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Sunday, February 29, 2004

You're Boring!

Jack Black and Will Ferrell!

If you saw the Oscars tonight, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Best presentation ever!

You guys rock.

She's a Top Photoblogger

Cathreine Jamieson's Photo of a Gas Station.

No Love

Davis Love III just got a spectator thrown off the golf course for yelling "No Love" over and over again.

Love walked up to the to the rope line and said, "We are not leaving here until we find out who has been saying 'no love'."

A lady then pointed to a guy in the crowd and said, "It was him."

Ha Ha! Nice job.

Good bye.

Hottest Female Athlete

Jennie Finch.

She was pitching in the Pepsi All Star softball game this weekend.

I'd like to see her pitch in the Major League.

The Prime Minister's Official Spokesman's Unofficial Blog

Downing Street Says.
Allows the public to comment on daily press briefings.
via [ Buzz Machine ] from [ Tom Watson ]

Good News!

World Peace sparks outpourings of joy
Guardian - 1 hour ago
Almost all of the human race were united today in a vast expression of joy in response to the newfound world peace.

Pandas are Loose in the City!

Pandas in New York City.

Thursday, February 26, 2004

Old People in Florida are Cranky

Judge Ruled Movie Theater Fight Case A Mistrial.
The Rosenbergs were standing in line in a movie theater in Tamarac, the Schusses were behind them. According to testimony, Mr. Rosenberg miscalculated the ticket price and looked for more change, that is when Mrs. Schuss said "three times eight is 24" and Mr. Rosenberg said "shut up."

The defense says Schuss is legally blind and thought that Rosenberg was attaking his wife. He defended his wife by punching Rosemberg and his head hit the concrete pavement, went into a coma and died 16 days later.
Hey Mr. Schuss, maybe spending the rest of your life in prison is preferable to spending it with Mrs. Schuss.

Plead guilty.

Weblogs with a Big Image on top

Well-Designed Weblogs Volume 2.
via [ list. ]

The Hivelogic Narrative is a good one. [ refresh for a new image ] :-)

Here's how to do random image rotation.

Have you seen Maura Murray?

Maura Murray - Missing since Monday Feb. 9th.

They Should Be Wearing Gloves!

In today's Boston Globe Calendar section, there's a cover story called: What's cooking.

All the photos show chefs touching food with their bare hands.

That's not right, is it?

Lew's Family

Lew's Family Picture.

Instructions: How this was done.

Frank Sinatra Clone on American Idol

Next week on American Idol it's all about John Stevens.

The old man, George Huff (22), also joins the group of eight since one of the original finalists just got arrested [ turn off sound ].

Boaz Frankel wasn't fired by Donald Trump

He's the host of On The Cusp, NYU's Late Night Talk Show.

Boaz took part in a spoof of The Apprentice, on the Today Show this week.

His group did a short segment on the ice cleaner at Rockefeller Center and called it a Zamboni when it's an Olympia!

Oh, Oh. That's a firing offense.

There's one day left and you can see him tomorrow morning.

Now Playing: Japan

Apple Japan Movie Trailers.
via [ Random Abstract ]

Leah NO, Ian YES?

What is this world coming to?

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Simon Cowell on William Hung

Simon Cowell's thoughts on William Hung returning to American Idol:
I'm vaguely amused by the fact that people want to give him money.

The transcript on the Extra website does not match what was broadcast.

Watch the video, of the Simon Cowell interview, for yourself and see what he says.

Grey Expectations

Smokey The Owl, Riviera Village Street Fair, June 2003.

Nice photo by Noah.

Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot

Rush Limbaugh just said this on his radio show:
Everybody knows that a condom doesn't prevent disease.

He was talking about this study: Half of Young Americans to Get Sex Diseases.
Given the prevalence of STDs, young people need all the facts -- including medically accurate information on condoms.
I guess he didn't really read the study, or wasn't smart enough to understand it.

Hello, WRKO, can we get some liberal voices on the air?

96.9 FM Talk?

Bueller, anybody...

Can you tell me how many times I've been to the club this year?

I was at my health club today and wanted to know how many times I'd been there so far this year.

