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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Instagram Music Video for The Vaccines

Beyonce was Stuttering but Comcast Fixed It

I was watching a clip of Beyonce from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon yesterday, but the clip wasn't playing smoothly. The video was stuttering badly.

Better than the telephone: Twitter
So I went on twitter and sent a tweet to @comcastcares.

They sent someone out today.

Comcast: We Have A Problem
The technician said that my highs were too high an my lows were too low, or something like that. I also had a bird's nest in my cable junction box.

Birds Nest in Cable Box
Image: Birds Nest in Cable Box

Dirty Jobs
It was a dirty messy job to open up that box and remove the nest.

Next up, an examination of the cables showed the Squirrels were eating into them, damaging the cables and letting water get in. All bad.

The cables to the house were replaced with heavy duty cables. The junction box was also replaced, moving it to ground level, with a lock that will keep the birds out.

Everything seems to be moving along at a better rate now.

Thanks Comcast.

Test via Router

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"With a Creative Commons license, you keep your copyright but allow people to copy and distribute your work provided they give you credit."

Google needs to add a feature on GooglePlus for users to designate the licensing for their content.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Google+ Hall Of Fame

Google+ Hall Of Fame by stevegarfield
Google+ Hall Of Fame, a photo by stevegarfield on Flickr.

Google+ Hall Of Fame

eWeek Interview about Google Plus and Video

[Video] How To Mix Google Plus And Video For Business Success:
Steve Garfield is a social media expert with a focus on using video to build your business. In this exclusive Biz Advisor video blog interview, Eric Lundquist, Vice President of Editorial Content at Ziff Davis Enterprise, sits down with Garfield and talks about the hottest news and trends in video and also get tips from Garfield on how Google's new service Google+ can boost your business if you use it wisely.

Loren Feldman gets a mention at 2:00 in for his use of G+ video.

[Video] Journey performs classic 'Don't Stop Believin' on TODAY Toyota Concert Series

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Journey Lead Singer Arnel Pineda (Wikipedia):
Arnel Pineda (born September 5, 1967) is a Filipino singer-songwriter who has served as the lead singer of the American rock band Journey since 2007.[1] Pineda has had a successful musical career in the Philippines for the last 25 years.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Jamaica Plain Music Festival

The Jamaica Plain Music Festival

JP Rocker Rick Berlin Talks Up The JP Music Fest

Justin McCarthy

[Video] NECN's Joe @ Batt: Planking, Owling, and Slothing

Steve Garfield with Joe Battenfeld on @NECN #planking #slothing
Image: Steve Garfield with Joe Battenfeld on NECN #planking #slothing

Joe Battenfeld and I take a look at the internet meme's of Planking, Owling, Leisure Diving and Slothing:
(NECN: Joe Battenfeld) - Planking, and more recently, owling, are taking the Internet by storm.

People around the world are taking pictures of themselves in unusual poses, like laying flat on their stomachs or perching like an owl.

NECN's Joe Battenfeld takes a look at these fads and what may be next.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Trying out the new video moment sharing site: keek


Easy sign up
One click record
Ability to re-record
Sharing on Facebook and Twitter is included

Signup: Facebook Friend finder didn't work for me
Signup: Twitter Friend Finder sent a tweet without telling me #FAIL
No Embed Code

When Pigs Fly in JP!

When Pigs Fly in JP! by stevegarfield
When Pigs Fly in JP!, a photo by stevegarfield on Flickr.

First Loaf for me: Raisin and Apple. Awesome!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Video Soup: Brick, Plot Device, Bui Brothers, Drew Gardner and 3D on

This week on in the Video Soup segment I featured, a movie trailer for Brick by Bill Streeter documents people upset about brick buildings in their towns being slowly destroyed.

Plot Device

Bui Bros film photographer Drew Gardner

Boston Media Makers 3D Mingling

Chris Brogan says "I Have Moved to GooglePlus"

I Have Moved GooglePlus by stevegarfield
I Have Moved GooglePlus, a photo by stevegarfield on Flickr.

Chris Brogan just moved from Facebook to Google+.

This is his new profile photo over on Facebook.

He's not moving his main site though:

Google+ is only an outpost. is his home, just like is my home.

I'm on Google+ too.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What Do You Love?

What Do You Love? by stevegarfield
What Do You Love?, a photo by stevegarfield on Flickr.

It's a great ad to get you to see many of the products that Google has to offer.

Start a Google+ blog with Blogger

Look what I just found.

Links here:

It was the first time I saw Blogger referred to as a google+ blog. I found it when looking at

BUT the search I had keyed in was for " google + "

Ask +Doug Cornelius notes in the comments, try searching for " wordpress "

The button then changes to "Start a wordpress blog with Blogger"

Never mind.


