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Thursday, October 31, 2002

The Morning News - Where Are You Now?
It's been 10 years since high school, the invitation read. Where are you now?
Sarah is cool.
Protest gegen Sicherheitscheck: Striptease am US-Flughafen - Panorama - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Striptease at a US airport

Intensified person controls at American airports can be mind numbing. A French woman is threatened with prison, because she protested in special way.

Washington - The French woman, 56, had celebrated the wedding of her nephew in Indiana and was on the return trip to France, when she was examined by security personnel. According to witnesses the scanner beeped again and again, until the "initially cooperative" woman became impatient and angrily took off her sweater, her blouse and - despite violent resistance by the security guard - also her bra. Nothing was found despite the striptease, but the incident led to a 10 minute shutdown of the airport. When the responsible judge in Evansville informed her about the possible maximum penalty, the woman broke down. The judge invoked the new anti-terror law, that was passed after September 11, 2001 and that punishes "criminal offences" at airports with up to three years of prison.
I think the security guard doth protest too much.

Thanks for the translation Joern!
via [ boingboing ]

Local Coverage.
More details.

This episode is in The Simpson's Archive somewhere.


I sure hope that nothing happens to spoil their wedding.
Kam Fong as Chin Ho - Dead.
Adam Sandler Class Clown.
''In Spanish, to demonstrate the use of `yo soy' he would say, `Yo soy an [expletive].' Or he would sneeze in class and say `bull [expletive]' so that everyone could hear it. I had to suspend him for that.''
Funny how he didn't use the real swear words.

A message from Adam.

It's Groundhog Day meets The Wedding Singer.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Michael Essany
Michael Essany.
I Was a Teenage Talk-Show Host.

Michael just got his own show on E! after having done a cable TV access program from his parents living room for the past 5 years.
Just Breathe is French Electropop music from that Mitsubishi TV Commercial.

If you haven't gotten enough of it, there's a music player on this site with the album and remix version.

Review of 24 by Sean Weitner on Flack Magazine.
On the strength of its season opener, it's a safe bet that "24" will have a better second season than its first.
Whoa! That gunshot scene was shocking!

The other Whoa! moment was when that little girl Kim was baby sitting bumped her head on the table.

Whoa! That's gotta hurt.

So let me get this straight, there's a monster turd living in the sewers, who's dragging people down through their toilets.
Ah ha.

I knew it was a good idea to check the bowl first.
Things Things On Lisa Rein's Mind Today.
Babe, you like fine cooking? Because I've got a Swanson's dinner in the freezer with your name on it.
My fiance's mother is great. She (invited me into) her bedroom...
Seinfeld, this Thursday, on Letterman.
Jerry Seinfeld plans to try out an all-new routine this Thursday on the CBS "Late Show with David Letterman."
Thanks [ Chumworth ]
Dave Kessler tells Two Jokes at the Improv. [ Quicktime required ]

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Harry Potter Parking Lot.
Jeff Krulik films all these kids waiting to get their Harry Potter books autographed.

He's got tons of other video on his website too.

It's all about people.

David K. Kessler got together a Beatles tribute band and filmed a spoof of A Hard Day's Night.

Worked for me!
Stop The War Against Iraq Rally - San Francisco, California - October 26th, 2002 :: Dude! Where's My War?

Open Letters: The Delivery of a Lifetime.

I've got the fever too. For you, Amazon. You feel the spring in the air? I feel it in my step.
Even though the Open Letters website has been dormant for a while, the letters archived there are funny. This loving exchange with warms the cockles of my heart.
via [ This American Life Paul Tough's Bio ] by way of [ Wil Wheaton who's gonna be on the radio ]

This web site has the kinda cool and quirky types of stories that I love!

Your Radio Nightlight.
A Profile of Your Radio Nightlight.
These two links prove that if you have the desire you can do anything! Make up your own radio show at home, and share it with the world!

