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Steve Garfield's Ultimate Video Gear List: Cameras, Microphones, and Lights

Steve Garfield's Ultimate Video Gear List

Here are some of the Cameras, Lights, Microphones, and Accessories that I use. Amazon links are affiliate links.


Q: What camera should you use to shoot video? 
A: Use the camera you have with you.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Web Camera - MacBook Pro 2020 M1 Facetime HD Camera
"FaceTime HD camera can now take full advantage of our latest image signal processor — improving image quality in video conferences and pulling out more details in both shadows and highlights."

Previous Web Camera - MEVO 1.0
I'm using the original version of the MEVO 1.0 camera as my webcam, now that it has come out with a MEVO Wireless Webcam App.

With the Mevo Camera App, you can pan, zoom, and cut with just a few taps. 

If I were getting a new webcam, I'd consider the new MEVO Start camera. It can accept a wired microphone and wired internet connection via their Ethernet power adapter or powered via Power over Ethernet. 
Previous Web Camera - Logitech C920
This is the standard of webcams. It's been around for a while, and supports connecting to a tripod. I have the C920, but the C930 is newer.


This is the version that I use. Works great.


I use two lights now, one on each side of the camera, facing me. No shadows! Great for Zoom. 

use a more expensive square LED MicroPro LITE Panels light that I got years ago. I recently received a new light, free for review, and this one supports easy smartphone use.

Ring Light: 

My friend iJustine uses the Elgato Keylight and Keylight Air.

Mitch Joel uses a Dracast Halo Plus Series LED180 Bicolor Ring light and Light Stand Kit.

Blog Post:

2020 is the Year of Live Videoblogging
Tips on tools, techniques, software, hosting, and live streaming.

People who do video really well:

Live Streaming Pros - Luria Petrucci, and David Foster

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Laura Gassner Otting - Daily at 10 AM Eastern

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