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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Barack Obama: We Can Work It Out

Great speech!

Skinny Cow Suze Orman


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I found the Skinny Cow and despite the fear that Suze Orman spreads on CNN, my Credit Card worked today at Roche Bros.

Popcorn, Cat Food and Dog Food


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Join in and support Barack Obama for president

I just donated to the Barack Obama campaign after hearing him speak at the Change We Need rally in Reno, NV.

Barack Obama makes me feel hopeful for the future.

Join in and support Barack Obama for president.

Donate today.

Live and Local

Free live streaming by Ustream

Testing out a USTREAM.TV live feed for my class at BU this week.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Barack Obama at CVS in Boston

Trying the cbseyemobile iPhone app to submit a photo. It worked.

What are you going to be for Halloween?

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception
Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception by stevegarfield, on Flickr

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception

Kimberly Wright and Matthew Webber Wedding Reception

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kimberly Wright Church Wedding Photos

Kimberly Wright Wedding Rehersal

Kimberly Wright Church Wedding Photos

Kyle Approaches Maine Seacoast. Long Sands Beach 12:20 PM

York Beach, Maine - Seas are calm at 9:22 AM 9/28/08 Kyle Expecteed Later Tonight

Watch CNN for this iReport.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Save Pandora Today

Cassettes, Carts and 45's

"Please support H.R. 7084, the Webcaster Settlement Act of 2008."
Contact your representative in Congress before 11 AM EST.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Watch Hacking History Tonight with Bre Pettis. Set your TiVo's to Record

Here's a screen shot of setting up to record Hacking History on the History Channel with my Comcast TiVo.

Record 'Hacking History' on your TiVo

Here I recorded Bre's show on my standard TiVo, both at 8 PM and 12 AM.

Note: It's Hacking History, not History Hacker.

Sarah 'Miss Teen USA' Palin

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sarah Palin Disney Trailer

"An Alaskan hockey mom becomes Vice President in the wackiest family comedy of the year! Sound familiar?"

New Media Tools for Journalism - Reporting with a cellphone

We had a great class at BU today. New Media Tools for Journalism - Reporting with a cellphone.

BU Students Learning about reporting with a Cellphone

Here's the slides from the class:

Reporting With A Cellphone
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: journalism photo)

The best moment came when I asked my twitter followers to say hi to the class.

We got lots of twitter replies including this one from Huffington Post:

huffpost twitter message to BU students

We also got a lot of people saying hi and some great replies to the question of McCain showing up at the debate:
AmandaGravel: @stevegarfield Hi Steve's class! I used to be in those seats, myself. Did you invite McCain to join you? ;-)
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

martindave: @stevegarfield Hi everyone. Found memories of the Hub from my days working at WBZ
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

LDpodcast: @Stevegarfield- if I have a problem, show 'em Brogan's account.
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

huffpost: @stevegarfield hi! Anyone there want to do some video journalism for :) -JasonBarnett
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

JasonBarnett: @stevegarfield hi! Anyone there want to do some video journalism for :)
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

CathyBrooks: @stevegarfield Hello to you at Boston University Journalism Class (from a Medill School grad )
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

JeffCutler: @stevegarfield Only when it works. Now there's a crazy Authentication Error page coming up. Twitter ROCKS!
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

LDpodcast: @Stevegarfield- Hi there! Have a great class Students! Steve is the best!
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

pamelump: @stevegarfield Hi, BU students! I used to be one of you. Listen to everything Steve has to say.

