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Monday, December 31, 2001

ATT Broadband Digital Cable Channel Lineup For Boston.
ATT Broadband didn't supply a channel guide that shows the name of every channel and it's channel number for Digital subscribers in Boston, so I made one myself. Enjoy!
Did I tell you that Launch rocks!

My radio station is playing Elvis Costello, U2, Queen, R.E.M., Creed, Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Linkin Park, Van Halen, Tears for Fears ...

They throw in some of their own stuff too, but you can skip it if you like.

Sunday, December 30, 2001

AOL Rejects Harvard.
The nation's biggest Internet service provider bounced back dozens of e-mail messages sent by Harvard to its early applicants this month --- deleting the big news as junk mail.
This article prompted me to email everyone in my address book on AOL to tell them that I had a new address. Well, don't do it all at once like I did, you'll see what happened if you keep reading. And don't forget to Blind CC everybody. I forgot to do it, but AOL rejected a few of my addresses, so I thought I was safe. Then I sent the email again, with everyone Blind CC'd. They probably just got two emails from me. Ugh!

AOL Rejects Me.
When I sent the email, I got logged off AOL and received this message:

Bulk Mailing is against AOL's Terms of Service. This account has been disabled.

Stupid AOL.

My attempts to log back in to AOL were rejected.

Maybe instead of disabling my account you could just limit the number of people that you can send a message to. An error message after I hit send that said, "We're sorry, but you can only send emails to 20 people at a time.", might have been a better solution.
Eric Doherty shows you how to make a Feature Movie for $5, $100, or $3,000.

He has to do it that way since he didn't get $1 million from Project Greenlight, Pete Jones did.
Join the Xmas Resistance.
Now seems like a good time to start speading the word for next year.

1. No Christmas cards next year.
If you're going to send out a photo of you and your kids with a preprinted signature, don't bother. One of those family letters with a recap of your year would be nice, but if you're just going to send me a card with no personal note, save your time and money.

2. No more gifts cards to The Gap.
You know it takes a lot of time and preparation for us to go to the Gap and purchase those gift cards for you. No acknoledgement by either phone or mail leads us to believe that you don't care if you see them next year.
via [ metafilter ]

Saturday, December 29, 2001

Contact at the Colonial Theatre: Review.
Well this was a great way for my wife to trick me into going to see a ballet! Thats right, that's what ACT II was, a ballet disguised as a dinner dance in an Italian restaurant. I got past it though. If theatre is meant to make you feel for the characters, it worked. I'll admit that I felt bad for the emotionally battered wife.

ACT I seemed pretty silly until the sex scenes started.

And ACT III featured, Holly Cruikshank, the girl in the yellow dress, that all of New York has been talking about. Now Boston will be talking about her too!
Survivor 4: Nice Location.
How tough will it be for the next Survivor's in paradise?
Media Nugget.
Media Nugget is a thing of quality, whether enduring or ephemeral. It can be a recording, book, magazine, TV show, web site, movie, computer game, or whatever.
Your 2001 in 20 Words - ThreeWay Action.
New Bathroom, New Porch, Travel - Germany, Belgium, Italy, Goodbye Phoenix, Hello Humor, Digital Cable, Cable Modem, WTC, Thanksgiving, Alexander Keiths.
In Sports, Bledsoe Denies House Is For Sale and Ballboy Becomes Punter.
Punter Ken Walter was a former ball boy for the Cleveland Browns when Belichick was their coach. Belichick said when Walter's ball boy duties were complete, he often spent time punting with Tom Tupa, who was Cleveland's punter.

Friday, December 28, 2001

BBS: A Documentary.
Random Truth - The Jenna Jameson Interview.
As soon as I turned eighteen I went into one of the strip clubs in Vegas and applied for a job. The guy said to me, "As soon as you get your braces off." So I went home and pried my braces off with needle-nose pliers. And I went to work the next day.
Yikes! I guess she really wanted to strip all her clothes off on stage?
The Daily Nonsense has a weblog where they talk about this lady that lives across the street who watches everything in the neighborhood, especially the location of parked cars. Her husband seems reasonable though.
Celebrity Sound Boards.
All I can say is that it seems as though making prank phone calls are back in style.
I'm Detective John Kimble.

Who are you?

I'm a cop, you idiot!
via [ The Ultimate Insult ]

Thursday, December 27, 2001

Slaughter House has a review of eNetBot Mail - AOL™ Mail POP3/SMTP Agent. It's a program that let's you read your AOL email with Microsoft Outlook or from any POP3 compliant email program.

Quitting AOL.
Keeping your AOL email address active can be accomplished simply by switching to a low usage AOL account for just $4.95 per month (See AOL keyword "Billing"). has The Sexiest 100 Women over there, along with a bunch of funny jokes.
An elderly gentleman was telling his friend about a new restaurant he and his wife recently visited.

"The food and service were great!" he said.

His friend asked, "What's the name of the place?"

"Gee, I don't remember," he said, "What do you call the long stemmed flower people give on special occasions?"

"You mean a rose?" asked his friend.

"That's it!" he exclaimed and turning to his wife, asked, "Rose, what's the name of that restaurant we went to the other day?"
Listen to me on the radio on WZBC 90.3 FM in Boston. 3-5 PM EST today. You can listen on the web too at
A while back I found a kid's homework in the parking lot and told you that I told my wife it would be a nice addition to that web site that posts found stuff.

Well, Yahoo! just picked it as one of the most exceptional web sites of 2001.

They also picked Interviews 50 cents, too. Now that I have a cable modem, I can enjoy this site and all the interviews of regular people. It's cool. I might want to try something like it some day.

Journal E features real stories in video and photos. It's impressive.

Threeway Action.

Medea Sin.

They're diarist awards finalists.
President George Bush's niece made the cover of the 2002 Pirelli Calendar.

100 days 100 ways.

16 hours, 12 minutes until Stu finally meets Lane.
via [ Old Man Rupert ]

Find Osama Bin Laden.

Goatee Style has a great links page.

Wednesday, December 26, 2001

A Knight's Tale: He Will Rock You.
We rented A Knight's Tale this weekend and especially enjoyed the juxtaposition of rock music with medieval times.
Yankee Swap or How to stop buying way too many gifts for your family.
It finally got to the point where it was silly for our family to exchange gifts with each other at the holidays. So what we do now is bring a wrapped gift worth around $25, and have a Yankee Swap.
Yankee Swap Rules:
1) Everyone is assigned a number randomly. This defines the gift selection order.

2) Going in ascending order by number, each victim selects a gift (avoiding their own), opens it and then has the option of trading
it for any gift opened so far.

3) The first person may, after all gifts have been opened, trade their gift with anyone.
The best part of this game is when you get to take a gift from someone who has already opened a gift and give them your crappy gift! This year I got a George Foreman Grill.
Get ready for the summer with a Basic Boating Safety Course.
Fall in love with your furniture again.
GI Joe's Godfather, Don Levine, brings us REAL HEROES: Top Cop and Top Jake.
Adam Mayblum: The Price We Pay.
We were standing around, joking around, eating breakfast, checking emails, and getting set for the day when the first plane hit just a few stories above us.
Learn to make a toast.

Monday, December 24, 2001

It's not the Internet, It's Heavy.
Question: Is it a bad thing to be killing pedestrians on Christmas Eve?

