Tuesday, November 19, 2019

I Made my 2020 Calendar on my Mac with Motif

Last year I used mimeo to create my 2019 calendar. It worked well.

This year I went to create my 2020 calendar, and after duplicating the 2019 calendar and renaming it 2020, I double-clicked it, and the app never loaded. I tried it a few times, then gave up.

I downloaded Motif from the Mac App Store and opened it through the CREATE menu on the Photo app.

It opened right up.

After dragging the photos that I wanted to use in my new calendar, it's simple to drag and drop photos on to each page.

Here's my cover:

On the month pages, you can choose to use up to 9 photos on each page in many different configurations, that are able to be modified. Lots of power here.

This is my December:

Here are some of the features you can use when creating your Motif calendar.

I like the feature that allows you to add a photo to an important date.

I'd like to be able to edit the text more to allow the background photo to show up more.

I had an overall great experience with Motif making my calendar for 2020.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Boston Media Makers, The Final Mingle at Doyle's Cafe 10/20/19

It’s still hard to believe that Doyle’s is closing.

Thanks again to Gerry, Donna, Eileen, and the team who took care of us for the 11 years that we had Boston Media Makers meetings there on the first Sunday of every month.

For many years Carol and I stopped in for corned beef and cabbage.

It’s the type of place that we would search for when traveling around the world. A classic Irish bar with a lot of character. Sad to see it go.

#MPB2B Photo Walk at #NationalHarbor

It was my pleasure to lead two photo walks at the Marketing Profs B2B Forum, at National Harbor, MD this year.

Prior to the walk, I gave photo tips to attendees using the MPB2B App. Then, prior to each walk, I gave a brief review of photo taking tips.

We had one walk at midday, and the second, first thing in the morning.

These walks are a great way to casually meet other conference goers who share an interest in photography, or who just want to walk around with a bunch of photographers.

We had all levels of photographers on the walks. The majority were wither using photographers in social media posts, or shooting photos for fun.

Do you use hashtags?

Prior to the walk, I monitored the #NationalHarbor hashtag on Instagram to get a feeling fpr popular photo stops. This was in valuable for me to make sure our walks hit all the highlights.

I suggested the use of these hashtags for our walks:

- #MPB2B , the conference hashtag
- #MPB2BPhotoWalk, a hashtag specific to our walk
- NationalHarbor, the hashtag manhy people use for the area

Here are the TOP INSTAGRAM POSTS using the #MPB2BPhotoWalk hashtag:

Looking at the MOST RECENT POSTS using the #MPB2BPhotoWalk hashtag you can see some photographers followed my suggestion to make a mosaic using letters to spell something.

One thing I like to do when traveling is to get the attention of venue I am visiting. Here, the @NationalHarbor Instagram account shared one of my photos.

We have a lot of fun on these photo walks. Hope to see you at the next one in San Francisco at the Marketing Profs B2B Forum 2020.