Tylertoo: @stevegarfield at this point it doesn't matter if McCain shows or not...he's through
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

hbeeinc: @stevegarfield mccain should send palin to the debate in his place -she's very good at the talking words with her mouth and has nice glasses
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

bre: @stevegarfield Hi class! I think McCain should cancel the debate! How many of you have published a video to the internet?
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

lumatts: @stevegarfield Yes, he should show up!
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

BrooklynHilary: @stevegarfield: um. YES!
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

JeffCutler: @stevegarfield That's a no-brainer. Of course he should. How else can we become an informed electorate? Ask if they're gonna watch!
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

gradontripp: @stevegarfield Yes, he should!
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

JoeCascio: @stevegarfield Yes, he should show up. Trying to cancel is a cheap campaign grandstanding trick to try to make Obama look "unpatriotic".
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

prcotter: @stevegarfield Hi BU journalism class -- I'm a working journalist. The debates should go on! Keep learning Webby stuff -- you'll need it.
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

crazyasacoolfox: @stevegarfield hi class!
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

joebird: @stevegarfield Hello BU journalism class!
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

retheauditors: RT @huffpost: @stevegarfield hi! Anyone there want to do some video journalism for :) -JasonBarnett
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

RealTweeter: @stevegarfield ha! It would be so awesome if he didn't.
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

hbeeinc: @stevegarfield you're in class too much Boston University
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

abbyladybug: @stevegarfield Of course he should! All he's doing it making himself look weak and making his VP look weaker.
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

JoeCascio: @JessicaKnows Heh... if you think *I* have a Boston accent, listen to @SteveGarfield. :)
12 minutes ago · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

tsand: Joined thanks @stevegarfield for having this open to all!
about 2 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

GrpCaptMandrake: @stevegarfield Yes! McCain needs to show up. He's damned if he does and damned If he doesn't. But showing up is definitely better.
about 3 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

Genevangelist: @stevegarfield Oh that's Awesome! God job, Steve!
about 3 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

Genevangelist: @stevegarfield Kind of curious - what was the class's reaction to Twitter and other socmed?
about 3 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

RNCJournalists: JasonBarnett: @stevegarfield hi! Anyone there want to do some video journalism for :) (expand)
about 3 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

LDpodcast: @stevegarfield- at some point, I should show you the Podcast/Notecast pen- Livescribe Pulse Pen- Something you would love!
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

JGarcia3rd: @stevegarfield My name is Juan, and I'm a Twit-aholic ;) Yes, McCain should do Fri debate. No reason not too, even during financial pinch.
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

tankgrrl: @stevegarfield FYI, class, @bre just wants them to cancel so u'll watch his show 'History Hacking' at 8pm. But u can watch it at midnite too
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

JennOM: @stevegarfield Absolutely. He's not a college student who can choose to take academic holidays whenever he doesn't like the lecture topic.
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

Lyss99: @stevegarfield only if Obama does, otherwise it's not a debate :-7
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

JJLESLIE: @stevegarfield Yes! McCain's presence at the debates would be nice for once...for a CHANGE.... wahwahwaaahhhh...
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

bpw: @stevegarfield SEND PALIN in his stead
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet

Genevangelist: @stevegarfield It's not a matter of John McCain showing up and winning the debate (which he will) it's "Will Barry Obama show up in DC?"
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet · Show Conversation

hawaii: @stevegarfield: He should, but probably won't. Where's the wise, steady hand? "Maverick" shouldn't mean erratic. A ploy to stall VP debate?
about 4 hours ago · Reply · View Tweet
Thanks everyone for participating!

Join the class conversation.

Utterli Demo on Poor Cell Connection

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Utterli usually is much clearer, but I had a very weak cell connection.

Dallas / Fort Worth Skylink Train

Today's User Interface Question: Dallas / Forth Worth Airport Skylink. Where do you get off?

If you were at Gate A16 and had to get to Gate D20 as quickly as possible, and the Skylink train graphics shows a FIRST STOP at Teminal D, between D24 and D36, THEN a NEXT STOP between D11 and D21, which stop would you get off at?

Note: Picture shown here does not match terminal graphic.

The problem is that the graphics in the terminal do not show the EXACT gate the train stops at, only that it stops BETWEEN specific gates.

Would it stop half-way between D24 and D36, meaning it would stop at D30 which would be a 10 gate walk, or would it stop near Gate 16, a 4 gate walk? Would you make up time by getting out at the first stop and walking, instead of staying on the train until the next stop.

