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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fans, Friends & Followers. Building an audience and a creative career in the Digital Age by Scott Kirsner

Scott Kirsner's new book: Fans, Friends & Followers. Building an audience and a creative career in the Digital Age

Scott Kirsner's new book is out, Fans, Friends & Followers. Building an audience and a creative career in the Digital Age.

Scott writes about his book on his blog:
It deals with one of the central challenges that creative folks face in these digital times: how do you cultivate an audience and a business model that will support your work? I interviewed several dozen filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, writers, and comedians who've been pioneers in this area, including documentary filmmakers Robert Greenwald and Sandi DuBowski, the animators behind "Red vs. Blue" and "Homestar Runner," comedian Eugene Mirman, and singer-songwriters Jonathan Coulton and Jill Sobule. The book collects some of their most successful strategies for building a fan base and a creative career online.
He interviewed me for the book and is allowing me to publish my chapter here.

Steve Garfield

Steve Garfield helped meld the mediums of blogging and cinema verité video reportage, which yielded vlogging. He has been a correspondent and contributor to the satirical news series “Rocket-boom,” political analysis site techPresident, and TheUptake, a site for citizen journalism. He created “Vlog Soup,” a show that surveys the best of videoblogs, and teaches a course called “New Media Tools for Journalism” at Boston University. Garfield is often sought out by tech companies to test new cameras, phones, and Web services, and he earns a living as a consultant helping clients understand the world of Internet video.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I gravitate towards doing things that are fun.

On January 1st, 2004, I integrated video into my blog for the first time. I did it as a New Year’s resolution.

The power of the link.
All of the early vloggers [video bloggers] linked to one another, and helped each other build an audience. The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and Time magazine would cover vlogging, but they didn’t include links. It did nothing for my site’s traffic.

There was a videoblogging group on Yahoo, and as people wanted to learn how to do it, they joined. We all discussed how to do things, and watched each others’ videos. In 2004, the group was maybe 40 or 50 people. In 2005, I helped organize the first Vloggercon, in New York City. It was an “unconference” that brought together a lot of the people who’d gotten into videoblogging to share advice and talk about tools.

Free advice.
The way I meet people and get most of my jobs is offering to help people. That’s my method of operation. When “Rocketboom” [a satirical video series] first came out, I critiqued their first video, minute by minute. Amanda [Congdon, the host,] threw some papers, and it was funny. I said, “Do more of that.” We started e-mailing, and then we met. I became one of their first correspondents. At the opening of my reports, I’d always say, “Hi, I’m Steve Garfield from” And Amanda would mimic that. It really worked for me.

Now, the thing I’m doing is live video broadcasts, from this Nokia N82 phone directly to the Internet. [The company sent Garfield the phone for free as part of its “blogger relations” program.] Right now, I use a service called Qik for sending video from the phone to the Web. My Twitter followers get a message whenever I’m broadcasting live, and people can text me on the phone and do things like ask me to ask a particular question of someone that I’m with.

How do I make a living?
I go around the country and speak, and I produce video for clients. I get paid to create online video for companies like a food site called sponsored by Legal Sea Foods, a non-profit called Third Sector New England, and Boston City Councillor John Tobin. He was the first elected official in the US to vlog, and he has me on retainer. I often get paid to speak, and to teach. “Rocketboom” pays a little stipend.

When Akimbo [one of the first Internet-connected set-top boxes] came out, they contacted me, and wanted me to be on there. They sent me an Akimbo box. With Seesmic [a video messaging service], I met [founder] Loic [Le Meur] at a conference, and I became an investor in the company. I met the guys from [video distribution site] at VloggerCue, on a rooftop in New York, and then they highlighted my vlog on their site.

I e-mail everybody back. I respond to everything. Think about regular TV shows. In that world, you’d never expect to get any sort of response.

The lure of the new.
I Twitter three or four times a day. On my “About Me” page, it says, “Follow me on Twitter.” I think people follow me because I sometimes go to interesting places, talk to cool people, link to lots of sites and videos.

I’m always attracted to what’s new. I like to jump on it, test it out, and then share what I find.
You can get the book on his website.

Thanks Scott.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Ashlie LIVE From BU

Ashlie from JO540 at BU learning how to stream live with Qik. Thanks for participating in today's class!

YouTube version.

Visit: Ashlie's Blog at

Watch her report on twitter, Twitter me this....