I asked at the desk and they told me that with the old system they could have helped me, but the new bar code computer system can't.


You'd think that finding out how many times members use the club would be worthwhile information. Maybe someone in marketing might be able to use that kind of statistics to maybe send out reminder postcards?

I decided to look into this further, went to their web site and found this: Request Member Usage Report.

Once I get the results I'll bring them in on my next visit.

The Japanese Lady Started as a Woodcut!

Andy Hertzfeld shares Susan Kare's MacPaint Gallery.

The "Japanese Lady" on the left is a pretty famous one, since it was used in the original brochure. She started with a scan of a fine Japanese woodcut that Steve had procured.

So what I'm hearing is that the 'Japanese Lady' was NOT painted using MacPaint.

I'm crushed.

Mom, You're not alone. PC's crash. --Steve

Don Levy, The Mac Therapist, responds to David Coursey's article When Windows won't work, it's time for a Mac.
Most of my clients don't know much more about running a computer than pushing the ON button in the morning. They absolutely believe that the computer is just here to serve them and help them do their work better and smarter, so they don't bother to read the manuals, they just do their work.

Windows users always know to chant the right prayer to get up and running every day (well, almost always). Mac OS X people just don't bother to boot (arghhh... Now they don't even push the ON button!). The computer just STAYS ON 24/7 and they go weeks and MONTHS between booting (like when they come back from vacation or a business trip). To a guy like me who needs them to have MYSTERIOUS PROBLEMS, it's a total disaster. Some of them even forget HOW to re-boot! How absurd is THAT?
You'll be happier when you get a Mac.

Just follow Don's prescription:
Get a Mac with OS X,
Get cable or DSL connection,
Get rid of the PC before it eats more of your life,
Get and read the free ClueTrain Manifesto (,
Get in touch with me or someone like me
and spend a little time learning how to use the
skills we can share with you. We’ll both enjoy it.
Get your life back.
Drink plenty of fluids and get enough rest.

Got List?

via [ yewknee ]

Man Loves Woman, Melds With Computer To Save the World

Casshern - Robot Hunter.
Trailer for a movie out of Japan. Some amazing, amazing visuals in this one.
The Apple 1984 TV Commercial meets The Matrix meets Robocop.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Leah and LaToya

This week's American Idol winners have got to be Leah LaBelle and LaToya London.

Office Space Meets The Office in a TV Commercial for NutriGrain

NutriGrain Commercial (Feel Great) [ QuickTime ]

Jack found this Turnpike Films spoof commercial over at adrants.

If you like it, click the [ NEXT ] button, after viewing it, and you'll be able to see some others.

This Budweiser commercial [ QuickTime ] is so funny it made me laugh out loud and cry. Yes, cry. Tears of joy!

New Mexico State Reps are Drunk with Power

'Breathalyzer in every car' bill passes house.
State lawmakers are convinced they have the answer to solve the D.W.I. epidemic and want to require everyone on the road to take a breathalyzer test before they can start the engine of any vehicle.
Well, maybe drunk with power isn't exactly the right term.

Lost their minds is better.

These legislators should be given a sanity check before taking their seats in the House chamber.
via [ The Blank of the Day ]

A Toaster for $3.25

Camp Stove Toaster.
Here's a neat little way to make toast for $3.25.

There are lots of ways to make toast. Visit the Cyber Toaster Museum.

The Buzz is all about Buzznet, a free photo blog


Wil Wheaton's Buzznet Photoblog.

Steph Wilson and friends are Pats Fans.

Rachel Yamagata - On Tour.

Imaginary Girlfriend Only $22.50/month

Hello! I'm Lauren!! I WILL write back to your emails (as your girlfriend) and if you wanted I will leave a voicemail message for you too. I will send you one letter each week and will enclose at least one photo with every letter. I love to write and can't wait to share my hopes and dreams with you in writing.
Me: "Honey, is it ok for me to get a girlfriend if she's not real?"

Wife: "You're Fired!"
via [ fimoculous ]

Democracy is a Conversation

e.the People.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Let me eat toast

My good old toaster oven is gone. Gone to the place where old toaster ovens go when they start smoking. I'll have no smoking in this house, especially from an old toaster oven!