The solution would be to indicate the exact gate that the train stops at.

The train stops EXACTLY at Gate D21. One gate away from my destination, Gate D20. ;-)

The graphics shold be designed to say:

Terminal D: Stops at GATE 21.

Why make it a guessing game?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

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Streaming Media West Today

I'm at Streaming Media West today in San Jose.

I'm presenting at 10:30.
Live Broadcasting Over Mobile and Wi-Fi Networks
Track B: (B101) 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
While big media tests the waters of mobile broadcasting, many web video producers are already out there doing it live from the street with cell phones. Others are joining in and experimenting with two-way broadcasts via streaming video over cell phone networks and via Wi-Fi, wherever they are. Viewers can chat while the broadcast is going on and affect and sometimes even direct the content being produced. Come to this session to hear Steve Garfield talk with other pioneers in the live broadcasting space about their experiences at the forefront of this new technology for sharing their stories over the web.

Steve Garfield, Mobile Video Journalist,
Rainer Cvillink, Mogulus
Bhaskar Roy, Co-Founder,

There's an online video creators meetup tonight:
Tilzy.TV - Tube Mogul Producers Meetup: "Meet and network with fellow online video creators. Share ideas, find collaborators, promote your work and enjoy a few drinks on us!

Who: Online video producers and anyone interested in online video production

When: September 23, 2007 @ 7PM

Where: San JoseMcEnery Convention Center, San Jose , CA - Convention center lobby area outside the Streaming Media West exhibit hall"
Watch from text, photos, audio and video at my Streaming Media West blog.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Help turn the History Hacker pilot into a TV show!

On set of the History Hacker's Infinity Workshop

Help my friend Bre:
Hey DIY people in the world and astronauts too.

My TV show pilot called History Hacker airs this upcoming Friday at 8PM and Midnight on the History Channel. I'm the host of the show and I check out inventors in history and take a hands-on look at their inventions. I need your help to make the show go from a pilot to a real TV show.

The pilot is all about Nikola Tesla and the war of the currents between Tesla and Edison. In the show I learn how to blow a neon tube, explore wireless electricity and build an AC generator from a bike. I also go to Boston to visit an MIT space lab to see how the principles that Tesla pioneered are being applied to space propulsion.

The look of the show is awesome. The folks at History gave the producer, director, and director of photography permission to take my DIY style of making videos with lots of jump cuts and direct talking to the camera and push it forward into a longer format. It doesn't look like anything else on TV.

There are four things you can do to help make the pilot a TV show.

YouTube Town Hall Talk to Governor Patrick on 9/22 - OneWebDay 2008

Wanted to share this in case any readers want to participate:

YouTube Town Hall Talk to Governor Patrick on 9/22 - OneWebDay 2008

This summer, Gov. Deval Patrick hosted a series of town hall meetings and posted them to YouTube. Now is your chance to talk back to the Governor about the issues that are important to you.

Here's how:
1. Go to and Sign In using the link at the top right (if you don't have a YouTube account, create one by clicking the Sign Up link).

2. Click the large yellow button labeled Upload. Fill in the Title and Description elds -- use the phrase One Web Day MA in the title. Choose the Video Category called News & Politics. Tag the video with OWD MA, town hall, and the issue you are addressing (income tax, wind farm, education). The tags are key: we can't find your videos without them!

3. Click the Quick Capture button at the bottom. Inside of the box on the mid-left, there will be a small information
box that asks, Allow to access your camera and microphone?" Click Allow and Close.

Make sure your camera is turned on and your microphone volume is turned up (you should be able to see
yourself in the box).

4. When ready, click the Ready to Record button and record the message to Governor Patrick. When finished,
click the red square to stop. Click Preview to watch the recording. If satised, click Publish. If not, click Re-Record and try again.

5. Email and tell us about your contribution
That's all there is to it.

After OneWebDay, the Independence Year Foundation will collect the videos at, and will organize them by issue. That way, the conversation can continue.

