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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

BBC NEWS: Anti-war protests span globe.
'It was all lies,' said British protester Peter Mason, 45. 'The millions who demonstrated before the war were right.'
Wesley Clark to Appear on Tonight Show Wednesday.
My New Email Signature.
------------------------------------ Recipient Options ----------------------------------------
[ x ] Reply with a short note [ ] Read and Delete [ ] Print out and frame


The world's funniest bald ecumenical comic, The Reverend Tim McIntire says, "You have the best sigs I've ever seen."

Thanks Tim!

VOTE for the 2003 Weasel Awards.
It's time to vote for the 2003 Weasel Awards. This is your chance to shine the spotlight of public ridicule on the weasels that deserve it most.
The nominees make me feel dirty.

Easy-Bake McDonald's Pie Maker Bake Set.
Fans of McDonald's apple pies can now make their own. This kit contains the cooking utensils, pie dough and filling mixes, and even a clever little clamshell pie-maker that crimps the dough in two around the filling. The completed pies are tiny (about 2 inches long). But they get the mark of authenticity from the paper McDonald's pie sleeves that can be slipped over them before serving them on the included tray.
Make up your own pies!
via [ Pop Cuture Junk Mail ]
GreenCine Daily and geekgrrl linked to my School of Rock "Super Fan Site Weblog."

utter wonder: the idle thoughts of c monks: raccoon in my house week - part 1: the terrifying and shocking story begins
I was in the middle of a really weird dream when you woke me up,' I said, slipping the fat woman jeans on. 'Really, weird. I don't remember much about it. In fact nothing at all. Except that it was weird and fascinating. Wow.'

'Put your jeans on!' My lady yelled. 'Get the small bat under the bed and go downstairs and get rid of the raccoon!'
Laugh out loud funny. - The Ultimate Enigmafan Experience.
Listen to the title track from Enigma's new album Voyager.

Released today. : Monster Tickets Lottery
The Red Sox have set aside 150 Green Monster tickets -- 60 seats and 90 standing room -- for each potential home game of the 2003 American League Division Series for purchase.
Enter now!
Life Lessons From Joe Schmo - The reality show that's good for you. By Meghan O'Rourke.
Hi Matt.
US Magazine photo inadvertently reveals 'Paradise Hotel' finalists.
Go Dave, the Crunch and Munch guy from Boston!
TiVo Uses TuVox For Customer Service.
TiVo uses suppliers with similar sounding names.

No, TuVox is not a Vulcan. I looked under his hat.

Monday, September 29, 2003

MacJournal is a program for creating, modifying, and managing a personal journal. It can be used for diaries, logs, and saving all sorts of information you don't want to lose track of.

The author is very responsive and just added a new feature for me today!
:: :: publish your blog here ::
A new blogging tool.

Official Clark '04 Campaign Blog: Generally Speaking...
Stanley Fafara, known as 'Whitey' on Leave It To Beaver, dies at 54.
Demons chased Stanley Fafara from Hollywood to Portland, tormenting him while he spiraled into a hand-to-mouth existence on the street. Over time, he lost everything -- family, money, dignity -- to heroin, pills and booze.
Behind the Sitcom.
I just got a note from Jeff.

WELL has a new CD out called "The New Standard Biscuit" [ that link plays music ].

They've put a wonderful FLASH video for the track 'Up On Mars' on line for your viewing enjoyment.

Receive the splendorous visualizations at

FLASH done by Scurvyann.
'Cold Case': A Crime Show That Turns Up the Heat (
Kathryn Morris warms the heart of 'Cold Case' and should do the same for every human being who watches the show.

As I told my wife last night, "Hey, this show is pretty good."

Bryan Adams Blog: An Open Letter to Jennifer Garner.
I like how she can stop a speeding car with her good looks.
The BloggerCon 2003 Weblog: Webcast.
Tune in on Saturday to watch the BloggerCon conference webcast live from Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

Bands Against Bush.
Today's Superstar
Tired of crooning in the shower and finally ready to take the world with your singing ability? Then here's your shot to be the next singing sensation as NBC's Today show launches a U.S. search for the next music icon called 'Today's Superstar'.
(MET.roh.sek.shoo.ul) n. A dandyish narcissist in love with not only himself, but also his urban lifestyle; a straight man who is in touch with his feminine side.