Answer: Yes it is. Please don't drink and drive.

via [ John Hilowitz ] from [ Daypop Top 40 ]
What's up with this Liquid Generation?
Aunt Minnie's Sweet Kugel

1 lb. pkg. broad egg noodles cooked and drained
1 stick margarine
1 13 oz can of crushed pineapple, drained
1 cup sugar
1 tsp. cinnamon
1 cup plain yogurt
2 cups cottage cheese
4 beaten eggs or egg beaters

Heat oven to 350.
Mix everything together.
Spray 9x13 pan with Pam.
Dump everything into the Pan covered pan.
Bake 1 hour.
The Station. 65,162 game players can't be wrong. I enjoyed playing Jeopardy, but blew it by wagering $10,000 in Double Jeapardy and losing. You can meet some hot looking avatar girls there... at least they said they were girls.
Finally a use for those 3-D glasses you saved.
Sony Screenblast is a place for Broadband cable modem users to experience the highs and lows of entertainment on the internet.

I've wasted some time here and created my first movie entitled: Lesbian Secrets. You might want to go check it out.

But if your tastes are little more sedate, take a look at Azon's Living in a box video. It's the cutest little thing.

Sunday, December 23, 2001

We believe, based on historical data and 40 years of NORAD tracking information, that Santa Claus is alive and well in the hearts of people throughout the world.
Better Than Sex Cake.

Cake Music.

Cake or Death.

Cake: Erotic entertainment for women.

Alternate Wedding Cake Tops.
Let Them Eat Cake - Historical Fact or Fiction?
At the time when this quotation originated, the law also obliged the baker to sell a fancier loaf for the price of the cheap one when the cheap ones were all gone.
Did Queen Marie-Antoinette say it?

Let Them Eat Cake - A BBC Television Production.
Lying somewhere between Allo Allo and 'Carry On, Don't Lose Your Head', the show is a bawdy romp through the corridors of the palace of Versailles in the period shortly before the French Revolution.
Hmm... I wish BBC America played reruns of Allo Allo. I'd love to see it just so I could walk around asking, "Allo, Allo... Did you see Allo Allo?"

Let Them Eat Cake - False Advertising.
Dean John Chapman got a face full of cake from his wife, Judy Jean, earlier this week at a surprise party celebrating his birthday.
Oh yeah? I want visual proof next time you promise me the goods like that!
Bayer Cures the Hangover with: Alka-Seltzer® Morning Relief™ .
Other countries have their own unique hangover cures:
a. In Germany, some folks eat marinated fish
b. In Holland many eat raw baby herring covered in onions
c. In Puerto Rico, some people rub lemons or limes under their arms.
Refer to the Hangover Guide for worldwide Hangover cures.
Temptation Island: Review 12/27/01
Favorite quote from this past week's episode: "Us girls wanted to shame those single girls."

Man, I love this show. My wife can't understand it. I really don't care as long as she leaves me alone while I enjoy all the trials and tribulations of those wacky guys and girls as they examine the foibles of male/female realtionships.

They sure did go crazy with those body shots. More power to them, I say.

I loved the way they set them up for the ending. After they had all chosen the people that they figured would probably be their final dates, who should arrive on horeseback? Not Saint Nick, no, it's the singles that were found to be the most threatening in the first episode! Those girls are realy going to get into it when vying for the affections of that one hunky guy.
Publish your own book in small quantities for friends and family . Starting at $30.

Publish your own book as a high-quality, trade paperback print-on-demand book. Starting at $99.
Some current examples:
"HEY, FATSO" The Best of Al Frisibie
The 100 Greatest Rock'n'Roll Songs Ever
1001 Internet Jokes: Get the jokes you’ve been missing
The 59-Second Employee: How to Stay One Second Ahead of Your One-Minute Manager
A Boomer's Angst: A Collection of Columns about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Lower Cholesterol
CyberYenta's Old-Fashioned Wisdom For Newfangled Times
Same as above, but in association with Barnes and Noble.

Become your own publisher. Starting at $500.

Patriots Quarterback Brady catches some praise as a receiver.
''I turned a touchdown into a 23-yard gain,'' joked Brady, whose catch and run made him the team's third-leading receiver in yardage yesterday. ''It was a good throw. It's different when you're running and trying to catch it. Now I know when I'm cussing out those receivers for dropping balls how hard it really is.''
It was fun watching the best half of football I've seen all year. This post-season is going to be fun. Go Pats!
Plane With Suspected Bomber Diverted to Boston.
The shoe was taken from the plane, rendered harmless and taken to an FBI laboratory for analysis.
Hmm... I wonder if his other shoe was a phone?

Saturday, December 22, 2001

Friday, December 21, 2001

This Man's Life is different.
1000 Afghanis.

10 Franken. Yowza!

Al Franken. Yikes!

Insects are used in the production of Ruby Red grapefruit juice drink. Yikes!

Hmm... I hope they're paid minimum wage. Do they have little tools made for their little hands? Do insects have hands?
Kandahar: The Movie.

Kabul 1995: Movie Theatre.
Massport puts issue of sleepy electricians to bed.
Question: How many Massport electricians does it take to change a light bulb at Logan Airport after midnight?

Answer: At least six, because the other five who are on the clock for close to $30 an hour are asleep.
Howie Carr Rocks!
This page is a collection of the random things I see and overhear on a daily basis.
"You mean it's based on a book?"
--A rather sarcastic (I think) girl sitting behind me, during the credits for The Fellowship of the Ring
via [ Site du Jour of the Day ]

Thursday, December 20, 2001

You can vote for the Playboy Playmate of the year.

Hmm... I Like Miss September, Dalene Kurtis.
Play some great games here.

The mini-golf is more fun on line than over at that dinosaur park on Route 1 in Saugus.
Homer Simpson: Random Quote Generator.
via [ Dark Matter ]
Michael Moore brings TV to Afghanistan. [requires RealPlayer]
What I've Learned: God.
I'm sorry, but I just can't bless every damn person who sneezes, especially during allergy season.
What I've Learned: Homer Simpson.
I've climbed the highest mountains . . . fallen down the deepest valleys . . . I've been to Japan and Africa . . . and I've even gone into space. But I'd trade it all for a piece of candy right now.
via [ a fire inside ]
It's free listing day over at eBay, so here's everything I put up for bid on eBay:
Star Wars Episode I Topps Trading Cards
Roger Clemens Topps 1988 ALL-Star Card
Coors Rocky Mountain Sparkling Water
Columbia Space Shuttle Engle Truly Button
Mattel Hot Wheels Ice T Button
The Vapors Turning Japanese Button
Madness Button New Wave Button
Bob Marley Button
Jerry Lewis Spelling Bee Button
Bid! Bid! Bid!
Found in the Street
The other day we were over at BJ's getting some stuff and while we were packing the car my wife saw a notebook on the street.

This discussion followed:

She said: Hey, there's a notebook on the street.
I said: Hey cool. Maybe there's something interesting in it.
She said: Don't touch it, it's dirty!
I said: But there might be some good stuff in there. You know people have whole websites where they scan in and post found stuff on the web. But you probably don't care.

At this point she gave me a look, and I picked up the notebook. I opened it and flipped through it. It was a disapointment. All that was in there was some addition and subtraction math problems.

I said: I'm just gonna leave this here in case the kid comes back looking for it.

She didn't say anything.

Some links:
Lost and Found Site.

Photos found in the street.

Teenage Son of British Prime Minister Found Drunk in London Street.

Hilarious love letter found in the street.

Off On A Tangent:
It's a car wreck.
A Map of Springfield is #1 on Fresh Blogdex.