To learn more about the organizations behind this project:
• OneWebDay:
• Independence Year Foundation:

Sunday, September 21, 2008

J. Lohr Wine Tasting in San Jose


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Sarah Palin's next speech: The 25 Million Gravel


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15 Questions for the Presidential Candidates

David Gergen and Andy Zelleke wrote an opinion piece in the Boston Globe today, A question of presidential leadership:
"Considering the stakes of this election, shouldn't part of the process of choosing the next president be a 'job interview' of sorts, designed to shed light on the candidates' leadership capacity? Voters deserve a better understanding of who the candidates really are; their aptitude for building teams and coalitions; their judgment and decision-making style; and the special competencies they bring to getting difficult things done.

To that end, the Center for Public Leadership at the Harvard Kennedy School and the Ken Blanchard Companies recently convened a diverse group of leaders from all sectors - government, corporate, and nonprofit - as well as academics and others who study leadership. Two hundred participants developed questions for the candidates that would help introduce them more fully as leaders to the American voter."
Since the Globe doesn't link to websites mentioned in it's articles, I went and found the site that has all the questions and lots of background.

The Center for Public Leadership (CPL) at Harvard Kennedy School, in association with The Ken Blanchard Companies, developed this site, Take a look.

For those who didn't read the article, here's the list of 15 questions:
Who Are You Really?

1. Values: What are your five core values and how do they shape how you lead?
2. Attributes & Competencies: What are the attributes and competencies you value most in yourself that will serve you well in the White House?
3. Weaknesses & Mistakes: Recent American history has many examples of leaders whose weaknesses brought them down. What are your tendencies that could cause your presidency to fail?
4. People I Have Learned From: What historical figure has exercised leadership in a way that you aspire to? What were their strengths? Tell us about a situation that tested their leadership.
5. Multicultural Experience/World View: What experiences have helped you deeply understand the mindset and values of other cultures?

Who Will Be at The Table With You?

6. Building a Team: Tell us about a high performing team that you’ve built. What made it high-performing?
7. Coalition Building: Can you share some examples of when you were a catalyst who brought groups with polarized opinions together so that all voices were at the table?
8. Increasing Participation: The internet and technology have flattened the political playing field, allowing for more participation and collective decision making. How will you create a more participatory democracy and give people the opportunity to influence decision making?
9. Increasing Participation: Young people have engaged in this election in greater numbers than ever before. Please give us some examples of how you have listened and responded to the next generation in your campaign. How will you keep the next generation engaged?

How Will You Decide?

10. Decision Making Style: The president’s role requires decisiveness. Please share some examples of your ability and willingness to be decisive. Can you tell us about a time when a lack of decisiveness got you into trouble. In retrospect, what would you have done differently?
11. Judgment: Tell us about a time when your judgment was tested in crisis. What do you want us to appreciate about your judgment?

How Will You Act? And What Will You Act On?

12. Leading Change: Can you give us an example of how you have overcome resistance to bring about a needed change?
13. Innovative Thinking: How will you create an environment for innovation within your leadership team?
14. Building the Confidence of Others: What are the first few things you’ll do to raise confidence at home and abroad?
15. Priorities Indicative of Values: The USA ranks 1st in incarceration and 18th in high school graduation. What leadership skills and values do you bring to the challenge of reversing these numbers? Can you point to three things in your past that will help us understand that you care about this challenge?
Good questions.

Let's see if we get answers.

Reposted from Thursday, June 12, 2008.

I think we are still waiting.

Berkshire Brewing Company Oktoberfest at Vee Vee

Vee Vee in JP is a great place to stop by and have a beer aloing with good conversation.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Streaming Media West

Heading out to San Jose tomorrow for Streaming Media West. I'm moderating a panel on Tuesday on LIVE streaming on WiFi and cellphones with Bhaskar Roy from Qik and Max Hoat from Mogulus.