Are You a Metrosexual?
An ABC News quiz. ;-)

In recognition of the emergence of “Metrosexuals”—urban, sophisticated men who are fashionable and well-groomed — Loews Hotels is introducing the “Metro Man” package for the confident man searching for his inner “David Beckham” persona. This unique package will help any man polish his look, improve his culinary skills and refine his taste…..all in the name of becoming more attractive and dashing to women.
Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Wireless TV.

That looks like something Apple would design. Mob Spots.
Ever since the fall of Trent Lott, I've been fascinated by the thought of the web contributing ideas and strategy to political campaigns, and not just money and meetups. (Both of which are crucial, of course.)

I have a feeling that as the 2004 campaign heats up, the blogosphere will become an increasingly rich source of "message" brainstorming, given how easy it is to put together a relatively polished attack ad these days.
Steve made up his own Wesley Clark for President ad and then someone added music to it and then someone added a voice over.

I see a trend.
via [ fimoculous ]

Sunday, September 28, 2003

School of Rock Super Fan Site Weblog
Grey parrots... are never going to sit here and give an interview. But they are going to produce meaningful, complex communicative combinations. It is incredibly fascinating to have creatures so evolutionarily separate from humans performing simple forms of the same types of complex cognitive tasks as do young children.
So the parrot says to the researcher, "Do I have to spell it out for you?"
Babies-To-Go Franchises Closed by FTC.
The well thought out business called Babies-To-Go, was officially closed last Monday. The two tiered business offered both attractive baby rental as well as purchase programs.

The rental program was really quite ingenious. Parents would bring their children in for daycare at a cost of only $75 per month. Instead of hiring teachers, Babies-To-Go, would then rent them out for the day.
I wonder why a good business idea like this was closed down?

Free Electoral Map Applet.
Ok, this is a cool map.

The size of each state is distorted to show it's share of electoral votes.

You can click on each state to make it go either Republican or Democratic. Click once for Democratic, click again to change.

The map is cool and all, but electoral college has got to go. If you need someone to write a Java applet to help people understand how votes are counted and who wins an election, something is wrong.

Abolish the Electoral College now!
via [ Daily Kos ]

Paint It Black: Jack Black School of Rock article in today's Boston Globe.
Geoff Edgers has a great article about Jack Black and his new movie, School of Rock, in today's Boston Sunday Globe.

Jack Black says in the interview:
"I don't want kids for myself, but I am a kid," says Black, whose longtime girlfriend is the comedian Laura Kightlinger. "I'm an old stinky kid with a dirty mouth. A lot of my humor is very childish."

Does he really not worry about being a leading man? Will he ignore the box-office returns?

"When I see this movie, I say, `You know what, if this is my last movie, that's OK,' " says Black. "I've finally got the thing that has my essence on it. Yep, that's what I wanted to do, that's what I hoped it would be, and there it is. There's been a couple times like that but never with me in the lead."
This movie is going to rock.

Bought tickets online to see the sneak preview today.

Leaving in five minutes.

More Jack Black links here, including this great Jack Black Soundboard.

The Office: Second Season Starts October 12th!
I'm so happy that I was reading the Boston Globe this morning. In their story about watching obscure TV shows on DVD's, the final line of the whole three-quarter page story says, about The Office:
...the show's second season premieres Oct. 12 on BBC America.
That should have been page one news!

Finally, one of the best shows on TV starts it's second season after reapeating it's first season one hundred million billion times!

Here's a synopsis of the first episode from BBC America:
The Slough branch of Wernham Hoggs is hosting a small party to welcome the new intake from Swindon following the merger. David Brent introduces his new boss, Neil, who used to be his equivalent at Swindon. Jennifer, his old boss is also there for the hand...
Gotta go make sure my TiVo is all set!

