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Sunday, January 31, 2010

My TiVo Now Playing List

Parks and Recreation (4) Thu 10/8
FlashForward (3) Thu 10/8
Community (3) Thu 10/8
Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (2) Thu 10/8
Top Chef: Las Vegas (3) Wed 10/7
Glee (5) Wed 10/7
Modern Family (2) Wed 10/7
America's Next Top Model (2) Wed 10/7
The Good Wife (3) Tue 10/6
Popular Science's w/ Bartunde Thurston (5) Mon 10/5
Mad Men Sun 10/4
Bored to Death (3) Sun 10/4
Curb Your Enthusiasm (2) Sun10/4
Saturday Night Live Sat 10/3
Making His Band (4) Sat 10/3
The Mentalist (7) Thu 10/1
The Office (2) Thu 10/1
Grey's Anatomy (2) Thu 10/1
Mercy Wed 9/30

Friday, January 29, 2010

What a Difference 5 Years Makes. Posting video from Times Square.

On January 22, 2005 I was in NYC for Vloggercon. The first face to face conference of videobloggers.

There was a blizzard on the East coast and I was stuck in NYC. I tried to see video of the snowstorm in Boston online, but couldn't find any.

I recorded a video with my Canon camera and uploaded an .AVI file online.

Here's it is, re-uploaded to YouTube:

Back in 2005 there was no YouTube.

Fast forward to 2010. I'm in NYC and used my iPhone to live stream from Times Square using Qik. Then video then auto-cross posted the video to YouTube.

Ustream Producer: New Desktop streaming application for PC and Mac.

Ustream just came out with, Ustream Producer, a livestreaming desktop application.

This aplication comptes with Livestream Procaster.

There are two versions. Ustream Producer, is free and supports one camera. Ustream Producer Pro costs $199 and supports an unlimited number of cameras and HD.

Here are the specs:

Ustream Producer
Supports one camera
Allows importing movies and audio
Enables up to three transitions
Supports picture in picture/co-hosting
Provides screen capture feature
SD bitrate support
H264 Flash 9 video
Upgrade Producer to Producer Pro for a simple, one-time fee

Ustream Producer Pro
($199 one-time fee)

Supports unlimited number of cameras
Allows importing movies and audio
Enables unlimited transitions
Provides screen capture feature
Allows you to use overlays, layers, and add titles
Support for HDV source
SD/HD bitrate support
Includes 7 encoding presets, including HD
Ability to save to disk in same bitstream
Support customizable picture-in-picture

via Ustream

You can try out the Producer Pro version version via a menu option in Producer. Ustream adds a Ustream watermark over your stream.

Here's what the Producer Pro acreen looks like.

Compare that to Wirecast:

It's nice to have a standalone application that makes it easier to broadcast in higher quality with Ustream that gives you the ability to use multiple cameras.

Reposted from Get Seen blog.

Saturday: Steve Garfield on CBS News Backstage Live

I'm going to be on CBS News Backstage Live on Saturday morning with Rick Borutta and Cali Carlin, talking about my book, Get Seen.

Rick produces the show and moderates the chat while Cali anchors.

Follow Rick and Cali on twitter.

Visit: CBS News, Ustream.TV: CBS News behind the scenes live news coverage. Breaking News.

Here's what the show looks like on a Saturday morning:

I talk about Backstage Live in my book, Get Seen, on pages 191 - 192.

I love how the show is interactive and includes the people formerly known as the audience.

CBS Backstage Live uses Ustream for their live stream and chat, along with Wirecast to support multiple cameras.

The newly released Ustream Producer Pro makes support of multiple cameras part of the Ustream product line.

Google's iBookstore

My bookshelf at Google books:

My bookshelf at Google books

Google books allows you to look inside books, read reviews, and add them to your library.

There are links to purchae from, Barnes&, Books-A-Million, or Borders.

There's also a link to help you find books in a library.

Seems like this should work on the iPad. ;-)

via Peter Knox

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple - iPad - The worst way to experience Flash videos, vlogging, and live video streaming

So there you have it, the new iPad.