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Yard Sale Day - Photo Op

Yard Sale Day - Photo Op, originally uploaded by stevegarfield.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Help Paull Young bring clean, safe drinking water to people in Ethiopia

Right now, 1.1 billion people on the planet don't have access to safe, clean drinking water. That's one in six of us.

charity: water is a non profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.


Make a donation to charity: water in support my friend Paull Young's fundraising effort.

Paull posted a mega-blog post on his Social Media Birthday Experiment that he created to support this fundraising effort.

JO540 Student Blogs - New Media Tools for Journalism

I'm testing out different methods to share the student blogs from my BU class.

JO540 blogs Tagged JO540 on

Here's a direct link to the Grazr page with the most recenltly updated student blogs on it.

Here's Michael Kowalchick's Grazr reading list of all the class blogs.

Here's the XML file with the students blogs.

If you can embed this list of student blogs on a blog page I'd love to see an example.

Leave a link in the comments.

John McCain's voice analysis profile looks like that of someone who is clinically depressed

Sen. John McCain

Stu Hutson writes in New Scientist Tech, Software spots the spin in political speeches:
"'The voice analysis profile for McCain looks very much like someone who is clinically depressed,' says Pollermann, a psychologist who uses voice analysis software in her work with patients. Previous research on mirror neurons has shown that listening to depressed voices can make others feel depressed themselves, she says.

Pollermann uses auditory analysis software to map seven parameters of a person's speech, including pitch modulation, volume and fluency, to create a voice profile. She then compares that profile with the speaker's facial expressions, using as a guide a set of facial expressions mapped out by Ekman, called the Facial Action Coding System, to develop an overall picture of how they express themselves.

Her analysis shows that McCain's voice changes little in pitch as he speaks, and so conveys very little emotion or impact. Whether he is addressing positive prospects or discussing sad facts, his voice always sounds the same.

Additionally, McCain's voice and facial movements often do not match up, says Pollermann, and he often smiles in a manner that commonly conveys sarcasm when addressing controversial statements. 'That might lead to what I would call a lack of credibility.'"
I'm glad Stu wote this because I had a weird feeling after listening to McCain on the Spanish radio broadcast. Now I know what it was.

McCain Affective Disorder. MAD. Like SAD, but McCain.

We can't have four years of this.

We need the light of Barack Obama.

He's the cure.


Photo credit: JD Lasica/ CC BY-NC

Palin Rumors: Claimed daily travel allowances as the governor of Alaska while she remained at home

Sarah Palin in Kuwait 2 (High Rez)
Sarah Palin in Kuwait 2 (High Rez) by asecondhandconjecture, on Flickr seems to be Public Domain.

Aljazeera - Palin travel expenses scrutinised:
Sarah Palin, the US Republican vice-presidential candidate, claimed daily travel allowances as the governor of Alaska while she remained at home, according to a report in the Washington Post newspaper.

Palin claimed the state allowance for 312 nights when she was at home in the town of Wasilla, at a cost to taxpayers of $17,000 over 19 months, the paper said.

"Per diem" payments are usually meant for meals and incidental expenses while travelling on state business.

State officials said the claims by John McCain's running mate were permitted because her "duty station" is Juneau, the Alaskan capital, and she lives in Wasilla, which is 600 miles away, the newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Palin Rumors | Explorations:
84. "Yes, she did bill the Alaska State Government for per diem on days when she was “home.” This is how it works: she is maintaining two households. The state law defines her official residence in Juneau as “home”, so when she’s up in Wasilla, she’s “traveling”. That’s the way the law is written, and it appears that she has documented and handled her expenses legally and appropriately, even if it seems odd. And yes, her expenses have been anywhere from a third to a fifth of the expenses of the previous Governor. The Washington Post suggests this calls into question her claim to be a fiscal conservative; personally, I think cutting expenses by 70 to 80 percent seems like a pretty good claim to the title."
Palin Rumors is a good site.

