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Steve Garfield's Ultimate Video Gear List: Cameras, Microphones, and Lights

Steve Garfield's Ultimate Video Gear List

Here are some of the Cameras, Lights, Microphones, and Accessories that I use. Amazon links are affiliate links.


Q: What camera should you use to shoot video? 
A: Use the camera you have with you.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

MEVO 1.0
I'm using the original version of the MEVO 1.0 camera as my webcam, now that it has come out with a MEVO Wireless Webcam App.

With the Mevo Camera App, you can pan, zoom, and cut with just a few taps. 

If I were getting a new webcam, I'd consider the new MEVO Start camera. It can accept a wired microphone and wired internet connection via their Ethernet power adapter or powered via Power over Ethernet. 
Previous Web Camera - Logitech C920
This is the standard of webcams. It's been around for a while, and supports connecting to a tripod. I have the C920, but the C930 is newer.


This is the version that I use. Works great.


I use two lights now, one on each side of the camera, facing me. No shadows! Great for Zoom. 

use a more expensive square LED MicroPro LITE Panels light that I got years ago. I recently received a new light, free for review, and this one supports easy smartphone use.

Ring Light: 

My friend iJustine uses the Elgato Keylight and Keylight Air.

Mitch Joel uses a Dracast Halo Plus Series LED180 Bicolor Ring light and Light Stand Kit.

Blog Post:

2020 is the Year of Live Videoblogging
Tips on tools, techniques, software, hosting, and live streaming.

People who do video really well:

Live Streaming Pros - Luria Petrucci, and David Foster

Live Shows to Watch and Learn From:

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  1. Ahh, perfect.. Your videos are great! Right after the first one, I immediately went searching for what equipment you use. Thanks for sharing!