Saturday, September 27, 2003

Localfeeds: Boston.
This is a list of articles published from sites within 50 miles from Boston in the last 48 hours.
Just added to my sidebar.
Lots of interesting things over here including:

How Failed Businessman Bush Got Rich. In easy to read graphic form.

Bush's Speech to the UN. A pie chart breaks it down.

Brit Hume interview with Bush breakdown. Color coded and broken down by time per topic.
via [ bloggerheads ]
MSNBC's campaign embeds.
MSNBC has a reporter embedded with each of the Democratic presidential candidates.

Get the behind the scenes scoop.
Is Wesley Clark the One? The Rolling Stone Interview.
"When you were in the Army, you had a lot of contact with various White House staffs. Did you ever have any dealings with some of the people who now serve in the Bush administration?

When I was a thirty-year-old Army major, I was sent to Washington, where they put me in the Ford White House. This was 1974. Nixon had just resigned. They said, 'How would you like to be staff secretary to this executive committee -- it'll have Henry Kissinger,' who was then secretary of state; James Schlesinger, the secretary of defense; the director of the CIA and the counsel to the president. Well, for someone who'd just come to Washington, you can imagine how I felt. Pretty impressive, right? What I discovered was that the White House was full of paranoia and suspicion -- a real Watergate mentality. I'd bring something up, and they'd say, 'Wes, if you ask a question like that, you can't work here.' The reason the White House was that way was not only because of Watergate but because of the two guys in charge: Donald Rumsfeld, who was Gerald Ford's chief of staff, and Dick Cheney, who was his assistant.

Today you've got the same people in there running things, trying to close down access to government. Rumsfeld and Cheney are patriotic men, and I know they are doing the best they can. It's just that I disagree with them. I don't believe that government is made better by secrecy and restraint. It's made better by transparency, by being open and honest. If you're right, you're right. If not, you take your licks."
Alrighty then.
Jim Answers 21 Questions.
Here's his answer for question #5:
5. What you want to be most remembered for?

At my funeral I want people to look at each other and say, 'Now that's a guy who owed me a lot of money.'

Here are the 21 Questions if you want to try it.

Krispy Kreme Wedding Kake.

More on this here.
via [ The Fig Blog ]
Mama Kin.
It ain't easy, livin' like ya wanna,
And it's so hard to find piece of mind. Yes it is.
The way I see it, you've got to say shit.
But don't forget to drop me a line.

They shouldn't be playing this song on the radio.

But they are, in Boston.

Friday, September 26, 2003

samaBlog introduces us to the Breatharians [ this site plays music you can't shut off ].
'Under the Tuscan Sun' is an alluring example of yuppie porn.
Roger Ebert's review.

Atari 800 PC!
The Atari 800 was my first love. The year was 1982, and the specs were cutting-edge: 1.79 MHz, 48K of RAM (should be enough for almost anything, right?) Well, after years of playing games, times changed and I had graduated on to bigger, faster, sexier computers. The Atari went into the closet...then eventually faded and disappeared.
Then he pulled it out of the closet and turned it into a PC!

And he's not the only one turning things into computers.

On the same site you can see how an Ammo Box, a Biscuit Tin, a C64, a PlayStation, and more have been turned into PC's.
via [ Random Abstract ]
I love the lassies (1921) by Hart, Chas. (Charles). [ mp3 ]
From The Virtual Gramaphone. | FREE DVD: Order yours today.
Help for the DVR-less.

And you get $50 off too!

If you have no idea of what TiVo is, please order this free DVD to learn all about it.

Then go buy a TiVo and thank me later.
Movie: The Boondock Saints.
Now you can see one of my favorite movies, The Boondock Saints, on Wednesday October 1st at 2:00 AM on USA!
Localfeeds:Boston, MA, USA.
I just added Off On A Tangent to Localfeeds:Boston because Lisa mentioned it on her blog and it sounded like a cool thing to do.
Dave Boston! - The Dave Kerpen Fan Club.
Dave was on The FNX Morning Show this morning and when congratulated as the winner of Paradise Hotel, he had no comment.

