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Thursday, August 31, 2006

RSS Feed Icon: PMS 1505?

Matt Brett: Feed Icon: Trademark, Agreement, Guidelines, what?
What is the PMS color # for the RSS Feed Icon?

PMS 1505?

Josh Wolf: Free on Bail

Bail granted for journalist Josh Wolf:
"(08-31) 15:46 PDT SAN FRANCISCO -- Josh Wolf, a freelance journalist who has been jailed since Aug. 1 for refusing to turn over videos of a political protest to a federal grand jury, was granted bail today by a federal appeals court."
Josh Wolf is Free!

Video: Many Die. Some Survive.

Carol and Steve Show: Many Die. Some Survive.

Jojo was a Photo

links for 2006-08-31

Vlog Soup

Vlog Soup by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Holland Wilde created this for Vlog Soup.

RSS Scraping is Not Fair Use

PlagiarismToday - Why RSS Scraping Isn’t O.K.:
"Simply put, fair use is not a license to do what one will with another’s work, even if it isn’t for profit. Fair use is a pointed right that is targeted mostly at education, news and other public services. It has never been used successfully to protect the scraping of creative works."
via [ Raving Lunacy ]

LG15 is fake as is religion

The End of Faith (Book) :: Sam Harris:
"This important and timely book delivers a startling analysis of the clash of faith and reason in the modern world. The End of Faith provides a harrowing glimpse of mankind’s willingness to suspend reason in favor of religious beliefs, even when these beliefs inspire the worst of human atrocities."
via [ Brian Flemming ] who is not Lonelygirl15 and says:
For the record, all that religion stuff is bullshit, and you shouldn't pollute your mind with it. Just say no. Save the planet. If your parents make you hail Satan or praise the zombie Jesus, tell them for me that I think they're retarded.
Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite vs. The Evolution of Dance Guy

via [ Will Video For Food ] who says:
This one’s done well. It’s the second video Judson Laipply posted (his first is an all-time most popular on YouTube). Judson and Pedro (from Napolean Dynamite) dance.
This one’s a subtle promotion for Crank. It avoids, for the most part, all of the 7 Deadly Sins of Viral Video Advertising.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Multicamp Steve

2006.08.30 Multicamp Steve by kino-eye, uploaded from flickr.

Steve Garfield deciding what camera to use to shoot video for his Podcamp Boston 2006. Promo, eventually, he ran into David Tames who suggested shooting it with a Sony HVR-Z1U, which they did.

Name Badges, T-Shirts and Video Teeth Whitening

links for 2006-08-30

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

WHDH-7 Boston Newsroom Meltdown

The Radio Equalizer: Brian Maloney: WHDH-7 Boston, Talk Radio, Newsroom Meltdown:
"Without their customary tools of the television news trade, Channel 7's newscast was aborted after a just couple of minutes. As it became clear they were on their own, flustered anchors became increasingly panicked, ultimately leading to an on- air disaster of epic proportions. See the stunning video of this fiasco here."
I saw this too and at the time wondered why they couldn't just continue to report the news without technology.

The Jeff Pulver's Guide to Internet TV

Vlog Soup made it on The Jeff Pulver's Guide to "TV Shows Only Available on the Internet".

Ravi and Sonia, Casey and Rudy, Irina and Eddie , Bre, Chuck and friends, Richard and his wife, Joanne and Andrew, Ze, and Dr. Tiki and La La, made it too, among others.

He missed Jerry, Tristan, Juan and Ximena, Craig's Videogrunt and Podgrunt though. I'll have to send in an email.

Many BarCamp Logos

links for 2006-08-29

Five Year Old Blogger

Being Five a comic strip by George Sfarnas about a five year old kid who blogs using voice recognition software.
via [ Scoble ]

PodCamp Boston Blog

Check out the PodCamp Boston Blog to stay current with all the news about PodCamp Boston.

September 9th and 10th in Boston. Learn all about podcasting and videoblogging. Meet others. It's not your regular conference. This time the attendees take charge, and it's free.

Watching Shows on Computers

MediaShift: Watching Shows on Computers Supplements Your TV Viewing | PBS.

Mark Glaser asks:
What other TV shows or video content do you like to watch on computer monitors? Or tell us why you don’t like watching TV on your computer if that’s the case.
I answered over on his blog and am reposting my comments over here too since I spent so much time typing.:
Isn't there a visual effect going on here regarding the size of the screen?

