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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

TV Barn: Barnhart's top 10 of 2002 ...

My Top 10 for 2002:
10. BBC America: Monarch of the Glen and So Graham Norton.
9. Enterprise - better than the movie.
8. Andy Richter Controls the Universe - always funny.
7. Futurama - always funny in a smart way.
6. The Simpsons - always funny in a funny smart way.
5. The Sopranos - a few excellent episodes this season.
4. 24 - love the camera work and 2 out of 3 of the storylines.
3. Temptation Island - Nice scenery.
2. The Bachelor - Brooke!
1. American Idol - I was hooked.
First Night Boston.
Happy New Year!

Monday, December 30, 2002

Friday, December 27, 2002

Sticker Shock.
This is what happened today.

I went to the car dealer and got a new set of wiper blades and a new headlight.

Then I went to a gas station for an inspection sticker.

The technician came out and said that I needed a new set of wiper blades and my headlights adjusted.

I told him that I just purchased new wiper blades from my dealer 1 hour ago.

He said they were 'streaky'.

I asked him to show me and he said, "no, you can't go in there," meaning the garage.

I told my story to the station manger who went in to take a look.

He came out and said I needed new wiper blades and my headlights adjusted.

$77 dolars later I left with my new inspection sticker.

Thursday, December 26, 2002

Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

The Toro 1800 Electric Snow Blower Rules.

I just finished cleaning up from the 'Christmas Storm'. It's the first time I used my new Toro 1800 Snow Blower.

It's great.

No gas. And the snow blower doesn't need any gas either!

Wednesday, December 25, 2002

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
Everybody who has ever worked Christmas in a newsroom knows the drill: there are certain standard news stories that run every year.
Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 23, 2002

How to: Make a Movie with Digital Stills
"Don't get the idea that I do any fancy z-axis 3-D virtual camera math or programming! I just combine elements from a couple of pictures, separate things into layers in Photoshop, replace backgrounds and then wiggle 'em around in After Effects. All the parallax scrolling and zooming are figured out as I go shot by shot. I think of myself as primarily a live action guy so I just adjust the scale, position, and blur keyframes until they look right to my eye."
So that's how he did it.
Insane bike messenger and his nike watch navigate the mean streets of NYC.
$20 to NYC.

Sant'a New Beetle.
Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife’s Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There? by Nicholas Monahan.

Compare and Contrast over at Metafilter.
Calendars Net: Interactive Calendar Hosting.
Create your own online calendar.

Sunday, December 22, 2002

The Hard Rock Cafe Vault is now open in Orlando, where you can pay money to see old rock and roll junk.
How + Why.
... grab a pole, and some friends, use your imagination
Guys rearange advertising signs for fun.
via [ geek life ]

Saturday, December 21, 2002

What Hi-Fi?
They'll tell you that and more.
Live Phish Downloads offers high quality, unedited soundboard recordings of select shows in the form of MP3 and Shorten digital music files via a state-of-the-art delivery system.

I'd buy that from lots of artists.

I hope more bands jump on this bandwagon. :-)
mau mau sex sex.
... interviews with octogenarians David Friedman and Dan Sonney, who made exquisitely bad films such as Blood Feast and She Freak between 1930 and 1970. Together, the two pioneered the "exploitation" genre –- cheap films packed with sex and violence whose sole raison d'etre is making money off social taboos.
Why Isn't Bernard Law in Jail?

Friday, December 20, 2002

Cooking with Google.
Jewish Boy Meets Chinese Girl and SOY VAY! A Sauce is Born.
This is good stuff!
This Liz Phair Music Video is sooo cool. It looks like it's all made of still photos.

How come they look like they have three dimensions?

Looks like I could spend the rest of the day here.

via [ Rich ]
iStopMotion, ustopMotion, we_allStopMotion.
This software lets you use your video camera to make one of those stop motion movies. Not tape involved. Goes right to disk. Bring the stop motion movies you create into iMovie of Final Cut Pro for further editing.

I give it 5 stars (5 out of 5).

Mac OS X only [ Full Stop ]
TELEMARKETERS: Do Not Call Me in 2003.
MASSACHUSETTS Consumers can sign up any time between January 1, 2003 and March 1, 2003 to be included in the first release of the "Do Not Call" list, which will be submitted to telemarketers in April 2003.
I mean it!
Paul Mecurio: Jokes pay off for former finance lawyer.

