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Sunday, January 01, 2017

My Three Words for 2017: Breathe, Push, Nurture.

My Three Words for 2017: Breathe, Push, Nurture.

It sounds like I'm having a baby! LOL.

Once again I'm joining in on Chris Brogan's Three Words Project for 2017.

This year I've chosen my three words for both myself and others.


My friend Dina Kaplan has been helping people understand Mindfulness over the past few years and now has a company around it, The Path.

One of the key points of being mindful is to slow down and listen your your own breath.

It's important to understand that you have control over your emotions. Stopping to take a breath helps.

I've been a big fan of this concept for years, based on the writings of Stephen Covey.


This year I've signed up for a personal trainer at Equinox in Chestnut Hill. I've always thought that personal trainers were a gimmick for the health club to make extra money, but now that I've had a number of sessions with Zack Gray, I get it. My check-ins at the club now say corny things like, "Taking it to the next level."

It's really a revelation to me, how important it is to get your body in shape as you age. I've had some shoulder, back an leg pain, and the excersices that I'm now doing will prevent future injuries by making me stronger.

The other side of getting in shape is to monitor and change what food you eat. When we were discussing this aspect of health, Zack got a kick out of it when I described people who don't think about what they eat, as "meat bags just walking around eating what ever they want." ;-)

I'm having fun measuring what I eat using the Under Armor App, My Fitness Pal.

Thanks to Gary Vaynerchuk, Jacqueline Carly, and Erin Bailey for your inspiration on social media.


As always, I like to help fun people and companies grow.

I enjoy teaching children new skills they'll need to grow up to be better adults.

I like to teach adults new skills they'll need to help them grow.

I like to help companies, brands and destinations share their stories in an authentic way to reach more people.