When you are watching TV from your couch the TV screen takes up a certain amout of your field of vision. Let's say 1/9th for conversation.

When you are watching a video on a laptop, which is maybe on your lap or a tray table, what percentage of your field of vision is that video? Maybe 1/6th?

So in this example, the video is bigger. And if it's something like Apple's H.264, it's really high quality.

I watched some of the preview episodes of new TV shows that were available on iTunes. Kyle XY and Studio 60 on Sunset Strip. I now Tivo Kyle and will Tivo Studio 60.

One other thing that needs mentioning is that in addition to watching TV content on computers, I'm also watching videoblogs. I subscribe to people. When I watch a videoblog, I have the opportunity to click a link and leave a comment, like I'm doing here. Some vlogs even promote collaboration, like Ze Frank and Galacticast. They solicit feedback in the form of mutimedia. While a small percentage of viewers will participate, it points to a future where media is two way communication rather than one way.

YouTube is breaking ground in this area with video comments. Lots of conversation is happening over there in both video and text. It's exciting.

Monday, August 28, 2006

out of the blue

out of the blue by _rebekka, uploaded from flickr.

I was in Maui

FlickrBlog: Great shot - where'd you take that?
Flickr adds Geotagging.

Video Elegance

links for 2006-08-28

Cryin' by Kayleigh Carvin

Andy Carvin's Audio of Babies Crying.

To help you and your pets get used to the sound of babies crying prior to the happy little arrival.

God is voting for Katherine Harris

ABC News: Harris Clarifies Comments on Religion:
"U.S. Rep. Katherine Harris told a religious journal that separation of church and state is 'a lie' and God and the nation's founding fathers did not intend the country be 'a nation of secular laws.' The Republican candidate for U.S. Senate also said that if Christians are not elected, politicians will 'legislate sin,' including abortion and gay marriage.

Harris made the comments which she clarified Saturday in the Florida Baptist Witness, the weekly journal of the Florida Baptist State Convention, which interviewed political candidates and asked them about religion and their positions on issues.

Separation of church and state is 'a lie we have been told,' Harris said in the interview, published Thursday, saying separating religion and politics is 'wrong because God is the one who chooses our rulers.'"
These folks would disagree:

American Athiests - Harris' comments draw fierce reaction

The Rational Responders.

Brian Flemming - The God Who Wasn't There.

YouTube: Emmys 2006 - Opening Number (Part 1)

I missed the beginning of the Emmy's last night, but thanks to YouTube, I can watch a free clip of Conan O'Brien's Emmy opening video this morning.

Thanks YouTube, and thank you Conan O'Brien.

Why in the name of all that is pure and good in this world, isn't this Emmys Opening Number on Why?



Why did I have to go to OhNoTheyDidnt's Livejournal blog to find it?

I Want a Chumby

Chumby Industries:
"our site has been driven into the ground by the overwhelming response to our introduction of the chumby at FOO Camp 2006"
The birth of Chumby.

Get Bre Pettis a Chumby.

The frame of the camera

2005.12.23_8994.JPG by kino-eye, uploaded from flickr.

David Tames says:

"A film, by it's very nature, shows only a small portion of reality. Although the Steenbeck editing table provides context for the interview, only a small piece of the world is seen through the frame of the camera."

A Whole System of Communication

Nice post by Michael Meiser, Random thoughs on social media:
"Video blogging is not like TV or Film. If there is a revolutionary idea behind new media it's that it's simply personal communication that just so happen to be public."
Michael then talks about "a whole system of communication":
About fidelity, "quality", and perfection. Remeber... it's not about the medium, it's about the conversation. All these media are simply facets of a whole system of communication that connect you with those around you.
I think this point is really important. Like Jay Dedman says, "we are capturing moments."

While reviewing the Nokia N93 cell phone, I've been posting text, audio, photos, and video over on a new blog that I created to share my findings: Nokia N93 test Center Blog.

If I was writing a review for a newspaper or magazine, you'd miss out on the video parts. If I was doing this for TV, you'd miss out on the text parts. If I was doing this for a product review site, you probably wouldn't see any of it yet since they'd probably wait until it was 'done' before posting it.

What I'm doing is blogging.

It's a conversation.

I'm posting little moments that are happening each day as I discover new things about the phone. And it's not perfect either.

In my post about posting video from the Nokia N93 from the sidewalk via WiFi, I uploaded the video from the sidewalk, but I made the post 'live on the blog' from home because Carol wanted to leave. That's ok. It doesn't matter...