Follow Ashlie on Twitter.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nassau, Bahamas - Flower

Felicia Day

Streamy Awards Photo 002, originally uploaded by Lan Bui. CC BY-SA

Please feel free to use these photos under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license (which means you may use the photos as long as you also release the photos under a Creative Commons license and attribute the photos to and provide a link back to

You can learn more about the Streamy Awards by visiting

You can learn more about these photos by visiting our website with our favorite Streamy Awards photos.

The Bahamas in 40 Seconds

Shots at the ocean, video camera goes underwater, boy plays on beach, and bird looks at me.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Star Trek Movie: TV Spot #3

Harpoon Leviathan Quad

Harpoon Brewery

The Harpoon Leviathan Series

Leviathan Quad was fermented with a blend of two traditional Trappist yeasts. A mixture of two-row pale malts, caramel malts, and special aromatic malts gives the Quad its richness and texture. The subtle hop flavor imparted from Brewer’s Gold hops lingers in the background and provides just enough bitterness to balance the malt sweetness. The addition of imported Belgian Dark Candi Syrup rounds out the beer, giving the Quad its full body and deep auburn color. Expect notes of honeyed dry fruit with peppery phenols in the aroma, a velvet-like mouthfeel, and a superbly drinkable beer.

Original Released: March 2009
Where do they put the descrition of the beer? On the bottom!

Video: New Media Tools you can use to tell your story RIGHT NOW!

Steve Garfield's "New Media Tools you can use to tell your story RIGHT NOW!" session from the Social Media Jungle: Boston.

Thanks Jeff Glasson for taping and posting this!

The Shell station on VFW Parkway would not inspect my car today

Mobile post sent by stevegarfield using Utterlireply-count Replies.  mp3

I got to the station at 4:55 PM and they informed me that one car was ahead of me and they close at 5:00. So no car inspection today. The hours are posted as ending at 5:00, but you'd think they could stay a little longer to inspect one more car.

Maybe it's a State law that all inspections must end at 5:00. Stranger laws are enforced in the state, such as the restrictive wine bill, but don't get me started.

Maybe they just want to go home on time. I get that, but I wasn't treated like the long time loyal customer that I am.

It's 4:45, go away.

Kinda rude.

I feel better now.

I am an Artemis Eternal Wingman. You should be one too.


Demo BlogTalkRadio Show today at 11:30 AM EST from Boston University

I'm doing a quick demo audio show from BU this morning on BlogTalkRadio at 11:30 AM.

BlogTalkRadio let's anyone have their own radio show on the internet for free.

Tune in. Chat. Call in. Call-in Number: (347) 215-8647

Show Name:
Demo Show: Boston University New Tools For Media

15 min

BlogTalkRadio demonstration at BU. 11:30 AM EST.

Brad Sucks, Natalie Gelman and Lene Lovich.

Listen to the archived show:

Student interviews:

Brittany Lyte and Molly Connors.

Hire them!

TechNow Blog Radio Report:

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Doyle's Pie

Doyle's Pie, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY-NC-SA

New menu items at Doyle's in Jamaica Plain and Doyle's Pie, which is ground beef, mushrooms and pepopers, with Mashed potatoes on top, is amazing. Every one loves it including me!

Sam Adams Brick Red at Doyle's

Sam Adams has a new beer at Doyle's. Excellent.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Year One Trailer featuring Jack Black and Michael Cera

Oprah Winfrey invites Ellen DeGeneres to share 'O' magazine cover via Video Telephone

Oprah Winfrey invites Ellen DeGeneres to share 'O' magazine cover via Video Telephone

How can you continue to trust AP as an accurate news source when they write this:
"Winfrey surprised DeGeneres with a video telephone call..."
The Huffington Post writes:
Oprah appeared via Skype to invite Ellen to share the magazine cover.
E! reports:
Oprah Skyped into Ellen on today's show
OK! Magazine reports:
Oprah made a guest appearance via satellite.
The Chicago Sun-Times says:
Winfrey surprised DeGeneres by appearing via satellite
US magazine reports:
Winfrey makes a surprise appearance via satellite
I went over to the Ellen Show site to see what they said about it:
Oprah shocks Ellen by appearing live via satellite!
Watch the YouTube video, Oprah Tells Ellen She Is Going To Be On The Cover of O!, to see why it was reported to be a Skype! call.

