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Friday, August 31, 2007

Now Selling My Photos on ImageKind

Imagekind and Flickr have teamed up to allow you to sell your photos online. Based on early reports, people think it's great. You get to keep 100% of the profit on your photos.

Browse my new photo gallery at ImageKind.

Notes on my experience when setting up my imagekind gallery:

1. The ability to browse your flickr photos from within imagekind is well integrated, but I was only able to view 50 out of 121 pages of flickr photos.

2. Browsing of flickr sets is a nice feature.

3. Ability to change % markup across all photos is nice.

4. When adding photos to an existing gallery, there's no indication of how many more you can add.

5. I'd like to have an imagekind link automatically added to my photos over on flickr on those that are now for sale.

6. It would be nice to have each image default to being a 'photograph'.

7. When editing an image description it would be nice if you could have a next button so you could go directly to the next photo in the gallery for editing instead of having to press save, then select the next photo.

Jim Carrey - Free Aung San Suu Kyi

Jim Carrey calls for people to support the world's only imprisoned Nobel Peace Prize recipient Aung San Suu Kyi. He also decries Burma's military regime for recruiting more child soldiers than any other country in the world, destroying 3,000 villages in eastern Burma, and forcing 1.5 million refugees to flee. He appeals to viewers to join two organizations:

The Human Rights Action Center.

U.S. Campaign for Burma

via [ ]

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Vlog Soup - The Guild

Vlog Soup - The Guild - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

In this episode of Vlog Soup we take a look at The Guild. Cyd Sherman's imaginary world becomes all too real when a gnome warlock shows up on her doorstep. Created and starring Felicia Day - Buffy's (Vi), Directed by Jane Selle Morgan - and Produced by Felicia Day, Kim Evey - creator of Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show and Jane Selle Morgan.

I thought Mahalo was a search Engine

JD Lasica points us to Mahalo and the page: How to Book a Cheap Flight - Mahalo.

I thought Mahalo was a search engine. In fact Mahalo calls itself, "the world's first human-powered search engine."

I think a better description would be to call Mahalo a human powered results engine. It's a lot like Squidoo, where the pages of information are written by someone instead of being generated by a computer.

That's a very good page explaining How to Book a Cheap Flight.

Now I'm looking at the Mahalo Top 50.

Hmm... #14 How to Make Sushi. The "How to Eat Sushi" section is interesting, check it out.

Note: It would nice if you could link directly to a sub-topic on a page.

Where are my residuals?

Where are my residuals? - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

"Dunkin Donuts. Official Coffee and Breakfast Sandwich of New England Patriots Fans"

That doesn't seem accurate. Sure, Dunkin Donuts can sign a contract with the New England Patriots to be the Official Coffee of the New England Patriots, but I never agreed to allow Dunkin Donuts to be the Official Coffee of Patriot Fan Steve Garfield.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Belkin : FireWire ExpressCard™

I will have a Belkin : FireWire ExpressCard™ on Friday.

Mentos, The Freshmaker!

day 21...Mentos, The Freshmaker! - Originally uploaded on flickr by Filosa.

Communications Overtones
In a thoughtful examination of the impact of viral video, Kami Huyse wonders what the true goal of online media undertakings should be. That is, when Mentos launched its wildly popular site earlier this year, was the desired outcome just the millions of hits the site received? Obviously not, the point was to raise awareness of the product, which would ultimately drive sales. “Which brings me to a final point, which is that a good campaign has goals that measure outcomes, not outputs. In the end, a successful campaign has nothing to do with how many "friends" you have on Facebook, or how many "followers" on Twitter, but rather on how many of these are converted to a more positive attitude about your product or service that leads to a behavioral change - namely, that they buy the product or contribute to the cause.”
via [ PR Blog Jots ]

24 Hour Adventure: Boston!

24 Hour Adventure: Boston! - Originally uploaded on flickr by Brooklyn Hilary.

My Email Is Broken

I am totally disgusted with the state of my email inbox. I've got so much spam in there that if you send me an email and I don't recognize your name, I'll probably miss it.