I'm posting my findings on the blog and people are interested. I'm also getting comments from other N93 users suggesting other features to try. Things I might not have thought of.

If I was doing this in private, it wouldn't be such a rich experience.

It's different than a review you'd find in a magazine. It's not finished yet. And that's what's great about it.

It's a conversation.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Click and Shoot: PUBLIC GARDEN

Boston Photography Center's next Click and Shoot will be at none other than Boston's Public Garden, Saturday, September 2, 2006, 1:00 PM!
We thought this would be a great event to have to cap off the City Projects.

There will be two goals to this Click and Shoot.

1) To learn and gain inspiration from each other while we shoot -- just like we always do with our group photo outings.

And 2) To take some beautiful pictures to add to our group Tabblo of the Public Garden.
I'm going to this. I've wanted to get a Boston flickr photo walk going for a while. This is a great opportunity to start.

Watch Andy Carvin's video of a recent Art Mob at Boston Public Garden.

Deliver a message to Sen. Kennedy

Colin Rhinesmith writes to tell me that next Wednesday in Boston, they're delivering a message to Sen. Kennedy: save the Internet, protect Net Neutrality.

Senator Kennedy - Support Net Neutrality:
"Senator Kennedy's Boston Office
30 Aug 12:00 PM
Senator Kennedy needs to know his constituents are paying attention to his upcoming vote on Net Neutrality and expect him to vote the right way. We will deliver thousands of petition signatures from Massachusetts residents asking him to support Net Neutrality."
He's asking for your help to deliver thousands of Net Neutrality petitions to Kennedy's office next Wednesday.

Jack Flies with Aviation Podcast

My friend Jack Hodgson has a new podcast.

Etcetera: The No-Name Aviation Podcast:
"A couple of friends and I have started to publish a bi-weekly podcast about flying. Eventually it will have a real name, but for now it's called the 'No-Name General Aviation Podcast'"

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Garlic by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Taken with the Nokia N93 at Allandale Farm.

LOST COMMERCIAL - Free Placement on my blog

LOST S3 Promo version 1

Who says TV commercials aren't something that we want to see?

I love this TV commercial and will put it right here on my blog for FREE.

There it is, a FREE placement of a TV commercial where I get NO COMPENSATION.


Nokia Nseries and Happiness

links for 2006-08-26

Imogen Heap - Avalon 11/11

Imogen Heap tickets Avalon Boston, MA.

Just ordered mine.

Posting Video

Sometimes posting a video isn't that easy. This post didn't start out to be a test bed for all the video blogging hosting services, but it seems to be turning out that way. ;-)

First Try:
Lifeblog - I sent a video, via a Nokia N93 cell phone using Lifeblog to Typepad. I got the error "Web server reported error." Doesn't tell me enough. Sent a request into support.

Second Try:
Hipcast - Uploading and posting is easy. The encode to Flash darkened the first few frames. I sent in a support request to have them re-encode. I work with Eric and Hipcast and I've never seen this before. Maybe jsut a glitch.

Third Try:
Vimeo - Here to, uploading and posting was easy. The encoded Flash video made the audio go out of sync with the video. I've emailed them. I haven't seen this happen on Vimeo before either.

Nokia N93 Photo Sent via Lifeblog WiFi on Vimeo

Third Try, Part Two:
FreeVideoCoding - The generated code gave me a nice still frame that played when you clicked on it, but no text link URL, so I made one, but that video plays in a new window, which is inconsistent with the video playing as an embeded video. I used the original .mov file that is hosted on Vimeo for this one.

Photo to Typepad via Lifeblog on Nokia N93

Click to Download

Fourth Try:
Vlog Central - Uploading and posting to blog was easy. Encoding gave me a QuickTime and Windows version which both played as embeded when clicked on. I've been a beta user of Vlog Central for a while now and it always works. It'll be good to see it be available to a wider audience.

This post will be updated as I hear back from the different video hosting services mentioned. Don't think of this post as being finished. It's an ongoing collaborative post between me, the vendors and you the readers. - Since I'm uploading all over the place, here's the video over on too. Initial thumbnail is black and uploading a new thumbnail on blip is failing. I've got an email in to support. Again, this usually does not happen.

Watch the Video

YouTube - Here's the video on YouTube. It also has a few dark frames at the start. Something quirky with Flash encoding I guess. I changed the HTML to make it smaller on the blog [ width="300" height="225" ]:

Please comment. Thanks.