Thursday, December 19, 2002


That’s the age-old dilemma. You’ve got to leave early to get to the airport and then you have to get there an hour early and then once you land in NYC, if your flight hasn’t been delayed, you need to catch a cab to the airport. With the train, it’s off to the train station and it’s a straight shot down to NYC.

So I took the Acela high-speed train to New York City today. It’s great. Funny thing is that they let you board the train only 10 minutes prior to departure. So you don’t even have to worry about getting there 1 hour prior.

You really don’t even have to talk to anyone either if you bought a ticket over the internet with a credit card. You just stick your credit card into a machine and it prints out your train tickets. Nice.

On the train I was reading the New York Times Circuits section. It’s a great technology section of the paper.

This week they’ve recycled about six of my stories that you’ve already seen here on Off On A Tangent! Oh yes, if you want to read the news before it happens, Off On A Tangent is the place.

Here are the stories that I had before they did:
1. Jason Eric Smith Got his Mac Back from an eBay scammer. One interesting thing the Times uncovered was the fact that eBay wasn’t actually involved in the transaction because the buyer asked the seller to end the auction early and sell the Mac directly bypassing eBay. That isn’t right

2. Firewire Dinosaur – This is old news. I’m sure I already talked about this over a month ago.

3. Advent calendar – Had it already. Remember the snowman thing I posted a link to?

4. Picture yourself – Did that too, remember when I ate the Kugel and took a scary picture of myself. Josh says I looked scary, I just thought I looked hungry.

5. That guy who tracked a package sent to Santa – This just proves that electronic new dissemination is much more speedy that the old once a week techie newspaper column.

6. Virtual Tour of Boston’s Big Dig – OK, that’s the last straw. The writers of this whole section must have been reading me daily. I mean how can they find this tour plus all the other stuff? When I saw this story I said, “Harumph.” The other people on the Acela were looking at me with crazed looks on their faces. Well, not really, there were only 5 other people in my car that’s meant to seat about 70. Hey Acela, how about some discount tickets?
So I got off the train in Penn Station and needed to find the Krispy Kreme Donuts. That was the meeting place Josh and I agreed upon. Well as I got off the train and entered the big lobby of Penn Station I saw about 6 people eating Krispy Kreme Donuts! I went over to the fat guy was just finishing off a six pack, of donuts. He pointed me in the right direction.

Once we got outside in the street we saw a McDonuts! Hey, we don’t have that in Boston. I guess hte pressure from Krispy Kreme is geting to them. they were even making donuts in the window.

We went on an excursion to the Mecca of videographers. That’s what we are. We went to B&H Photo.

It just so happened that right outside of Penn Station a guy was handing out B&H pamplets. He directed us to the store.

I didn’t know that B&H Photo was run by orthodox Jews. Most of the sales people in the store had a Yarmulke.

After our fun experience at B&H we needed to find a place for lunch. We went back to the B&H guy, since he was so good at directions the first time, and he sent us over to the STAGE DOOR DELICATESSEN and RESTAURANT. It’s at 5 PENN PLAZA. It was a great place for lunch.

Josh said I made a good call in deciding that we should split the sandwich instead of each getting our own. So we each got a half of a pastrami sandwich that wouldn’t fit into our mouths.

Our business meeting went well and I caught and earlier train back to Boston in time to have a Beer at the Hard Rock CafĂ© in Boston. It’s at the BAck Bay Station which is one stop before south Station and a lot more convenient if you live in town.

Oh, one more thing, there’s this Christmas CD out with music made by a couple of guys using rubber bands. It’s called a Rubber Band Christmas. Download free mp3’s of Rudolph the rubber Nosed Reindeer and Deck the Halls with Rubber at

Nice was to pass the time on a train trip, writing the longest weblog post ever.

Monday, December 16, 2002

Best episodes ever.

I still have two more episodes of Taken left to go. It was a big commitment, to invest 20 hours in this mini-series, but with TiVo I could schedule my viewing at a time that was convenient to me. TiVo rocks!

The characters were well developed, and I'm not just talking about the ladies. ;-)

When my favorite charaters were killed off, I was sad to see them go. Yet, at the same time, I was impressed that a TV show could make me feel that way after so short a time.

When I've viewed the last episode and deleted it, I'll be crying as I hit TiVo's [ Select ] key.
The Orphanage.
Former ILM guys make DV look like FILM.

They do other stuff too.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

A Guy Thing: Official Movie Site.
The trailer for this movie looks funny.

