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Friday, February 04, 2022

NFTs are a scam, built on top of crypto, which is a Ponzi scheme hidden behind a curtain of deception.

NFTs are a scam, built on top of crypto, which is a Ponzi scheme hidden behind a curtain of deception.

Me: Computer generated NFTs of poorly drawn apes with ill-fitting artificial appendages are ugly.

NFT Fan: It’s not about the NFT, it’s about the (Discord) community.
Me: Have you seen the Wizard of Oz?
“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” the “Wizard” yells in vain. He has been discovered and they see him for who he really is.
NFTs are ugly, worthless computer generated bad art, based on top of a Geppettoed together blockchain system that feels like it’s foundation is built on top of a spite-bank programmed in BASIC by a fictional Larry David character, that’s powered by massive energy consuming and environment destroying off-brand computer farms sitting in off-shore countries run by faceless enterprises.
The blockchain’s links are as weak as Olive Oyl’s pencil-thin arms, and we see daily examples of Mary Kay scammers losing their money as they try to exploit holes in the system only to end up exploited by their own greed.
How long would gas fees, crypto transaction fees, exist if we had to pay exorbitant gas fees to buy gasoline?
Influencers are influenced to get in early, and use their influence to influence others to get in late to the Ponzi party.
What’s their Kred* now?

Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Bundle Up New England Webpage Needs a Clickable URL

Bundle Up New England
NBC 10 Boston has a promotion called Bundle Up New England.  This is what the webpage says:

"While you're out buying coats, hats and mittens for your holiday gift list, please think about donating.

All you have to do is open your phone to scan the QR code below, which will take you to the Amazon "Bundle Up" gift registry." 

They have neglected to place a clickable URL to the Amazon "Bundle Up" gift registry on the webpage. 

I'm on your webpage with a computer. Give me a link to click!

I scanned the QR code with my phone, went to the Amazon "Bundle Up" gift registry on the webpage, copied the link, emailed it to myself, and copied and pasted it into this blog post for you. 

Here is the Amazon "Bundle Up" gift registry link:


They saw this post and added a clickable link. 


I ordered a bunch of jackets. ;-)