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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Apple TV+ Works on a Browser

My mom (94) doesn't have the most recent iMac. Because of this, her browsers are not the latest, because the latest operating system can no longer be downloaded and run.

I wanted to get her Apple TV+, so she could watch Defending Jacob. She wanted to see it. I also think she'll enjoy The Morning Show, and For All Mankind.

So I logged into her computer remotely, and directed her Safari browser to


There, we could watch the trailer for Defending Jacob, but could NOT press the PLAY button.

Same on Google Chrome.

So, I went and downloaded Firefox. That worked!

Monday, April 20, 2020

I thought my Ring Video Doorbell had a dead to-the-world battery

I thought my Ring Video Doorbell had a dead to-the-world battery, but after a chat with Dreck at Ring Support, it sounds like I might be able to bring it back to life.


Can you please connect the Ring device to a charging cable and check for the charging light pattern.


Rapid blue blink on top of circle

Try to put the device in setup mode. If successful, press the button again to exit setup mode and unplug the device.

Press orange button?

Yes, please.

ok did it

Did the device enter setup mode?


It looks like the battery needs to be charged!

While charging, verify the device has reconnected to the home Wi-Fi network and is working properly.

No kidding

Setup again if necessary.

Setting up



Now white solid ring

You just need to charge the device for about 8-10 hours.


Then what battery life will I have?

We will monitor the device for about 3-5 days and contact us again if the issue still the same.

You will? Ok great. Thank you.

Image: Ring Video Support Chat Review


It's Dead Jim!

So day 1 was 100%, day 2 was 75%, and by the end of the week it was 20% and no longer connecting to WiFi.

I've charged it up again for 12 hours.

I don't anticipate it being any better. I don't want to have to charge it every week. New batteries on Ring Video Doorbell 3 are supposed to last longer than one week.

Sunday, April 12, 2020

2020 is the Year of Live Videoblogging

16 years ago I was one of the first video bloggers. I figured out how to combine the ease of use of blogging with the power of video, to help people easily share stories.

Now, when many people are self-quarantined at home, to help flatten the spread of COVID-19, they are looking towards video to feel connected.

It makes sense.

Video has the power to help people connect through storytelling.

A lot has changed since 2005, when I made my first videoblog post. Five years later, I wrote the book on videoblogging for Wiley, Get Seen. Now, a good portion of that book is history. It's a history book. ;-) Containing many cameras, video making tools, and software that aren't around any more.

Now there are new tools.

Let's take the lessons learned from 15 years of online video making, and apply them to today, to give you the tools and techniques that will help you share your stories with video.

Includes Step-By-Step Guide on How to Get Started on Zoom.


Use the camera that you have on you. please do not get intimidated by feeling like you have to have a professional set up. You don't. The quality of today's smartphones are amazing for both video and audio.

Smartphone: iPhone. You can use either the front or back camera.

Webcam: Logitech C920. Tis is the camera I use. It works great. For a higher end webcam, look at the Brio.

Microphone: Audio Technica ATR2500x-USB. Good audio is more important that good video. Have you ever joined a Facebook live stream where you can't hear the speaker because of audio problems? See? This microphone is great. You can also get a floor stand for it, so that it is not disturbed by any noise you might make on your desk.

Lighting: This is the light that all the cool kids are using, LED Ring Light like the Neewer 18-inch White LED Ring Light with Silver Light Stand, that you can find online. If you don't have that, a desk lamp, positioned to one side behind your camera is good, also good is natural light coming in from a window. DO NOT, have a window behind you!

Tripod: Use a tripod to get a steady shot.


1. Make your camera lens a little above eye level. If you have a laptop, DO NOT leave it on your desk. Raise it to eye level by placing some BOOKS UNDER it. PLEASE DO THIS.

2. Look into the lens when talking and not at the screen. This gives the impression of eye contact which enhances your connection with the viewer.

3. Know where you mic is, and talk into it.

4. If you are in a shot with multiple people, like in an interview, make your framing match the interviewer.

5. Don't leave extra headroom.

Image: BEFORE - Too much headroom

Image: AFTER - Extra headroom removed. ;-)

6. Use software to make your videos more interesting, see the next section.


iMovie: When I wan to do more than a one-shot, where I record and post, I use iMovie on the iPhone or Mac.

This allows you to shoot multiple segments, and add them together to make one video. For exaple, if I was making a video that had three points I wanted to make, I could shoot five videos and then combine them.

Introduction, point 1, point 2, point 3, and conclusion. That way you can focus on one small thing at a time, rather than thinking that you have one shot to get all five video right. It gives you a way to shoot each segment multiple times until you like it. Also, you don't have to memorize anything. Plus, you can use different camera angles for each video. That provides interest to the viewer.


Facebook, Instagram and YouTube make it easy to share video online. When you decide where to put your video, you'll want to share it where your audience is. Do you have a lot of friends on Facebook, that's where you can post. Are you an Instagram 'Influencer'? You can post video there, or to your Instagram story. If you choose YouTube, you can also share the link to that video on Facebook and your other social media accounts.



Facebook as a button that you can click to go live in the posting options, LIVE VIDEO.

Image: Facebook Live

ECamm Live and Streamyard are tools that you can use to present a more professional presentation with using Facebook live.

ZOOM: Step-By-Step Guide on How to Get Started on Zoom.

To get started on Zoom, go to, sign up, and follow the prompts to download the Zoom app on your device.

When you join a Zoom video chat, you need to allow your MIC and CAMERA to be shared. When you join, you may be prompted to " Join with computer audio", do that.

Here are some screens you might see when joining your first Zoom chat. They are presented to you so that you can CHOOSE and TEST your CAMERA AND MICROPHONE:

Image: Click 'OPEN' if you are presented with this dialog box.

Image: Join with Video. Yes! Join with Video, CLICK THAT!

Image: Check your position in the frame and your lighting.

Image: Test your computer speaker. See how the dialog box displays "Speaker 2: Built-in Output (Headphones)", that shows which speaker you are using. if that doesn't work, make sure your speaker works by playing something, otherwise, choose another speaker using the greater than/less than, on it's side drop down window selection tool.

Image: Test your microphone. My AT2020 USB mic is selected in tis dialog box.

Image: CLICK "Join with Computer Audio"

Then when you are in a chat, for example, on a computer, if other people are complaining that THEY CAN'T SEE YOU, look for an image of a camera with a red line through it at the bottom left of your screen, click on that to allow zoom to access your camera.

Image: No video on ZOOM? Click Here.

It's easy, my mom, Millie (94) uses it!

Image: Ask Millie On Zoom

TEST: Join this TEST ZOOM MEETING to check your camera and microphone.


Mitch Joel, How To Rock Zoom Meetings In 10 Easy Steps.

Live Streaming Pros: Luria Petrucci

People to watch live:

Joseph Jaffe: Live every day at 2:00 PM EDT on Facebook:

Laura Gassner Otting: Live every day at 10:00 AM EDT on Facebook:

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