Hmm... I didn't know that the Carmel Factory is next to the Slide Factory which is next to the Chocolate Factory that's next to the Box Factory whose neighbor is the Fake Vomit Company.

Here's a smaller section that will download faster. It's also easier to read.

There's a listing too.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Take a trip to Tongsville!
Beatles Games.
eight days a week - A Slot Machine.
Lady Madona - A Pinball Machine.
Ticket To Ride - A high speed tour through Liverpool!
The Anti-Trek
Tentatively titled "Firefly,'' the new ensemble series takes place 500 years in the future and revolves around the crew of a "small, incredibly mobile spaceship whose aft end lights up,'' Whedon said -- hence the name.

"There'll be scary-ass humans,'' he said. "I can make people that are scarier than anything you can put in latex."

via [ wil wheaton by way of slashdot ]
Find a job.
Job Hunter's Bible by Dick Bolles, the What Color is your Parachute guy., they say they're objective., fetch your next job there.
the work of byron katie, end human suffering.
Career Journal, WSJ job stuff.
Don't the Lothburians know that sugar isn't good for monkeys? is a program that scans different products on and records their sales ranking over time.

Theory of a Higher-Order Sturm-Liouville Equation (Lecture Notes in Mathematics (Springer-Verlag), 1659) isn't doing too well being ranked at 2,209,455th.

The Simpsons - The Complete First Season on the other hand is doing well at #4.
He's got a dead goat on his horse!
An unidentified U.S soldier rides horseback, with a dead goat also on the horse, during a traditional game of "buzkashi" near Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, Tuesday, Dec. 18, 2001. In the game a headless goat is placed in the center of a circle and surrounded by horsemen from two opposing teams. The object of the game is to get control of the carcass and get it to the scoring area. (AP Photo/Maxim Marmur)


I saw this in the paper today and was amazed, online it's even cooler.
Bikini Girls for your Desktop is the #1 site over at Humorsource.

My topical humor site, Humor in the News, is #66.

That's funny.
Netflix is the world's largest movie rental subscription service, with more than 400,000 subscribers and a comprehensive library of more than 11,000 titles.

Hmmm... So if each member pays $20/month, these guys take in $96 Million/year! Yikes.
Create Your Own Holiday Ornaments.
Choose form either the Ornament-O-Matic or Peace And Prosperity 2001 (9 Japanese-Style Ornaments).
via the very cool [ powagirrrls on ]
Way to refer to a person of unknown gender, formerly "he/she."

ex. If s/he wants to become a firefighter, then s/he must be able to lift 150 lbs. without assistance.
That's the way I write it all the time. It makes much more sense.

Please people, tell a friend that s/he better start using s/he when s/he writes stuff.

Tuesday, December 18, 2001

pseudodictionary, the place where words you've made up can become part of an actual online dictionary!

Hmm... I have some words... Oh yes, I have some wicked cool words!
via [ salted wound ]
Apple T-Shirts is a pictorial look back at the hidden creativity of Apple employees.
Hollywood Kleptomaniac Psychiatric Shocker!
Winona Ryder's real name is Winona Laura Horowitz.
The Lovetron 5000 comes from the future, a distant future where man needs machines to help him form relationships, that's how sorry man has gotten, it's a damn mess.
Dear Lovetron 5000:
will i ever be together with the girl i love?

Dear Human:
Maybe. Or not.
Free Memory.
FreeRAM by BySoft seems to be helping my sluggish PC perform better. It's free software that frees up memory. I'm in the dark ages here on Windows 95 with 48MB of memory.

But that will be changing soon. Oh, yes it will. I just ordered 128MB more memory online at It was a great price. I found an ad for them in a magazine in my doctor's office yesterday. Advertising works. Their web site is great. It made buying memory really easy. The site guided me through the exact configuration of my 5 year old system and lead me to the memory I ended up purchasing. Their follow up emails confirming the order and shipping were timely.

The memory arrived via Fed Ex the next day and I installed it with no problems. These guys rule!

Monday, December 17, 2001

Ally McBeal has jumped the shark by adding Dame Edna to the cast for next season. Yikes!
Happy Holidays Everyone.
This weekend we rented Swordfish on Pay Per View. I liked it. About one hour into it we started to hear people singing Jingle Bells outside our house. The doorbell rang a couple of times. Then we heards kids running back and forth across my front porch. Boy was it loud. Some Canadians think annoying Christmas Carolers should be beaten with baseball bats.

I would have gone down there to get the full story, but seeing that we were in the middle of a movie, a pay per view movie, I thought it prudent to continue watching the movie and ignore the holiday cheer of the trespassers.

Harumph! I'm trying to watch a movie here.
Eye Problems!
Here's a good excuse you can use for not going to work. Call in and say you can't go in because of eye problems. If they ask what's wrong, just tell them that you can't see coming in to work.

Just came back from an eye doctor's appointment and everything is blurry. So much for that doctor! Ha. Not really. They gave me eye drops which dialated my pupils, so they are now huge. Driving home wasn't a problem, I just kept my eyes closed.

The doctor was cool.

They don't send a puff of air into your eyes anymore when looking inside there for Glaucoma. When that old blue light came along I was bracing myself for the puff of air that never came. That shows my age.

They eye test was the typical pain in the neck.

Can you read this:


Can you read this:

h j u o c

And then the switching of lenses came. Is this better than this one? Is #1 better or #2? Is #1 better or #2? Is #1 better or #2? Is #1 better or #2? Is #1 better or #2? Is #1 better or #2? Is #1 better or #2? Is #1 better or #2? Is #1 better or #2? Or is there no difference.


They must be able to hook up a computer to make this test more accurate. After a while it all looks blurry.

Scripting News Awards for 2001.
This will give you something to do. Check out Dave's nominees for Blogger of the Year.
This is our top award. Each of the nominees has made a personal contribution to excellence in weblogging in 2001. But you can only pick one!

Adam Curry
Dan Gillmor
Doc Searls
Glenn Fleishman
Heather Champ
JD Lasica
Joel Spolsky
Lance Knobel
Rafe Colburn
Susan Kitchens
Wes Felter

I'm so happy that I saw Vanilla Sky this weekend.

It's one of those films you have to see BEFORE reading any of the reviews.
More Hot Girls added to the cast of NYPD Blue!
Jacqueline Obradors joins the cast on Tuesday.

She was Harrison Ford's free-spirited, sexy Argentine girlfriend; and comforted, wink wink, nudge nudge, know whatahmean, say no more, David Schwimmer on Six Days and Seven Nights.

Sunday, December 16, 2001

The Apple eMate Is Reborn... As A Windows CE Device.


Or maybe you just want to look at the hp jornada 720 handheld pc.

Might be good for your mom, who doesn't want a big old computer taking up space in her place.

On the other hand it's not geared to a Mom, like 3Com's Audrey was.

Is there anything out there for my Mom that will let her send email and browse the web?

Saturday, December 15, 2001

You've got to be Desperate to spend $75 for a Mickey Mouse Bottle Cap.
Google Catalog Search.
Our exclusive Google Catalog Search includes the full content of hundreds of mail-order catalogs selling everything from industrial adhesives to clothing and home furnishings.