Syler doesn't look happy. Probably because the devices he uses in the movies are better than the iPad.

According to Apple:

Apple - iPad - The best way to experience the web, email, and photos.

Maybe they'll make the iPad better in version 2.0?

I'm looking forward to getting my hands on an iPad at MacWorld SF to experience the speed that everyone is talking about, but it's missing features that I was really hoping it would have.

It's missing some features that even the iPhone has. So it's not even just a bigger iPhone.

What's Missing from the iPad:

1. Camera
It doesn't even have a camera like the iPhone. Seems like it should.

2. Video Camera
Video Camera
There's no iSight video camera on the iPad. I would have been sweet if the iPad had something like an iSight camera so you could record video or live stream.

3. Cellphone
There is an option for 3G service, but it doesn't sound like it's for voice calling, just data only. Would have been nice if the iPad WAS actually a phone.

Those Skype handsets that plug into laptops are cool, which leads me to my next point, no USB.

4. USB
Skype handsets
Granted there's no camera, but how about a USB port, or two, to allow hooking up a webcam with a mic?

5. iLife
There was an update for iWork, but what about iLife? How about an insanely great way to create multimedia content for the rest of us?

If the iPad had a video camera, it only makes sense that an update to iMovie would follow that would make movie making even easier.

I wrote about this prior to the launch:
Is the 'Crush It' Vook a Preview of Apple's Tablet.

The iPad supports the ePub format for book publishing, but what about books that support multimedia? Audio, Video, Links?

6. Flash video

Those YouTube HD movies look great, but the iPad doesn't support Flash. All the video sites I use present video using Flash. Hmm... There'll be a lot of 'missing plugin' icons on web pages on the iPad.

7. Sport Illustrated
What happened to the Sports Illustrated vision of the future?

What do you think? Do you want one?

Around the web:

5 Reasons to Wait for iPad 2.0 - Sarah Perez, Read Write Web

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Interviews, Presentations, Book Events, Consulting, Teaching, Meetups and Conferences

Flickr Party: Vloggers United!

My schedule is filing up:

1/30 - CBS Backstage LIVE (interview)
1/31 - 3six5 Project (Blog post)
2/1 - WFNX Breakfast Show (interview)
2/1 - Sirius Radio - Doctor Radio 5:30 PM EST (interview)
2/2 - @mediabistro Meetup
2/3 - NYC Training (consulting)
2/3 - Next New Networks - The Secrets to Getting Seen (book event)
2/5 - ETC Travel Conference (presentation)
2/6 - PodCamp Western Mass (presentation)
2/7 - Boston Media Makers
2/8 - Northeastern University, Dan Kennedy class (lecture)
2/9 - Brightcove Training (consulting)
2/11 - MacWorld, Wiley Booth (book event)
2/11 - House of Shields Meetup Tweetup Drinkup (book event)
2/15 - This Week in Media (interview)
2/16 - Visible Gains Web Show (interview)
2/19 - On the Record (interview)
2/23 - Emerson College, David Gerzof's Class (lecture)
2/25 - Boston Book Event (book event)
2/27 - VideoCamp Ausin Remote Keynote (presentation)
3/1 - Webinno
3/5 - Cape Cod Technology Council (presentation)
3/7 - Boston Media Makers
3/12 - SXSW
3/16 - Mini 140 Conf at SXSW
3/17 - Brainshark Webinar (presentation)
3/21 - The BeanCast (interview)
3/25 - Bentley College, Mark Fryenberg's Class (lecture)
4/1 - Brightcove (webinar)
4/4 - Boston Media Makers
4/11 - Streamy Awards
4/20 - 140conf NYC (presentation)
4/30 - ROFLcon

How to use the language of video, that's really it, Dunkley Gyimah - Get Seen Interview

Steve Garfield: Okay. Quiet on the set, everyone. Thank you. Quiet on the set. Okay. Good. Ready? Okay, tell us who you are.