Cross posted at One Lie A Day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

'America's Next Top Model': Elina Ivanova

Elina Ivanova

'America's Next Top Model': Magical transformations (or not) | Show Tracker | Los Angeles Times:
"Elina Ivanova, she of such love for animals and hatred for her mother, broke down and wept when she was given a curly red style, which, as Tyra promised, did make the girl look ethnically vague. Elina is going to be the girl who everyone has a strong opinion of on this cycle: She's clearly lovely, but she has a personality that you either love or hate on reality TV. You'd think a girl who enjoyed turning straight girls bi-curious wouldn't have a problem with changing her hairdo, but there you go."

(Elina photo courtesy The CW)

Comcast: What will happen if a customer exceeds 250 GB of data usage in a month?

Comcast: What will happen if a customer exceeds 250 GB of data usage in a month?

Comcast Help & Support - Frequently Asked Questions about Excessive Use:
"What will happen if a customer exceeds 250 GB of data usage in a month?

The vast majority - more than 99% - of Comcast customers will not be impacted by a 250 GB monthly bandwidth or data usage threshold. If a customer exceeds more than 250 GB and is one of the heaviest data users who consume the most data on our high-speed Internet service, he or she may receive a call from Comcast's Customer Security Assurance ('CSA') group to notify them of excessive use. At that time, Comcast will tell the customer exactly how much data per month he or she had used.

If a customer surpasses 250 GB and is one of the top users of the service for a second time within a six-month timeframe, his or her service will be subject to termination for one year. After the one year period expires, the customer may resume service by subscribing to a service plan appropriate to his or her needs."
It would be nice to know how much bandwidth we are using.

If Comcast can measure it, how about sending us a report?

Ron Paul on the Global Financial Crisis

Pinot Evil: Parker Station, Bogle, Elk Cove

This was a great find at Patriot Place.

Steve and Dane

Steve Garfield Meets Dane Cook
Steve Garfield Meets Dane Cook by stevegarfield, on Flickr CC BY-NC-SA

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dane Cook Day in the City of Boston

Exclusive: Dane Cook talks about his new movie, My Best Friend's Girl AND warns against shaving off your eyebrows:

LIVE from City Hall.

Boston City Councillor John Tobin declares Dane Cook Day:

YouTube version.

Dan Cook Day - City of Boston

Flickr Photo Set - Dane Cook Day, City of Boston

Dane Cook.


My Best Friend's Girl Official Movie Site.

What happens if I shave off my eyebrow?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fifty People, One Question: Restored

Fifty People, One Question: Restored from Benjamin Reece on Vimeo.

By Benjamin Reece.

Here's the camera rig he uses:


Recent Tweets about Sarah Palin, CNN, Hockey Moms, The Economy

If you are not following me on twitter, here's what I've been posting over there recently:
"Total certainty would be such a refreshing change of pace in the White House." - Jon Stewart

Palin : So crazy religious that other religious people call her crazy religious. Reddit comments are funnier than SNL

@Lisa_Nova @nalts CNN Highlights Palin impersonators FROM YOUTUBE.COM Calling out CNN for not displaying your URLs.

"The Fundamentals of Our Economy Are Strong" New Obama Ad:

Hockey Moms Against Sarah Palin.

Checking out the trending tweetgrid

RT: @jwagnerdsm You really can see Russia from Alaska. Web cam here:

[AP]: Five ex-secretaries of state urge talks with Iran.

"The fundamentals of the economy are strong." "I can see Russia from my house!"

Two Chairs

On MSNBC now: Big fight about John McCain being able to type. He can. Lots of yelling and overtalking.

Follow me on twitter

CNN Highlights Palin impersonators FROM YOUTUBE.COM

CNN reports:
Tina Fey may be the best but she's far from the ONLY Sarah Palin impersonator. CNN's Jeanne Moos rounds up the imposters.
CNN has a piece about Sarah Palin impersonators, and posts links to most of the videos as 'FROM YOUTUBE.COM.'

You'll notice that when CNN displays video from NBC they show a graphic that says, 'Saturday Night Live from NBC', or 'Nightline From NBC News.'