They can't talk about the result before it's broadcast.
Simply Dead: Singer Robert Palmer dies at 54.
Hey VB. Shut up.
Jodi Applegate to VB: "You should probably take a clue from the Blue Man Group."
Gene Lavanchy to VB: "Don't say anything."

This is probably just of interest to people in Boston.

Probably not.
Fametracker's Ten Least Essential New TV Series, 2003.
How to win with dishonesty.
Shopenhauer's guide to lying, cheating and swindling your verbal opponents into submission.
via [ oddments ] Boston Beer Mob at Anam Cara Publick House (Friday, September 26, 2003).
I just joined

Looks like a cool site to see who else is attending the same events as you.

Stop by for a beer tonight and say hi!
Boston Common is back.
Final Cut Pro 4: Capture Now Conflict With Norton AntiVirus
This document describes a conflict with the Capture Now feature of Final Cut Pro and Norton AntiVirus.
Told you.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

MEDLINEplus: Juvenile Diabetes.

Use this link to support my friend Amy Schultz in her Walk to Cure Diabetes.
She was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes this year. Now she has to prick her finger for blood testing at least four times a day, and give herself five or so shots of insulin throughout the day.

Insulin injections, are not a cure, but life support.
MarketingWonk: Tongue Wag Launches with Online Talent Competition
Press Release: Tongue Wag Launch World's First Webcam Video Blogging Service

To create buzz around the launch of its free webcam video blogging service, Tongue Wag is running a Talent Contest in conjunction with TTR2. The contest asks for people to send in videos of themselves displaying a special talent.
Gotta go work on my video.

Be back later.
Sony DVD Recorder - RDR-GX7.

Kommersant: The United Cards of America from Russia.
Among the cards are George W. Bush ("USA President since 2001, convinced that God has a plan for him"); Don Evans ("commerce secretary, drank with Bush Jr. until July 6, 1986"); and Laura Bush ("the wife of Bush, Jr., made husband quit drinking").
Ha Ha!

The New York Review of Books: Hustling Elvis.
Elvis and his parents all died without knowing how grand a hustle the Colonel (Tom Parker) had pulled off.

He was scarcely 'one of their kind,' the West Virginia, born colonel he pretended to be, but an illegal alien named Andreas van Kuijk, who had fled his native Netherlands under hazy circumstances, perhaps a murder (never solved).

Going to Harvard for $7.50 an Hour.
From the perspective of management and those being served, service workers at large institutions are not really meant to be noticed; they are meant to get things done quickly and quietly.
Not from my perspective though.

BTW, The Business School has good food.
via [ Arts & Letters Daily ]
I p on u Mask.

Important TiVo NBC Season Pass Alert.
NBC is airing shows on Thursday evenings with nonstandard start times and lengths. Your TiVo DVR will automatically start and end the programs at the times given by the networks, but this may cause some shows on different channels to conflict with each other because they now overlap. Conflicts will be automatically resolved by the Season Pass Manager based on the priorities that you have previously given each show.
This means that, if shows you have selected to be recorded with your Season Pass overlap, only one will be recorded!

Example: ER starts at 9:59. CSI ends at 10:00. If you have a TiVo Season Pass for both, your TiVo will record the one with the higher priority in your Season Pass List.

PVRBlog has more on the issue.
News From Africa: Britney's dating Diaz's ex
In a strange twist of events, pop princess Britney Spears is now dating Jared Leto, ex-fiancé of Cameron Diaz, who is now coupled with Justin Timberlake, Spears' ex-boyfriend.
Probably not true.
DRT News.
Discordian Research Technology News "Don't Read This" Daily Reporting Technology is being brought to bear in full force to keep you fully informed and confused. Each weekday, we bring the Discordian community a selection of news and information that it really needs to know.
Today they have stories on the Supreme Court, Michael Moore Rebuts Bowling Critics, The Top 25 Censored News Stories of 2003, What Is Love? [ Flash ], Freedom, A Vote Against the Computerized Ballot, Reliance on Microsoft is a Danger to National Security, Are You There, God? [ Lewis Black - Video ], and much more.

These are the kinds of things that I'm interested in reading about. I'll have to read all these links after breakfast.