Monday, October 28, 2002

F.A.R.T. The Movie.
Stars The Farley Brothers, not to be confused with The Farrelly Brothers.

The trailer is funny and HOT!

The Fifth Day of Channukah: The Day of Uncertainty written by Dlove.
Reminds me of my childhood creation, Hannukah Joe and his Flying Menorah. Big old Joe would sit up in the Shamas, the tallest candle holder, and the other candle holders would be combination rocket packs and gift holders.

I guess the gifts had to be non-flamable.
An ebonics translator.

Recorded telephone messages about the ebonics translator.

I told two friends about this and they told two friends. One of the friends that I sent it to, sent it to another friend that had I already sent it to.

Arrest them!
Gig posters, flyers and handbills from around the world!

Dog Body Surfing.
Pinebank Could Have Been a Nice Restaurant.
Pinebank continues to deteriorate due to vandalism and exposure to the elements.

I'd settle for a nice Beer Garden.

Boston's new album Corporate America is coming November 5th! Click here to listen to the first single "I Had A Good Time".

It's a timewarp!

The single, I Had A Good Time, brings me back to the good old days of listening to Boston on my Quadraphonic 8-Track player.

That 8-Track player is long gone. After a while, everytime I played an 8-track tape, the tape came off the spool.

This guy still has an 8-Tack player, it's in amongst all his CD's, Records, VHS tapes, Video and Audio equipment.

Boston's web site,, talks about bringing in new sounds from today and not just making another Boston album that sounds like all the others. They also have a new female lead singer. Should be interesting.

Asia's got a new album out called "Aura".
Back to the 80's!
What is Tangent?
Tangent is a centralized Web service that takes the content from your Web site and sends it back with links to other sites in the network.

If Web sites had sex, Tangent would be how they'd do it.
Talking Guitar
Legendary Steely Dan guitarist Elliott Randall teaches a guitar to speak. [ click here to listen to the mp3 file ]

That talking guitar file comes from the electro-harmonix demo library, where there's a lot more cool guitar riffs.

The technology to make this happen is provided by Andromeda. Andromeda lets you deliver streaming audio and video on your website.

Scott Mathews has written a tutorial that explains how to integrate Andromeda into your pMachine enabled pages.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

eBay item 1575104130 (Ends Nov-03-02 12:18:27 PST )
Gentleman Jim Corbett Pinback Button *RARE*
. says:
...the most prized buttons are pre-1900 buttons of Sullivan, Corbett, and Fitzsimmons. These are smaller buttons with the advertising company printed inside.
Buttons like this can sell for $100.

Maybe this is the long lost Gentleman Jim Corbett button that collectors have been searching for!

I hope so. about making movies, about art, by greg allen.
Welcome to For more than seven years, I was "working to support my art habit." I went to business school, did M&A, rode the Internet wave through three startups and tons of Global 500 consulting, and have been involved in art all along (mostly by collecting and hanging out with artists). But then in 2001, I decided to leave my suit job and make movies.
Makin' Movies!

Leviton Trimatron Rotary Dimmers
Replacing a Push On/Off Dimmer Switch should be easy.

According to the instructions,
Connect wires per appropriate WIRING DIAGRAM as follows: Twist strands of each lead tightly together and, with circuit conductors, push firmly into appropriate wire connector.
Sounds reasonable, until you look at the wiring diagram which shows a BLACK and a WHITE wire coming out of the dimmer switch.

Funny, mine has TWO BLACK WIRES coming out of it

After consulting the neighborhood expert on the subject, I followed the existing installation and attached the RIGHT and LEFT wires where they were connected to the old dimmer switch.

I ran down to the basement, with This Old House anticipation, to turn the power back on.

When I returned up stairs, I pushed in the dimmer switch and the lights went on.


Now we have to clean the light. It looks dusty.
This is your personal trainer.

I felt the burn.

