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Friday, May 22, 2020

Using video technology to stay connected

NECN's Colton Bradford interviewed my mom and me about how she uses technology to stay connected:

Need a smile? Meet Millie Garfield. The self proclaimed “Internet’s Oldest Living Blogger” and she’s got a message for us all. #CallYourMother

cc: @NECN @TheHubToday @stevegarfield

My mom is one of the Internet's Oldest Bloggers according to The Ageless Project.
wegads - Ed Weiland, born 1923
Age of Rieson - Marie MacBeath, born 1925
Last Quarter - Game of Life - Ralph Leonard, born 1925
My Mom's Blog - Mildred Garfield, born 1925
Not Dead Yet! - Judith Taylor, born 1927
Milts Muse - Milton Rebmann, born 1931
A Little Red Hen - Naomi Dagen Bloom, born 1933
Along The Way - Joared, born 1935
Occasional Pursuits - Patricia Torbert, born 1937
Light Sweet Crud - Rey Barry, born 1937
BLB's Xanga Site - Bonnie, born 1939
justaskjudy - Judy, born 1940

Thursday, May 14, 2020

HOW TO: Set Up Your First Facebook Messenger Room

HOW TO: Set Up Your First Facebook Messenger Room

Facebook is now rolling out Messenger Rooms to everyone. I tried it out for the first time, and had a chat with my niece. When I created my room, I allowed ALL FRIENDS to JOIN. After creating my room, on my computer browser, my phone rang with an invitiation!

Opps! Did Facebook Messenger Rooms just invite ALL MY FRIENDS with a message at 8:30 AM. D'OH! I don't think so, but I'm not sure. As I learn more I'll figure it out. I took screen shots of each screen in the process of setting up a room.

Here are the steps to set up a Facebook Messenger Room.

Image: Facebook asks you to Learn More or Create a Room

Image: Create Your Room options:

- Room Activity
- Who is invited?
- Start time


Image: Room Activity Page 1

Image: Room Activity Page 2


Image: Who is invited

Choose all your friends or specific people.

Image: Invite people


Image: Start Time

Select a start time.

Image: Trying Rooms. Invite.

Image: Join room

Image: Continue as YOU!

Image: My first room with my niece.

Facebook rooms. Bringing people together!

Image: Video and Audio controls

Image: What my Facebook page looks like after I left the room.

It looks like my room is still open after I leave it. Oh wiat, Jeff Cutler just asked me to join a room! It's my room!

I guess I can leave this open all day for friends to join.



If you leave your room open to FRIENDS, any can join, even after you leave you room, if you leave it open. A friend from CT just joined a chat with my nephew. That never would have happened with Zoom.

Image: J. Bruce Jones and me. ;-)