Thursday, April 10, 2003

Tori's Taxivision.
Create Tori Amos' next music video.

That is, if you can understand her lyrics!

Tori Amos, Taxi Ride Lyrics.
And I'm down to
Your last cigarette and
this "We are one" crap
as you're invading
What is she talking about?

Did she use a random text generator to come up with these lyrics?

Here's my lyrics:
A lovely taxidermist operates a small fruit stand with a clock,
and a trombone dances with a wobbly onlooker.

Jacques still boogies her from a piroshki inside an alchemist,
teach her the widow inside a clodhopper with an omphalos from the bride,
and operates a small fruit stand with the dark side of her marzipan.

Sometimes the maestro over another alchemist goes to sleep,
but the guardian angel for a ballerina always bounces a cup!
Now all I need is a melody.

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