I hope they still have some other funny stuff in the movie.
How I Caught a Counterfeiter with a Little Help from my Friends [ a true story by Jason Eric Smith ]
I called the Secret Service and the Chicago PD, pleading, all they had to do was be there when Fedex dropped off the package. It was a guaranteed hit, he'd have another counterfeit cashier's check, all you'd have to do is arrest him. Like shooting fish in a barrel. "Sorry, Detective McDonaugh will be out until next Wednesday, can I take a message?" Fine, if the cops won't do it, I decided I'd just Priceline a ticket and be waiting next door when it got dropped off.
Soon to be a major motion picture.


Saturday, December 14, 2002

Friday, December 13, 2002

Princess Madeleine of Sweden.
Redate: The Creative Anniversary Calculator.
I've blinked about 236 million times in my life time.

I don't have to show you any stinking badges!
Pajama Clad Teen Hogties Intruder.
A petite 17-year-old, irate after seeing three men running from her home in the wee morning hours Tuesday, sprinted outdoors barefoot, clad in pajamas, outran one of the trespassers, tackled and straddled him, then hog-tied him with a rope until police arrived minutes later.

Irritating Rainbow - The Car Album.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Google Viewer.
New from Google Labs, Google Viewer shows you the results of your search in a slide show. You can vary the speed, stop the slides, and manually click through the sites.

It's nice.

The family was getting sick of my old slide shows anyway.

Monday, December 09, 2002

La Jetee.
It's a movie made up of still photos.
Geezer - All the Blues You Can Use.
Nothin' in Your Stocking.mp3!

Download it today!
If you have access to ATT BROADBAND Cable in Boston, you have the opportunity to watch a 30 minute show I put together for the Public Access channel, BNN 23.

It's scheduled for broadcast on these dates:
Monday Dec 9 @ 10:30 pm
Wednesday Dec 11 @ 6 pm
Monday Dec 23 @ 10:30 pm
this is your alternative...this is radioio.
radioio and Limelight Networks team with Apple QuickTime to deliver the industry's first mpeg- 4 radio webcast, delivering the world's first end-to-end mpeg-4 based internet broadcast system!
It's gotta be better than the selection of commercial stations we have in Boston.

I hope it has no commercials!

Sunday, December 08, 2002 Moore on the upcoming "Battlestar Galactica" miniseries.
Our ships will be treated like real ships that someone had to go out and film with a real camera. That means no 3-D "hero" shots panning and zooming wildly with the touch of a mousepad. The questions we will ask before every VFX shot are things like: "How did we get this shot? Where is the camera? Who's holding it? Is the cameraman in another spacecraft? Is the camera mounted on the wing?"
It's a webcam!

The Official Rock Paper Scissors Strategy Guide.
Rock on!
TiVo - "Just get it and then you'll understand," Joshua.
TiVo Community Forum.
The TiVo Web Project.
The unofficial TiVo Hackers Site.
TiVo: Case-study in embedded Linux.

What is Red Hat Linux?

The Photography Collection - Western History / Genealogy Department - at The Denver Public Library.
Old photos are cool.

Thursday, December 05, 2002

Google Search: All Macintosh All The Time.
FootnoteTV: The Sopranos.
Answers your questions about subjects from The Sopranos including HUD and mortgage fraud, Competency to stand trial, Missing children, the Military's homosexual conduct policy, Spousal privileges, Suicide in the United States, and more. 42" Plasma TV Series.
Only $2,999.

I hope it doesn't run on Windows, because I'd be really mad if I got a blue screen of death in the middle of The Sopranos.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

What's Up Chuck?
Ha Ha. I said upchuck.
Bottle Cap - Smart or Stupid?
Just because a Snapple bottle cap tells me that, "No piece of paper can be folded more than 7 times," I'm no going to post it to a very popular weblog without first trying it out.

First I tried a little 5" x 7" piece of paper and it can not be folded more than 7 times.

Ok, maybe it was too small. Next up was two pages of the Boston Globe. You know, two connected pages, which make up one huge piece of paper. This should be able to be folded up a gazillion times.

So I folded it up, once, twice, thrice... up to seven times, yet alas, it would not fold an eighth time.

The bottle cap was right.


A bottle cap is smarter than me!
This Show Was Filmed In Front of a Live Man With a Tape Player.
I am about to write a sentence that has never before been written in the history of mankind:

Something funny happened during last week's episode of Yes, Dear.
I have never watched Yes, Dear.

