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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Video: CCTV Videoblogging Class

The students are very exciting about creating their own blogs!

Download File

CCTV Student's Blogs

CCTV Cambridge Videoblogging Class
Angel's Musical Point of View
Letters of Marque

CCTV Cambridge Videoblogging Class
Stillwaters - Need the correct URL


Let's Make Something Happen!

We are bringing the videoblog revolution to CCTV.

Hooray For The Hockey Song

The Hockey Song.

WGBH Profiles Media Makers

Media Makers and Shakers

The Boston Globe now owns Your Photos

Your Photos - The Boston Globe -
By submitting your photo(s) to, you agree that such photo(s) and the accompanying information will become the property of and you grant, The Boston Globe, Boston Metro and their sublicensees permission to publicly display, reproduce and use the photographs in any form or media for any and (all editorial and related promotional purposes) purposes..

Metadata Hootenanny

Clark just reminded me about Metadata Hootenanny while I was talking to him LIVE on ZipZapZop.TV, his new sometimes live audio/video stream.

My fellow Americans and want you to give your own State of the Union address.

My fellow Americans, our foreign policy is misguided, the tax system is a complex mess, and health care is just a dream for many of our citizens.

I have a vision for a New America, where the current administration is just a memory and smarter heads prevail.

Massachusetts Direct Shipment of Wine

Romney Files Bill to Support Consumer Choice in Wine:
"Governor Mitt Romney today filed legislation to regulate the direct interstate shipment of wine to Massachusetts. The proposed new law would satisfy consumer demand for choice in wine without imposing burdensome restrictions on this type of commerce.

It’s time we end the monopoly that wholesalers have over wine sales and allow out-of-state wineries to ship directly to Massachusetts consumers,” said Romney."
Romney for Governor! = Uber Bogus - Uber:
"Detecting OS...
In order to offer a broad selection of full-length music videos on-demand and free of charge, mtvU Uber uses Windows Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect videos from unauthorized re-distribution.
Unfortunately, Microsoft's Windows Media Player Plug-in for Macintosh does not support Windows DRM."
DRM is bad for Mac users.

CSI: Rocketboom

Heather Green writes on her BusinessWeek Blogspotting blog, Rocketboom, CSI...and eBay Auction for Ads:
"In a mindboggling example of reality spoof meets fiction, Amanda Congdon, the delightfully goofy host of the Rocketboom video blog, is going to be on the hit TV show CSI on Feb. 2. Her role? Herself, of course."

Monday, January 30, 2006

Over The Air HD better than Cable

OTA HD demystified - HD Beat:
"OTA reception is actually the highest quality HD currently available to the consumer. Cable is compressed via modulation and satellite is compressed via MPEG-2/4. The broadcast signal is uncompressed. Assuming a clean reception, no artifacts, etc. and a technically superior image."

{fray} storyblog

On the {fray} storyblog I found this:
"In My childhood, seen by Google Maps, Matt Haughey annotates an overhead map with stories from his childhood. Fantastic! Update: He's added his college years. Update again: Now there's whole group dedicated to it!"
I want to do that too.


BJ & Tyler, best friends are going to be on the next Amazing Race!


SXSWi - March 11 - 14th

Just made my reservations for South by Southwest in Austin, March 11 - 14th.

Lots of videoblogging is going to be happening down there!

Verdi, Baron, Congdon, Rabinovitz, Olsen, Kinberg and more.

Stay tuned!

Node101::Boston Media Makers

We had the first Node101::Boston Media Makers meeting yesterday.

What a turnout! We had over twenty-five people meet up at Sweet Finnish in Jamaica Plain.

After mingling in the cafe, we moved into the conference room.

Download File

After I welcomed everyone, I shot a quick video with my Canon S400, (this is it), and then explained what node101 is.

It's all about media as conversationa and not a lecture, so next we had each person introduce themselves and talk about what they are most interested in.

There were 4 or 5 video cameras at least grabbing footage of what everyone said. I'm sure that will come out soon. I've got two tapes, one from me and one from Michaeael Oh of Tech Superpowers was there to explain the Pulse Point that's being installed at Sweet Finnish, and also how Tech Superpowers wants to be a source of support for this group.