Twitter and Facebook messaging seems more reliable at this point.

Do you know Clarence

Do you know Clarence - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

Clarence told me that if you take a photo of someone with the iPhone, and add it to their page in your iPhone address book, it stays there even after you sync up your photos via iPhoto and delte the photos from the iPhone.

I just tried it.

He's right. The photo still remains in the contact record even though you've deleted everything from your 'camera roll' on the iPhone.

That's cool. I was under the impression that you had to send the photo back the iPhone the next time you synced iPhoto with your phone.

Massachusetts Ave with iPhone Google Maps

Massachusetts Ave with iPhone Google Maps - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

Google Maps on the iPhone is great for finding out where you are and how to get where you are going.

Do you know how to get from Downtown Boston to Porter Square by car?

I took Mass Ave and it's actually very easy, but Mass Ave is not the straightest street in the area.

Google maps was great to confirm cross streets along the way.

Social Breakfast

Andrea MercadoThe Pour House in BostonJack Hodgson

Sarah WurreyBryson PersonSandy Kalik
Heading out to the Boston Social Media Breakfast.

Anything-goes social media breakfast
Venue: Pour House
Time: 8:00 - 9:30am
Address: 907 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02115

A good time was had by all.

Social Media Breakfast - Aug 29, 2007 Photo Set on Flickr.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

24: The Interns

24: the Interns

Carol's Locks of Love

Carol's Locks of Love - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

Carol cuts her hair and donates it to Locks of Love. She let it grow for 9 months so she'd have 10 inches to donate.

Watch the Carol's Locks of Love video.

Locks of Love
Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis.

Vlog Soup - Wine Library TV

Vlog Soup - Wine Library TV - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

In this episode of Vlog Soup we go to Wine Library TV and meet Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary makes wine tasting fun. I taste some wine along with him. Gary is so funny he got on Late Night with Conan O'Brien and showed Conan how to train a palate. You can see the clip of Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube

Podcamp UK and VlogEurope This Weekend

Nir Ofir from blogTV just sent in this:

The weekend of September 1st and 2nd appears to be Europe’s most hectic vlogging time with Podcamp UK and VlogEurope in Germany. Can't attend these events? Tune in to blogTV and watch LIVE streams from these unique unconferences. You can participate in the blogTV chat and even become a vlogging co-host!

PodCampUK is a free two-day event bringing all the excitement, ideas and energy of a PodCamp to the UK for the first time. PodCamps are meet-ups for anyone interested in New Media. They began last year in Boston and are now spreading across the globe, enabling culture, commerce and connections.
This unique event is taking place on the 1st and 2nd of September at the New Technology Institute in Birmingham, and promises to be a brilliant mix of ideas, technology, live music, free food, great people and much more.

Vlog Europe (number 7) has always been about the discussion, and this year they intend to keep that tradition rolling. Vloggers from all over the world are welcome to join the discussion, creating a collaboration vortex and hopefully a lot a great vlogs.

Now everyone can virtually join in the discussion at PodCampUK and VlogEurope. Share your ideas to a community that listens!

To watch and participate go to:

Tech Superpowers to the Rescue!

Just got off the phone with Michael Oh from Tech Superpowers.

He took control of my Mac remotely via Tech Superpowers Managed Mac Application.

Very cool.

We might have narrowed down the problem to the GL/2 Firewire cable.

Ravi is coming by with his Firewire cable and I'll see if that's the problem. I hope so.

Later on...

After further testing it seems like there is a problem with the MacBook Pro, Firewire External Drives, and my GL/2 combined with FCP.

Capturing in iMovie works fine.

FCP does not.

We are thinking about getting an Expresscard/34 Firewire card to see if that solves the problem. Another test would be to see if it's the GL/2 that's causing the problem. Maybe Ravi can bring his camera over later to try a capture...

