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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Setting up Comcast Xfinity Voice Remote

When setting up a new Comcast Xfinity Voice Remote, the instructions tell you to hold XFINITY and INFO for 5 seconds until the RED light TURNS GREEN.

What it should say is, “Hold the XFINITY and INFO for about 5-6 seconds until the RED light CHANGES TO BLINKING GREEN."

Sunday, January 03, 2021

LED Lights Improve Video Look For Online Video Meetings.

 Anyone who is doing video meetings should have a couple of lights like this to improve their video's look.

I got this LED lighting kit for live and recorded video shoots. For my testing, I used the white diffuser filter. The lights were easy to attach to the adjustable 1/4 screw head on top of the tripod. I plugged the two USB plugs into a power strip that supports USB plugs directly. The tripod legs were difficult to open up all the way. Maybe because it was new, but it won't matter because once I got them open, they are going to stay open. Unlike most tripods that I am used to, these are SHORT, measuring only 3' 11". So for my application, I placed them on top of my table to make the lights higher than the interview subjects head, aiming down. I placed one on either side of the subject, high enough so the light would not reflect off the glasses. Anyone who is doing video meetings should have a couple of lights like this to improve their video's look. Two lights are better than one straight on.
Disclosure: This was a customer review of a free product.

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