Some of the things that people are interested in are:

- Learning how to make a video blog
- How to better edit video
- Developing citizen media and telling stories
- Looking at media, media literacy
- Fostering creativity among the group
- Information sharing and community

Amy Carpenter talked about the SIM program at Mass Art where one meeting a month is a big meeting and the other meetings are self organizing where you need at least two people to meet to talk about a topic. We all agreed on this.

The next big meeting is Sunday February 5th at 10 AM where Aaron is going to do a presentation on how to make better videos. Everyone was excited about hearing Aaron share his knowledge.

I'll be putting up a site for node101::Boston that will include a forum for us to use to plan future meetings have discussions.

Stay tuned.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Sox sign Crisp, is Quake next?

Red Sox complete deal to obtain Crisp:
After days of rumor and speculation, the Red Sox finally completed a deal Friday night with the Cleveland Indians that delivers the speedy and talented Coco Crisp to Boston. Crisp will assume the role of starting center fielder and likely leadoff hitter for the 2006 Red Sox.
Quisp and Quake Cereal.

Largest living organism

Download File

Some researchers claim that aspen form the largest living organisms on the planet, and could also be among the oldest.

Aspen clones.

Friday, January 27, 2006

I missed the last 10 minutes of LOST

My Tivo didn't record the last 10 minutes of LOST.

What happend after that guy admitted starting the fire?

I missed the last 10 minutes of 24

My Tivo didn't record the last 10 minutes of 24.

What happened after Jack walked in to see Tony?

Pick Kellie Pickler

Another North Carolina ‘Idol’? - American Idol -
"One contender for the long haul will be Kellie Pickler, a 19-year-old skating waitress who was the first of several contestants with sad stories to share. Pickler's mom left her family when she was three, her dad's in prison, and she lives with her grandfather in Albemarle, N.C.

'I have nothing to go home for,' she said sadly, in the video clip that almost always means success. Indeed, Pickler belted out some Kelly Clarkson, got passed through to Hollywood, and immediately broke down in tears.

'That's a nice girl — that's the one I'd like to see win,' Simon actually said."
American Idol is providing me with hours and hours of enjoyable entertainment this season.

Jean-Yves Stervinou

Jean-Yves Stervinou's Personal Zen Blog shows you what it feels like to go to a video blog and be forced to subscribe to the iTunes feed in order to watch the videos.
via [ scripting news ]

Jean-Yves' Personal Zen blog isn't really a video blog. I just thought is was a good example of what a video blog with no videos on it feels like.

Here's Jean-Yves Stervinou's real blog.

He links to his Personal Zen Blog from there.

Most of his blog and the comments are in French so my explanations of what he is doing are probably wrong. Oy vey.

Charles is back!

Charles Laquidara returns to Boston on Monday at 9:00 AM on WBOS.

That’s Ironic: Drug Addict Lied

That’s Ironic: Oprah and World Shocked that Drug Addict James Frey Lied in ‘A Million Little Pieces’

Is a Democracy for, of, and by consumers possible?

Jock Gill writes for Greater Democracy ,Is a Democracy for, of, and by consumers possible?:
"The revolution will be mobile, wireless and broadcast by the people. It will give people the power of choice as to what they watch and when, where and how they watch it. The idea of having to be in a special place, sitting in front of a large, immobile object, at a fixed time, with a limited menu of choices is already becoming quaint. Unless we choose it for our own personal and social reasons.

The question is whether people with this level of power of choice, owning tools to be their own radio and TV producers / broadcasters will rediscover the meaning of being a full citizen as well as a consumer?"

The Perfect Woman

Holland Wilde just sent me a link to his video, The Perfect Woman. [ NSFW ]

He says, "It's a new movie I made from video grabbed from TV just this week. Research... plus, I think it's important to pass around."
"This is only one video blog. One opinion. One voice. One 6 minute vlog. But all the images here were gleaned from broadcast TV just this week - with one DVR and one desktop computer. Why? Simply to speak back to TV - by using its own language: IMAGES. Anyone can do this, and should. Learn the language of media. TV needs a good talking to."

Thursday, January 26, 2006

911 is 617-343-4911 on a cellphone

JP Police’s State of the District Meeting:
"I learned that you’re supposed to call 911 for basically anything! Any little thing you observe matters, so it can be documented. If you’re using a cell phone, call 617-343-4911."

'The Office' has web access

'The Office' reports strong future expansion - Yahoo! News:
"To get the right feel, The Office tries to keep the set hermetically sealed, limiting the presence of crewmembers to create a more office-like feel. Actors do makeup touchups at their desks to limit the time of makeup artists, and they can use their desk phones and computers, which have Web access.