Our creative team will come up with ideas you never even thought of. How could you? You don't have the talent we do. Don't take it personally. That's our job. That's what we do. We do stuff.
via [ The Presurfer ]
I Guess You Need To Learn Piano On The Web These Days
Clinton Clark teaches you piano at

Too bad Jump! Music's Piano Discovery system has been discontinued.

I just found my old version, of Jump! Music's Piano Discovery system, in my basement and hooked it up to a very old PC.

The PC needed to have Windows 95 re-installed. I had the disk for that, and it installed nicely, but stopped and asked me for a serial # from my Certificate of Authenticity for Windows 95.

What! It's seven years later and Microsoft still wants my serial #? I bet if I installed DOS 1.0 it would require a serial # now.

Luckily, I had the certificate filed away in a folder, next to my grade school report cards, and completed the install.

Then I needed to hook the keyboard up to the MIDI port of the PC. Short version of the story; the MIDI IN and OUT on the Keyboard need to be connected to the MIDI OUT and IN cable on the MIDI cable.


Now I've completed Lesson One and can play Ode To Joy!

Oh Joy.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Six Degress Of Eugene Mirman.
Ev mentioned Sarah who links to Eugene Mirman.

So Ev is two degrees away and Sarah is one.

I'm one degree away too, because I gave him a ride once.

Now you're two degrees away from Eugene Mirman!

The Oracle of Bacon should explain it.
The Oracle says: Julia Stiles has a Bacon number of 2.

Julia Stiles was in Save the Last Dance (2001) with Marcello Robinson
Marcello Robinson was in Novocaine (2001) with Kevin Bacon

It also says:

The Oracle says: The Oracle cannot find "eugene mirman." You have probably misspelled your entry, but it's also possible that the actor or actress you seek is not in our database.
Stupid Oracle.

Then there's The Associate Degrees of Kevin Bacon for the rest of us.

Bored, check out the Six Degrees of Ben Affleck.
Symantec Security Response - Friendgreetings.
Don't accept a greeting card from friendgreetings.

The card is so friendly, it shares it's joy with everyone in your address book.

Friday, October 25, 2002
Remember when Amazon was offering a $50 rebate on Mac OS X Jaguar?

If you ordered it early enough, you we entitled to a rebate.

I was thinking about it the other day and realized that I never got my $50.

So I went over to to get the status of my request.

There was an error in processing my rebate!

A letter was in the mail to me, but I never got it.

Turns out they were waiting for me to send in a UPC code for OS X. The problem is that I didn't get a UPC code with my copy of OS X. There wasn't one on my box. Was there one on yours?

After too many email exchanges to recount here, I requested that a supervisor contact me to straighten things out.

Here's a sample email I got from them:
Thank you for sending your rebate enquiry . I am showing that you have a rebate request in our system with an invalid error code {text here}.
My advice to you, go to and check on your status.

I'd imagine that they have 1,000's of Mac OS X Jaguar rebates sitting there with an error code of {text here}.
little green footballs.
Featuring: Egyptian TV, University of Death, Vows of Murder, Masked Killers, Islamic Terrorists, Hostage Murdered in Moscow, Palestinian Child Abuse, The Iranian Comedy Hour, and more.

Not your average source for news.

Pirate Girls - Yowza!

Jenny McTagarty Girl Pirate.

Pirate Girl.

Thursday, October 24, 2002
via [ fimoculous ]
Beer is found to be good for bones -- The Washington Times.
A glass of beer a day is one of the best ways in which young women and men can ensure that they have strong and healthy bones, research at a British medical school suggests.
I'm covered for today.
via [ triptych cryptic ]

random website dot com will bring you to a random website after you click a man's head.
Eric Myer Photography - Stereotypes.
Build a face by selecting from a top and bottom portion of a bunch of headshots.



Rob Schneider is The Hot Chick.

The MacFreak™ Ellen / Alan Feiss Look-a-Like Contest
Below you'll find the pictures of our Ellen & Alan Feiss Look-a-Like Contest.