They also add a graphic for Funny or Die, but most YouTube comedians don't get credit.

Can we get some link backs to the YouTube comedians?

This is a good example of why you'd want to put your brand on your videos. When you watch this piece, how many videos would you be able to find?
Saturday Night Live from NBC <- CNN added this
FROM YOUTUBE.COM <- This time you can see the Lisa Nova graphic
From <- CNN added this
Sarah Palin Gangsta Rap <- No URL
Nightline From NBC News <- CNN added this
From <- CNN added this

Some of the videos that CNN did not provide a direct link to:

See more Gina Gershon videos at Funny or Die

Gina Gershon Strips Down Sarah Palin

Cross posted at techPresident.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Carol and a Clam

Carol and a Clam, originally uploaded by stevegarfield.

Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk, originally uploaded by stevegarfield.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Working the network - Missing Links

Working the network - The Boston Globe.

Once again the Boston Globe has an article online, that's all about being online, without include ANY links, to ANYTHING mentioned in the article.

Not even a link to the author's website. It's over here: Maggie Jackson.

Links that could have been included in the article:

Aaron Strout's profile on LinkedIn
Mzinga Jobs
Susan Koutalakis on LinkedIn
Lindsey Pollak- blog, twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Getting from College to Carreer
Maria Stein, director of career services at Northeastern University
Evan Gotlib on LinkedIn
Challenger, Gray and Christmas Inc.
Maggie Mistal
Maggie Jackson's book "What's Happening to Home: Balancing Work, Life and Refuge in the Information Age"

It didn't take me that long to compile these. I went a little overboard, but for people reading, these links could help them understand the content of the story.

I'd leave this as a comment on, but the articles over there don't support comments.

Maggie agrees that the Globe should include links in their stories and asked me to share this link to her new book:

Distracted: The Erosion of Attention and the Coming Dark Age.

An SNL Digital Short - Space Olympics

An SNL Digital Short - Space Olympics featuring Andy Samberg. The year is 3022 and this galactic sporting event is having some financial issues.

Reminds me of one of my favorite local Boston bands, Freezepop!

Transcript: CNN interview with Vladimir Putin

(CNN) -- CNN's Matthew Chance interviewed Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on Thursday.

Vladimir Putin:
"We don’t want any complications; we don’t want to quarrel with anyone; we don’t want to fight anyone. We want normal cooperation and a respectful attitude toward us and our interests. Is that too much?"
Sarah Palin should read this to John McCain.

CNN: Transcript: CNN interview with Vladimir Putin
CNN: Putin accuses U.S. of orchestrating Georgian war

YouTube: Playlist: Putin interview with CNN on South Osetia
This is the full interview Putin gave CNN on Aug 28 2008. CNN only showed a few clips of the interview and skipped the most important details.
His famous interview from 28.08.08, which has never been shown in full anywhere except Russia. Will CNN show it to americans?

In this part:

1. Who gave an order, Medvedev or Putin?

2. Was this conflict a demonstration of power?

3. What is the prehistory of Ossetia vs. Georgia, Abkhazia vs. Georgia relations.

4. Do we enroach on Georgia sovereignty?

5. Can you give any guarantees to other countries? Incorrectly posed question.

6. Chronology of the conflict. Who started it and what was the order of events.

7. We hoped that US administration will interfere and stop Georgia.

8. How Georgia bombed Dzhava and russian peacekeepers.

9. Who attacked whom.

10. Does the fact, that US-president was not able to keep Georgia from aggression, affect your mutual relations?

11. Even in the times of Cold War we always avoided direct confrontation between our servicemen. Now we have reasons to conjecture that US military men were present on the battlefield during military operations.

12. This would mean an internal political dimesion for the US.

13. Did some persons in the US provoke this conflict?

14. Middle East, Afganistan, Iraq, economy, mortgage - need for a small victorious war - otherwise portray Russia as aggressor.