Now that I need a new way to toast bread, I started thinking. Do I even need a toaster oven?

We've been using a toaster oven for years. It goes back to the time before microwave ovens where you used the baking part of the toaster oven to heat up frozen TV dinners that came in tin trays.

Maybe it's time to just get a toaster?

This Cuisinart® 2-Slice Toaster looks interesting.
Six browning levels plus settings for bagels and reheating. Has two slots and one set of controls. Easy-Lift feature brings smaller items up high for safe and easy removal. One "fifties-style" backlit browning control dial and a "CD-style" pop out crumb tray combine fashion with function.
It would be even cooler if you could put CD's in the crumb tray and play them.

Maybe not. ;-)

What do you use to toast bread?

The Apprentice isn't what it's trumped up to be.

Reality Blurred points us to an item in today's Page Six about a reporter who was one of the renters on last week's show:
The reporter had previously arranged to rent the pad at a lower price, but played along when the show's producers asked her to sign a lease at a 27 percent mark-up, the apartment having been spruced up by one of the apprentice teams as that week's assignment. It was also made to look like Young saw the apartment moments before the 5 p.m. deadline, when she was really at the apartment mid-afternoon.
Further investigation on Google lead me to this article on Staten Island Live by the reporter, Deborah Young, where she explains how she didn't pay the 27 percent mark-up price!
I didn't end up paying that inflated amount for the one-bedroom plus office in Carroll Gardens.

That apartment had been promised to me earlier at a lower price, in the days when "You're fired," had yet to enter the lexicon.

A few days before I was to move in, the real estate agent called, saying the landlord had given the place to a reality TV show. I decided to show up, even though she warned me they'd fill it with $2,000 worth of tchochkes and try to wheedle a higher price... Off-camera, before I signed the lease, the landlord promised he'd make good on the original price.

This means that the results of the show, with one member getting voted off and the award picnic on the grass were all based on a lie!

Mr. Trump, I'll see you in the boardroom to explain.

After we got back on the train from the winery tour the unexpected happened.

Talk About Akward Moments.
The train was full of couples celebrating anniversaries, birthdays and other special occassions. Quite a number of couples were making out openly at the end of the train ride whose main features are a picturesque dinner on the train and a stop with a tour of a local winery.
What happens next is not pretty.
via [ scripting news ]

Forfeiture for flagrant and willful removal of beer without taxpayment

Sec. 5673 of the US Tax Code:
For flagrant and willful removal of taxable beer for consumption or sale, with intent to defraud the United States of the tax thereon, all the right, title, and interest of each person who knowingly has suffered or permitted such removal, or has connived at the same, in the lands and buildings constituting the brewery shall be forfeited by a proceeding in rem in the District Court of the United States having jurisdiction thereof.
I barely understand what they are saying here, and it's just one little part of the US Tax Code.

This is why the current tax system needs to be changed.

Maybe we should follow the lead of Slovakia?
via [ J-Walk ]

Motorola's Linux Smartphone

MontaVista Linux Powers Motorola's
First Enterprise Smartphone
Handset manufacturers, such as Motorola, are turning to the fast emerging mobile Linux OS as a platform for phone development because of the flexibility, control and innovation offered by open source software.

Too bad it's only available in China right now.

The Wall Street Journal on Blogs

Lee Gomes writes in today's Wall Street Journal - Blogs Have Become Part of Media Machine That Shape Politics:
It would be wrong to pigeonhole all blogs as tasteless rumor mills. Many more are simply pointless: containing links to other blogs, along with brief comments displaying no original thought.

My comments are original and thoughtful.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

And You Thought The Pepsi iTunes Hack Was News

Tilting Diebold Voting Machines 25 Degrees Reveals 1 in 3 Are Rigged.
K.R., an eighteen-year-old programmer from West Filabucket, Connecticut today revealed on his web log that he had discovered that one in three Diebold AccuVote-TS electronic touch-screen voting machines, which are being widely used this year in elections across the country, do not actually accept the voter's vote, but rather, are pre-rigged to cast a ballot full of Republican candidates.
At least Nader gets no votes!

