers of copyrighted material. “If we could develop technology which just burned out the parts of their brains where the illegal memories are stored, that’d be fine with me--but we can burn their eyes out right now!” said Hatch, while introducing the Hatch/Hollywood Eyeball Evisceration Act.
via [ fimoculous ]

Audiophile has a collection of MP3s of every song ever played on The Gilmore Girls.
The list includes songs like these:
Madness - One Step Beyond
The Clash - London Calling
Radio 4 - Dance to the Underground
I never watched the show, but some of the mp3s are cool.
via [ fimoculous ]
Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos meet "Ginger".
"Good morning to everyone," said Tim, smiling at the front of the table. "Before we start, we'd like to ask you to hold your questions until after each presentation."

"Yeah, right !" snorted Bezos, followed by that honking laugh.

"Otherwise we might as well not be here," said Jobs.

"How long is your presentation?" asked Doerr. "Each pitch is about ten minutes."

"I can't do that," said Jobs. "I'm not built that way. So if you want me to leave, I will, but I can't just sit here."
He stayed.
via [ The Presurfer ]
Monica to Narrate Hillary’s Audio Book.
In the publicity coup of the year, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky was chosen today to narrate the audio book version of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s best-selling memoir, “Living History.”
I love it!

I can't get into Homer and Marge's Bedroom!
Flash tour of The Simpsons house.

It's in Beta now, so don't expect a lot.
Macintosh OS X Troubleshooting Tips.

Extreme instant messaging!
The Motorola IM free offers a handy way of keeping in touch with up to six buddies at a time via IM - almost anywhere within 150 feet of an Internet connected computer with required base and with no additional monthly fees.
This product fills a glaring need in the market.

The need for consumers, to buy another product, to keep them hooked up to IM at all times.


Tommy? Tommy Harris? Paul Wagner. Paul Wagner. [ QuickTime ]
Every other Saturday afternoon, a bunch of filmmakers meet at a secret location on the West Side of Manhattan. Many of them don't know each other, but they soon will. Within minutes, each one has been paired up with total stranger, and given the task of shooting a monologue, which they must complete and bring back to the starting point within three hours.

Welcome to Bitplayers NYC.
Anyone want to start this up in Boston?
Star Trek News.
Popular Northern California Star Trek alternative rock band.

Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar from STNG) will attend conventions with a camera crew and talk to fans.
The Wicked: All About Boston Music.
She likes Stellastarr*, and so do I, now.
via [ lindsayism ]
Flash Mob takes over the Manhattan Macy's fancy-rug department.

What's next? Gimbels?

Over at the forum this guy had to post a message because he couldn't figure out how much the photos cost to download.

I'm not a member over there and was looking for the same info. It's not easy to find.

The istockphoto website says:
Stockphoto works on a download credit system and some ideas we borrowed from the concept of micropayments. One credit is equal to one download. Each credit is worth .50 cents.
So it looks like the photos cost .50 cents each.

Is that right?
Yes, that's correct.

Little White Duck.
There's a little white duck sitting in the water
a little white duck doing what he oughter
he took a bite of a lily pad
flapped his wings and he said "I'm glad
I'm a little white duck sitting in the water
quack! quack! quack!"
Kids music for a Wednesday morning by Bernard Zaritzky and Walt Barrows - © 1950.


There's tons more kids music here.

Click now and you'll hear songs like:
I Hear Thunder (with lyrics and special links)
I Love Trash (lyrics only)
I Love You, You Love Me (with lyrics)
I Want a Dog (with lyrics and pet links)
If All the Raindrops (lyrics only)
If I Had A Hammer (with lyrics)
If You're Wearing [red, yellow, etc.] (with lyrics)
I'm a Little Teapot (with lyrics)
I'm A Nut (with lyrics)
In a Cabin in the Woods (lyrics only)
Inchworm (with lyrics)
Irish Lullaby (Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral) (with lyrics)
Its a Small World (with lyrics)
Operators are standing by!

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Refuser Solidarity Network.
After months of intensifying violence, resulting in the deaths of hundreds of innocent Israelis and Palestinians, Israeli soldiers in increasing numbers are stepping forward to publicly announce their refusal to serve in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
The refuser movement wants to end the Occupation and create peace between Israelis and Palestinians.

Peace would be good.

Mission: SPACE.
The new Walt Disney World Epcot attraction Mission: SPACE, answers the question, "What does it feel like to be an astronaut and launched into space."

Based on viewing the QuickTime movie on their web site, I'd say the answer is, "funny, it feels funny."
via [ boingboing ]

Classic American Idol.

I'm keeping my SAD CLOWN store.
I was just reading about changes to the member agreement.

The paragraph that I had questions about was this one:
5.5 If owes you accrued compensation that is less than the Payment Threshold for at least 180 days, then may charge your account a $25.00 monthly maintenance fee. will continue to charge this monthly fee as long as the total amount of accrued compensation remains less than the Payment Threshold for at least 180 days.
I emailed with this question:
Are you really going to start charging me $25/month, or is this somthing you are just reserving the right to do in the future?
They replied:
From: Customer Support
Date: Tue Jun 17, 2003 1:58:51 PM America/New_York


Thank you for contacting!

Please accept our apologies for any confusion regarding your account. Please note that you will not receive a bill in the amount of $25.00. However, if you have commission(s) in your account that are more than 180 days old, you will have to use these funds before they are forfeited from your account. You may use these funds in the form of CafeCash to purchase items from your store or one of our many shops located at

Unfortunately, we have to enforce this policy as we are mandated to turn over outstanding monies to the government by law. We impose this service charge because there are very high administrative costs involved with transferring funds to the government. Again, please understand you will not be charged, you will only be forfeiting the current commission balance in your account that is over 180 days old AND below your minimum check amount.


Samantha L
Customer Support
So unless a lot of people order stuff from my store, I'll be shopping for mugs and T-Shirts on

PhotoWalks, historical walking tours of Boston with a photographic edge.
Looks like fun.

Fast Food Fever.
Get it!
Goofy Internet Jokes.
A jumper cable walks into a bar. The barman says "I'll serve you, but don't start anything."

A sandwich walks into a bar. The barman says, "Sorry we don't serve food in here."

A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

A man walks into a bar with a slab of asphalt under his arm and says: "A beer please, and one for the road."

I am extremely intelligent, but not in a nerdy way, in that hyper-cool smart-but-I-can-kick-your-ass underachiever kinda way.
This is from The Editing Room, a web site devoted to bringing movie buffs around the world completely innacurate, short scripts of movies.
via [ fishrush]
That's what fish do when they're in a hurry.

For Love or Money = Bad, TiVo = Good. wasn't just you, the episode *DID* annoyingly run a few minutes into the 10PM hour
In the end, he eliminated Laura.

Paige lives!

Next week they tell Rob about the "Million Dollar Secret."

Brendan Leonard (Official Site).

Brendan Leonard (Message Board).

This is my favorite TV show right now.

My wife says, "are you watching that again?"

I say, "quiet, I can't hear."