Dunkley Gyimah: My name is David Dunkley Gyimah.

Steve Garfield: And what do you do?

Dunkley Gyimah: I pretend that I do video.

Steve Garfield: Okay. What's happening in citizen journalism right now? What are people doing and what should they be doing?

Dunkley Gyimah: That's a big question, Steve. People are doing amazing things. There are different variations of video journalism. People are mashing up cultures. People are shooting this and they are shooting that. The industry is back to front and it's front to back. People are trying to sort out a new esthetic as to what's going to be big online when we get out of this public mess of an economic crisis and, you know, jobs become more available.

Steve Garfield: If someone wanted to get started telling stories and putting them up on the web, what do you advice?

Dunkley Gyimah: Exactly what you're doing now. You're no pro. You're using the Flip to do this. It's a great camera for the intimacy because you don't actually realize you've been intimate. I mean I just think I'm speaking to you. So, I think whatever works, works if it's a Flip, if it's an ID. He's laughing on the camera making funny faces. So, it what works with you and I think once we understand whoever is behind this, how to use the language of video, that's really it. In the end, this is not about the technology per se even though we need breakthroughs. We need to have that [unintelligible]. We have to tell our story and ultimately it's you as a storyteller is what really matters. It's what you do behind it. It's the kind of gray matter of your visualization and [unintelligible] that makes everything work.

Steve Garfield: Okay. Great. Now, if people want to find you on the web, where do they go?

Dunkley Gyimah: They go to or they go to my blog, which is

Steve Garfield: Excellent. I actually also have a Blogspot blog because I'm kind of loyal to it, you know? I was one of the first, you probably were too, and there's nothing wrong with it. It works, right?

Dunkley Gyimah: Yeah, yeah, yeah. My friends say you can go to WordPress and I'm like, "Oh, look. If it's good, if your blog is doing something, making content, people will find you whether you're at Blogspot, whatever the case is." So, you know, it's content that matters.

Steve Garfield: And if you go to, then you're going to have to start being a database administrator and administrating everything and you don't want to do that. You just want it up there and you want to go tell stories, right?

Dunkley : Absolutely, absolutely, and that's why you're a genius. That is why you, Mr. Garfield, is a genius. He's laughing. You can't hold it back. He's laughing.

Steve Garfield: [Unintelligible].

Dunkley Gyimah: There you go. [Unintelligible].

Steve Garfield: See you later.

Dunkley Gyimah: Thank you.

This interview and more in Get Seen.

Read Chapter 1: Choosing a Camera, of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business for FREE using the Wiley book reader.

Build Your Business With These Free Online Video Secrets.

Products mentioned in this chapter:

Flip, iPhone, YouTube, Kodak, Gorillapod, Canon, Panasonic, Samson, RCA, Creative, Sanyo, JVC and Nokia.

People interviewed in this chapter:

Tim Street, Jacob Soboroff, and Dunkley Gyimah.

Get Video Online. Banner Ads.

I just got some revised banner ads that you can use on your site to help me promote the sales of Get Seen.

728 x 90

300 x 250

Read Chapter 1: Choosing a Camera, of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business for FREE using the Wiley book reader.

Build Your Business With These Free Online Video Secrets.

Products mentioned in this chapter:

Flip, iPhone, YouTube, Kodak, Gorillapod, Canon, Panasonic, Samson, RCA, Creative, Sanyo, JVC and Nokia.

People interviewed in this chapter:

Tim Street, Jacob Soboroff, and Dunkley Gyimah.

It's easy to put video online in three steps, Jacob Soboroff - Get Seen Interview

Interview transcript:

Jacob Soboroff: I'm Jacob Soboroff. I'm the executive director of "Why Tuesday?" which is at and that's a non-partisan election reform group, most are correspondents for AMC news and the AMC network and I contribute to NPR Weekend Soapbox, which is the blog from Weekend Edition on NPR.

Steve Garfield: Okay. So, I'd like to know what is your advice for people who want to put video online.