Before you kill that bug, can I take a photo?

Beautiful Bugs.

It's Like A Movie Channel For Girls Over Here

Watched a few movies recently to clear up some room on the TiVo:

My First Mister - Albert Brooks can do no wrong. Leelee Sobieski reminds me of Helen Hunt. Nice to see Mary Kay Place in there too. I used the rewind button a few times to take a look at the funny scenes. I almost missed it when the bum decides that Albert Brooks shirt is not good enough for him and throws it back in the traash. Classic. Thumbs Up!

Monsoon Wedding - I wasn't in the mood to watch a movie with infrequent subtitles, so I wasn't giving it much of a chance. I pretty much fast forwarded through it and didn't really see much worthwhile to pause for. Thumbs Down!

Muriel's Wedding - Loved it! Didn't know anything about this one before hand, so the funny storyline had me amused thoughout. No fast forward button was used during this viewing. My friend Senga told me that this is a movie that she can watch over and over. Thumbs Up!

It's an acoustic Sunday morning

Matt pointed me to Terra Naomi. She's a singer songwriter with a blog.

Sweet music for a Sunday morning.

The Entertainment Weekly Sucks Complicated Blog

The Entertainment Weekly Review by Mark Ramsey.

Saturday, February 21, 2004

Friday, February 20, 2004

William Hung She Bangs Video from Wednesday

Video On Demand: American Idol Reject William Hung's Halftime Concert At Cal Wednesday Night.

Yahoo AP Photos of William Hung and his backup dancers.

Gay penguin's should be able to marry

Gay Penguin For America.
via [ Guardian Unlimited ]

HBO On Demand is not as good as TiVo

What programs are on HBO On Demand?
HBO On Demand offers you over 100 titles each week, with new shows added every Monday, so there is always something new to watch. There are over 40 hit movies available at any given time and over 20 children's titles per month. Over 70% of the programming is HBO Original Programming, which includes series like The Sopranos, Sex And The City, Six Feet Under, and specials like World Championship Boxing and America Undercover. If you missed the most current Sunday night series episodes or the "Saturday Night Premiere" movie, you can catch them just a few days after on HBO On Demand.
So unlike TiVo, you can't join in on a program that's already started.

You've got to wait until the following Monday to watch it.

Rejected 9/11 Memorial Designs are now online

Tom Otterness' Sad Building Design.
via [ Metafilter ]

Tom Otterness web page.

Forever Mary

Here's Mary!

She's one of the cast members of the new Fox show Forever Eden.

Forever Eden - Official Web Site Coming Soon.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Duplicating DVDs

Christopher Breen explains how to duplicate a DVD with a Mac, over at Mac 911.

The Band The Books

The Books - Official Website.

Just heard them on ZBC!

William Hung and Ellen Degeneres sing Rocketman

Over at the William Hung website there's a video of his appearance [ wmv ] on The Ellen Degeneres Show, plus audio of them singing Rocketman [ mp3 ] together.

William Hung has more energy than six of last night's American Idol contestants, combined!

Stay Shaded

The Shade Foundation.
The Curt and Shonda Schilling Melanoma Foundation of America is working to create sun-safety attitudes.

Visit the site to get tips on protecting yourself and your family from the harmful rays of the sun.

Find out why that guy wore sunglasses at night. ;-)

Quotable Edwards

Current Quotations.
``The voters of Wisconsin sent a clear message. The message was this: Objects in your mirror may be closer than they appear.'' - Sen. John Edwards, who finished a surprisingly close second behind Sen. Kerry in Wisconsin's primary election on Tuesday.
Nice one.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

American Idol: Worst Episode Ever

This week I've got to go with Lisa and Camille. I was rooting for Lisa from the start, and am picking Camille because she's cute with a nice personality.

It's not hard to choose these two, since the only other choice would be the last girl, who lost my vote with her stance on stage. What was she thinking?

That whole show has got to be the worst American Idol episode ever. I feel bad for the people who had to watch it without a TiVo!