More testing of the Nokia N93 is on my Nokia N93 test Center Blog.

Four Eyed Monsters Screenings

Four Eyed Monsters
@ Somerville Theater - Thursdays @ 7:30 pm

Watch Invite | Trailer | Video Podcast | Tickets

Four Eyed Monsters Thursdays In September.

The movie, Four Eyed Monsters will be playing in these cities in September:

New York, Los Angeles, Boston - Somerville Theatre, Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle.

Eric Rice: Charismahiki

Eric Rice writes: Burnout Series: Should I go to Podcast Expo?
Funny thing that I’m noticing personally is that I’m taking less and less gear with me to conferences. All I brought with me to SLCC was my laptop, which was on the THIRD day, not the first two. I use my mobile for IRC and email, and periodic IMing.

Didn’t bring a camera.
Didn’t bring the iRiver.
Didn’t bring the video cam.

Now I’m not even bringing the laptop. (okay, proximity has a lot to do with it)

Is my body the next thing?
I think Eric Rice is contemplating becoming a charismahiki.

Best Delicious Tags Ever: DEVO Devo / Bow Wow Wow at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Saturday, October 28, 2006).

Now they are Technorati Tags too:

Friday, August 25, 2006

Pop goes Amanda Congdon

Amanda Congdon teams up with popurls:
"pop goes he world again! i’m (Thomas Marban) announcing the cooperation with amanda congdon. launching in september she will remix the best urls from popurls every weekday in her own little box right on popurls."
Congratulations Amanda. I've been enjoying popurls for a while now and your contributions will make it even better...

A Creative Explosion

Business Filter - Business Weblog - The Boston Globe

Great flickr photos and toys

links for 2006-08-25

River of News on a Nokia N93

River of News on a Nokia N93 by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Check out a video of the River of News on a Nokia N93.

I'm testing the Nokia N93 cellphone with WiFi, connected to my home network, browsing the New York Times with Dave Winer's River of News feature that you can find at

My Mom and the Sunflowers

My Mom and the Sunflowers by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

I'm talking a picture of my shadow

I'm talking a picture of my shadow by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

I'm having fun testing a Nokia N93 cell phone.

Dreamhost Email Down

My stevegarfield email is down. I have a support request in to Dreamhost.

If you want to get a hold of me, use the offonatangent email.

I went into Dreamhost mail and am now also forwading all my mail to gmail, so if you send email to me at Dreamhost, I'll still get it at gmail...

I hate email problems.

I also hate spam.

They fixed something and after a few hours I was getting email again.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Amanda Congdon, Podcasting and Video

links for 2006-08-24

I'm Google Talking

How to configure iChat for Google Talk?
If you'd like to use iChat to connect to the Google Talk service, make sure you have Mac OS X Tiger installed on your computer*. Here's how to configure iChat to connect to the Google Talk service.
Hello Casey!

Hello, hello....hello... heelllooo

I just got a follow up call on a recent car service appointment.

They use a computer system to place the calls I guess, so I had to say hello, 5 times before they responded. I almost hung up.

I said, "Hello, hello....hello... heelllooo."

Then she said hello.

I asked, "what were you doing, sleeping?"

Then she did the survery with me.

At the end of the call the rep said, "An I don't ever sleep on my job."

I found that rude.

She should have kept that to herself.

On a scale of 1-5, I give that phone operator a 2.

Vlog Soup: Episode 18

This week Vlog Soup: Episode 18 is all about collaboration!

realVerse on Josh Wolf

Bethany over at realVerse comments on Josh Wolf's situation:
"This episode was produced by realVerse for It focuses on Josh Wolf, a video blogger recently jailed in San Francisco."
Jay Dedman sent a comment in, but it hasn't shown up yet on their blog, so I'm posting it here:
"It'd be good if you linked back to our orginal video that you are
using. It's licensed under Creative Commons non-commercial

This full video also helps put your editorialization in clearer perspective.
Josh says he did not record any crime. He has offered to let the judge scan the tape, but the judge refuses.
The reason Josh refuses to turn in the tape is so the Government cannot use it to make a database of protestors. Don't think it
happens? [ ]
-- use for a username/password

Regardless of what political side you're on, we should all agree that journalists are not agents of the government. If people feel that a journalist's raw tapes and notes can be used against them...who would then trust a journalist? Government then squashes the media's ability to cover stories.

There's a great right wing/left wing debate that happened here:

Please pretty woman...let's discuss the facts. A mouthpiece is boring."