Google scans printed copies of the catalogs and automatically converts the text portion to a format that can be searched.
via [ diveintomark ] by way of [ blogdex ]
Sexey's School calendar girls upset people who have no sense of humor.
The photographs include Sarah Bennett, a sixth-former, posing topless with her arms folded across her chest. The cover girl is shown draped seductively on a sofa.
Ok, let me get this straight, the kids go to a school called Sexey's, and people are upset that they posed partially nude for a school calendar? What is this world coming to and can someone find me a picture of Miss June?
Bin Laden's voice detected.
Delta teams carry a heavy sniper rifle that is both highly accurate and powerful. A sniper equipped with a Barret 50-caliber rifle can take out a person — or a vehicle — at 1,500 yards.
Hmm... 1,500 yards/100 = 15 football fields long!
via [ Drudge ]
I'm testing my online connection speeds now that I have a cable modem.

My connection is four times faster on my stand alone Internet Explorer, connected directly to ATT Broadband, than the AOL Internet Explorer I use when signed on to AOL.

I feel bad thinking about leaving AOL. I've been with them so long. All my friends have my email address. Change is difficult. I'm sure that's how AOL keeps so many members, resistance to change.

So I started looking into different ideas about leaving AOL and found some interesting things.

There's AOL Watch that has a newsletter detailing all the goings on at AOL.

Hey, It's a page that links to other pages that express many levels on Anti-AOL feelings.
It includes:
Why and How to Leave AOL
AOL Intel : Security Breach
Dave Kneppers AOL Sucks Site
Why AOL Sucks
The FTP site
The Dark Side: AOL's Web Browser
America Out of Line
101 Uses of AOL Disks!
Mark Eats AOL
Dave Glass's AOL Sucks Page
America Outtaline!
Unofficial AOL Email FAQ answers questions about AOL email, all in one place.

The stuff over at Fark is Priceless.

Friday, December 14, 2001

[ sally.jpg ]
Sally will be starring in the ABC series "The Court" in late winter.
Osama smoking gun video: Latest translations.
via [ Signal vs. Noise ]
It's Christmas. So why not photoshop Jesus?

Jesus: He died that he may be Bjorn again...

Temptation Island 2 - Review 12/13/01
Fresh Meat! Woo Hoo!

Some quotes from the show:
"The guys were drooling over the new girl." Ha Ha. Well, they weren't actually drooling over the new girl, they just encircled her and drooled on themselves. Then they all took turns throwing her into the pool to wash off.

"The new guy is HOT!, and he's got a job! Check, Check, that's two off my list." I wonder what else is on her list.
My Dating Checklist
1. Is he Hot?
2. Does he have a job?
3. Are his eyes blue or green?
4. Is he blonde.
5. Does he have muscles?
Tune in next week to see if Edmundo gets another chance with the blonde crybaby.

PopStars2 - Review 12/13/01
Ok, I'm not happy that they didn't bring that XFL cheerleader back. I wonder what she's doing now?

That kid they kicked out was stupid for breaking the rules. He just wasn't thinking when he went out to party. He said he just wants to do what he wants to do. Guess what? He has plenty of time to do whatever he wants now, except become a highly paid member of a superstar pop rock group.
I'm on the radio today, filling in at WZBC this afternoon. It's the college radio station at Boston College.

If you live in the Boston area, you can listen on 90.3 FM from 1:00 - 4:00 PM. There's also an internet stream at

I'll probably pick songs from the current TOP 30:

2 BIRDIE Triple Echo
4 LALI PUNA scary world theory
5 AMPS FOR CHRIST Oak In The Ashes
7 PLAYGROUP Playgroup
8 LANGLEY SCHOOL MUSIC PROJECT Langley Schools mUsic Project
9 JIM O'ROURKE Insignificance
10 ANTI-POP CONSORTIUM The Ends Against the Middle
11 ADULT "Hand to Phone" Remixes
12 PAPA M Whatever, Mortal
13 HOOD Cold House
14 CEX oops, i did it again!
15 THE PATTERN Immediately
16 DECALS Drive By Kiss Off
17 STEREO TOTAL Liebe Zu Ditt
20 PHOENECIA Odd Job Discrimination EP
21 BLACK EYED SNAKES It's the...
23 FUTURE PILOT AKA Tiny Waves, Mighty Sea
24 VARIOUS ARTISTS US Pop LIfe, Vol. 14, Chicago-Midwest
25 OLD TIME RELIJUN Witchcraft Rebellion
27 DYMAXION Dymaxion x 4 + 3 = 38:33
28 THE TAKERS Never Get Out of These Blues Alive
30 AVALANCHES Since I Left You

Thursday, December 13, 2001

He'll follow his heart back to Boston.
Two and a half months ago, I was being roasted at my going-away party in Boston. Exactly two months ago, I was introducing myself to thousands of Chicagoans for the first time. Two days ago, I resigned from the Chicago Tribune.
Michael Holley's coming back to fill up the Boston Globe's Sports pages.

Here's another take on the story.
Although Holley cites personal reasons for his departure, insiders say he found the bureaucracy of the Tribune sports department not only confounding, but hazardous to his work.
via [ Bill I come bearing gifts Simmons ]

Jokes Too Crappy For TeeVee.
Roman Numeral And Date Conversion With Roman Calculator & Roman Numerals Test.
It's after XII, time for me to go to bed.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

10 Steps to Adding a Router to an ATT Broadband Cable Modem Configuration
What follows are my notes from installing a router between my PC and cable modem. ATT Broadband technicians wouldn't install my router. They only install the cable modem to one PC. The three techicians who came to install my cable modem knew nothing about routers. What follows are the steps I took to place a router between the PC and the cable modem after the ATT Broadband people left my house. These steps worked for me. I hope they can give you something to try if you get stuck.

Please note that I couldn't find STEP #5 below documented anywhere. When I talked to ATT they said they knew it wasn't documented anywhere. Yikes. Good luck.

1. Go buy a Linksys Ethernet Cable/DSL Router Model BEFSR41.

2. Unhook the cable from your PC Network card and plug it in to the WAN port of your ROUTER. Now you have the cable hooked up between the modem and the router. My modem is a Motorola SURFboard Model SB4100.

Note: You can purchase your own modem instead of leasing one from ATT Broadband.

3. Now plug a new CAT 5 cable from your PC Network Card to an open plug in your ROUTER. Let's try plug #1.

4. Go into Linksys setup and get the WAN IP Address: MAC ADDRESS:
It is in the form: XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX

You can get to the Linksys config page by opening this page in your browser:

5. Call ATT Broadband, 866-447-7333, and inform them that you are adding a Router and have the MAC ADDRESS for it.

You can also CHAT with them from their support web site.

6. On your PC: Go into Control Panel/Internet Options/Connections/LAN and remove Proxy Server by unchecking all the boxes.

7. From the START menu, choose RUN, winipcfg, Press RELEASE then RENEW.

8. Try to open a web site with your Internet Browser.

9. If you are having trouble, go back to the Linksys config page and make sure the MAC ADDRESS hasn't changed. If it has, click ADVANCED, then click MAC Addr. Cloning, and key in the MAC ADDRESS you told ATT about earlier.

For more help try the ATT Help pages and the Linksys Knowledge Base Search Engine. You can unhook the router and hook back up directly to the modem and get directly to the web by doing step 6 again, RELEASE/RENEW.

10. Still troubled, make a phone call to Linksys. If it works, great! If not, it's beyond me.

Here's a good place for a lot of information that I wish I had earlier: Cable Modem Troubleshooting Tips.

This looks good too: Cable-Modems.Org Your Cable Modem Reference Guide.

Tim from Salted Wound shares this: Linksys Cable/DSL Router Help - Basics.