Carell says the scripts and dialogue are grounded in character and reality. Some of the best moments come from looks or awkward pauses.

The Second City veteran says he's grateful for the improvisational opportunities.

'It's a great thing to know that's available to you, to go off the page,' he says. 'There's a looseness to try things. There's a freedom to fail.'"

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blogger Blip Flash

Create a Video Blog on Blogger with Blip.TV and On2 Flix.

YouAreTV Comedy Lineup

YouAreTV - Share and broadcast the video you create.

Maybe there are some funny videos over here.

Let me know if you watch one.

The unconference for the uncomputer


Off Hollywood Videos is a new site that features videos.

Analog Hole Bill Probed

Analog Hole Bill Would Impose a Secret Law.

Open Space Meetings
"Open Space Technology is a simple way to run productive meetings, for five to 2000 people, and a powerful way to lead any kind of organization, in everyday practice and ongoing change."
Looks interesting.

Making Your Podcasts Easy for Mom

Wordpress : Making Your Podcasts Easy for Mom, a tutorial by Scott Johnson.

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care merged with United Healthcare and it's messed up.

I got a postcard telling me to register over at United Healthcare's website, The instructions read:
1. Logon to Click "Register Now".
This is so stupid!

You don't "Logon" to, you "Go to" You can't logon without a username/password.

So I clicked register, and then I saw:
Enter Social Security Number:
Not a good sign, but I entered it any way.

After clicking the continue button, I saw, in a flash, that it said the following UNDER the continue button:
Don't want to provide your SSN?
Register with ID card information
That should be above the continue button...

So I registered and made up a new cryptic and foregetable username since thier usernames are limited to 12 characters.

Then I went over to refill a prescription, and they had me open a new browser window into which is really Medco Health. Why they make up a silly name to hide the real company name is beyond me. Over there it says:
Order new prescriptions or prescription refills online here.

Once over there, I find out that the online prescription ordering procedure requires you to use mail order!
Mail order for prescriptions
Prescription mail order is easy and convenient --- and delivers medications right to your home.
I would tend to disagree. Online is easier than mail order.

So at this point I gave up and called my old pharmacy and it turns out that they are still connected to the newly merged Harvard Pilgrim Health Care/United Healthcare.

So I gave them my prescription # and they ordered a refill.


It shouldn't be this hard.

More from Boston on Rocketboom

More man on the street interviews from Boston on Rocketboom today.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Video Playlists

Cellulo - Mac OS X Movie Player uses drag and drop to organize your media files the way you like and browse through them.

Amy is possessed

Welcome to Amyville : possessed.

Don't stop there.

Follow the trail to the S.S.D.S.

2007 Honda Fit - Sleeps Two

The 2007 Honda Fit has Magic Seats which allow you to stretch out and take a snooze, among other things.
via [ Annie ]

Olivo Barbieri's aerial photographs

Model World | Metropolis Magazine: "It's often hard to convince people that Olivo Barbieri's aerial photographs are real."

How Shift Lenses Change your Life.

Larry David will not see Brokeback Mountain

Larry David: Meanwhile: Cowboys are my weakness.

Dreamhost Counter for Wordpress

I just installed a Dreamhost Counter for the It's JerryTime! videoblog.

We had been using Sitemeter, but it wasn't counting all the hits to the permalinked pages. Turns out that you need to put the sitemeter code on every page.

David Smith from Sitemeter gives more details on how to compare stats from different statistics services.

Sitemeter Weblog.

Making Money with Video Blogging

We Are The Media : Income from Vlogging.
Ted Tagami outlines ways that poeple will be able to make money from videoblogging.

His list leaves out using the video blog as a calling card for services that you provide outside the blog such as consulting and video production.

Save Our Internet

The fingers for the W, in www, and a globe from the pinky and thumb... by mary hodder, uploaded from flickr.

Dan Bricklin writes about last night's 'Save the Internet' meeting at David Weinberger's:

Mary Hodder and some others were in town tonight and David Weinberger invited some people over to his house to schmooze about saving the Internet and other topics.
Dan walked around, with an R-1, and made a podcast, take a listen.

Meeting people at David Weinberger's, a Dan Bricklin's Log Podcast [ mp3 ]

About half way in I talk to Dan Bricklin about the excitement of reporting for Rocketboom.