Jacob Soboroff: Just do it I think. Grab a camera like a Flip camera, like Steve is using right now, and just start shooting. Hit Record. Something that is as simple as this, I'm sure many of you have a Mac or whatever, you take the Flip cam, you plug the thing into your computer, you drag it, you drop it, and at this point it's so easy. In about three steps, you can have a piece of video online. Bring a camera with you everywhere. That's what I -- I mean my brothers and sisters now I'm giving them, my real brothers and sisters, I have four siblings, I said, "Take a Flip cam and just start walking around with it and put it online." We all live in different parts of the country and that's how we keep in touch now, you know, through Facebook and through social networking. Online video I think is easier than ever before probably.

Steve Garfield: I noticed that the Flip cam, when it puts video up on YouTube, it makes it a little smaller.

Jacob Soboroff: Yeah.

Steve Garfield: Instead of 1280, it makes it like 640.

Jacob Soboroff: Yeah.

Steve Garfield: I actually asked them why they're doing that and they say they want to make it faster and smaller, but they really don't have to or shouldn't. Shouldn't they allow the biggest quality to go out?

Jacob Soboroff: I think why not, yeah. I don't see why not.

Steve Garfield: Yeah.

Jacob Soboroff: When I put my Flip cam up, and I notice this, sometimes you get the bars on the side of the screen when I put my Flip cam up direct and I was wondering why is that going on. I don't know. You're probably more tech with me than I am as far as that goes, but I don't see why. High quality is best quality as far as I'm concerned.

Steve Garfield: Yeah. Oh okay, great. If people want to find you on the web, where do they go?

Jacob Soboroff:,, or for the AMC Network. Too many websites, oh my God.

Steve Garfield: Okay. Hey, that's good timing.

Jacob Soboroff: Cool. Thanks man.

This interview and more in Get Seen.

Read Chapter 1: Choosing a Camera, of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business for FREE using the Wiley book reader.

Build Your Business With These Free Online Video Secrets.

Products mentioned in this chapter:

Flip, iPhone, YouTube, Kodak, Gorillapod, Canon, Panasonic, Samson, RCA, Creative, Sanyo, JVC and Nokia.

People interviewed in this chapter:

Tim Street, Jacob Soboroff, and Dunkley Gyimah.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Next New Networks Presents the Secrets to Getting Seen

Event: Next New Networks Presents the Secrets to Getting Seen with special guest Steve Garfield
What: Mixer
Start Time: Wednesday, February 3 at 5:30pm
End Time: Wednesday, February 3 at 8:00pm
Where: Next New Networks

Join leading internet TV company Next New Networks for a special mixer and presentation as they open up their new Flatiron district studios for the first time and share some of the best practices that have grown their audience to over 30 million views a month and 750 million to date, and launched huge online hits such as Obama Girl, Indy Mogul, and "Auto-Tune the News."

Special guest and O.G. videoblogger Steve Garfield will also celebrate the release of his new book, "Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business" with a reading and signing party.

The first lucky guests will get a free copy, and we'll also give away two Kodak Zx1 HD Pocket Video Cameras in a random drawing.

Register on Facebook.

Also listed on the Social Media Week NYC schedule.

Where to buy Get Seen.

Is the 'Crush It' Vook a Preview of Apple's Tablet

Take a look at Vook's implementation of Gary Vaynerchuk's book Crush It.

Here you can see video, text, links and easy navigation.

How great would it be for my book, Get Seen, which is all about creating video, have embedded video on it's pages?

It would be awesome!

The Wall Street Journal Reports:
Apple is expected to back up the device with an array of downloadable books, periodicals, videogames and movies, as well as make it compatible with its formidable App Store.

Publishers will unveil "fairly soon" new types of enhanced content--featuring images, video, audio and embedded Web links-- to take advantage of the Apple tablet's multimedia capabilities, people familiar with the situation said. Apple is also expected to offer publishers a 70% royalty--double the 35% rate established by Amazon - the people said.
In addition to providing a great way of consuming books, this rumored Apple tablet, along with Apple's existing array of platforms has the opportunity to introduce a new way of thinking about book publishing.