Video Telephone? Those are packed up in crates from the 1964 New York World's Fair.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Living in HD Installation

Living in HD Installation - Level

Checking the level of the new Panasonic TV with my iPhone level. ;-)

Living in HD Installation - Wires

This is the back of the TV.

Living in HD Installation - Interface

This is the back of the receiver and Blu-Ray disc player.

Living in HD Installation - Diagram

Here's the diagram of how everything hooks together.

Living in HD Installation - Blu-Ray

Checking out a Blu-Ray DVD.

Living in HD Installation - Greg Harper

Greg Harper checks out the final installation.

Living in HD Installation - Complete

There it is. Final install.

My TiVo, Blue-Ray player, TV and Wii are ALL connected to the internet now.

Here are some of my initial impressions:

OK. It just sounded like something fell on the floor, but it's my new Home Theater. Yikes.

I have 6,000 other things to do, but now I'm watching Juno in HD. It looks and sounds so good.

You know those people who stay home all day and say they watch movies for research? I understand.

Hey wait a sec. I can buy a turntable for this receiver. Back to the future. Never should have sold my Technics SL-220.

The TiVo HD only needs ONE Multi-STREAM CableCARD

The TiVo HD only needs ONE Multi-STREAM CableCARD to allow dual tuner features.

The CableCARD goes into the TiVo and not into the TV.

Comcast came over today to install my CableCARD.

After I purchased the TiVo HD, I DM'd Frank on twitter at @comcastcares.

He confirmed that I only needed ONE CableCARD. I told him that I could find out how to order it online. You can't. You have to call on the phone.

So Frank scheduled the appointment for me.

I set up the TiVo, so it would be ready to go when the Comcast installer arrived.

He came with TWO Multi-STREAM CableCARDs. He told me some people want two cards to blah blah blah two screens blah blah blah.

He confused me.

Based on everything I had read, and what Frank told me, I only needed one card to allow dual tuner features.

So I told him to wait and I called Frank on the phone.

Frank confirmed that I only needed one card. He explained further that in some of the older TiVo Series 3 units, TWO Multi-STREAM CableCARDs are used to get around certain problems. Those problems do not exist on BRAND NEW TiVO HD units.

So one card was installed and everything works fine.

I just checked Grey's Anatomy and 30 Rock recorded fine. At the same time.

Governor Deval Patrick Responds to Steve Garfield re: Changing Voting Day

Governor Deval Patrick responds to my video question about moving election day to the weekend.

The discussion continues at Why Tuesday? - MA Governor Vlogs Election Reform.

Thanks Governor Patrick for using new media tools like twitter and YouTube to have a conversation.

I LOVE it!

Twitter on the Today Show

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TiVo HD Installation - What's on CH 6?

Since I'm getting a new 50" Plasma TV as part of the Living in HD program from Panasonic, I decided to get a TiVo HD. This is not a part of the Living in HD program. I bought this on my own.

If you've been following my blog, you'll know that I was the first Comcast TiVo customer in the Boston Area. I wanted to give Comcast a shot. It was problematic.

One of the biggest problems is that it does not give you ANY indication of how musch space is left to record new shows. Recently I've been deleting unwatched shows to make room for new recordings. Not good.

It wold be nice if Comcast allowed us to add external storage. But they do not.

So I got a new TiVo HD and installed it tonight in anticipation of the new Panasonic TV being installed tomorrow.


In this photo you can see I hooked up the Comcast cable, HDMI video out, right and left audio out, WiFi USB connection and the poer cable.

The TiVo USB WiFi adapter is one of the nicest consumer products I've ever seen.


I hooked it up and turned on the TiVo.


The actual TiVo remote is nicer than the Comcast TiVo remote.


The way you set things up is that you install the TiVo without the Cable card and then the Comcast installer comes in ansd installs the Cable Card.


The TiVo HD only needs ONE Multi-STREAM CableCARD to allow dual tuner features.

The CableCARD goes into the TiVo and not into the TV.


In the set up process the TiVO askes what channel I get on Ch 6.


Ha! That just changed around. Correct answer NECN.

So now everything is set for the install.

I also took some time to install the TiVo Desktop aplication on my Mac. Now I can stream Photos and Music from my Mac to my Tivo. Very cool.

Next up from twitter friend @magnify "Now that you've got Tivo Desktop, you can go all the way!!! Jailbreak:"

No one Told the Panasonic Living in HD Trucker that I Live on the Second Floor

Oh man.

The Living in HD products arrived today.