Steve: "authentic voices of people telling their stories", "a great example of letting the true voice of people come through"

Dan: "it sounds like a friendly home type of thing"

We then get into a discussion of the sound of Roecketboom...

Dan: "It adds an element of being from somebody like a friend doing it"

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Video: The Tribe

links for 2006-01-22

Bloggers Lunch: Macworld 2006

Here's a short video I took at the bloggers lunch at Macworld 2006.

Download File

A vlogging interview experience

Here's a recap of a phone conversation I had with a newspaper reporter from New Hampshire. I never heard back if the story ever made the paper. So here it is...

A reporter from a New Hampshire newspaper calls me on Saturday night at 7:00 PM on my cell phone.
Reporter: Can i ask you some questions.

Me: Well i just arrived at a party.

Reporter: How about I call back at 9:00?

Me: Do you have a deadline?

Reporter: Wednesday, how about Wednesday?

Me: What about Sun, Mon, Tues?

Reporter: I am on vacation those days.

Me: OK, let's do this in 10 minutes.

So this reporter won't interrupt his vacation, S/M/T, to call me and ask questions, but wants me to interrupt a party I'm at, at 7 pm on a Sat night, to answer HIS questions!!!?


I live videoblogging 24/7 but this reporter just treats his work as a job...

Here's some of the interview that I transcribed:
Reporter: When did you start videoblogging

Me: Jan 1, 2004.

Reporter: Can you make money at it?

Me: Not everyone is doing this to make money some of us are doing it to leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren. In the past videos were stashed away in shoeboxes , now with sites like our videos will live on.

There will be ways to make money and a sponsorship would be nice.

Brightcove is going to enable video producers to make money through sponsorships and advertising with their solution. At some point that and other solutions will be available to videobloggers.

Reporter: Videoblogging seems like it's going to far surpass podcasting in popularity.

Me: I enjoy both.

I listen to Podcasts when I work out, or while working when I don't need to give listening my full attention. I watch Videoblogs on the computer or on Akimbo on my TV.

Reporter: What do you see as the future?

Me: Democratization of media, as with Akimbo today, I am on the same playlist as BBC and CNN, now with distribution to Windows Media Center PC's I have a lot more viewers.

We'll see this increase with new solutions for distribution of meadia to tv's like Tivo just announced podcasting support and if they can distribute audio to tv, I'm sure they will be distributing video too, that's their business.
After this interview, Tivo started carrying Rocketboom.

Andy "Charlie Chaplin" Carvin

Andy Carvin removes cat hair with duct tape.

A lot of duct tape.

Boston Police Department Blog - News Updates from the Boston Police Department.

Bad boys, Bad boys, whatcha gonna do?

Saturday, January 21, 2006

New York Times Video

Whenever I try to watch video from the New York Times website, I don't have a good experience.

Here's what I saw the list time I tried.

Download File

Interview Your Loved Ones

StoryCorps - Interview Your Loved Ones
StoryCorps is a national project to instruct and inspire people to record each others' stories in sound.

Welcome to The Tribe!

Improv comedy in Boston: The Tribe! including Neutrino, where they make a movie while you watch.

iWeb is 1.0

Fiddling with iWeb:
"At blogging, iWeb is weaker than any other solution I've seen yet, including the previously-included-with-.Mac iBlog. Nothing is auto-formatted, and every entry has to be adjusted by hand to remove/resize the entry's image, text location, colors, etc. The built-in templates are pretty weak and hard to customize. There is no integrated commenting or haloscan support."
I too just played with iWeb at the Apple Store.

Two things stand out.

One, when you publish a movie from iMovie HD, iWeb seems to take the first frame of your movie as the image. In the case of the movie I used from the Apple Store, the first frame was black, so the movie image on the blog was black.

Two, when you click publish, iWeb reposts everything. it should really just post your changes. Or at least, just post your new entry.

I'll give the developers a change to add features and revisit iweb int eh future.

There's now a bump in the news - where YOU decide what's important.

The Zorking of Iraq

defective yeti: Xyzzy
Iraqi Invasion: A Text Misadventure
Revision 88 / Serial number 54892

Oval Office
You are standing inside a White House, having just been elected to the presidency of the United States. You knew Scalia would pull through for you.

There is a large desk here, along with a few chairs and couches. The presidential seal is in the middle of the room and there is a full-length mirror upon the wall.