Through The Looking Glass

Andy Hertzfeld writes about the first Mac game: Alice.

Make your own beer label online.
via [ J-Walk Blog ]


Dear AT&T,
Stop sending people to my front door!

It's great that you can now offer local calling plans, but I don't want to hear about them!

You sent a guy to my house last week and I told him that I wasn't interested.

You just sent another guy to my house today and I told him, "Please tell your bosses that I do not want AT&T sending anyone else to my front door. I do not want AT&T. I do not want anyone else coming to my front door. I'm serious!"

AT&T please put me on your do not call list!

One question for John Kerry

George Will writes The 1st 28 Questions For Kerry.

I'd like an answer to this one:
You say the rich do not pay enough taxes. In 1979 the top 1 percent of earners paid 19.75 percent of income taxes. Today they pay 36.3 percent. How much is enough?
I wonder what George Will would be like at Passover?

Michael Holley Fails the Wonderlic intelligence test.

Michael Holley writes in today's Boston Globe: Plans come together at NFL combine.
Every player has to take the Wonderlic intelligence test. Here's a sample question:

A plane travels 70 feet in 1/10 second. At this same speed, how many feet will it travel in 3 seconds?

You can't take too long to come up with the correct answer (which is 2,450) because 50 questions have to be answered in 12 minutes.
Hey Michael,
You're wrong!

The correct answer is 2,100. ( 70*10*3)

Taking your Wonderlics.

Good test scores enhance draft-day status.

News of the Future: U.S. Senator Howie Carr

What happens when John Kerry wins?
January 28, 2005
BOSTON-- Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney fulfilled one of his constitutional duties yesterday when he named the replacement for former Senator John F. Kerry, who was elected President last November. Romney came through on a promise he made on air at WRKO and selected one of the station's talk hosts to be the Commonwealth's new junior senator.

Hey You! Don't Shake it!

Polaroid FAQ on "shaking it like a Polaroid picture."

I knew that shaking it was wrong.
via [ fimoculous ]

Anatomy of a Fake

How to make four people look like a huge crowd.
"Nothing So Strange" is a feature-length faux documentary about the investigation into the assassination of Microsoft chairman Bill Gates
Nice How-To video about the making of Brian Fleming's documentary.
via [ boingboing ]

Monday, February 16, 2004

Woman denies Kerry relationship

Rumor wanes as Drudge backs off earlier Internet report.
A rumor that was circulated widely on the Internet and in the British press, purportedly linking Senator John Kerry to a much younger woman, crumbled Monday as the woman issued a strong denial and the Internet site that launched the report changed its story.
Moral of the story - Drudge was wrong.

What is North Korea really like?

Behind the headlines. Behind the hype. What is North Korea really like?

My Favorite David Letterman Valentines Day Card

I Love You Darling, However...

Jo likes Nick who likes Gail, or does he?

A Short Film I Wrote...
Gail and Nick are talking on the dance floor, their dance is pretty much non existent. They don't have much space, and have to avoid people behind them knocking into them. This, in a way, brings them closer to each others. The song playing in the club is OutKast - The Way You Move

Ralph Nader Wants Your Opinion. Give it to him.

Ralph, Don't Run.

I posted this a while back, but now Nader says he will make up his mind in the next few weeks, so here it is again.

New Address for Grow-A-Brain

Hanan Levin's got a new home for the Grow-A-Brain blog.

Check it out.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Tori Spelling's getting married...

... and her bridal registry is online at Willams-Sonoma.

Now lots of people are buying her gifts and writing about it.

What struck me funny was the citrus trumpet... what we used to call a JUICE EXTRACTOR... back in the good old ZAYRE days!

John Kerry's Brother

I just emailed John Kerry's brother Cameron, with a suggestion for his web page. He emailed me right back from his Blackberry.

That's cool.

Now I've got a direct link to the future president.

Cameron F. Kerry - Biography.

Cameron Kerry and his in-laws talk of the Democratic frontrunner.

Brookline banks on Kerry.

Photos of Boston

Ben Yosef's Boston.