Stay tuned...

MyBook is Back

I just plugged in my GL/2 into the LaCie to see if I could get Log and Capture working and the system came up and said that I removed a device, the LaCie.

So I powered it down and unplugged it.

Since it was unplugged, I decided to plug in the MyBook to see if the system would recognize it. Last night I installed the MyBook Button Manager Software. Maybe that would make a difference?

Hey look. My backup drive is there.

Next test, see if it boots.

But first I need to safely remove the drive.

Safe Shutdown
- Press Power Button Once ( LED turns off )
- Drive has been dismounted from the desktop


Empty the Comcast Web Mail Trash

Comcast Web Mail needs to display an indication that you have items in the trash, otherwise, when you move your mail to the trash you might not know that you have to empty the trash to reclaim the space in your mailbox.

The Macintosh has that figured out.

When I Started Blogging

Off On A Tangent started on Thursday, November 09, 2000.

Before that I was hand coding a blog for the Karlson and McKenzie Morning Show on Eagle 93.7 from November 18, 1997 to April 1, 1999.

Adam at Universal Hub wanted to know.

Problems with my MacBook Pro - Part III

After connecting the LaCie drive and GL/2 via FW 800, I can review and select footage for capture, but when I start a batch capture, FCP hangs and I have to Force Quit.

LaCie Drive

MBP -> FW 800 -> FW 800 -> GL/2

Batch Capture
Force Quit
Finder Hang


Batch Capture
Force Quit

MyBook Won't Mount, FW800 or FW 400

LaCie won't mount
Unplug daisy chained drives on LaCie
LaCie mounts

Monday, August 27, 2007

Backing up

Backing up - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

Everything is now backed up on the MyBook drive.

Disk activity

The only problem is that the MyBook drive won't mount now.


Support request sent to Western Digital:

After partitioning my mybook into two partitions as mac os extended, I loaded superduper! and backed up my mac book pro.

Then I moved the partitions to the trash.

Next i tried to mount the drive and it won't mount.

I powered it down, powered up, plugged in Firewire 800, then Firewire 400.

Nothing seems to work.

SuperDuper Backup

Reading blog posts prior to starting the backup:

WD My Book Premium 500GB:
Overall so far it made a good first impression on me and based on this I might get on of the terrabyte drives in the future to store our ever expanding itunes and iphoto libraries. Its basically done what I would expect a hard disk to do, do its job quietly and efficiently without being a nuisance.
The FireWire was important so that I can boot from the disk. MyBooks come formatted as FAT32 disks, which isn’t a problem for OS X to read, but you have to reformat as Mac OS Extended if you want to use SuperDuper! So I reformatted and also created two partitions so that I can use part of the disk as scratch space for video editing. Once that was done, I fired up SuperDuper!, and made a full backup of the iMac last night.
Here we go...

SuperDuper Copy Now

MBP -> FW 800 -> FW 800 -> GL/2

I'm trying lots of different cabling connections to try to get my camera connected to my MacBook Pro.

This just worked:

MBP -> LaCie FW 800 -> LaCie FW 800 -> GL/2

Now attempting a batch capture.

Vlogging: a family affair

Vlogging: a family affair - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

Video Report: Vlogging: a family affair
Some of the most popular video blogs on the Web are produced by couples, reports Anastasia Tubanos for

I sent in a clip for this vlogging couples video report but it didn't make it in. The Carol and Steve Show got a mention though. ;-)

Here it is:


Problems with my MacBook Pro - Part II

Just so I can keep track of the issues with my MacBook Pro the next time I take it in for service, here are the error events that happened over the past two days:

System Hangs
No External drives visible
Power off External LaCie
Unplug, plug in, drive boots

Final Cut Pro can not see GL/2 camera via:
- FW 400 on MacBook Pro
- FW 400 on LaCie FW 800

Mac can not see Firewire drives
FW 800 drive appears when FW 400 cable is removed from MBP
FW 400 cable plugged in, drives show up

Batch capture, FCP Hangs

Go buy backup drive. See previous entry. ;-)

In Retrospect I am Backing up my MacBook Pro

Thanks for all the great feedback on what type of hard drive I should get to back up my MacBook Pro.