What the Hell is Howard Lutnick Doing Now?
via [ Dave at NextDraft ]
Tabloid Talk Show Host Goes To War.
"I haven't had a shower in two weeks and I have to defend whether I'm carrying a six-shooter?" the former talk show host said to the AP. "It's ridiculous." ... his policy violates Geneva Convention rules stating that journalists should go unarmed in war zones to distinguish them clearly from combatants.
Hmm... I think they need to add a rule about showering.
Time for lunch. How about some tasty Van Camps Beanee Weenee?
via [ The Ultimate Insult ]

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

Dave Winer Got 10 Minutes on a Segway.
Getting off is like taking your ski boots off after a day on the mountain. You have to learn how to walk again. It's the first time I've learned a new way of moving in a personal way, in a very long time. It's as different as riding a bike is from walking, as skiing is from driving a car.
Uh... what was the other way of personal moving you learned about. No, wait... I don't want to know.

Happy Day.

My cable modem is installed, it's a SURFboard, and I got $20 because ATT was 1 1/2 hours late.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to install my Linksys Router.
I'm having a cable modem installed this morning.

Pray for me.

Monday, December 10, 2001

My beating by refugees is a symbol of the hatred and fury of this filthy war.
The next blow came from a man I saw carrying a big stone in his right hand. He brought it down on my forehead with tremendous force and something hot and liquid splashed down my face and lips and chin. I was kicked. On the back, on the shins, on my right thigh... Oddly, it wasn't fear I felt but a kind of wonderment. So this is how it happens. I knew that I had to respond. Or, so I reasoned in my stunned state, I had to die.
via [ Robot Wisdom ]
idea a day.
idea a day will publish an original idea every day for the rest of time. The ideas published will be free of copyright, however valuable they may be. They are there to be read, to be enjoyed, to be exploited. Whatever.
Stream the audio from television broadcasts as digital radio. Would-be viewers stuck in the office, in traffic or even on holiday could listen to their favourite shows via the Internet or, when technology is commonplace, in their cars. ... certain shows such as Blind Date may actually be enhanced without the visuals.
via [ Metafilter ]

Sunday, December 09, 2001

Everything you wanted to know about "Memento".
Back To School.
Elinor Burkett, who at age fifty-five became a member of the class of 2000, reports on high school today through a journalist's eyes.

They were very quick to begin to invite me to parties. It was cute—the second party I was invited to, the boy who invited me said, "I have been authorized to invite you to this bonfire, but everyone wants to make sure that you're going to feel comfortable, because there's going to be drugs." And I was like, "Well, I've probably been around a lot more drugs than you have! The question is whether you're comfortable having me there."
It's a book. Soon to be a major motion picture. No wait, they already did that one.
Dental Floss, The Movie.
An inmate escaped from a West Virginia prison by braiding a 20-foot long rope out of dental floss and using it to scale the prison's 18-foot wall.

A quick-thinking nurse used dental floss to save her boyfriend from bleeding to death after a shark attack in the Bahamas.
Hmm... Maybe I should carry my floss around in case of emergency? will send you an email when your favorite Christmas movie is on.
A Christmas Carol (1938)
It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
Miracle on 34th Street (1947)
Scrooge (1951)
White Christmas (1954)
Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964)
A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)
How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (1966)
Frosty the Snowman (1969)
Santa Claus is Comin' to Town (1970)
A Christmas Story (1983) ** My Favorite
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)
Home Alone (1990)
The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)
It'll also remind you whenever a film, actress, actor, or director you want to see comes on TV.

It's like getting a free Tivo, but you'll still need to set your VCR.

Here's a crazy idea: sit down and watch it live.

Saturday, December 08, 2001

Here are some random blogs that I found over at the new blog comments website SnorComments.

Homepage: 1. Where readers and writers discuss books...
Homepage: 2. Meu nome é Lígia
Homepage: 3. Sex: Not yet (joking. I'm a female)
Homepage: 4. Been here in London for almost 7 weeks now...
Homepage: 5. Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Freedom Bridge
Homepage: 6. i got a new computer
Homepage: 7. is currently unavailable
Homepage: 8. Finally, I got my very own cellphone
Homepage: 9. I saw Harry Potter again today, and, well, I didn't notice anything new.

Homepage: 11. it feels so refreshing to perspire from physical exertion.

Homepage: 13.
Homepage: 14.
Homepage: 15.
Homepage: 16.
Homepage: 17.

That should keep you busy. I've visited some of them and now think it would have been better to visit first, then decide if they deserve a link.
Bin Laden Feared to have Segway Scooter.
Bra and Panties, Knickers and Bra
Sabrina Blassnig, wearing only underwear, will ride her snowboard at a competition in Laax, Switzerland this weekend.
via [ Cruise the Weblogs ] which I found on Adam Curry's Weblog: Most Read Sites

But wait, there's more:
One-time World Cup race winner Sabrina Blassnig has already hit the ski slopes in skimpy underwear to film a promotional video.
Hmm... If Victoria's Secret ends up sponsoring her, will the angel wings be outlawed in competition?

Friday, December 07, 2001

At Least One of my 9/11 Donations Made it to a Family.
Bill O'Reilly has a done a great job pressuring the charities to get the money, which we donated to the 9/11 funds, to the people who need it.

That's a good thing. I hope that the money I gave to the United Way gets to a family soon.

I do know that one donation I made got to a family. That's because I just received a thank you from the husband of Tara Creamer. She died in the crash of American Airlines Flight 11. She was a cousin of a good friend.

If you want to make a donation that will go directly to a family, here's where you can send it:

Creamer Children's Scholarship
C/o Worcester Credit Union
520 West Boylston Street
Worcester, MA 01606

Britney Spears Exposed in today's Boston Globe.
After listening to Britney Spears's new album more times than is advisable, I've finally figured out what's wrong. Ignoring the obvious - she can't sing very well, her repertoire is a mess, and mom forgot to tell her that it's anatomically impossible to be a virgin and a whore at the same time - what's truly disturbing about ''Britney'' is how anguished the girl sounds.
My advice... watch her on MTV and turn off the sound.

Thursday, December 06, 2001

Minority Report.
In the future city Washington D.C. circa 2080 A.D., when technology has advanced to the point where crimes can be detected before they're committed, a police officer (Tom Cruise) in the Pre-Crimes division finds himself hunted (by Colin Farrell) for a murder he hasn't even committed yet...
Maybe we should get John Ashcroft a preview screening?
PopStars2 - 12/6/01 Review
It looked like someone was going to leave the show this week, but noooooooooo, they have to save that for next week. Fine.

I'll tune in next week, but someone better leave and that XFL cheerleader better come back.
Temptation Island 2 - 12/6/01 Review
Edmundo's Girlfriend: Edmundo is getting kissed on.
Happy Blonde: It's good to see what they are doing.
Edmundo's Girlfriend: Yeah right. She's obviously a prostitute.

Next week on Temptation Island 2:
Blonde Chick from Edmundo's Bed Last Week: Edmundo, what are you doing?
Edmundo: Brushing my teeth naked.

Blonde Chick from Edmundo's Bed Last Week enters the bathroom and shuts the door.

Voice Over: Next Week Edmundo and that Blonde Chick give in to their carnal lust.

I'll tune in next week for that.
It's only a movie... can we get a Japanese translator in here!
via Dave at [ NextDraft ]
Sexy New Flat Panel iMac.
AppleInsider has learned that the new-generation iMac will be introduced in the first months of 2002... Its external design will be nothing short of spectacular. The new iMac will continue the convenience of the All in One design that the current model holds, but in a significantly sexier manner.