Thanks fo the link!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

How George W. Bush Won the 2004 Presidential Election.
Scoop: Inside A U.S. Election Vote Counting Program.
Boston Online is Down, For Now.
I just got this email from Adam, who runs Boston Online. Here's what's up, or actually down:
Boston Online's hosted by the World. Apparently, last week, something evil and horrible and unforgivable happened between them and their backbone provider and so, on Sunday, they disconnected themselves from, um, the world and got ready to reconnect via a new Internet provider. And apparently, things did not go exactly as planned. I'm kind of hoping that eventually their new IP numbers get propagated across the 'Net so that the site becomes accessible once more.
I hope so too.

STARTREK: Enterprise.
I'm enjoying this season of Enterprise.

Just thought I'd share.
Unauthorized Sharing of Copyrighted Materials.
Unauthorized downloading and sharing of computer files containing a song, a movie, a software program, or a game - even one song - is against the law.
In case you were wondering what MIT thought.
exclamation mark.
Exclamation Mark joins my righthand column weblog list today, for the high quality of his posts.

I linked to him a little while ago for his Sunday Click-A-Rama. It's great place to visit on a Sunday.

What prompted me to add him to my side bar today, is the fact that he has a post for Quisp and another one for Gort on the same page.

That's quality blogging!

I'll select Camilla Vest.

One Term President.
Go to One Term President to make your own poster, stencil, button or sticker.

Hey, George Bush doesn't read the daily newspaper.
via [ bloggerheads ]
Question of the Day?
How far is Dallas Marriott Las Colinas, Irving, TX USA from Fort Worth Alliance Airport?

If someone asked you this question, what would be the fastest way to get the answer?

I have the answer so I don't need you to find it out for me, I'm just interested in how you would get this answer in the quickest way possible.

I'll tell you how I did it later on.
Michael : Mike's Message: And Now a Chance to Bid Farewell to Mr. Bush.
Back in February, Patrick Tyler of the New York Times wrote, 'there may still be two superpowers on the planet: the United States and world public opinion.'

To paraphrase him, I would say that there are now actually ELEVEN campaigns running in this race -- those of the ten announced candidates, and OURS. Those 10 who are running are up against something mightier than any of their fellow candidates -- they must face OUR collective conscience and will. That will is a powerful force -- and we shouldn't give it up until we start hearing and seeing things from these candidates that we expect and demand.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

100 Years
It won't mean a thing in a hundred years.
New Show: I'm With Her.

Bobcat Goldthwait and Jimmy Kimmel team to produce 'Joe Schmo'-like "reality film" for Comedy Central Reality.

Yahoo! News: Queeny
Cute Kitten.

Meow. - Personal Fortune - Geek Eye for the Luddite Guys.
The experiment: Let loose three tech experts in an average family's home.
OK. Before I read the article, I'd say this family needs a TiVo and a Macintosh.

Doesn't everyone?

OK. Now I read the article. Here's a weird highlight for you:
The geeks start walking him through his house. Larson shows Mike how to hook his camcorder up to the PC and make movies that he can send to his brother in Japan. He explains the difference between "slurping" (video), "ripping" (music), and "shoving" (the camera's media card into the PC media server). Larson tells Mike that when he wants to print a photo, he should simply "connect the squiggly one to that thing-a-ma-doodle." (Larson also refers to the PC media reader as a "front-loading deelie bopper.")

eBay: The Swingin' Oakland A's Athletics Button.

That's just one of a bunch of things I just put up on eBay that I found in a shoebox.

The Music of Lisa Rein - Rain.
It's not redundant.

It's a nice mp3 from Lisa Rein.

Transfer your camcorder video with a Philips DVD Recorder.
They make it so easy!

Pansonic has one too.

I wonder if it works directly from a Macintosh running Final Cut Pro?

Sounds like it can.

Some details using older hardware.

Henk Stallinga: paniki clock.
This clock makes my wife nervous.

Here's why.

He makes a cool salt and pepper too.

Millionaire Playboy: Wil Wheaton.
He's neither.