I went in to the Apple store in Chestnut Hill Mall to grab a LaCie Rugged Firewire 800, thinking that I'd be using SuperDuper to backup.

Firewire seems to be a better choice since it's faster than USB and you can book off of it.

The Apple Store didn't have the Rugged drive, but it did have a 250 GB Western Digital MyBook drive with a triple interface for $159. That seemed like a fair price.

The MyBook drive also comes with EMC Retrospect Express software which is made to both backup and restore your entire system. That's exactly what I need to do.

Any suggestions before I start?

My MacBook Pro has a 120 GB drive in it so I think I'll be able to partition the MyBook into a 120 GB and a 130 GB leaving one partition for backup and the other for regular storage. Sound good?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

David Tamés Shoot 08/25/07

David Tamés Shoot 08/25/07 - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

Problems with my MacBook Pro

Charles and MacBook Pro

I picked up my MacBook Pro with it's second new motherboard on Friday. The previous new motherboard was installed in July. The last time I lost my hard drive too.

I'm getting an external USB drive and am going to back everything up with Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper.

That'll give me a total backup of everything.

Further reading:
The State of Backup and Cloning Tools under Mac OS X.

Problem tracking since Friday:

Photoshop - Hang
Firefox - Hang
Empty Trash - Hang
No Internet activity - Cable Modem reboot
Mac- Hard Reset/Reboot
No External drives in Finder
Will not power on

Your thoughts on PowerBook backup solutions? Thanks.

Replies I got on twiter:

joshpaul - plan on FW to take advantage of TimeMachine in the future

Lan Bui - Firewire is much faster for backups. I use SuperDuper! well worth the money!

David Weinberger - backupo to firewire, if only because it has a cooler name. (also, faster transfer rates, last time i looked)


Friday, August 24, 2007


I'm working with a friend of mine Dave Wildman on project that brings blogging, and videoblogging together with his forthcoming novel, THE BOOK OF ENEMY.

If I was in Hollywood pitching this to a studio I'd say it's a cross between LonleyGirl15 and 24. But then again, I haven't read the novel. It's going to happen in real time during September and you can take part by making some videos, audio, podcsasts, photos, blog posts, etc. However you'd like to contribute would be great.

Dave explains what we're looking for below.


We’re looking for volunteers to participate in a social media art experiment. The Book of Enemy is a groundbreaking blog-novel that is happening in real time throughout the month of September. The project will culminate in a reading/performance piece at Axiom Gallery in Jamaica Plain, Boston, MA on September 28. A number of Boston artists, photographers and filmmakers are providing illustrations for the show, and we’d like to open the project up to the vlogosphere.

Here’s what’s happening:

Pol Thornton is a small time journalist working for The Berkshire Eagle who began a blog, was fired from his job on August 27 and disappeared the next day into a mysterious cult called Engine.

We know this about Engine:

* Engine’s followers consider it a religion. It is practiced by millions the world over in secret.
* Compounds exist in many cities. The main complex is located in The Berkshires, at the G.E. plant in Pittsfield, MA. Followers wear hooded red robes.
* Engine teaches that the Earth is conscious, and it is trying to kill us.
* Engine teaches that the only safe place is at an Engine compound.
* Engine refers to the Earth as The Enemy, and followers are sworn to its destruction.

While at the compound, Pol has managed to continue blogging (

A collection of his observations and wild adventures will be compiled a the blog-novel The Book of Enemy, which you will be able to access on the upcoming website


Go to Engine Reports (

There you'll see a post put up by Betty Sharpe, an aggrieved (fictional) mother attempting to connect with others that have lost loved ones to Engine.