Based around a 15” TFT Flat-Panel display, running at a native resolution of 1024x768, the new iMac will closely resemble the current 15” Apple Studio Display from many angles. However, the enclosure will be thicker (so as to accommodate the extra bulk of computer internals), and constructed with more robust, scratchproof materials similar in texture and finish to the iBook.
Sex sells computers.

No Sex For You.
Professors and undergraduate students are now prohibited from having sexual or romantic relationships, due to the Board of Visitors' Nov. 16 approval of the College's new amorous relations policy.

Under the previous amorous relations policy adopted in 1991, faculty were only required to inform department chairs or deans that they were romantically or sexually involved with a student they might be in a position to grade or evaluate.

The new policy also allows the deans of the Schools of Arts and Sciences to grant exemptions from the policy in "exceptional circumstances." According to Kennedy, such circumstances would be where the student and faculty member would be able to show that their amorous relationship did not compromise any professional relationship. It also requires that violations of the policy be reported within two years of an alleged violation.
It's like we really love each other, like you know?
Republican Henry McMaster, "Republicans are for cold beer and hot girls."

Republican girls are sexy!
The Presidential Prayer Team.
Join the Presidential Prayer Team (there is no fee) and you'll receive the official blue and gold decal to proudly display in your window or on your car. It will be a constant reminder to yourself and others to pray for the President.
What about uniforms?

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

The new United States One Thousand Dollar Bill features Grover Cleveland on the front and the World Trade Towers on the back.

When did Matthew Trump become Secretary of the Treasury?

Did you know that the Bureau of Engraving and Printing's web site is called
Nate Orenstam wrote an article in today's Onion saying that Java programmers have a sense of humor. Among other things, he says:
To me, The Simpsons is the comedic holy grail.
He also says he has a link on his own personal web page to Eugene Mirman who does a fine job singing classic rock songs as small child. Eugene sings Roxanne, Walk This, Hey Jude and Born in the USA!
Lu Zijian looks great for being 109 years old. He has a daily breakfast of four eggs, six rolls and a glass of Soy milk.
Mike over at Everything Isn't under Control got a lot of hits yesterday for his Diary of the first Segway owner.

Yuki's Pic [.jpg]
Today he has Yuki Terai, a busty, sexy 17 year old model who's not real.
American Taliban.
They fired rockets down drainage channels leading to the subterranean rooms. They poured oil down the crevices and set it alight. And just in case the Taliban fighters down there concluded that it was safe to get out, guards fired warning shots down the stairwells every few minutes.

The complex was freezing. The Taliban fighters had nothing to eat for six days. They had a little water, but that soon ran out. Some of the fighters killed a horse and dragged it downstairs to eat, it seems.
Soon to be a major motion picture, it seems.
via [ parallax view ]

Tuesday, December 04, 2001

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Soldier, you're out of uniform!

Make sure you keep it that way!
Russell Crowe had a primary post traumatic slap lession of the antero-superior portion of the labrum.
Wheaton's Trek to Respectability.
Wil Wheaton's years of torture appear to be at an end.

Wheaton has long been one of geekdom's favorite whipping boys, taking unending abuse for his role as Wesley Crusher, the whiny, know-it-all teenager on TV's Star Trek: The Next Generation.

But now, thanks to a self-coded, shamelessly dorky website, many of the same folks who loathed Wheaton on the show are finding out he's a whole lot like them in real life.

As many as 90,000 people per month have beaten a path to since it opened late last summer. Hollywood is showing renewed interest. And, after years of being shut out from the official Star Trek family, Wheaton's got a cameo role in the latest Star Trek film.
Hello Hollywood... I have a self-coded, shamelessly dorky website too!

Monday, December 03, 2001

HD Bet Weblog.
Many people asked what it was like to spend 16 hours in the home depot. For those who want to know I provide you with a transcript of the journal that I kept during the event.
via [ randomwhim ]
What's a henweigh?

About 4 pounds.

What's a Segway?

"Hey, look at me! I'm on my Segway and propelling it with no hands! You're up at the top of the steps. Ha, Ha. Look down the sidewalk at that poor guy walking! Do you believe he's still doing that? And look at those 4,000 pound cars sitting there at the side of the road. Ouch!"
Calendar of Nude Running Events.
Runners have found that nude running gives them a feeling of freedom and exhilaration that cannot be matched in any other way.
Massoud: An Afghan Life by Nasrine Gross.
I lived two doors down from the two terrorists, in the guesthouse-cum-office next to the newly inaugurated guesthouse where Commander Massoud was staying. That Sunday, around 12:00 noon, as my American friend and I were getting ready to go to the village square to buy Afghan clothes, from the common patio that ran the length of the guesthouse rooms I watched the two terrorists go for the 'interview', their camera(s) in a brown-mustard color briefcase carried by Abdul, the waiter. They were accompanied by Fahim Dashti, the Afghan photographer, and Assim Suhail, the official of the ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of both buildings. Of course, within 30 minutes, Commander Massoud was dead.

Sunday, December 02, 2001

I am Superman [.jpg]
I just had to share this photo my mom gave me today. It's a picture of me, in the Superman T-Shirt, and my friend Jeff. We had the best times growing up. These four shots really capture us as kids. I love that fourth one of me looking up. I was copying the sample pose that was posted outside the photo booth.
Have some Snarkcake. She's funny.
Mariah Carey arrived in Manchester ahead of the first Top Of The Pops Awards ceremony on Friday. I suspect she is still a little confused and thought she was attending the Pop Out of Your Top Awards.
She also talks about John Stewart, Tina Fey, and Christmas.
Somebody over at Metafilter posted a link to this game where you keep a ball up in the air by clicking on it. I can't get up to his high score of 23 and I'm not even going to tell you how sad my score is. If you log in as guest, you won't get to post your high score. Works for me because I only got a 7. D'oh. Beat that.

Al Gore is not running a low cost family restaurant in Tennessee. He just likes eating there.

Reuters reported that he started a little family restaurant, but now they are taking it back because he actually just stopped at a little family restaurant.

Thanks Drudge.
There are some good things to see over at Yesterday's Busiest Sites on and Recently Changed Weblogs.
David Grenier is a Writer, Bowler and Revolutionary. He just moved in with his girlfriend, doesn't floss and is getting his new bowling ball drilled.

In the midst of all that excitement he found this link to the original script for Mystery Men. He finds reading the script cheaper than going to the movie.

He sure writes a lot. Take a look.

Saturday, December 01, 2001
I'm seeing tons of great blogs that were hidden in all the noise. One such blog is Creepy Steve's Off on a Tangent... Just about every entry has a great link attached.
Thanks Michal! I guess it's link to Off On A Tangent Day.

He's doing some work to make linkwatcher better. He tracks Fresh Blogs, Top Stories, Robot Wisdom, Wired, Salon, Slashdot, and The Motley Fool all on one page.
New blog to love: Off on a tangent... Your host, Creepy Steve, makes me laugh...
Thanks Shannon! What more could I ask for, a nice link from you and 74 degrees here in Boston! Yes!
Go read Andrew Sullivan and Ken Layne.
It's World Aids Day 2001.

Almost 10,000 people will die today from AIDS.

AIDS Action Committee - Massachusetts.

Beatles buttons I got out a gumball machine.

George Harrison 1943-2001: BBC Tribute

Friday, November 30, 2001

Jihaddict: A Skewed View of the War on Terrorism.
Stupid McNupid goes car shopping.
We all live on Megalon 14.
via [ The Ultimate Insult ]
Operation Moon Bin Laden.