Just get in, sit down, and keep quiet

Ryanair 'to cut frills further':
Ryanair has confirmed it is taking "no-frills" flying a stage further by ordering a fleet of planes without reclining seats or window blinds.
That'll solve the problem of the inconsiderate moron in front of you pushing his seat back all the way!

Losing Their Religion

Children to study atheism at school.
Non-religious beliefs such as humanism, agnosticism and atheism would be covered alongside major faiths such as Christianity or Islam under draft guidelines being prepared by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority, which regulates what is taught in schools in England.
What is humanism?

What is agnosticism?

What is atheism?

What is Christianity?

What is Islam?

What is Bad Religion?

Hey NECN, this is how you report a story.

In today's Boston Globe, Peter DeMarco reports on the story of missing student, Maura Murray.

A student vanishes, and none knows why.
At about 7 that night, while taking a sharp turn on Wild Ammonoosuc Road in Woodsville, N.H., Murray lost control and slammed into a snow bank. Shaken by the accident, and apparently intoxicated, Murray told a witness she didn't need help, local police said. The witness went to call the police and by the time they arrived Murray was gone.
NECN reported on the same story but neglected to report that she was in an accident last week and that she might have been drinking. Also, when one of her friends said "Right now reasons don't matter as to why she went up there," the reporter didn't seem to see any need to follow up.

I hope she's found safe soon.

Mother of four children rebuilding Iraqi Stock Exchange

Del. woman helps Iraq's exchange:
"We're starting with a clean slate - I think," said Starr, who took with her a miniature replica of the Liberty Bell - a gift from the Philadelphia exchange intended to be used to start and end the trading day when the Baghdad Stock Exchange is back.
How cute.

There's a "To Disturb Would Be Illogical" sign on T'Pol's door

T'Pol stops his mouth with a kiss. She then pulls away and disrobes. THAT'S why she wore a robe tonight -- easy access. Trip stares her up and down, and they make out some more.
The preview showed more.

Saturday, February 14, 2004

A Pint of Smithwick's

Smithwick's is now on tap at Doyle's in JP!

A nice Irish Ale from the maker's of Guinness.

The tent card on the table said I could be one of the first to try it. So I ordered it and the waiteress said, "Oh, I didn't even know we had that."

So I was the first!

It went down smoothly after ice skating at Larz Anderson rink.

It was my first time skating in a lot of years. One time around the rink and my feet killed! After a while I did get my skating legs back and skated around the rink pretty well.

My finger is now feeling better after the Chinese torture I experienced this morning, by getting a splinter under my fingernail, while trying to get the ice skates out of the basement.


I was sure that I was fgoing to have to make a trip to the emergency room.

The only way to get the splinter out was to cut under the fingernail and get the splinter out with a needle.


Beer is a nice cure to help in the healing process.

BeerTender: Draft Beer At Home

Heineken and Groupe SEB join hands and create home draught beer system.

Your new roommate is a BeerTender.

Not Really Kerry and Fonda

Snopes: Not really pictured together!

Nice photoshop work.

Waiting for other people to join Kerry at the podium...

New Blockquote Formatting

I just copied blogbandit's style of doing blockquotes.
It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. It's cool. It's cool.

blogbandit went to a Sales Rally for The Passion of Christ on Wednesday where they passed out a guidelines sheet:
WE MUST NOT SCARE ANYONE AWAY from seeing the film. Let's face it - people don't talk much in movie theaters, just like they don't talk much in elevators. If we violate the social norms, we run the risk of ruining our chance to speak truth with credibility.

Go together as a group, but SPREAD OUT in the theater for maximum contact with people.

DO NOT BOW your heads in prayer in the theater.

DO NOT PREY UPON PEOPLE as they try to leave.
Ha Ha!

This guy flies!


Make sure you fly high enough to have him play the guitar and dance.

Get up on the seesaw. That helps.

William Hung is my American Idol

For some strange reason I was up late last night and caught a repeat of Countdown With Keith Olbermann on MSNBC.

It was a repeat of his 8:00 PM show.

The last segment was with the most popular contestant never to make it to American Idol finals, William Hung.