What do you want to do now?

You are not able to do that, yet.

Self-reflection is not your strong suit.
via [ Joho the blog ]

Legalized Cheating

There's a great article in today's Wall Street Journal about legalized cheating in schools. The article is only available for subscribers though, :-(

Finally, some educators are making sense and allowing students to use the internet during tests.

I've always hated memorization.

Once you are out in 'the real world' you'll be able to look things up, so why not allow students to look things up during tests?

Friday, January 20, 2006

Hey Lets Go - Make the Most of life in Boston!
links for 2006-01-20

Media Makers Meeting Spot

012006_14341.jpg by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

The first meeting of Boston area videobloggers and media makers is happening on January 29th from 10:00 AM - Noon at Sweet Finnish, Jamaica Plain.

We're going to talk about having regular hours for media makers to drop in and be creative. It's our first organizational meeting.

If you are interested in citizen media, podcasting, or video blogging, stop by.

I'm starting up a node101 video blogging location at Sweet Finnish. Node101 is about helping people put video on the web using blogs. There's a great meeting room here too.

It's all about coming together and having fun. See you on the 29th. Leave a comment if you plan on stopping by.

Why is George Bush Awesome?

Question of the day on Rocketboom: Why is George Bush Awesome?

Boston represents!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Shoebox: It's JerryTime!

Take a look into Jerry's Shoebox.

He's got some neat junk in there.
28. Mighty Mouse 8mm film: We used to watch silent 8mm movies at home before the days of VHS, DVD and "home entertainment." Black and white Mighty Mouse was a favorite, even without that cool theme song.

29. Keebler's Pecan Sandies: My all-time favorite cookie, and how I love cookies!

30. Don't Write, Send Money Cartoon Postcard: I was fascinated with comics and the fact that this was a relief comic postcard sent me into orbit.

Rock Star is Back

reality blurred: CBS renews Rock Star for second season.


Inventing Citizen Journalism

Ethan Zuckerman writes about his time at the Berkman center yesterday in, Happy Birthday, Ben!:
"...I find my time in Cambridge endlessly fascinating. I was thinking about Ben [ Franklin ] as I watched Steve Garfield interview Dan Bricklin. Bricklin was the co-inventor of Visicalc, the first spreadsheet application, a piece of software which brought about business computing as we know it. His newest invention is wikiCalc, a wiki spreadsheet. Documents created with wikiCalc look like formatted spreadsheets, but are editable like wiki pages...

Armed with a video camera and a mic emblasoned with the logo of video blog Rocketboom, Steve Garfield followed Bricklin through a demo, contextualizing the significance of a wiki spreadsheet for his video podcast audience. I realized that I was watching Garfield help invent citizen video journalism while Bricklin invents wiki spreadsheets."
Video coming soon...This video captures the moment.

It's like OS X on a PC, kinda

Take a look at FlyakiteOSX on a website and then on a PC, I guess.
via [ Jeff ]

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

We Are Each Other's Television

Irina Slutsky on vlogs at Top Ten Sources.
As vlogs dissolve the mystery of the author's voice, they add a new level of intimacy to the Internet experience. And one of my favorite slogans becomes deeper reality within the realm of vlogging: We Are the Media. That means YOU, too. Learn how to do it yourself at FreeVlog and then share it at OurMedia.

Not convinced? Just watch "The Truth About Turbans" or vlogging O.G. Steve Garfield's mom playing the keyboards at CompUSA or Amy Carpenter.

Real Time Flight Tracking

Welcome to FlyteComm:
"Welcome to our web & mobile flight tracking section, where you can track the status of any flight arriving or departing the United States or Canada."
via [ Scoble ]


Save your photos and stuff in MemoryMiner, Mac software that won Macworld Best of Show.


egoSurf - ego surfing without the guilt.
egoSurf finds your blogs ranking in google, but it doesn't have to be your blog, and it ain't just google.

egoSurf helps massage the web publishers ego, and thereby maintain the cool equilibrium of the net itself.
Me, me, me!

free digital video stuff

free stuff at DV

Monday, January 16, 2006

John Tobin Boston City Councillor : Interview

John Tobin Boston City Councillor :: Interview: The Rise and Rise of Vlogs

The Rise and Rise of Vlogs presented by Stephen Crittenden.

Listen to John Tobin being interviewed on ABC Radio National Breakfast.