I just spent a year writing my book. It went through a few rounds of editing. I added images. I provided links to external sites and videos.

I'd love to see a tablet version of Get Seen that allows the reader to watch the videos inline while reading, AND visit the websites I mention in the book.

Sounds a lot like blogging doesn't it.

There are rumors that a new iLife 2010 is coming out. It'll be very interesting if, included in that suite is a new content creation platform.

A software platform that allows content creators to easily create and share documents that combine text, audio, video, links and webpages.

What are you thinking?


Vook Sets Stage for Mass Scale Multi-Media Publishing

Update 4/3/10:

"Gary's Vook, CrushIt is now an iPad application, as are 18 of Vook's titles. Check out the page for Gary's Vook." via Vook

Tonight on NBC: Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kindle version of Get Seen is now #3 (Marketing)

Kindle Bestsellers in Marketing

Will it see #2?

Also #89 in Business and Investing.

Dan Martin with Get Seen on Kindle

Yay! First glimpse of my book, Get Seen, on Kindle! Thanks @DanWMartin.

Where to Buy Get Seen.

WordCampBoston 2010

WordCampBoston 2010, originally uploaded by BenSpark. CC BY-NC-SA

I had a great time at WordCamp Boston today. It was the first conference I've been to at the Microsoft NERD Center.

Parking was a unique experience, both entering and leaving. Entering, I turned in (3) cans of food and got a free parking pass in return.

Leaving was another story all together. The electronic gate read CLOSED when we all tried to leave. Anyone parked in the garage had to wait 30 minutes for the gate to be opened for us. I know there's a photo of the WordCamp staff holding up the gate so we could all get out. Thanks for that.

Upon entering the conference area, you could tell the organizers spent a lot of time planning for everything. Very impressive set up.

Microsoft has done a great thing for the Boston tech community to allow events to take place at the NERD Center. Thanks for that.

No guesswork on this coffee temperature

There were a few fancy ways to get coffee in the morning, but I think it would have worked better to have a bunch of jugs of Dunkin Donuts coffee to make things run quicker. Also, when we got lunch, I saw we all got a banana. I would have liked to get that at the start of the day. I would have been happy to pay for a bagel, but there was no food to start the day.

SEO Analysis with Corey Eulas at WordCamp Boston

Prior to getting involved in video production and editing, I used to be a web developer, programmer and data base designer and teacher. So many times I like to sit in technical sessions to see what people are talking about. I sat in a number of coding sessions and was impressed by the presentations and people presenting the material. Really smart folks.

The lunch line was more chaotic than it needed to be. When I was in line there were only four of us, but we were being rushed through to take whatever and move along. Calm down people.


I had a blast presenting my session on web video. Glad that people got a lot out of it. A few people told me that they didn't appreciate getting yelled at to leave the area immediately after I finished to make way for the Sumo Wrestling setup. Again, calm down people.

Scott Kirsner's talk with David Weinberger and Doc Searls was great. We got a lot of laughs from it.

I loved the Ignite WordCamp Boston sessions.

All in all, a very good experience. I was happy to be able to meet a lot of new people.

Thanks to all the organizers of WordCamp Boston.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Get Seen: Web Video. Presentation from Word Camp Boston

I blasted through a condensed version of my dynamic three hour class on choosing a camera, getting great audio and lighting, shooting, editing, hosting, and included WordPress specific examples for embedding video.
Where to buy Get Seen.

Welcome Back @EpicFu

We're back with a new season! Today it's our first Epic Fu Film and we are urging Conan O'Brien to take his orange coiffure to the web! Plus we look at film fights, recreated memories, the shortest of shorts, and a one man film studio! It's Epic Fu Film!
Congratulations @Zadi and @SteveWoolf.

Great to see you guys back with two shows a week.

Visit EpicFu

Conan O'Brien: Work realy hard and be kind.

