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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Contents Magazine | a new magazine for new-school editorial

Our New Shrines | Contents Magazine

Our New Shrines | Contents Magazine:
What is a publisher anymore, anyway? A blog is a magazine. A magazine a blog. A newspaper a WordPress install. A Twitter account a journalist. The physical and experiential boundaries that defined mediums have dissolved, continue to dissolve. Differences in types of content are now largely semantic. There was a time when “blog” was a word derided by journalists. There was a time when would not host a blog. Would not dare put bloggers beneath their banner. Not place them within their shrine. The Atlantic, too. Others, also. Now, many of their sections look like blogs. Feel like blogs. Are run atop blog software.

WorldStream -

WorldStream - by stevegarfield
WorldStream -, a photo by stevegarfield on Flickr.

The WSJ is sharing video moments at WorldStream.

Friday, August 24, 2012 - Free your Instagram photos with a Creative Commons license!

My first Instagram photo on

Not THAT'S the way FLICKR photo sharing should work.

Include the CC license information in the EMBED!

Great execution.

What it looks like when Google+ pre-approves you for a custom URL. Ex: Steve Garfield - Google+ - Vanity URL

Yay! I've claimed the following Google+ URL for my profile:

When you are approved, you'll get a message as seen above asking you to click to "CLAIM URL"

The next screen asks you to confirm your choice and agree to the Terms of Service:

+SteveGarfield - Google+ custom URL

Confirm by clicking "CLAIM URL"

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

L.L. Bean Customer Satisfaction Survey

I had a great experience with LL Bean. My door mat is great, the L.L. Bean Customer Satisfaction Survey, not so much.

This is the first page, and you have to respond to each question.

How about an option to say LIKE or DISLIKE?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Dee and Dave Reception - 8/12/12

Let There Be Light - Dee and Dave Wedding

There was a huge storm during the wedding reception. The power went out and the band had to stop. Then they wheeled a piano on to the dance floor and played and sang a song without power. Then the power came back on!

Feel The Vibration

Dancing - Shout, Jesse, Right Now.

How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You

The power went out and the band sang acapella while Dee and Dave cut the cake. It was an amazing moment!

Dee and Dave Wedding - 8/12/12

My cousins Dee and Dave were married this weekend, and I had a lot of fun shooting video at the wedding.

Here's the first part of the day including the wedding ceremony.

Music is Happy by Secrets in Stereo. Used with permission.

Congratulations Dee and Dave!
Image: Dee and Dave

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Updated for Worse: Toast-R-Oven Classic™

This Toast-R-Oven design destroys the ease of use of prior designs.

In order to make toast, you need to turn the dial to your desired level of darkness.

In previous models, all you had to do was set the darkness level once, the press "Start Toast" to make your toast.

Black&Decker Toast-R-Oven: Bring Back 'Start Toast'
Image: Older Toast-R-Oven with "Start Toast" Button

Don't make me think!

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Monday, August 06, 2012

Ben & Jerry's Truck Tour - Boston!

Follow the FREE Ben & Jerry's Greek Frozen Yogurt truck tweets! Please bring #omgfreebenjerrys to me! #Boston