Under the comments section add the url for your video or just write a commentary.

Your post can be a video from someone trapped in an Engine compound somewhere, or it could be about experiences you’ve had with Engine. Maybe you know someone that joined the cult, or suspect that half your town is involved and would like to do a short documentary about it. Perhaps you’ve noticed strange activities going on with people dressed up in red robes practicing bizarre rituals and you were able to capture it on film. You could even have taken photographs or done artwork that you would like to add to the proceedings.

Add a Comment
Add a comment on Betty Sharpe's post with your links.

Please tag your video, posts, audio, photos with the tag ENGINEREPORTS.

Anyone that participates will be included in the gallery exhibition on Sept 28, and some of the more creative entries may be featured in the full color program for the event.

Deadline for all submissions will be Friday, Sept 21st.

Make sure that any videos you make have the url for the displayed prominently somewhere in them, preferably at the end, so that others can link into the project.

Here’s some more info you may or may not want to reference about Engine:
Engine believes only in psychic conversation, so members are forbidden to speak. They follow a psychic named Oslowe who teaches The Language of the Mind.

Deeper levels of Engine exist to combat The Enemy.

Everything that Engine believes can be tied into known history, but with a twist. They follow an ancient text that has been passed down by word of mouth over the centuries known as The Book of Enemy. The Book of Enemy details the period of time between Genesis and The Deluge when biblical figures lived for long periods of time, like Jared, who lived to be 962, Methuselah who lived to 969, and so on. The Book of Enemy explains that God is the Earth, and He created all these early humans as super moving machines to do work on the planet, to build a great geomantic grid that would allow it to evolve to a higher consciousness. The grid consisted of temples and geomantic locations such as Stonehenge and the pyramids. But the humans discovered individuality and there was a great uprising. God responded by melting the ice caps and creating the Great Flood, wiping out all His creations. But He allowed Noah (or Gilgamesh), to survive, to keep the race going but on a much limited scale, although population quickly exploded, and He set about trying to wipe them out again. Twelve of the original humans survived the flood, and became the twelve “gods” that helped the mortals rebuild the civilization of Sumer, which had been where the first strain of humans lived before the Deluge. This is why the Sumerian civilization seemed to appear out of nowhere around 3000 BC. The “gods” were eventually wiped out by the Babylonian civilization, but Engine believes that some of them still walk the Earth.
Anyone interested in reading the novel The Book of Enemy, that this is all based on, can contact: davidpwildman [ at ] gmail [ dot ]com.


David Wildman

Video: Kids Watching TV

Godfrey Reggio - "Evidence", A short film by "Koyaanisqatsi" director Godfrey Reggio produced at Fabrica ( in Italy with Angela Melitopoulos and Miroslav Janek and produced by Massimo Cortesi.

via [ Schlomo's Video Bathroom ]

I'm Going to PodCamp Philly

PodCamp Philly
PodCamp Philly | The UnConference.

Boston represents in Philly... Check out the attendee list...

Looking forward to meeting Philadelphia Media Makers. See you there.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Bahamas Music Video

Created with Animoto.

This is pretty cool. You point Animoto to your photos, choose some music and the computer brain makes the video for you.

Hello Moto.

6 tips for shooting effective Web video

Social Media: 6 tips for shooting effective Web video:
"Here's a 4-minute video with Jessica Kizorek of Two Parrot Productions, conducted at the Web Video Summit in San Jose, Calif., June 2007. Jessica provides six tips for shooting effective Web video."
I watched this whole video.

Real-time communication is what people crave

Evolution of Communication: From Email to Twitter and Beyond:
"We barely have time to pause and reflect these days on how far communications technology has progressed. Without even taking a deep breath, we've transitioned from email to chat to blogs to social networks and more recently to Twitter. "
Follow me on Twitter.