I'm With COCO
Conan O'Brien's Last Show: His Final Words For NBC And For His Fans:
"Nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going to get. But if you work really hard and you're kind, amazing things will happen."
Good luck COnan.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Secrets to Online Video: Interview with Steve Garfield on

Interview with Steve Garfield, author of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business.

Read the 'show notes' at the Hubspot blog

The Best Way to Add Video to Your Marketing (and the Biggest Mistake You Should Avoid): A Q&A with 'Get Seen' Author Steve Garfield

The Best Way to Add Video to Your Marketing (and the Biggest Mistake You Should Avoid): A Q&A with 'Get Seen' Author Steve Garfield
Are you thinking about adding video to your business marketing efforts this year? A record high of nearly 31 billion videos (yes, billion) were delivered to more than 170 million US Internet users in November 2009, according to comScore. Clearly, video is hot.

No one knows this better than Steve Garfield. Steve, who’s been at the forefront of online video since before YouTube, has just published Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business (Wiley, 2010). And there is no one who can speak with more inside authority on this subject than Steve.

Recently, Steve and I caught up on a gray winter afternoon, to discuss how business can tap into the power of video.

AH: What advice do you have for business owners or marketer, who are looking to incorporate video into their online publishing?

SG: First, decide [on your goals]: What's most important to you, content or quality? Depending on the answer to that question, you'll have a very different experience with online video.

If a high-quality video production is important, it'll take more time, money and effort to put something together. Maybe it'll take too long.

But if content is most important, then you can start up very quickly, and test the waters. Using something as simple as a Flip camera can get you going with web video.
Read more.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Get Seen: Kindle Edition

Get Seen: Kindle Edition now available on

Get Video. Get It Online. Get Results.

Read Chapter 1: Choosing a Camera, of Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business for FREE using the Wiley book reader.

Build Your Business With These Free Online Video Secrets.

Products mentioned in this chapter:

Flip, iPhone, YouTube, Kodak, Gorillapod, Canon, Panasonic, Samson, RCA, Creative, Sanyo, JVC and Nokia.

People interviewed in this chapter:

Tim Street, Jacob Soboroff, and Dunkley Gyimah.

YouTube Video Player Includes 360p, 480p and 720p Playback Options

I just noticed a change in the YouTube player when looking at my Get Seen: Web Video session preview on the WordCamp Boston blog.

There's now a menu item in the player menu bar at the bottom of the video that lets you select the resolution you want for playback.

The choices are 360p, 480p and 720p.

This option becomes visible after you press the play button.


BTW, if you wanted to go to WordCamp Boston this weekend, but didn't get a ticket, there are some charity auctions on eBay right now for a few WordCamp Boston VIP tickets.

Tim Street - Get Seen Interview

Tim Street Transcript: 

Steve Garfield: Now, you've produced high quality shows like you produce shows that could go on TV and you're using the Flip

Tim Street: I produce TV shows.

Steve Garfield: TV shows, okay, and you're using the Flip to do interviews and things like tell me a little bit about that process, like choosing that.

Tim Street: It's great. I don't remember how I got turned on to the Flip, but it's right in my pocket and I just pull it out and if you're here with the press, you're supposed to have your badges tagged. That's the official way to do things at South by Southwest, but just with this little camera, I can record Steve Garfield just like that and then I can turn around on myself if I need to and you can see the video right there. The other thing that's really cool about it is like when you get done shooting, you just go like that and this plugs in right into your computer. So, I just plug that in and I can pull all the videos over and upload them immediately, tag them, get them up on my blog pretty quick. So, it's great. There you go.

Steve Garfield: When you say you flip that open, which I figure out why they call it the flip, because that thing flips open, that's awesome, and then you put them on your computer. Do you use the Flip Share program to do that? How do you do it?

Tim Street: This makes AVIs, so I just drag and drop the AVIs over onto my desktop and then I upload them to mDialog because mDialog is a sponsor of mine and I love mDialog. So, I upload them to mDialog and then I take an embed for mDialog and drop that into my WordPess blog at

Steve Garfield: There was no editing mentioned in that. Do you edit your videos?

