Wednesday, July 23, 2003

World Premiere! Wednesday July 23 @ 8:00 at the Allston Cinema
Gordon, Joe, Jordan and Pete are four very different young Boston-area musicians who unite as Fooled By April to bring their energetic brand of power pop-rock to any stage, any audience, anyone who will listen. As they prepare for the 2003 South by Southwest Music Festival and possible impending stardom, the boys deal with the rigors of life on the road - driving hours to play empty bars, neglected girlfriends, loneliness and enough insecurity and doubt to fill a stadium. Will they survive the pressures of rock anonymity and make their major label dreams come true? (2003) dir. Brendan Clarke, 1h22m
I went and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It played at the Allston Cinema Underground which has two theaters at the Allston Cinema. One is now the Bombay Cinema 2 playing Bollywood films from India and the other is the Allston Cinema Underground playing cult, outré, and extreme foreign cinema films selected by Clinton McClung of the Coolidge Theater.

This documentary was great. It really told a story with a beginning, middle and end.

Each member of the band has a strong personality, which helped keep the film interesting.

These guys are quite the characters and play good music too.

The lighting and sound weren't the greatest at different points, but the content of the film overcame it's technical shortcomings.

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