Monday, December 02, 2002

This week's WeeklyDV is 90 Feet Tall.
ANI MOLLER: Superior Content, Hot Text.
Save Ani!
Jim Gaffigan's Web Site.
I realize that to many, my having a web site appears very vain. Well, what if I told you God told me to have this web site? Huh? What about that? OK, I'm exaggerating a little. He didn't exactly tell me. He sent me an e-mail.

You're kidding, right?
Q. Why should I go to pubs ?

A. Beer.
via [ nautilus-blue ] from [ ] by way of [ big pink cookie ]

Picture Yourself.
Anti-telemarketing Counterscript.
What's your name?

Can you spell it for me? - If TiVo Thinks You Are Gay, Here's How to Set It Straight.
Mike Binder, creator and star of that show, had set his home TiVo to record his 1999 movie, "The Sex Monster," about a man whose wife becomes bisexual. After that, Mr. Binder's TiVo assumed he would enjoy a steady stream of gay programming. Unnerved, he counteracted the onslaught by recording the Playboy Channel and MTV's spring break bikini coverage. It worked, he says. "My TiVo doesn't look at me funny anymore."

His wife, however, was taken aback when she saw all the half-naked women he was ordering through TiVo. He told her those women meant nothing to him: "I'm just counterprogramming because TiVo thinks I'm gay." She was unamused.
TiVo Rules!
Exploit Boston!
Greater Boston's Independent Guide to Arts, Culture and Entertainment Events.
via [ Biz Stone, Genius ]

World AIDS Day was yesterday.

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

SHARP AQUOS 4:3 lcd television | LC-15B2UB.
I just took a look at this Sharp 15" flat screen TV, at Tweeter, and this has by far the brightest display.

Mmm... LCD TeeVee.

The Museum of Online Museums features The catalog of 1970's playground equipment.

Step right up and see oversaturated photos of happy kids playing on dangerous devices in the Saddle Mates exhibit.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Aaron Has Another New Girlfriend?
Reports say that the tabloids have been staking out Aaron?s apartment in his hometown, and that he been secretly seeing someone. Her name is Julie Ross, she?s a 23-year-old kindergarten teacher, and they?ve know each other for about a year. The tabloids say she arrived at his apartment last Thursday at 11:30pm and snuck out the next morning at 6:20am. I also hear that Aaron had been trying to get with her since they met, but she was in a relationship, and always turned him down. Then a month ago, they ran into each other at a local bar. Of course, by then, Aaron became this big star, and she dumped her boyfriend of 4 years and went home with Aaron. They?ve been seeing each other a few nights a week since then, and Aaron?s not denying it. When they reached him for a comment, Aaron simply said that ?Yes it?s true, Julie stayed at my apartment last night."

Valerie Zellmer & Aaron Buerge.
The Bachelor's last wedding didn't happen.
Thanks [ Anngelle ]

Monday, November 25, 2002

'21 Jump St.' Leaps to Big Screen.
Cool. I liked that show.

Fruit SMASH another online game by Electrotank.
It's a lot like Bejeweled, where you clear the board when you get three in a row, but this game makes you click on each adjoining fruit. No click and drag online.

It'll waste a few minutes if you have the time.

Sunday, November 24, 2002

Off On A Tangent is made up of 21.92 % text content.

Hey, I like pictures.
Hot Hot Heat.
Get In Or Get Out.
Ugly or Pretty It's Still My City.

Make Up Your Mind.

Get In Or Get Out.
Press Play.

Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation.
Where to drop off your used rechargeable batteries.

Friday, November 22, 2002

Monday, November 18, 2002

MorphX is a simple free application for calculating images or movies where one image transforms into another. was founded in January 2002 as the web-based filmmaker and screenwriter's community of record - an interactive mechanism for the purpose of discovering and showcasing new and unique talent.

Saturday, November 16, 2002

Avon Sells Atari Joystick.
No console or computer needed. Just hook up to your TV and play any of 10 games.

Oh Oh, a bad review.
Message to Intuit:
I clicked a link in your email for Turbotax and all I get are options to buy the 'Windows version' with free shipping. (That's because I had a PC last year).

Now I have a Mac and only get order screens that want to charge me for shipping.

You need to give Windows users who have switched to a mac the option of ordering a mac version with free shipping from your email link.

Friday, November 15, 2002 is the blog of the minute to be reading.

Non-Denominational Slot Machine.
Send one to your friends for the Holidays.
KnitWitology: How to Remove a Dead Whale from the Beach.
Or not. is the personal website of Emily Chang, featuring new pieces, ongoing projects, and past work. The site is part-artweb-database and part-blog.