Jetset is MTV

Fred Seibert's 25,000,000
JETSET is just cool. Host/producer Zadi Diaz and producer Steve Woolf are defining forces internet culture the way Rolling Stone and MTV defined pop music culture. And JETSET correspondents will be hosting a second show here soon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Vimeo Movie Projector

I put videos I create on Vimeo. You can see my profile.

MacBook Pro Has Symptoms of Failure

Based on the earlier problem I had with my most recent Final Cut Pro project not saving, and some new symptoms, I'm bringing my MacBook Pro in for service today to tech Superpowers.

The last time my hard drive failed, they told me if I had any further problems they'd try to get me a brand new Mac. It's had a difficult service history.

Trapped in my iPhone

Today's symptoms:

- iMovie will not Force Quit when hung
- iMovie will not open
- System hangs on boot when external drives are connected
- can not capture video via firewire from the system FW 400 port
- can not capture video via firewire from an attached La Cie FW 800
- intermittent scrolling

A client reminded me that I lost my hard drive recently, and then yesterday I lost a whole Final Cut Pro project. From their perspective, my Mac experience doesn't sound so good.

It's as good point, but even with all the failures, I still prefer Mac to PC.

I hope I get a quick and acceptable solution today.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Collapse of Iraq

H.D.S. Greenway explains what is happening in Iraq, National stress in Iraq:
"It is a familiar pattern in the breakup of empires and countries when the lid of controlling power is lifted. 'Everywhere there is a clear loss of authority, loss of legitimacy of existing authority,' political scientist Andre Markovits once told me. 'When national structure and empires collapse, people will turn inwards to find security and a sense of identity within the old kin group, clan, tribe, nationality, or whatever else defines the ethnic survival group.' In India then, as in Arab parts of Iraq now, the survival group is defined by religion. The age-old questions of who is to inherit what, who will own the land, and who will have power are as pertinent for broken countries as for broken marriages, or for siblings whose parents have died leaving an untidy estate. What will be the division of the spoils?"
Our leaders are supposed to learn from history so they don't repeat the same mistakes.

My Gazania Photo Featured on NPR Talking Plants

My Gazinia Photo Featured on NPR Talking Plants
My Gazinia Photo Featured on NPR Talking Plants - Originally uploaded on flickr by stevegarfield.

I took this photo of a Gazania on Nantucket and didn't know what it was. Now I do thanks to Talking Plants and Ketzel Levine.

Wine Tasting Myths Exposed

Legal Sea Foods Wine Cellar

Watch the video:

Wine Tasting Myths Exposed

YouTube iPhone Video Featured on Apple iPhone Site

My iPhone: Conference Calling Made Easy YouTube video is the featured video on the Apple iPhone page at Boxxet.

I've never seen Boxxet. They describe themselves like this:
Boxxet brings together the "best of" news, blogs, videos, photos, gear and much more on people's favorite subjects. Boxxet's unique combination of computer automation and community passion produces the most diverse and complete best-of compilations on the Web's most popular and interesting subjects.

Monday, August 20, 2007

LOST: FCP Project

Apple - Support - Discussions - Project File Never Saved ...:
"I worked on a project all morning, saving as I went along, and when I was ready to export a QuickTime movie, I duplicated the Sequence so I'd have a backup. Sequence 2 was blank with no edits in it. I went back to Sequence 1 and it was also now empty. I tried to revert, and went to all the Autosave copies, but all of them were blank with nothing in the timeline. So although I was pressing command S all morning and my project had a file name in the Browser window. no project file on my disk was ever saved and all my edits were lost."
Final Cut Pro has been very stable and reliable for a long time. Today's experience shakes my faith in the current version.

I hope to gain some insight from the discussion over on the Appple support site.

The authorities have been notified.

What, if anything, do you dislike about the Apple iPhone?