Candidate Camera.
Gateway gave all the California candidates digital cameras.

Go see what they shot.
See what's playing on the radio right now! for movie reviews.

Seth Godin's Blog.

Monday, September 22, 2003

52 projects.
Super Easy Shepherd's Pie.
I made this tonight.

It's good.

Boston's new voting machines face first citywide test
The new machines require voters to fill out ballots as if taking an SAT test and to feed them into a small white scanner, which registers the vote and drops the ballot into a bin for safekeeping. At a demonstration last week at St. Cecilia's House, a senior center in the Fenway, five elderly women crowded around one of the new machines, asking questions of a translator in rapid-fire Russian.

'How do you fill out the ovals?' one wanted to know.
Why? Why? Why?

Why are we having old Russian voters fill in ovals?

We do we even have ovals?

People are going to mark their ballots incorrectly. They are going to put an X on the oval, they are going to place a checkmark on the oval, and they are going to incompletly fill in the oval.


Why can we just have a ballot like they have in Peabody, where you draw a straight line to complete an arrow that looks like this: -- -->

Talking Street.
Jerry Stiller takes you on a thirteen stop cell phone walking tour of the Jewish Lower East Side of New York.
A century ago, New York's Lower East Side became one of the most crowded and dynamic places on earth. This cell phone walking tour will take you into a world of tenements and sweatshops, radicals and capitalists, artists and gangsters — and make the history around you come alive.
Call 1-800-644-3545 to hear what it sounds like.
via [ Heath Row ]

IHT: Iraqis plan U.S. visit to press for self-rule.
Save Money, Save Lives, Leave Iraq.
Emmys: Two of my favorites WON!
CBS's contest program 'The Amazing Race' beat high-profile rivals that included Fox's 'American Idol' and CBS's 'Survivor.'

Tony Shalhoub, who portrays an obsessive-compulsive detective in cable TV program 'Monk,' won the Emmy for best actor in a comedy series.

Now maybe they'll renew The Amazing Race.

Newsweek: Clark among Democrat leaders, poll shows.
Clark, with 14 percent, was grouped among the leaders, along with former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean and Sen. Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, both at 12 percent, and Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry at 10 percent.
Shouldn't the title of the article be, "Clark Leads Democratic Hopefuls?"

Drudge: The Trouble with Wes by Robert Novak.


FOX TV Morning Show: Quick VB Review.
I like VB, but he's talks like a homophobic, racist.

His Emmy review was in poor taste.

Gay jokes are the easy way to go for a laugh, Wayne Brady IS funny, and VB is FAT! 55th Annual Emmy Awards Highlights.
Darrell Hammond did an amazing impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Emmy's last night.

I kept saying, "Who is this guy?"

That's the sign of a good impression.

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Wanda Sykes - Not Funny.

The Slab Lab Concrete Studio - custom concrete creations.

I saw this guy at Jamaica Plain Open Studios today.

He has a cool story.

He went out on the web and figured out how to use concrete to make a kitchen counter.

Next, he flew out to California to learn from the masters on how to best use concrete to create things like countertops and tables.

Now he has this company to make this stuff for you.

That image up there is a piece of concrete and his business card!
Tappan Zee Bridge: Webcams.
It would be nice if the signs on the Tappan Zee bridge westbound would inform Mass drivers that the E-ZPass lanes accept the FAST LANE pass.

UPDATE: I got a reply.
Thank you for contacting the NYS Thruway Authority.

Currently, we have signs advising FastLane customer they can use E-ZPass lanes along the Berkshire Connector, which leads to the Mass Pike.

However, you are correct, we do not have any such signs in our New York Division. We will pass your suggestion along to the appropriate personnel.

The Department of Public Affairs
McDonald's USA - Double Cheeseburger.
Me: I don't feel so good.
My Wife: Maybe it's that Double Cheeseburger you ate.
Me: Oh.

Saturday, September 20, 2003

Localfeeds:Boston, MA, USA
This is a list of articles published from sites within 50 miles from Boston in the last 48 hours.
Hmm... Gotta look into getting on this list.