Some dozens of daredevils entered the contest, but just a few actually tried to give their interpretation of Ellen.
Moral of the story: There's only one real Ellen Feiss.
via [ Spymac ]

Opera Baby.
via [ everlasting blort ]

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Tuesday, October 22, 2002 -- Click on the Pink!.
During October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the CIGNA Foundation will donate $1 for every click on the pink ribbon.
Apple - Switch - Ads - Gianni Jacklone.
He's an IT Director.


"Do The Dew" Shotgun.
This "Six Pack" model of the "Dew the Dew Mountain Dew 12 oz. can Shotgun Style delivery system allows the user to "rapid fire" 12. oz unopened Mountain cans at incredible velocities!? This unit was used in the making of the many Mountain Dew commercials you see each day!
I wonder if it would work with beer?
via [ everlasting blort ]
Take the millioniare quiz.
You can track any North American flight, that is currently in the air, with FlightTracker.

Monday, October 21, 2002

Jamaica Plain Lantern Parade.
The 19th annual lantern parade, sponsored by Spontaneous Celebrations and The Jamaica Pond Project, was last night and had live music by the Cha Cha Cha All Stars.

Hundreds of people took their lighted lanterns and walked around Jamaica Pond.


American Experience | Jimmy Carter | Gallery.
Carter once wrote that his brother, Billy, "presented the other side of the Carter family, full of fun and laughter."
Billy always knew the best places to eat.
Doonesbury - Today's Blog Entry.
:::: BAXTER ::::.
A Favourite Website Awards nominee, this site promotes the Scandinavian trio Baxter.

Go to the Baxter Player and listen.

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Vale D'Ouro Biscoitos de Polvilho: Worst Chips Ever.
These are shaped kind of like peanut shells. At first it tastes like cardboard, then at the very end there's this terrrible taste.
You'll find reviews, of the Best and Worst chips, at

Saturday, October 19, 2002

Gagpipe: Headline satire from around the world.
IFILM - ''Must Be Dreaming,'' by Frou Frou.
Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth fill out the highly digital sound on this swirling track with acoustic instruments that lay a softer, more emotive layer for her luscious voice to float upon.
Frou Frou Rocks!

The Hebrew Hammer - The First Jewish Kung-Fu Movie.
"We usually don't serve your kind," snarled a mealy-faced skinhead behind the bar. The Jewish fellow, adorned in a long leather coat, prayer shawl, gold Star of David and black fedora, ignored the comment and asked for a drink: "Manischewitz, straight up." As the bartender turned briefly away, the Jewish man grabbed the liquor bottle, smashed it across the skinhead's skull, and turned with a sneer to the roomful of customers.
via [ boingboing ]

The Hebrew Hammer - Photos.

Yahoo Info - Good stuff here.
Goldberg told "The New York Observer", for example, that his favorite line in the script was "Shabbat shalom, m*****f*****s!".
This movie has nothing to do with Moti Horenstein-The Hebrew Hammer.

Based on this 5 minute short film.

New York Observer Article
On a recent Sunday, actor Peter Coyote stood behind the bench in the imposing, faux-marble-columned Brooklyn Surrogate Court and yelled in phlegmy Yiddish tones, "Sheket B’vakasha! Sheket B’vakasha!"

Nearly 20 men dressed in yarmulkes, payess and prayer shawls threw their fists in the air and shouted "Hey!" before heeding Mr. Coyote’s call for quiet.
Oy Vey!

Wednesday, October 16, 2002
This site will help you to make your own VideoCDs, SVCDs or DVDs that can be played on your standalone DVD Player.

Punk Kittens - They ROCK! [ flash ]
White Stripes - Fell in Love With a Girl.

United Resources of Jamby.
Adam Curry, formerly of MTV, has this cool web company with a funky name.

