Friday, January 10, 2003

You've Gotta Eat.
San Francisco is a great place for restaurants. While here for Macworld I visited a few that were first rate.

Joshua introduced me to Sears for breakfast. He kept telling me that were were going to go to Sears and that I'd really like it. I thought it was funny since the Sears in the Boston area don't serve food, but I went along and had a great breakfast. This Sears is a classic old time restaurant.

Mels drive-in was a great stop for breakfast. Mels Club Breakfast #1 with (2) eggs, special grilled potatoes, with sourdough toast was exceptional for $4.50. Mels has four locations in SF, we went to the one at 801 Mission Street.

At the Final Cut Pro User Group Meeting on Wednesday night, JC, Managing Director for the Woods Hole Film Festival, was kind enough to go out and get me a hamburger and fries from Mels, also good. Very good.

Puccini and Pinetti was a great find for dinner. Super Italian food served by a waitstaff that remembers yor name. It's at 129 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA.

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