Internet Radio Station of the Week : B92
The voice of wartime resistance in Serbia continues its tradition of excellence with cutting-edge music programming.
Hi cadence90. Found you on the BloggerCon Blogroll referrers list!

via [ cadence90 ]
Jim Goodman feeds us with RSS News Feeds.
Mmm... news feeds.

Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk: It's Tomorrow, Donate Today.
My mom is currently battling a very rare form of cancer called GIST. She was diagnosed while down in Florida and had the support of Dr. George Demitri from Dana-Farber, a leader in the battle against GIST. Dr. Demitri consulted with my mother's doctors in Florida and supported their decision to operate.

My mother is now back up in the Boston area and is lucky to be under the care of Dr. Demitri's staff at Dana-Farber including Dr. Morgan and Dr. Desai. These doctor's are amazing and truly care about their patients.

We, you and I, can do something to help my mom and the thousands of people being treated with this disease today.

Thanks to scientific advances made at Dana-Farber, the cure rate for some forms of pediatric leukemia is 80 percent. We can achieve similar rates of success for other forms of cancer, but only if we work together.

I'm doing my part. Join me my making a donation today. Do your part.
Thanks for your support!
Dave Winer's Test Site: Blogroll for BloggerCon.
Instant gratification for anyone with a phone.

Friday, September 19, 2003

BlogPulse Top Links [BETA] - Automated Trend Discovery for Weblogs.
Let them take our pulse.
via [ Radio Free Blogistan ] by way of [ Andrew Bayer Is Dreaming of China ]
Art and Comedy, Together at Last
This Saturday night, September 20, the Bates Art Center in Boston's South End will host Technical Difficulties: A night of multimedia comedy. Breaking with the traditional image of standup as one person at a microphone, the show will feature film, video and performance on the theme of modern society's relationships with technology. This marks the first time that comedy has been performed at The Bates Center.
Multimedia and Comedy - Cool.

If you go, say hi to Kim Davis!
Susan Mernit's Blog: Navigating the Info Jungle.
Inside Susan Mernit's brain: Media and tech news, gossip,San Francisco Bay area, New York and whatever.
Good Experience: This Is Broken.

via [ J-Walk ]

Designs and Patterns of Korea; Photo Gallery by David Hasenick at
Things To Keep In Your Trunk.
"Just from a dad's point of reference that you kids can bank on, I always make sure my kids have these simple items in their trunk:

2-3 quarts of oil
1 gallon anti-freeze
flare- matches
jumper cables
charger with adapter for cell phone
duct tape
can of Fix-A-Flat
ice-scraper with brush
my CD (with the last 12 minutes of me lecturing my kids about life)
and last but MOST important:
AAA card (the smartest 45 bucks you'll spend all year)"
With a trunk like that, YOU should be working for AAA.
>bt: Michael Moore's Call to Arms << Video
After four days of stakeouts, I managed to stop Michael Moore for an interview, and I got some surprising answers to my questions about the political imbalance in the documentary filmmaking business.

The hunter becomes the hunted.

Proctor-Silex Power Opener™ Extra-Tall Can Opener.
All the can opener reviews I read on the web had bad things to say about electric can openers.

Just when I thought I'd found one that I liked I'd read a review that said, "Don't buy this one because it breaks after three months," or "this can opener leaves metal shards in your food."


Yesterday I was in Stah Mahket and walked past a display that had this Proctor-Silex electric can opener on sale. Regularly $12.99, it was marked down to $7.99.


Thursday, September 18, 2003

Joe Schmo: Don't Show Next Week Before This Week Is Over!
Of course, this week’s cliffhanger is not so suspenseful if you saw the promo for next week’s show during the last commercial break.

You people who run Joe Schmo are so stupid. Why are you showing me a preview of next week's episode, BEFORE the final 'You are dead to us' ceremony?

