Friday, January 31, 2003

The Motorola T720 comes with a plastic belt clip that I liked. It's the grey one on the left. Message board traffic warns against using this one, saying that the phone can pop out of the attached holster.

Oh no.

Don't want that.

So I went over to my Verizon Store and picked up a nice leather holster. This holster wraps all the way around the phone so there is no chance of the phone popping out. There is a problem though, the belt clip, shown above on the right, can't accomodate a belt!

If you hook the belt clip on a belt, the bottom of the clip remains open. So now instead of the phone popping out of the holder, the whole holder might fall right off your belt.

What's the deal with that! How can you have a belt clip that doesn't attach to a belt?

One other thing, the grey clip doesn't fit on the leather holster either.


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