Tim Street: You know what? I'll bring them into iMovie and the only thing that I edit is if there's some kind of mess up I'll cut that out or if I need to edit something, but usually I just do a super onto person who's talking and then I output that as a .mov and upload it to mDialog, grab the embed and then put that into WordPress.

Steve Garfield: Okay. What's the secret to online video?

Tim Street: All right. Are you ready? I'm going to shut my camera off here. Hold on. 

So, here's the secret to online video. If you want to get an audience, if you want to make money, if you want to be noticed in online video, you need to move two or more emotions, have a spectacle and a little bit of story

Whenever there is a technological advance in entertainment, spectacle comes first then story. YouTube has been that spectacle. You take a look at the early days of filming. 

There were these brothers, the Lumiere Brothers, they shot a train pulling into a station. People paid money to go into a movie theater and watch a train pull into a station and they run out of the movie theaters scared to death. 

They were like screaming and jumping over each other because they thought they were going to get hit by the train. They didn't understand the technology. YouTube is kind of the same way. We're watching all these cats swinging on ceiling fan videos and we're getting involved in these news stories like Lonelygirl15 where we don't know if it's real or if it's not real and then eventually we find out it's not real. That's kind of where we're at. 

We've had this spectacle. We're slowly moving into story right now, but any good media whether it's a good book, whether it's a good film, whether it's a good TV show, it needs to move emotion. It needs to engage the audience. If you can give yourself chills, you can give other people chills. There you go. That's the secret. 

Steve Garfield: And if people want to find you on the web, why don't you tell us again where to go?

Tim Street: I will not be at, but you can find me at

Steve Garfield: Okay, Tim. Thank you.

Tim Street: All right. Thanks, Steve.

Read an excerpt of this interview and more in my book, Get Seen.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Voice Band for the iPhone

Great product demonstration video by Wave Machine Labs.

I bought this immediately.

Then recorded the only song I know on guitar, Smoke on the Water.

Then, OMG! The VoiceBand for iPhone guy recorded Smoke on the Water too.


Get Seen Reader Follows Steps to Create Online Video, Gets on CNN Tonight

Get Seen reader Jeff Esposito followed the steps outlined in my book to get on CNN.

See Jeff's video on iReport.

Watch for him on tv tonight!
iReport —
A voter from Massachusetts congratulates new state senator Scott Brown on his election victory over Martha Coakley.
In the book I talk about how easy it is to create video and submit it to CNN.

This is the second time this has happened!

Steve Garfield on Hubspot TV

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

New book offers advice on how businesses can use Internet video

Scott Kirsner article about Get Seen on Innovation Economy blog.
Garfield has been one of the pioneers and proponents of what might be called "citizen-vérité" video for the Web: slice-of-life vignettes, talk-to-the-camera reportage, and live video streaming from conferences, without the typical "big media" sheen.
Garfield established a reputation as someone willing to help others figure out the right camera, software and services to start videoblogging on their own (usually doing it for free, sometimes as a paid consultant to companies.) Garfield became the Boston correspondent for the satirical daily news show "Rocketboom," and started making videos for Boston city councilor John Tobin, whom he dubbed "the first US elected official to vlog." ("Vlog" being the short-hand, of course, for videoblog.) At local events, he'd be the one streaming live from his cell phone, or explaining the merits of the new Flip point-and-shoot video camera. Garfield also helped convene the monthly Boston Media Makers gathering, now starting its fifth year of Sunday brunches at Doyle's Cafe.

His first book is out today, a compendium of his advice on shooting compelling video for the Web: "Get Seen: Online Video Secrets to Building Your Business."
Fun to see this show up on Google News:

Thanks Scott!

Smashface, Crew and Sir Patrick Stewart

This was taken after Zadi interviewed Sir Patrick Stewart for PBS.

Smashface Steve Woolf kept us all in line while we worked, Digital Rick Rey was the best damn digital tech, Tracie Cotta poofed on the makeup, Vu and I Bui were the shooters.

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