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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Create and Order a 2019 Calendar in Apple Photos App with the Mimeo Photos Project Extension

Now that Apple has removed the ability to create and print calendars from it's Photos App, you can now Create and Order a 2019 Calendar in Apple Photos App with the Mimeo Photos Project Extension.

Mimeo was the company that Apple used to print calendars within the Photos App, so not much has changed.

Install the extension to the Photos app via the link above, then use it to create a new calendar.

You have to have your photos on the Photos app, then drag them in to your Calendar project.

Open the new calendar project and create your calendar months with one or more photos per month. If your photo gets a red exclamation point, that's the app telling your that the photo doesn't have a high enough resolution to print. In that case, you can choose another photo, or reduce it's size on the page, or choose more than one photo on the page, thereby reducing it's size.

In this step, you need to add events like birthdays and anniversaries by hand, one at a time. IN the old app, it imported your events from your Apple Calendar. Not anymore. It would be nice if you could easily add them all in the events sidebar, but you are required to open each month, double click on the day, then add your even in a pop up box. This needs to be streamlined.

Click the button to order a calendar for $19.99. Once in the order entry screen you add shipping details and then you can increase your quantity if you want.

I'm excited to continue to have this calendar creation feature available from Apple. Last year I tried a few other options the the size was too small, and the paper quality wasn't as good. One thing to note, I received immediate answers to my questions via messaging with Mimeo Photos product support.

HAPPY 2019!