They posted a link to Jay and Ryanne's video, but Jay's comment is still not up.

Subpoena Power, the Game

Subpoena Power, the Game: Save the Republic:
"The gamer commands a hero figure who confronts an array of characters in the halls of power on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. The Objective is to save the republic by finding the trustworthy congressmen and vanquishing the corrupt ones."

Blogger is now a Dog

Aww... How cute. Blogger is now a little dog.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Chris Pirillo Laughs and Laughs

Chris Pirillo's Response to Millie's Response

Have a nice laugh with Chris Pirillo as he watches my mom respond to his cartoon...

Ronni posts a summary of the events on her blog. the past few days, an event has occurred that brings two widely separated ages together appreciating each other. Follow along now and I promise you’ll have a great laugh even if you have seen all or part of this before.

Toyotas and Storm Windows

links for 2006-08-23

The Museum of Broadcast Communications

The Museum of Broadcast Communications (MBC) presents historic and contemporary radio and television clips.
via [ Brightcove Customer Showcase ]

Free Josh Wolf: Update

Boing Boing: Free Josh Wolf: update on jailed San Francisco video-blogger:
"Josh would love to get mail, so if you still remember what a pen is, drop him a line at:

Federal Correctional Institution - Dublin
Joshua Wolf 98005-111
5701 8th St. Camp-Parks, Unit J2
Dublin, CA 94568"
Free Josh Wolf!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Free Speech for Zombies and Viral Video

links for 2006-08-22

Video: Casey Kong

Excellent job on casey kong...!!!

That one had me interested the whole way through

Good story and really great special effects.

Garfield by Modigliani

Me as might have been painted by Modigliani.

The Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer is a java applet that runs in your browser and transforms photographs of your face.
via [ UTATA ]

Chuck Olsen and Blogumentary in NYC

Chuck Olsen's Blogumentary NYC Premiere, August 30.
If you're in New York, or have friends there, come out to the Two Boots Pioneer Theater on August 30 for the theatrical premiere of Blogumentary. I will totally be there, live in person. Please tell your friends! Buying tickets in advance is highly recommended.
Experience all that is Chuck. Live and on tape on the same day in the same location.


What an opportunity.

Hey Chuck, you are looking in the wrong direction. All the good posts are down here.

Paris Hilton Video Channel on YouTube

This video has Paris Hilton talking about the recording of Nothing In This World and Turn You On from her new album.

Listen to Paris Hilton's new album for free.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Stupid icons be gone

Mail Stamps 2 -
I didn't know I needed this until I saw it.

I need it.

Installing now.
via [ hawkwings ] via [ One digital life ]

LonelyGirl15 Real or Fake?

Lonelygirl15 a Fake?

The Great LonelyGirl15 Debate.

Free Mac OS X Games

Gridlock is a collection of over 30 grid-based strategy games, including Ataxx, Reversi, Checkers, Gomoku, Connect Four, and more.

ABC Fall Show Video Previews

Watch ABC Primetime Video Previews:
Brothers & Sisters, Day Break, Help Me Help You, In Case Of Emergency, Men In Trees, The Nine, Six Degrees, Traveler, Ugly Betty
Some of these are mid-seasson shows. Eight out of Nine of these shows look good.

Support PodCamp Boston

PodCamp Boston, happening on Sept 9-10 at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston needs a few more sponsors.

First, you're invited to attend. Participation is always a great way to share with a community. But as we've created this event to be free for our attendees, there are costs we need help covering, and that's where we could really use your support.


The No-Frills PodCamp Donation Page
PodCamp Boston is a FREE unconference about audio and video podcasting and new media, being held on Sept 9-10 at Bunker Hill Community College (thanks to the generosity of the Museum of Science, Boston). We're gathering 200 enthusiastic participants for sessions led by the people in attendance. The tradition of unconferences comes from the roots of BarCamp, and features concepts like "everyone participates" and "vote with your feet." See for more history.
Thanks for your support. See you at PodCamp.

Blogger Finally Copies Wordpress

Over on the the Blogger official blog they just announced that a new version of Blogger is being rolled out, Blogger Buzz: Blogger in beta:
"If you can't wait, you can create a new account on the beta now and make a new blog to test out the new features. Because the new Blogger uses Google Accounts, you can use your existing Google login, or create a new one. (Later, you'll be able to merge your current and beta accounts, and have all your blogs in one place.)"
They're adding categories! Finally. There's also drag and drop features to that allow you to change how you blog looks including easy ways to manage content on your toolbar.