Works for me!
Playboy launches playmate dolls.
Each doll, featuring super smooth ``skin'' and Playboy apparel, is 16 inches tall and will sell for $49.99.
Hmm... Why do they need apparel?
Temptation Island 2 - 11/29/01 Review
Temptation Island 2 is one of my favorite TV shows. Last night I laughed with joy as that chick who has already decided that she wants to stay with her boyfriend started yelling at everyone to stop saying bad things about that boyfriend. Yelling is good.

There was a big conflict among the girls as to which boy should be sent home. More yelling. Nice.

Edmundo rocks. He started off on the chair sitting next to that blonde who really likes him. He was kinda tired so he moved over to the bed. She felt a little sleepy too, so she decided to take a rest on the same bed. They talked. He touched her and she moved closer. He squeezed her butt. She squeezed his arm. They drew closer and they kissed. They say they're confused but it doesn't look that way to me.

Next week one of the guys will get a video from his girlfriend that is not appropriate to view in a group. So in the coming attractions, the three other guys leave, and surprise, that yelling chick shows up to talk to him face to face. I wonder if she'll yell at him. It'll be funny if she tells him that she is all done with the show and feels that he is the one for her and that she wants to go home, and then finds out that he wants to stay because he is having too good a time with a girl who lets him control the situation, and that he wants to go on the big final date with her. I hope she yells. That'll be cool.
PopStars2 - 11/29/01 Review
PopStars2 is one of my favorite TV shows. Last night I cried with joy as the finalists were chosen. The excitement was building as the final ten were followed around their homes with cameras and wireless microphones hooked up on their butts. They showed us their bedrooms and said things like, "This is my bed, this is where is sleep." Little did that contestant know that within a few minutes she would be laying on that bed crying her eyes out calling herself a total failure for not being selected as on of the finalists.

That young guy who tore his tendons in his foot was selected but told that he has to stop doing an impression of one of the N'Sync boys or he will be thrown out of the group. He said it would be no problem. Off camera he started working on his O-Town impression.

I was shocked to find out that the Britney Spears look-alike was not chosen. How could you pass up on an ex-XFL cheerleader? More shock followed at the end of the show when we got to see a preview that leads us to believe that one of the chosen members of the group will have to leave. That leaves an opening for who? Answer: The girl that Britney Spears looks like!

Thursday, November 29, 2001

Worst Case Scenario Dating & Sex Handbook.
o How to Remove Difficult Clothing
o How to Create Privacy if Your door Doesn’t Lock
o How to Fake an Orgasm
o How to Deal with a Cheating Lover
o How to Have an Affair and Not Get Caught
o How to Survive Meeting the Parents
The Handbook also includes The “It’s Not You, It’s Me” Letter:
Don’t feel responsible—it’s not you, it’s me. My [ busy career / expensive drug habit / intense racquetball schedule / fascination with on-line pornography ] prevents me from committing to a serious relationship.

Not your mother's PONG.
The 17th Sexiest Woman in the Word 2001.
Top Ten Ways Osama Bin Laden Can Improve His Image.
Write a Letter - Read a Letter
Dear Abby started this program where you were asked to write letters to our servicemen and women at the holidays.

This year you can send a letter from the web.

If you're interested you can also read the letters.
Michael Swanwick's Periodic Table of Science Fiction: This week's element is Manganese.
The artists of Lascaux used manganese ores and charcoal to mix their black pigments. Those of the Renaissance used manganese oxide to enrich the brown in their umbers. Manganese blue went extinct in the twentieth century. The twentieth and twenty-first centuries had a lot of artists, most of them bad but all of them wanting the very finest paints. By the time humanity planted its first colonies in deep space, all the best natural pigments had been depleted from the surface of the Earth.

via [ Sore Eyes ]

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Before the Goths divided into the Visigoths and the Ostrogoths, their legend says that they originated from a land known as Gothiscandza.
The Great 20th Century Art Scam: or how Arrogance, Greed and Folly Nearly Destroyed 2500 years of Western Art.
via [ random-abstract ]
Design Not Found.
A Somewhat Unhappy Paint-By-Numbers Clown.

Hmm... Not bad for something I did when I was a little itty bitty kid.
A Shoe in the Door.
I actually sent an executive a shoe with a note in it. He was the VP of all Internet operations. I tried to get in to see this guy for three or four months. I called him every day. I sat in his office. I went to see his boss. But I could never get in to see him.

So I sent him my shoe with a note that said, 'Now that I have my foot in the door, will you have lunch with me?,' and I got a call back in five minutes on my cell phone. And we won the deal.
24 – Episode 4 by Sean Weitner.
Sean posts another fine review of 24.

Here's my take, don't read the rest if you hate spoilers, because I tell you who dies in the episode.

My wife came home with 15 minutes left in the episode. I told her that she hadn't missed much, and she watched the last 15 minutes with me.

I told her that we've gotten to know that cop pretty well, so she'll be dead soon. It's just like on Star Trek, but Star Trek never really developed those characters as much as 24 does.

I was also troubled by the father mouthing off to the cop. That didn't fit. He also went away mad after he was released. Another bad move. In the back of my mind I mistrust this guy....

One other thing, I'm surprised that the wife hasn't told Jack Bauer about the call from the daughter yet. That should have been her 2nd call, after her call to 911.
Have you heard about the new Christain novel that's topping the charts?
In Desecration, Antichrist Nicolae Carpathia enters the temple in Jerusalem and declares himself God, leading the world to the brink of Armageddon.
And get this, the book features soft-spoken Chaim Rosenzweig. It's #9 in a series.
The best-selling end-of-time fiction series tells the riveting stories of people who, after the rapture of the church are "left behind" to experience the tribulation and other events prior to Christ's return to Earth. With the prophetic teachings of the Bible as the background, this dynamic apocalyptic fiction has captured the imaginations of millions.
I guess if you're interested, you'd have to start reading the series at Left Behind, which is book #1.
Passengers aboard a Boeing 747 en route to Europe disappear. Instantly. Nothing remains except their rumpled piles of clothes, jewelry, fillings, surgical pins, and the like. All over the world, in a flash, cars are left unmanned. Terror and chaos continues worldwide as the cataclysm unfolds. For those left behind, the apocalypse has just begun.
Wondering if that rapture will soon be upon us? No problem. Consult the Rapture Index.
You could say the Rapture index is a Dow Jones Industrial Average of end time activity, but I think it would be better if you viewed it as prophetic speedometer. The higher the number, the faster we're moving towards the occurrence of pre-tribulation rapture.
Looking for something less Christian, more Satanic, try Stephen King's The Stand. One of the best books I've ever read. You can read the first 12 pages of Stephen King's, The Stand, here.

Peace be with you and Joy to the World. Jeremiah was a bullfrog.

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

George Bush: Newsweek Interview.
“I don’t spend a lot of time theorizing or agonizing,” he said. “I get things done.”
Gary Coleman For US Senate Poster.
High School Terrorists.
After the killing spree, investigators said, the suspects allegedly planned to rendezvous on the school roof, ''party'' with drugs and alcohol, and then take each other's lives with gunshots to the face.

In Jones's bedroom, writings on the wall contained the phrases, ''I hate the world,'' ''Everyone must die,'' and ''Kill everyone,'' according to police reports.

Yesterday, Jones's mother, Susan St. Hilaire, continued to portray the charges as a misunderstanding that has targeted ''great kids.'' Carol McKeehan, the mother of the other two suspects charged, shook her head when asked if she believed her children were guilty.
Hello? Shook her head which way? Up and down or right to left? I'm betting on right to left because she probably had no clue what her kids were up to.