There's so much here to look at, you'll have to go take a look yourself, to see what it's all about.
artcodes | motion hybrid (For Miramax's "Naqoyqatsi"). : Getting The Christmas Photo.
It took them long enough to get a good shot!
Ami Vitale, Photographer.
Good Stuff.
George W. Bush in new Oxford quote book.
"To those of you who received honors, awards and distinctions, I say well done. And to the C students, I say you, too, can be president of the United States."
Mad Magazine: Gulf Wars Episode II - Clone of the Attack.
Panasonic Consumer Electronics - DVD Video Recorders.
12 hours on one DVD.
RAIN: Radio And Internet Newsletter.
Small Webcaster Settlement Act of 2002.

Sounds good for bringing college radio station streams back online.


Thursday, November 14, 2002

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Russian President Vladimir Putin ... went off on a tangent.

Slim Devices, Inc.- SliMP3 Ethernet MP3 Player.
The SliMP3 uses your home network to access the music stored on your PC or Mac.
Or you could just plug your iPod up to some Cambridge Soundworks speakers. - Blogging in Brussels, Belgium - a weblog about politics, web design, music, and more.
Find the answer to why we are attracted to equipment that glows blue.

Neuros: Product Detail
The Neuros MP3 audio computer can broadcast songs wirelessly to your stereo. It can record and identify songs from the FM radio.
Can it slice bread too?
Canadian "Switch" Parody.
For one thing the beer is good up there.

muvee Technologies.
Now Windows users have software that does Smart Automatic Video Editing and creates Finished Productions from raw video automatically.

It deletes all your natural sound and puts in a music track.

No one wanted to hear you talking anyway.

What people are really interested in are boring shots of your baby crawling around and eating baby food, spliced together in a random fashion, that makes no sense, with a sappy music sound track to help numb their brains.

Monday, November 11, 2002

MacStumbler is meant purely for educational or auditing purposes. It shows you all the wireless networks in your area.

It's also known as wardriving.

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Roxanne and Allison Will Be Rocking the Casbah.
The Police, The Clash and Elvis Costello and the Attractions will join the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame next year.
iBlog is a standalone blogging tool for Mac OS X.

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Friday, November 08, 2002

autumn moonmilk. started out on
You have a DV camera. You have a computer. You have a spare few hours to spend. What are you going to do?
You're going to make a movie!

It only took me one day, if that, to see why TiVo is soo cool.

Since I taped
The Bachelor, TiVo thinks I'd want to see the HBO special DOWNLOAD SEX: Nerve Magazine.

Ha Ha.

TiVo is smart!

But I've already seen it, so TiVo isn't that smart!
Aerosmith's Calendar shows that they have the night off.

Thursday, November 07, 2002

Presidential Pet Museum.
Rutherford Hayes owned pedigreed Jersey cows, the first Siamese Kitten to reach America, Hector and Nellie, Shepherd dogs, one goat, four canaries, two hunting pups, and one English Mastiff named Duke. Also four kittens, one Mockingbird, and several Carriage horses.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Franklin Brass Safety First 24" Safety Grab Bar
I'm a little late in posting today since I had to go out and buy a grab bar and install it at my mother-in-law's apartment downstairs.

The installation seemed straight forward. All you needed to do was to drill six 1/4" holes in the wall, insert plastic anchors in the holes and then screw in the Grab Bar with the provided screws.

After drilling the holes, I saw that I only had five anchors! That's not right.

I found an extra one, down in the basement, and the bar is now securely fastened to the wall.

I called the company and told them that my package was missing an anchor. They said they'd inform shipping.

I did my part to help improve the safety of people who buy these safety bars.

When I took a close look at the package to find the phone number, I read:
IMPORTANT-CAUTION: Grab bars are safety supports only when installed properly and securely. Toggle bolts are recommended for plaster or dry wall installation
Hmm. Don't you think they could have put those IMPORTANT instructions ABOVE the installation instructions?

And why don't they just supply toggle bolts to start with.

Oops. Gotta go, just heard a big crash downstairs!

Just kidding.

Sunday, November 03, 2002

War vs. Peace.
Cold vs. Warm.
Us vs. Them.
Politics vs. Sports.
Life vs. Death.

Go Pats!