Why, Why, Why?
Me and the Boyz Audio.
Free mp3's including a nice cover of Average White Band's Cut the Cake.
Editor's Picks | BC's 'NCP'
"A Jesuit institution known for its Irish-Catholic traditionalism and its powerhouse football team isn't exactly where one would expect to find one of the best and most respected college radio stations in the country. But Boston College's student-run WZBC, which turns 30 this year and celebrates with two nights of indie rock in Central Square this weekend, is just that. 'Yeah, it is kind of ironic,' admits ZBC promotions director Brian Doyle. 'The DJs and staff are kind of a minority among the BC population, let's say, as far as their musical tastes go. But they would be the minority anywhere as far as their musical tastes go.'

And Doyle says that ZBC's commitment to 'NCP' programming and community outreach (nearly 50 percent of its jockeys are non-students) is doubly important these days. 'Media conglomerates are getting larger and controlling larger shares of the airwaves, and commercial radio is having less and less options on what to play. A lot of it is determined by the corporate office: what'll get the most listeners, what'll get the best ad rates. We're freer. We can do whatever we want. Every DJ is pretty much autonomous.

'I think we play the most experimental, the most progressive music in all of Boston. And we've been known for that for quite some time, in the community and in the music industry. We're just really cutting-edge
ZBC rocks! Lost in Translation scores a 94.
The Wesley Clark Weblog - News, Information, Discussion.
Is Clark the 'package' Democrats seek?
In every presidential face-off, voters ultimately consider intelligence, maturity, life experience, and that great intangible, likeability. Do they want to have a beer with the candidate (or, with liberals, a glass of chardonnay)?

You buying?
Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things.
Jason Scott is the guest blogger over on Boing Boing's Guestbar.

He interviewed me for his documentary about BBSes.

I used to run MacBoston, a Macintosh bulletin board system.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

America For Clark.
Clark for President 2004.
Leadership. Character. Courage.
Official Wesley Clark campaign site.

Vote Stewie For Governor.
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The Reverend Tim McIntire's Blog.
Boston Comedian writes about naked comedy.
Run LindowsOS directly from a PC's CD drive. Nothing to install.

Surf the internet, send and receive email, and IM friends.

Perfect for your mother.

Cartoon: Elephant playing with a George W. Bush toy action war hero doll bumps into real action war hero Wesley Clark.
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The Gospel of Supply Side Jesus.

Cupid: America picks Hank for Lisa Shannon.
When asked to say I Do, Hank says:
"'I want you to have everything. I want you to be able to pick the wedding, the flowers, have your bridesmaids, have the shower, everything. And I want to have everything for my family. And because of that, I will not do it with you on national TV.'"
Don't you think it would have been a lot easier for him to give her those things with a million dollars!

The Portsmouth Brewery: Growlers To Go!
Went to the Portsmouth Brewery for dinner last night and after contemplating an Abbey Style Dubbel, I ordered their Weizenheimer.

Our waiter, Vince, came back over to the table with two samples of the Abbey Style Dubbel for us to try. [ Vince, you rule! ]


I was immediately saddened that my Weizenheimer had already arrived at the table because the Abbey Style Dubbel was amazing!

It had all the great characteristics of a Belgian beer with the most notable being the flavor.

Mmm... beer. Belgian beer.

When we ordered our meal, I also ordered a Growler of Abbey Style Dubbel to go.

It's now sitting in the fridge and won't be there for long.

Goobita: Her So-Called Life.
She my Cam Girl.
Nobody Died When Clinton Lied.

Time for straight talk.
We the people need to understand that if we aren't vigilant and insistent on the truth, then we are one with the liars who got us into this mess in the first place.
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A daily chronicle of Bush Administration distortion.
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Wesley Clark to Enter Presidential Race.
"I haven't spent most of my life in politics, but I've spent enough time in Washington to know how much we need to change it," Edwards said in Robbins, N.C.
It's a More of the same vs. Change election, as all elections are.

Maybe Clark can beat Bush?

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Day 9:
Two sisters attempt to take Blaine's mind off his empty stomach by baring their breasts at him. One of them, Charlie Banwell, later tells The Sun: 'He raised his hand when I did it. I think that's all he can raise at the moment.'
Hi Charlie.
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DEAD AIR - By Dave Johnson.
Ha Ha.

A funny comic.
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A Wedding Portrait.
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