In a message dated 11/27/01 3:39:21 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

> Shaking one's head is right to left, by my view. Nodding would be up and
> down, at least in New Bedford.

My response:
Not in Albania.
Some Albanian characteristics and mannerisms resemble those of the mainland Greeks, most notably in the more rural areas; for instance, a nod of the head means 'no' and shaking one's head means 'yes'.
If I had a cable modem, Eddie Breen's web page that features his Piggyback Art paintings would load a lot quicker.

But wait! I just ordered a cable modem! I bought a router too! My FLASH friend suggested it.

Happy Days are here again. The skies above are clear again. Let us sing a song of cheer again. Happy Days are here again!
They're writing fiction on the web and putting it all into a small spiral notebook.
When I first met Zeke, I was arranging turnips in the produce case. He tied a red apron around his slender waist, covering up part of his Harley-Davidson T-shirt, shook his head, and said, "This job sucks." Then, opening a case of grapefruit, he said, "That manager's an idiot."
Hmm... That reminds me of the time I was working in Zayre Department store. The announcement came over the PA, "We need baggers to the front!" I ran up to the front as fast as I could because if you weren't fast, you wouldn't get to bag for the prettiest cashier.

Sunday, November 25, 2001

Bulletin Board Systems.
In Boston we had this cool BBS where you went into an interactive text adventure and people helped you along in the game.

People you got to know by thier handles. It was a lot of fun.

We also had an online trivia game that allowed free text entry. After the answer was revealed, we all chatted about it in real time. It was fun too.

I also ran a Macintosh BBS called MacBoston and was amazed that people from all over the US dialed in.....

The next thing that was really cool on a national level was Byte Magazine's online service called bix.

I'll always remember fondly Jerry Pournelle's conversations....
24 – Episode 3 by Sean Weitner.
Wow; heroin and lesbian kissing.
Hmmm... I hope that my ignorace, as to which drug it was, is a good thing.

The lesbian kissing though... I had that one nailed.
My High School Reunion
I can't understand why more people don't go to high school reunions. I always enjoy going back to mine.

I have great memories from Lynn Classical High School. We had a good class.

Remember When:
The Band at the school dance was CRAGG ZOPP, and it was made up from a bunch of guys from ZAYRE in Saugus?

We turned THE TERRACE (GE UNION HALL) into a school party on FRIDAY NIGHTS, and you had to be a 'member' to enter?

There was an ice skating rink on Boston Street, and couples skate time allowed you to ask her to hold hands and skate around the rink?

Learning FORTRAN with PUNCHED CARDS was the computer course, and you'd wait a week to see if your program ran correctly over at Lynn Tech, only to get the cards back to find out that you made one typo and had to wait another week to see if your program ran right?

Getting so drunk that the center lines on the street and everything else looked double, but you drove home anyways with one eye closed and didn't think about it too much?

You joined the Ecology Club because you thought it would look good on your College Application?

The advanced Biology class was easier than the regular Biology class?

Mr. Murphy subbed and asked us music trivia questions?
Yes, I did pull out the old yearbook before going back to refresh my memory. I do approve the use of name tags with high school yearbook pictures. They help. And, no ... it's not rude to look down at the person you are meeting's badge to see who they are. I did that a number of times.

At the sign in table I was wondering why I didn't recognize any of the people signing us in. Hey, I had NO CLUE who these people were. Later I found out that they were not from our class. They were registration people.

I was surprised and happy to see a lot of really good friends that I had lost touch with. Now I've got their email addresses and hope to stay in touch.

The DJ was really good, a little loud if you were sitting up close, but his selection of music would put to shame the local Classic Rock station.

I had expected to see a lot of fat and balding people there, but the girls looked great!

McAfee VirusScan 6.0 doesn't support Windows 95b like it says it does on the box.

I thought I was doing a good thing by upgrading my virus protection on my PC, but after talking to customer support over at McAfee, I'm not to sure.

First of all, their email response system stinks. I emailed a question to them, they replied with more questions, I responded with answers to their questions, and got a response telling me that they hope that they had resolved my questions. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

So I tried thier online support CHAT area. This lead me to a chat with one of their techinicians who after much typing back and forth informed me that McAfee VirusScan 6.0 doesn't support Windows 95b like it says it does on the box. He suggests that I downgrade to version 5.0 or upgrade to Windows 2000.

Nice advice buddy.

OK, now I feel better.

Saturday, November 24, 2001

So I was watching MTV yesterday morning with my mother. The Real World was on and she got hooked. She thought that MTV just played music videos. She says, "It's like we're getting a look into these people's private lives. Is this real?" My wife yells in, "No, It's not real."

We went into the heart of Boston and did some shopping to support the economy and while we were down there we took a break to get some Jordan Marsh Blueberry muffins. They are the best. Jordan Marsh isn't around any more, but the guy who made their muffins is. He has a bakery on the South Shore and ships fresh muffins up to a coffee shop between Filene's and Macy's. Some people have posted versions of the recipe here and here and here and here.

At home, I watched the making of O-Town on MTV. It doesn't matter whose lives they show me about, I just keep watching. At 8:30 I switched over to VH1 for the pre-show to the Live On-Tape U2 concert. VH1 was showing U2: Legend. Great story. That was followed by U2's Boston concert. Now that's a band! I recently said that J.Lo beat out Britney, U2 has it all over them by 1,000 times. It's clear that they are one of the greatest rock bands ever. That crowd had a super time.

Some of the concert footage reminded me of when I saw Bruce Springsteen in Atlanta at the Omni. He had every single person in that stadium pumping their fists in unison.

Rock on!

Friday, November 23, 2001

I saw the Diary of P!NK on MTV. You think you know, but you have no idea. I had no clue, but now I have some idea.

She has a diary on her web page too.

"I only did coke to learn the metric system", Lenny Clarke.
My Thansksgiving dreams were answered this year, my cousin Mike brought Alexander Keith's beer from Nova Scotia and my cousin Carrie made a homemade Pumpkin pie!

Keith's beer is so popular up in Nova Scotia that it has it's own fan site. Those who like it, like it a lot!

The pumpkin pie doesn't have a fan site yet, but it should!

Thursday, November 22, 2001

The Most NEGLECTED Site On The Web is not too bad for being totally neglected!
Hey Asimo, go grab me a beer while I get comfortable in this chair to watch the football game after stuffing my self at dinner.

H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G !

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

I must be the last person on the Internet to have found Over there you can get the answer to the question: What Camera Should I Buy?

You can also look at people's photos, learn how to take pictures and shop.
While I've got your attention, I'll tell you about a few more silly things I've put up on eBay:

Star Wars Episode I Topps Trading Cards - Watch it again this weekend on TV.
Roger Clemens Topps 1988 ALL-Star Card #13 - Another Cy Young, whatever.
Apple Computer Newton - Set of two stickers - Sometimes being first isn't the best place to be.
Coors Rocky Mountain Sparkling Water Bottle - Maybe they should stick to beer?
On the Home Front.
On a dark night in June four terrorists crawled out of a submarine and up the Long Island, New York coast. A lone coastguardsman on routine patrol saw the four men on a beach. The coastguardsman was unarmed and a bit scared but still asked the men their business.
Daschle Proposes Restrictions on Box Cutters.
Washington, DC - Senate majority leader Tom Daschle called today for a 5 day waiting period for box cutters, nail clippers, and tweezers, saying that it was time to "get serious about our fight against terrorism."