Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Subtly Simpsons.
What follows is a list of lines from The Simpsons that we, your editors, have found to be particularly witty, often with their humor derived from subtleties of language, esoteric allusions, or just plain wit.
Mayor: "Ich bin ein Springfielder."
Homer: "Mmmmm. Jelly Donuts."

Explanation: "Ich bin ein Springfielder" is an allusion to JFK's speech in West Berlin in which he said, "Ich bin ein Berliner" ("I am a Berliner"). A "Berliner," however, is not only someone from Berlin, but also a German word for Jelly Donut.
Episode: 8F09 Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk
I am going to spend the next 24 hours reading this website.

Explanation: I'm not actually going to spend 24 hours reading the site, but am alluding to the 24 Hour Blogging Marathon that some of my fellow bloggers are taking part in.
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