More answers to my AT&T online iPhone survery:

I dislike knowing that it's OS X and a lot of operating system features are not available to me.

A few glaring omissions:

No cut and paste.

No ability to set a song as a ring tone.

No access to the iPhone memory from the Macintosh desktop.

Missing flickr upload application that would post full resolution photos to flickr via the AT&T network or available WiFi. [ Emailing photos to flickr reduces the photo's resolution ]

Camera needs image stabilizer.

No video recording option.

What do you like most about the Apple iPhone?

AT&T asked me to fill out an online Survey.

Here'e one of my answers:

I like the iPhone because it allows me to be online from anywhere, accessing the web and email, without the need to have my laptop with me.

I also like the automatic sync of my iCal calendar and contacts.

Watching videos is an amazing experience, and the fact that you can watch a video directly form a web page just blows my mind.

The ease of selecting favorites from my phone book is a nice feature as is the keyboard function.

I also love the scrolling built in to the interface for browsing web pages and scanning through email.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Funny Videos from Pixelodeon

Pixelodeon - Annual Independent Video Festival.

Here are my video selections from the session at Pixelodeon that I curated:

I Watched, I Laughed, I Vlogged: A collection of comedy I've discovered while producing Vlog Soup.

Since 2005, Steve Garfield has been finding great videos on the web and sharing them on his videoblog, Vlog Soup.

My videos, along with all the other festival selections and presentations are posted at the Pixelodeon website.

Jerry and Orrin Zucker
It's JerryTime!

Episode 6: The Karate Date

Episode 7: the Brute


The secret truths of cat leashes, REVEALED! by Clint M Chilcott

Episode 19 - Jim Dupree: HDTV Enthusiast

Jim Dupree is enthusiastic about HDTV.

Dan Misener as Jim Dupree
Hooray for Funn!

The Hockey Song
My Videoblog by Jack Selby

my videoblog 1 and 3
God, Inc.

Episode 1
Lip Dubbing: Crazy

Jakob Lodwick
Quiet Library

MySpace Patrol

Charlie Ticket Madness

Robert Knox writes in todays' Boston Globe City Weekly section, He's the man who (almost) never returned:
"I am mano a mano with a touch screen, or perhaps mano a machino, and things are not going well. I've put my Charlie Card in and out, added a nice round number of dollars to my card, found the place where the plastic credit card slides in, and followed the screen's orders. I slide; I withdraw. 'Invalid card.' I do this a few more times with the same result, the sequence culminating in the ever-informative, 'Transaction canceled.'"
In this article he describes the convoluted system of T fares.

What struck a chord with me is the problematic pricing scheme that charges different fares for the same ride based on wether you have a Charlie Card or a Charlie Ticket. $1.70 vs. $2.00

In the photo above is my useless Charlie Ticket with $.25 on it. It's pretty much worthless since it would cost me $1.75 to get it to $2.00 for a ride on the T, but if I just add $1.70 in value to my Charlie Card, I can take the same ride. So by trashing a card with $.25 on it I save $.05 in incremental cost.


I'd like to be able to transfer the $.25 from my Charlie Ticket to my Charlie Card, but I have not been able to determine how to do that.

Coding Horror: Thirteen Blog Clichés

OMG!!! Eric Rice points us to - Coding Horror: Thirteen Blog Clichés

After reading it, I removed these ads from my sidebar:

Netflix, Inc.MacBook_17in-180x150

I'm on a ad removing mission prompted in part by the above post, discussions on the Yahoo! videoblogging list about personal blogs being commercial or non-commercial, and a general feeling that I want to remove clutter.

How do you feel about it?

Are you a blogger? Do you have ads on your site? Does that make your site commercial?

Are you a blog reader? Do you even look at ads on blogs?

I want to hear what you think.

I removed this too.

I liked it, but never used it.

Flight Status
By Flight or Route
examples: AA 123 or JFK to LHR
Don't Know the Code?