William Hung deserves so much more than 15 minutes of fame!

William has a wonderfully quirky personality and even sang She Bangs at the end of the interview. Nice job.

I hope he makes it back onto American Idol as a wildcard, or at least gets on there to sing again.

It's time for a new political party that doesn't nominate candidates

Dave Winer writes:
Let's call it the Rational People's Party, or RPP. We'd meet every month to talk about local and national politics, to start new weblogs and meetups, to broadcast our ideas and invite political leaders to pitch themselves. If they wandered off-topic we'd ask them to get back on track. If one broke a campaign promise, this would appear on a public list, for every local RPP chapter to access.
Dowbrigade calls it Breaking Out the Big Tent Movement
It seems to the Dowbrigade that there are all of the necessary elements in place to see an effective Movement coalesce and emerge from the dashed dreams and bruised egos of the Dean disaster. There is a large base of people out there who are deeply dissatisfied with the direction this country is taking, and they are gradually finding each other, and a voice, in the Blogosphere. They are motivated, educated, and ready to put their money where their keyboards are posting.
I hope it could be as fun as Dilbert's New Ruling Class, the DNRC.

Friday, February 13, 2004


Source Code to Windows 2000.

Buy 867-5309

Jenny's New York Phone Number is up for sale on eBay!
via [ boing boing ]

The Tommy Tutone song "Jenny (867-5309)" drove the phone companies (and their customers) nuts.

Paris Hilton and LeBron James

NBA All Star 2004 has some interesting games scheduled tonight:

NBA All-Star Celebrity Game presented by 989 Sports and McDonalds - ESPN at 7 p.m.

Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton will be filmed.

10th annual Got Milk? Rookie Challenge - TNT at 9 p.m.

Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James and Denver Nuggets' 14K Carmelo Anthony and their rookie team go up again Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns' forward Amare Stoudemire and their year-ago rookie team.

In God's home with Lanny and his Mom, the Virgin Mary

Reality TV World has this wrapup of last night's Bachelorette:
Mom: What church do you affiliate with? (OH NO!!!!!)
Mer: I'm open ? I definitely believe. (translation ? church? huh?)
Mom: I want to know that my grandchildren would be raised in a Christian home.
Mer: Christian Dior? Oh that will work?.

Religion is really important to Lanny and hopes Meredith is 'willing to embrace things.' Shouldn't you have had this conversation a while ago? Kiss of death is when Mom launches into how Lanny would be head of household and Mer would have to respect that.

Sounds more like Hell on Earth.

Who Should be the next James Bond?

They are discussing it over at FARK.

My favorites from the discussion:
Ricky Gervais

Simon Cowell - "That is quite simply...the worst Orbital Laser Array I have ever seen."
What do you think?

Update: Make that the next James Bond after Pierce Brosnan is done playing Bond.

Illegal Art: Jay-Z and The Beatles Remixed

The Grey Album
DJ Danger Mouse's recent Grey Album, which remixes Jay-Z's The Black Album and the Beatles White Album, has been hailed as a innovative hip-hop triumph.
EMI wants it out of stores.

Illegal Art has the download here.

Maybe it would have been better if Jay-Z did the remix.

Maybe not.
via [ boing boing ]

Do you have a useless old broken Airport Base Station?

Donate it to the Tech Superpowers Airport Donation Program.
Tech Superpowers has a plan for the betterment of the world through free WiFi.
Donate your airport base station and they'll promise to use it for the good of the free WiFi community.

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Bush Kerry Debate Preview

Electablog has it:
Bush: War on terror

Kerry: Vietnam

Bush: Evil doers

Kerry: Band of Brothers

Bush: (pounding a fist) The Almighty, Faith-based, Mel Gibson, God Bless

Kerry: Ketchup fortune, good hair, tall, I can still drink

Who has the Kerry story?

WatchBlog had the Kerry story last Friday.

They suggest watching this Google search: kerry affair OR infidelity OR intern

Laura Dekkers

Laura Dekkers was on the Today Show dating segment this morning.

She's very attractive. Turns out that she's been a model for 10 years.