15. Are you afraid of sunctions?

16. What will be russian answer to isolation?

17. What is our choice? Let them kill us in exchange of G8 membership?

18. This is not our ships near your coast, this is your ships near our coast. Is this what they call the "Russian threat"?

19. Can Russia refuse to collaborate with their partners?

20. What about oil and gas supply?

21. We never politicize economical relations.

22. Don't you think the prestige of Russia will suffer from all this?

23. Who opened Pandora's box in the international relations?

24. Little girl on Fox News.

25. Did Russia support separatist regimes?
IHT: Putin suggests U.S. role in Georgia clash
Robert Amsterdam : Video: Putin Interview on CNN

A New Hope

A New Hope, originally uploaded by stevegarfield.

Found here at ironic sans via Chuck.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Watch the War Crimes Conference

Live Video streaming by Ustream

War Crimes Conference, LIVE.

I made and audiobook out of Chris Brogan's Free eBook on Personal Branding too

Rob Blatt took Chris Brogan's free eBook on personal branding and made it into an audiobook.

I wanted to try the same for a couple of paragraphs of his eBook too.

Here's how I recorded the audio and posted it online:
1. Record audio with QuickTime Pro
2. Edit together with QuickTime Pro
3. Export as AIFF
4. Open with Final Cut Pro
5. Additional editing, add music bed
6. Export as AIFF
7. Open in iTunes
8. Convert to mp3
9. Upload to

It's probably more accurate to call it an audioparagraph. ;-)

You can listen to my audioparagraph version of the first section of Personal Branding for the Business Professional on That's where I hosted it.

Chris Brogan say, "I love it! This is great."

I'm also testing alternative embeddable flash players after reading, How to Embed MP3 Audio Files In Web Pages With Google or Yahoo! Flash Player.




I just found the code to put the player bloglines uses on the page.

Support the American Heart Association. I'm Serious.

The America Heart Association's Heart Walk is today and Carol is raising funds in memory of her father.

If you were considering donating to the America Heart Association this year, Carol would be happy if you supported her effort.

Support Carol and the Heart Association by following this link to donate



Friday, September 12, 2008

Dianne Wilkerson - Past Due

Dianne Wilkerson - Past Due, originally uploaded by stevegarfield.

Worst Mailer Ever

I just got this mailing from State Senator Dianne Wilkerson. She's running for re-election against Sonia Chang-Diaz.

What's ironic is the "PAST DUE" notice on the front of the mailer.

Form the Boston Globe, "Wilkerson in 1997 pleaded guilty to failing to file tax returns from 1991 to 1994. She was sentenced to house arrest, then sent to a halfway house for 30 days by a federal judge after twice breaking a court-ordered 9 p.m. curfew."



John McCain admits he still doesn't know how to use a computer

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Linking to a Forum Topic in NING

When you copy the URL of a NING forum topic and paste it into the inspector tag of an image in Keynote, the URL gets transformed to this:

If you copy the URL into Keynote, paste, and then open it up in the inspector, it does not get transformed and looks like this:

That link works, while the first link does not IN Keynote. I'm still looking into it. Seems erratic. Maybe it's me.

Note: Forum Topic - Suggest a Theme for a Blog.

Suggest a Theme for a New BlogIn today's class we are going to go through the mechanics of setting up a blog AND talk about what theme's might be a good choice to focus on. Please share your suggestions. FORUM:

Dinosaurs were here 65 million years ago

Released under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Dinosaur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
"Dinosaurs were the dominant vertebrate animals of terrestrial ecosystems for over 160 million years, from the late Triassic period (about 230 million years ago) to the end of the Cretaceous period (65 million years ago), when most of them became extinct in the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event."
Damon says:
"I need to know if she really thinks dinosaurs were here 4000 years ago, that’s an important…I want to know that. I really do. Because she’s going to have the nuclear codes. I want to know if she thinks dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago. "

Snopes says: FALSE.

Sarah Palin does not think that dinosaurs were here 4,000 years ago.