Confirmed Freight

There's the 50" Plasma.

Confirmed Freight

It and the home theatre system gets dropped down to street level.

Confirmed Freight

Then the trucker asks where it's going. I tell him the second floor. He says no one told him that. I reply that I was told that everything would be delivered inside, where ever I wanted it.

Confirmed Freight

He makes a call. He didn't know it was going to the second floor.

I end up helping him bring the 50" Plasma Upstairs.

I did not sign up for this!

Living in HD - Blogger/influencer outreach from Panasonic

50" Plasma, Blue-ray, and Home Theatre
Panasonic is loaning me some home entertainment products in return for blogging about my experience.

Good blog post, Bad blog post, Indifferent blog post, it doesn't matter.

This is not pay for play. This is not a sponsorship.

Windows Vista LaptopNokia N800 Displays N95 Flickr PhotoNikon Cap

It's similar to programs I've participared in from Microsoft, Nokia and Nikon.

Joseph Jaffe

Joseph Jaffe President and Chief Interruptor at crayon, which is coordinating the Living in HD outreach, calls this type of program “blogger/influencer outreach.”

This is part of Panasonic's Living in HD program. I learned about the program when I went to the Consumer Electrinics Show as a guest of Panasonic.

Yoshi Yamada, Chairman and CEO Panasonic North America

Yoshi Yamada, Chairman and CEO Panasonic North America explained the program is something that helps the product engineers in Japan better understand how American conumers use the products.

Making Purchase Decisions in a Complex World

New Media Tools

Products are so technical these days, and with the vast number of choices, I don't think you can make an informed purchase decision without being able to get a hands on trial of a product. Companies can't send everyone evaluation units, but by seeding a select number of bloggers, who are authentic and transparent, consumers will be able to make informed decisions based on product reviews from trusted sources.

I get many emails and twitter messages asking me what I think of different camera, lighting and sound equipment.

Many times I can talk from experience on products that I own, or have on trial, and other times I can't provide an opinion since I haven't yet tried a product.

The Flip mino HD vs. the Kodak Zi6
Flip mino HD vs. Kodak Zi6

For months, people have been asking me what I think about the Flip camera. I've never been able to answer. [ note: music plays when you visit that site ]

Based on the specs, I ended up buying a Kodak Zi6 instead, beause of the replaceable battery and removable SD card.

I just got a Flip, Flip mino and Flip mino HD on evaluation for a new book on video I'm writing about online video.

I've started evaluating the Flip mino HD and really like it, maybe even more than the Kodak Zi6, but I wouldn't have known it if I didn't get a chance to try it.

Watch for a report on my SXSW experience with the Flip camera in different sound and lighting situations. I'll also be including a full report on the Flip in my book.

It's a lot like the TiVo experience. Many people can try to explain it, but until you get it in your house, and can use it yourself, you can't understand it. Same with twitter. Once you actually use it, then you can see why people like it so much.

Details of the Program
Just so there's total transparency, here are the details of the program:
As part of the Program, Selected Participants and members of his/her family must (a) participate in an in-depth telephone interview (b) cooperate with the Sponsor's representatives (Marketers, Researchers, Film Crew and Factory personnel) who will visit them several times at home and interview them on their lifestyles and using the products, (c) create content (using the Product Suite) in the form of videos and photos (the “Material”) to be shared online and via email, (d) create short tutorial videos on how to use some of the products in the Product Suite, (e) participate in a research study that could involve activities such as in-home and telephone interviews, creating diaries, filling out surveys administered by Sponsor’s research partner, (f) participate in one (1) to three (3) public relations events at locations determined by Sponsor and at Sponsor’s expense, and (g) host a party at their home to showcase the Product Suite. Sponsor reserves the right to remove the equipment at any time if any of these conditions are not met.
As you can see, Panasonic benefits from ethnographic research and I'll basically be doing what I do with technology, testing and sharing my thoughts.

This equipment is on loan, and at the end of the evaluation I can either send it back or buy it from Panasonic. A truck arrives today, and everything gets installed tomorrow.

If you want to become a Living in HD family you can apply at the Living in HD site.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Send a truckload of food to your state!

Do it now.

SXSW People 2009

SXSW People 2009
SXSW People 2009, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY-NC-SA
Some of my friends at last night's 32bit party at SXSW.

Zadi Diaz, Steve Woolf, Clintus McGintus, Lan Bui, Casy McKinnon, Bre Pettis, Jonny Golstein, Scott Stead, Schlomo Rabinowitz.