MTV Russia

Tutta Larsen - MTV Russia VJ

MTV Launches as a Free-to-Air Network in Russia.

Dangerous Madman! Dangerous Madman!

Jon Stewart's dissection of President Bush's appearance on Meet The Press. [ QuickTime Video ]

This is both sad and funny at the same time.

Very funny.
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Atkins Wasn't Fat!

The Business 2.0 Blog, B2Day, tells us that contrary to what news reports are saying Robert Atkins was skinny in February.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

TurboTax for Macintosh Tax Year 2003 turned all my pdf icons to hats!

Stupid TurboTax!

After installing turboTax, all my pdf icons turned into little TurboTax hats!

The way to change them back to Preview Icons is to select a pdf file, choose [ Get Info ], then under [ Open With ] choose [ Acrobat Reader 5.0 ], then select [ Change All ] , then go back and select [ Preview ] , and choose [ Change All ] again.

That sets your pdf icons back to the Preview application.

Stupid TurboTax!

Installing TurboTax for Macintosh Tax Year 2003

Every year TurboTax makes filing my taxes easier but the installation always has it's quirks.

And that's putting it mildly.

This year there's a folder on the install disk that's called "put in System Folder"

Sounds simple.

When you drag the folder into the System Folder you get an error saying that the System Folder can not be modified.

What's up with that?

So I went over to the Intuit web site for help.

Unfortunatly, the help page references 2002. :-(

I think I need to start a TurboTax 2003 Issues Weblog....

What's Your Law?

That's the Annual Edge Question for 2004.

Here are some of my favorite answers from smart people:

David Bunnell
Bunnell's First Law of Retrievability

Everything is retrievable.

Bunnell's Second Law of Retrievability

Everything is stored somewhere. The secret to retrieving things is simply finding out where they are stored.
Karl Sabbagh
Sabbagh's First Law

Never assume.

All the mistakes I have made in my life—not that there are that many, of course—have been because I failed to follow my own law.

Sabbagh's Second Law

The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has occurred.
Irene Pepperberg
Pepperberg's Law of Comparative Cognition

Any behavior exhibited by young children that is taken as evidence of the early emergence of intelligence will, when subsequently exhibited by nonhumans, be interpreted by many humans as a set of simple stimulus-response associations lacking cognitive processing, whereas the stimulus-response explanation will rarely be used to re-interpret the behavior of the child.
Gotta start working on mine.
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Welcome Yamila Diaz Rahi

Welcome Yamila Diaz Rahi to my page banner!

Bring William Hung Back as a Wildcard!

On Tuesday's American Idol 3, Ryan Seacrest [ Official Talking Website ] said that William Hung could potentially return to as a wildcard contestant!

My picks from last night:
Diana DeGarmo - she went first and set the standard that only one other constestant could match.

Fantasia Barrino - she went last. After she was done I said that she had a quirky voice and generated a lot of excitement. Same thing Simon said.

Why do some of the contestants pick songs that mean something to them? Picking a boring song might mean a lot to you, but what it means to me is that you aren't going to get any votes.

Bye Bye.

An Open Letter from Michael Moore to George "I'm a War President!" Bush

Michael Moore writes:
Look, I'm sorry to have put you through all this. I was just goofing around when I made that comment about wanting to see a debate between the general and the deserter. I had no idea that it would lead to this. And there you were, having to suffer through Tim Russert on Sunday, saying weird things like "I'm a war president!" I guess you believe that, or you want us to believe that. Americans have never voted out a Commander-in-Chief during a war. I guess that's what you're hoping for. You need the war.

But we don't. And our troops in the National Guard don't either. I know you see the writing on the wall, so why not come clean now? We are a forgiving people, and though you will not be returned to White House, you will find us grateful for a little bit of truth. Answer our questions, apologize to the nation, and bring our kids home.
He's a war president?

Everything you know is wrong.

Dean Landsman looks back at the Democratic campaign, and forward to the general election.
It is certainly time to ignore the polls, the pundits, and everything you've been told is the truth as of this moment.
It sounds like he's right but if you believe his premise, maybe he's wrong.

How the Wes was lost.