I created a new blog, Nokia N93 Test Center to check out the new features.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Flickr blog, Flickr Nokia and IM feeds

links for 2006-08-20

Podcast: Multimedia and Citizen Journalism

Audio podcast of Steve Garfield session [ mp3 ] presented at Citizen Media Conference at Harvard on August 7th, on using multimedia tools for better citizen journalism from AudioBerkman.

Links mentioned in my multimedia tools for Citizen Journalism presentation

Washington Post wants to own your video

The Washington Post has a Video Mash-Up contest happening where you answer questions from Post political reporter Dana Milbank::
"Welcome to the Video Mash-Up, where our readers have the opportunity to create their own interview clips opposite Post political reporter Dana Milbank. We provide the questions, you provide the answers!"
Sounds like fun until you get to the Terms and Conditions:
(1) WPNI will make available to User on its Web site, located at [URL](the "Site"), a video that contains one-half of an interview with a celebrity. User may then splice the video with footage of him/herself, or a friend or associate, participating in the other half of the interview ("Recording"). After completion of the Recording, the User must submit the Recording to WPNI.
"...the User must submit the Recording to WPNI"

What is up with that? In this meme crazy world of YouTube, I would think that the Washington Post would want to have their videos posted to as many sites as possible, AND viewed as much as possible.

Now lets take a look at what happens to your rights after you agree and upload your video:
(4) User agrees to grant and assign all right, title and interest in the Recording to WPNI.
Wrong again.

Take a look at the Terms of Service over at, which says in part: does not claim ownership of the materials you post, upload, input or submit to the site.
That's the way to do it.

Tiki Bar's Lala MySpace Page

Lala from TikiBarTV has a sweet MySpace page:

Bang Camaro - Free MP3

Bikers shoot Bang Camaro - Music - The Phoenix:
"Between takes at Saturday’s video shoot, without cue, you can hear them break spontaneously into Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” Scorpions’ “Rock You Like A Hurricane,” Metallica’s “Seek and Destroy,” and, even long after the cameras stop rolling, their own “Lady Lightning.” You’ve never seen a dozen dudes so stoked to be singing their own song."
I know I wrote about these guys before, did I post a free mp3? Here it is if I didn't.

Bang Camero - Push Push [ mp3 ]

Photo: Tia Leigh

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sunflower in a Field of Sunflowers

Sunflower in a Field of Sunflowers by stevegarfield, uploaded from flickr.

Look what I found today!

Blog, Video and Photo Links

links for 2006-08-19

Stills from your Movies

Hincman Park Bench Stills
Loadedpun has a post about a cool screengrabber for Macs.

The program Screen Grabber, takes still from your .mov file and makes a bunch of stills for you in a .jpeg file.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Google Maps, Videos and Garbage Links

links for 2006-08-18

A litle bit faster now results on a wired connection to a Linksys WRT54G. 23,318 kb/s down. Sweet.

Making Money With Web Video

Carson Daly is quoted in this Reuters article, DailyReel refining Web video search:
"'The industry has been saying 'OK, this phenomenon is happening -- what's the business model?'' Daly said. 'The key to user-generated content is revenue share. You have to empower these filmmakers financially.'"
Hmm. How to feel about this statement?

If someone is going to make money off of your video, it would be nice for them to share the revenue.

Come to PodCamp Boston Sept 9-10

Hi this is Steve Garfield from, and I'd like to invite you to come to PodCamp in Boston on Sptember 9th and 10th where you can learn all about audio and video podcasting and media making. Check out the website at

I know, I look like a clown. Ironic interface choice, huh?

Pre Milion Godina

One Million Years B.C. (1966) - (Raquel Welch) Yugoslavian from the Yugoslavian Movie Poster Page.

Lots of fun!

Eddie & Irina of GETV

Eddie & Irina of GETV by Scott Beale / Laughing Squid, uploaded from flickr.

I think it's interesting that Scott adds this text to the description of this photo on Flickr.

This photo is licensed under a Creative Commons license. If you use this photo, please list the photo credit as "Scott Beale / Laughing Squid" and link the credit to
That's the type of attribution I'd like when someone uses my CC licensed content, but there's really no mechanism for you to say that when you add a CC license to your work other than typing it in like Scott does.

For example, I someone uses my CC licensed video, my request would be:
If you use this video, please list the video credit as "Steve Garfield /" in the video and on any associated blog post, and link the credit to

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License.