It was great having the weather turn nice so we could walk around in T-Shirts yesterday, FTW!

SXSW was great this year. I met so many new people. Here are my photos. Looking forward to see everyone elses.

Post a link in the comments to your SXSW photos.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Core Conversation Today At SXSW 3:30 Room 5B

Look Sharp - SXSW Sunday

See me at #sxsw today.

3:30 Core Conversation with @broy and @florianseroussi Room 5B Tinkerers Unite! Here's my sched:

Baratunde Responds To Chris Brogan (SXSW Web Awards)

Jacob Soiboroff NPR: SXSW 2009

NPR: SXSW 2009:
"Greetings from Austin, Texas and SXSW 2009. South by Southwest is a 22-year-old festival featuring music, film and an interactive component that focuses on the web and technology. Yesterday I spent time roaming the halls and caught up with Steve Garfield, one of the very first video blogger"

Jacob Soiboroff NPR: SXSW 2009

NPR: SXSW 2009:
"Greetings from Austin, Texas and SXSW 2009. South by Southwest is a 22-year-old festival featuring music, film and an interactive component that focuses on the web and technology. Yesterday I spent time roaming the halls and caught up with Steve Garfield, one of the very first video blogger"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Loic Le Meur

Loic Le Meur, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY-NC-SA

Jess Wexler and Mark Reeb - SXSW Saturday 3/14/09

Jess Wexler and Mark Reeb in Jeffrey Tambor's acting worksop at SXSW. The most amazing session of SXSW. Glad I got a front row seat.

If I see you, ask me about it.

Jeffrey Tambor - SXSW Saturday 3/14/09

Author Dinner - SXSW Saturday 3/14/09

Shannon Vargo - SXSW Saturday 3/14/09

Chris Brogan - SXSW Saturday 3/14/09

Friday, March 13, 2009

Techfluff.TV SXSW - Day 1

Met Hermione WAy at SXSW today. She interviewed me and I interviewed her.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ducks Found Water at Jamaica Pond

Recorded on March 6, 2009 using a Flip mino HD Video camcorder.

Edited with FlipShare. Cropped off the end a little bit. Then posted to YouTube from FlipShare.

Original size 1280x720, size posted to YouTube 640x360.

David Meerman Scott's new book World Wide Rave free on Amazon Kindle

My friend David Meerman Scott is giving away his new book World Wide Rave free on Amazon Kindle.

Head over to his blog and click the download link.

The very cool thing about this is that you can also read the book on the iPhone Kindle application.

Just got a confirmation email from Amazon on my book order:
The following item is auto-delivered wirelessly to your Kindle, iPhone, or iPod touch. To start reading, go to your Kindle or the Kindle application on your iPhone or iPod touch.
It worked.

I am used to buying music from the iTunes store and It's weird to buy something and have it directly downloaded to the device. Weird in a good way.

I think this is the first time I've ever experienced something like this. No wonder people love their Kindles.

If you want to meet David he's going to be in NYC today, Boston tomorrow (when I'm flying down to SXSW), and Saturday in Austin for SXSW.

See you in Texas!

The free Kindle download is scheduled to end on Sunday March 15, 2009.

Speaking of SXSW, I'm going to be participating in a Core Conversation on Monday at 3:30 with Bhaskar Roy from Qik.

Tinkerers Unite: Let Me Show You How it Works. Come by.

Also, here's my SXSW schedule, posted to the cool scheduling tool SCHED.

What Do You Know About Online Video?

Chris Pirillo breaks the news on his blog that I'm writing a book about online video for Wiley. I just got the signed contract back this week.

Chris says:
"I’ve been doing this live video thing for just about two years now. I wanted to talk about online video today in order to answer a few questions Steve Garfield had for me. He’s working on a new book, which should be a great read!"
Thanks Chris.

Great video. Pancake!

If you go watch Chris' video. Make a comment and tell him Steve Garfield sent you. ;-)

Justin Meisinger's U2 Boston Concert iReport Segment and interview on Headline News

The TA for my New Media class, Justin Meisinger, got his report about the local U2 show on CNN and he was interviewed for Headline News.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol Top Three for Tuesday - Lambert, Gokey and Rounds

My American Idol favorites for Tuesday night: Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, and Lil Rounds.

My fourth vote goes to Megan Joy and her mom. ;-)