Bank of America Site Key is Stupid

Bank of America has a new security feature called SiteKey. You select a photo and then, when you revisit the site, the picture shows up.

A random clip art picture. One that means nothing to you.

Hello Bank of America,
How about adding in upload feature that lets the users upload a picture that really means something to them?

Greater Boston on Vloggers

The January 9th edition of WGBH's Greater Boston had a segment on Web Cams, which focused on cute pandas in cages and local video bloggers.

Download File

Mike Milliard of the Boston Phoenix was there to explain it all to host Emily Rooney. Featured in the segment were Rocketboom, DriveTime, The Carol and Steve Show, Vlog Soup, Welcome To Amyville.
links for 2006-01-16

Sam Adams Brewpub: Pinebank

On January 10th a public meeting was held to report on the future of the Pinebank Mansion on Jamaica Pond.

It now sounds like the remaining structure will be dismantled.

A Vision for the Future
That opens the door for the local Boston Beer Company, brewers of Samuel Adams Beer, to step in and build a new pondside structure at the top of the hill. Let's have Harpoon Brewery chip in too. Don't worry, there'll be wine too.

For food, let's have local restaurants participate.

By this summer, we'll be heading over to Jamaica Pond on a warm summer day to sit outside and enjoy a cold, fresh Sam Adams beer with a Cuban Sandwich provided by El Oriental de Cuba.

There will be an outdoor performance space, and live music will be playing, with an art exhibition space nearby, run by James Hull of the Green Street Gallery.

I have a dream.


Chuck Olsen writes, VLOGONOMICS: PART I:
Surely the world is better off having Steve Garfield in it, especially a vlogging Steve Garfield. That's the important thing.
Thanks Chuck.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Glove Drop

While at Snowmass in Aspen, Mario was standing by a glove that someone had dropped. Within 5 minutes about six people told him that he'd dropped his glove.

So we left it there and turned on the camera to record the helpful people, because Mario said that in NYC, everyone would have walked by.

Download File

At the start of the video, Carol walks up and tells Mario that he's dropped his glove.

I shush her.

The Ravi and Steve Show

We're teaching a videoblogging class at CCTV Cambridge this month and in April.

Blogosphere: Video Blogs 101.

QuickTime v7.0.4 crashes with Flip4Mac WMV

From Flip4Mac Support:
There is a compatibility issue with QuickTime v 7.0.4. Please download Flip4Mac WMV v2.0.1 here. This version resolves the compatibility issue with QuickTime v7.0.4.

Electric Avenue

Electric Avenue:
Home of Brixton Market and inspiration for Eddie Grant's song of the same name

Found over at Your History Here.
via [ My Society ] by way of [ Presurfer ]

A community for Spanish videobloggers

La comunidad de Videobloggers en espaƱol.

We will be the media

Rebecca MacKinnon comes back from a conference and writes, Public Media, Citizens' Media & the Internet:
We have entered the new age of We Media: we are all potentially media now. All citizens must learn how to think more critically about the various kinds of media we are interacting with, and be able to distinguish between various types of media and the different motivating forces behind them. All citizens need to better understand how and why these various forms of media are created, and be better empowered to create their own. Media participation comes naturally to some but not to many others who have spent a lifetime passively absorbing it.
We Media 2.0

Friday, January 13, 2006

The Democratization of Media

Watch Rocketboom on TiVo. [ Video ]

This guy videotaped himself watching Rocketboom and Oprah on his TV. So if you ever wanted to see what Rocketboom looks like on TV, check this out.

Audioblog: Now with Video Podcasting

Eric Rice announces Audioblog's new Video Podcasting features:
"There is just one more thing...
We automatically convert your videos to an iPod-compatible Quicktime format."
Try it out.

Rocketboom: Behind the Scenes

Minnesota Stories: Daily Videoblog: Rocketboom [Behind the Scenes].

Chuck Olsen writes:
Lori and I were lucky enough to spend the week vacationing with the crew from Rocketboom this week. Of course we had to bust out the camera and capture some behind-the-scenes action. What you see here is the fun part - shooting the episode.
Carol and I had a great time with the Rocketboom team in Aspen. We missed those that couldn't make it.

Check out today's Rocketboom from Aspen.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Travel Day

I will never fly United Airlines again.

Denver airport does not have free WiFi either.

Cost $8.95 for 2 hours. ;-(