Friday, July 08, 2011

Falling Skies Skitter Finger Necklace in 3D #fsincentivized

A skitter finger necklace lets the aliens know that you've killed before and you'll do it again.

Nice gift. Thanks KLOUT.

This video was shot on a Sony Bloggie 3D [ Demo Unit ]

Google+ Hangout Weather Video Stream

This morning I opened up a Google+ Video Hangout, turned on my webcam, and pointed it out the window to capture the approaching storm.

I'm alway looking for new ways to use video when new applications pop up on the web.

Google+ Hangouts is changing the way we have conversations in real time.

I left the camera on and went back to bed.

Having a Conversation
When I came back to check on the video hangout, people were in there having a conversation.

Steve Ellwood, Tom Elko, Michael Denton, Peter Marquardt, Paul Geffen, and Wayne MacPhail were having a great conversation about Google+.

My hangout had provided a forum.

I joined in.

Technical Talk
We talked about some technical features and requests. Right now, when you are talking, your video does not pop up on the big screen. It should.

One thing that we noticed is that when you are looking at your own video, it's mirrored. Like looking into a mirror. The way we are used to looking at ourselves.


Recording a Google+ Video Hangout
The idea came up to record the stream so others could watch it later. There are ways to do this with screen capture apps, but I said that the process of making it a recorded session would change the nature of the session itself.

By knowing that we weren't being recorded, we had a very comfortable and free flowing conversation. Much like you'd have at a water coller or a bar.

The moment that it starts being recorded or live streamed, the participants change the presentation and content. Sometimes unknowingly.

Authentic and Real
As people get more used to talking on live video like this, I'm sure we'll get to a point where authentic and real water cooler chats like this can remain the same and be recorded and shared.

Some people already get what I'm saying.

The thought process I use when I do my live show is similar, but modified to fit the 'TV Show' mold. It's me and my guests talking. I try to structure the conversation to cover specific topics and move quickly.

Back in the early days of videoblogging we had group video chats that were archived and had the water cooler feel to them. They were fun for a like minded group of people to get together and chat.

To make it interesting for viewers, there probably needs to be structure, topics, and moderation.

Maybe not.

I'll be experimenting with live broadcasting and archiving of water cooler chats. I think they're really interesting.

What are your thoughts?


Just saw this from Om Malik, he's calling it The Alive Web, Google Hangouts gives the “Alive Web” a big boost:
Hangouts is about having a conversation, albeit over video. It isn’t a chat (in the traditional Internet sense) and it isn’t a conference call. Hangout with folks you want to connect, even for a few seconds, enjoy an immersive interaction and then move on. It is just for hanging out — just like some of the early killer apps of the Internet such as BBS, IRC and AOL Chat Rooms. And for that precise reason, Hangouts is very different from the video chatting offered by Skype and Facebook.

Google+ Weather Report Video Hangout

Thursday, July 07, 2011

The First Presidential Live Streamed Tweet

I don't think Barack Obama has ever tweeted from his @barackobama account using the new "-BO" designation meaning that he actually sent the tweet.

Search: @barackobama and "BO"

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

How To Install Facebook Video Calling / Video Chat

This was fun. Facebook 'Video Calling' brings people together.

I just installed Facebook video chat after finding the directions over on Engadget.

Go to the Facebook Video Calling Getting Started Page.

Facebook Video Calling - Get Started
Image: Facebook Video Calling - Get Started


To set up video calling on Facebook
Image: To set up video calling on Facebook

Click SAVE when prompted to save the Video Calling Plug-in.

The video calling plug-in is downloaded.

Step 4
You then open the downloaded file to install it.

This takes a few moments.

RUN the saved file.

Facebook Video Calling - Install
Image: Facebook Video Calling - Install Progress Indicator

Once installed, the CALL button with an image of a video camera shows up on friends pages who have installed the Video Calling App.

Facebook Video Calling Button Shows Up On Profiles

Once installed, there will be less of a barrier for Facebook users to make video calls.

It'll be interesting to see the adoption.


The Facebook Blog: Call Your Friends Right From Facebook

CIO: Facebook Video Calling: How to Get Started and Adjust Privacy Settings

Update II:
When on a call, if you have multiple cameras attached to your computer, you can switch between cameras using the camera dropdown menu at the bottom of the video chat window.

The Moments Between - Seeing the Edge

My First 10 Person Google Plus Hangout

10 people total. It was fun. The technology worked really well. Only a few people had headphones and it didn't matter. Sound was great for everyone. When someone talks, their video makes it to the big screen. I didn't make a capture of it, but there is also a chat window that opens in the sidebar. Very nice implementation of video chat.