Saturday, November 02, 2002

TV Barn - Brady Bunch In The White House.
"In an entirely new installment of the cult feature franchise, the blissfully ignorant Bradys are propelled into the national spotlight as America's First Family. ... When Bobby finds a lost lottery ticket worth $67 million, Mike decides that the only Brady thing to do is try and return it to its rightful owner. Mike's honesty is rewarded by an unscrupulous President of the United States who needs to add an ethical Vice President candidate" ... blah blah blah ..."Mike suddenly finds himself taking the Oath of Office and moving himself and his family from their split-level ranch house to 1600 Pennsylvania" ... blah blah blah ... "Greg falls for an attractive intern, Jan is haunted by the disembodied voice of Abraham Lincoln" (why does that sound like an old "SNL" sketch?) "and Cindy learns that she shouldn't tattle on her family to reporters."

That airs on November 29th on Fox. Tellingly, that's two days AFTER sweeps.

My Gentleman Jim Corbett eBay auction ends on Sunday.

Nice of eBay to advertise it for me.

Friday, November 01, 2002

Jenny McTagerty Girl Pirate Weblogger is Elmont.

The Verbatim Digital Vinyl CD-R looks and feels like a 45-r.p.m. record.

Hmm. I never made a habit of feeling my 45's. I always handled them by the edge and kept them dust free in sleeves. Same for my albums.

Henry Fountain wrote about this in yesterday's NY Times.

EvoCam was so easy to use.

I set up my webcam in minutes.

Here's how I did it.
sVideo Monitor.
New Mac software to let you videoconference.

The video test worked!

More or less.

Thank you.

Thursday, October 31, 2002

The Morning News - Where Are You Now?
It's been 10 years since high school, the invitation read. Where are you now?
Sarah is cool.
Protest gegen Sicherheitscheck: Striptease am US-Flughafen - Panorama - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Striptease at a US airport

Intensified person controls at American airports can be mind numbing. A French woman is threatened with prison, because she protested in special way.

Washington - The French woman, 56, had celebrated the wedding of her nephew in Indiana and was on the return trip to France, when she was examined by security personnel. According to witnesses the scanner beeped again and again, until the "initially cooperative" woman became impatient and angrily took off her sweater, her blouse and - despite violent resistance by the security guard - also her bra. Nothing was found despite the striptease, but the incident led to a 10 minute shutdown of the airport. When the responsible judge in Evansville informed her about the possible maximum penalty, the woman broke down. The judge invoked the new anti-terror law, that was passed after September 11, 2001 and that punishes "criminal offences" at airports with up to three years of prison.
I think the security guard doth protest too much.

Thanks for the translation Joern!
via [ boingboing ]

Local Coverage.
More details.

This episode is in The Simpson's Archive somewhere.


I sure hope that nothing happens to spoil their wedding.
Kam Fong as Chin Ho - Dead.
Adam Sandler Class Clown.
''In Spanish, to demonstrate the use of `yo soy' he would say, `Yo soy an [expletive].' Or he would sneeze in class and say `bull [expletive]' so that everyone could hear it. I had to suspend him for that.''
Funny how he didn't use the real swear words.

A message from Adam.

It's Groundhog Day meets The Wedding Singer.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Michael Essany
Michael Essany.
I Was a Teenage Talk-Show Host.

Michael just got his own show on E! after having done a cable TV access program from his parents living room for the past 5 years.
Just Breathe is French Electropop music from that Mitsubishi TV Commercial.

If you haven't gotten enough of it, there's a music player on this site with the album and remix version.

Review of 24 by Sean Weitner on Flack Magazine.
On the strength of its season opener, it's a safe bet that "24" will have a better second season than its first.
Whoa! That gunshot scene was shocking!

The other Whoa! moment was when that little girl Kim was baby sitting bumped her head on the table.

Whoa! That's gotta hurt.

So let me get this straight, there's a monster turd living in the sewers, who's dragging people down through their toilets.
Ah ha.

I knew it was a good idea to check the bowl first.
Things Things On Lisa Rein's Mind Today.
Babe, you like fine cooking? Because I've got a Swanson's dinner in the freezer with your name on it.
My fiance's mother is great. She (invited me into) her bedroom...
Seinfeld, this Thursday, on Letterman.
Jerry Seinfeld plans to try out an all-new routine this Thursday on the CBS "Late Show with David Letterman."
Thanks [ Chumworth ]
Dave Kessler tells Two Jokes at the Improv. [ Quicktime required ]

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Harry Potter Parking Lot.
Jeff Krulik films all these kids waiting to get their Harry Potter books autographed.

He's got tons of other video on his website too.

It's all about people.