But that's not all. Soon he's going to have his own show, Adam's Family, and they're using Final Cut Pro to edit it.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Cool tunes on the website for this bike. For 5,500 Euros, you can ride away in one.

Kids these days need Google Answers to tell them what computer paper tape was.

Back in the old days, we used Mylar so it wouldn't rip!

Google Answers.
I would like to know a name of a painting that hangs (or use too!) in the Sydney Opera House. I saw it when I took a tour of the Opera House in 1986. The painting was fairly large (12 ft x 12 ft) mostly blue (like the ocean) with splashes of color. Abstract (not literal) painting. If I recall correctly (I don't want to give you wrong information with my fuzzy memory) the painting was based on a poem. And the poem was about a man who partying on a boat in the harbor and fell overboard and the poem (and painting) reflects what he saw underwater - the blurry lights of the city, the underside of the boat, empty bottles of wine, glasses. It is a beautiful painting. Any information would be really helpful! Thank you!
I'm getting kinda hooked on Google Answers. People pay to get their questions answered, and the resulting answers are free for anyone to look at.

I enjoyed reading the answer to this one and following the link to a Virtual Tour of the Sydney Opera House.
Google Answers.
If you dig a hole from the U.S. to China would you come out head or feet first?
You'll have to follow the link to find out.

Some kid paid $5 for this answer because it was an extra credit question on a test.

And elsewhere in the news, Boy Digs Hole to China, Arrested for Spying.

We got a cappuccino maker as a gift.

My sister was over the house, so we decided to make a cappuchino and see how it worked.

It felt like I was back in high school chemistry class with a lab partner. That's becuause in addition to measuring the water level to the meniscus, there was a danger of burning ourselves.

We experienced a big success when we foamed the milk. We should get extra credit for figuring that out.

What I learned: The foam is spooned on top of the brewed coffee.

Maybe someday we'll graduate to a Mr. Cappuccino.

Probably not.

Monday, October 14, 2002

The Billy Bob Baby Pacifiers are sold out on this site, but they have a great picture of a baby with teeth over there.

It looks like you can get the Billy Bob Baby Pacifiers over here or here.
U2 - Concert photos by Philippe Carly from 1980.

Cool pics.

If you go to the main page there are 3,102 more photos of bands like Blondie, Buzzcocks, Fleshtones, Human League, The Jam, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Madness, Ramones, the Specials, and more.

New Wave was cool.

I used to collect new wave buttons.
via [ parallax view ]

I'm Site du Jour of the Day!
Welcome to readers of Edward J. Pelegrino's Site du Jour of the Day.

Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks Edward for choosing Off On A Tangent as your your site du jour of the day! I love that title, even though you're featuring sites weekly now! That just makes it more special!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to thank my wife for ignoring me while I spend all my time on the web looking for good sites to post here. Enjoy the site and come back often.
Off On A Tangent: Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links is a Weblog that explores general interest topics and sites along with other things that give Creepy Steve a thrill. Those things include photography, popular culture, computers, and as the title proudly exclaims — Hot Girls and Cold Beer. In reality, the girls and women are hot in the context that they have had recent media attention although some are pretty darn foxy at times.

Creepy Steve doesn't turn up all of this by himself, a featured Site du Jour of the Day has been known to show up occasionally but that is part of the charm. For the most part, credit is given where it is due, that makes for a nice launching point. If you like what Creepy Steve has opted to reprint, you'll probably dig the original publication and the pointers to those sites are provided. The majority of what is at Off On A Tangent: Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links has been turned up by Creepy Steve and that is nice.

One of the few sites I visit several times a week, Off On A Tangent: Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links could become a favorite for you.
If you have some free time, there's a lot of good stuff in the archives too.

Sunday, October 13, 2002

Name Your Chinese Restaurant.
Jeff from, the new Boston band Well, made this.
Boston Athletic Association: Half Marathon.
It's today!

I'm gonna get out there... and watch.

Then maybe have some lunch and watch the Patriots game.

No records will be broken.

Saturday, October 12, 2002

Hello, Apple?

Are you there? Arts & Entertainment | "The Transporter"
We get him, in the movie's coolest scene, tangling with a pack of bad guys on the floor of a bus garage soaked with fresh oil, so nobody can stand up for more than a second (until Frank gets a pair of those mechanic's cleats on his feet, that is). We get him sledding down a mountain highway on the severed cab door of a semi-truck.
Maybe I didn't see the exact same version of this movie as the Salon reviewer. Maybe I did. In the version I saw, Frank doesn't put mechanic's cleats on his feet, he rips off the bicycle pedals and wears them on his feet! I don't even think mechanic's wear cleats, aren't they for baseball and football players?

As for the guy who rides a severed car door down a highway, It's not Frank on the door, but one of the thousands of bad guys.

The movie did seems serious, but at times you just had to laugh at the slapstick fight scenes.

This is not one of my favorite Luc Besson movies. I loved The Professional, La femme Nikita and The 5th Element. This movie is not like any of those.

It is fun though, for a Saturday afternoon.

Wednesday, October 09, 2002

TWoP Forums » The Bachelor » The Bachelor General Gabbery » 2-3: 2002.10.09.
Good Lord, Christi is psychotic. She must have left her medication at home. Now I know why I have so few female friends - I can't handle crying over stuipd sh*t. The only good thing about her sticking around is more drama, oh goodie!
Hello...Aaron...Anyone home?


Wil Wheaton Plays Outside.
I'm thirty years old and a parent, and I'm racing through my "chores" to go play outside.

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

It's happening.
I figured if I could attract a diverse group of people from all over the globe, from varying points of view, having each a different perspective on the world situation, I thought, I could perhaps, better understand what happened, and why. It was I guess sort of a sociology experiment. To simply throw a mass of people with diametrically opposing views at ONE predominantly unmediated message board and let them talk it out.

Monday, October 07, 2002

Project Harmony - American Lifestyles & Habits.
Most Americans consume alcohol rarely, if at all. As a rule, Americans do not consume any alcoholic beverages until after work (this includes beer). Many Americans think that drinking excessive amounts of alcohol is very unhealthy both physically and psychologically.
Ah, hello... haven't they read those studies showing beer and wine are healthy?
via [ Presurfer ]

Lick Heidi Klum.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

The Inside Story of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
As his advisers took their seats, the president hit the switch under the conference table, activating a concealed tape recorder.
A timely article, even though it happened 41 years ago.

I wonder if President Bush has a concealed Digital Audio Recorder?

If it's late at night and the deli is closed, it seems to me that you wouldn't be able to get a turkey sandwich.

This guy thought differently.

"Give me a turkey sandwich," he said.

He should have gone to the Turkey Store for a Classic Turkey Club earlier in the day and kept the sandwich with him in a cooler.

That's just good planning.

Saturday, October 05, 2002

boys stories.
I'm not sure if I really should have put this section up or not, but was in one of those "to hell with it" moods. And so here I am, throwing my past, as fraught with insecurities as it is, into the wind for anybody to laugh at.
Sure you should have.

I enjoyed reading them.

Madison Slade's got moxie.
KCRW Music: Morning Becomes Eclectic.
Listen to FrouFrou, Imogen Heap and producer Guy Sigsworth, on this archived broadcast from KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic.

Imogen sings at the top of the segment!

FrouFrou Rules!
TWoP Forums » The Bachelor » Debutantes » Gwen.
Let's talk about Gwen.

All "The Bachelor" links that you could ever want.

Christopher Myers Photography.
For this work I created a lens of my own design, reconfiguring several odd lens elements to achieve a unique look. The resulting image is center focused and distorted at the edges. I specifically use this lens for the nudes because of its organic and ethereal properties. This series is on-going as I continue to explore and discover.
Exploring isn't bad.