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Cakewich - How Not to Lose 20+ lbs in January 2011

Cakewich, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY-NC-SA

I made this Cakewich using Mark Bittman's Golden Layer Cake recipe. Came out great. We ended up baking the cake for 70 minutes at 350 degrees, until a cake taster came out clean.


After Baking, Cool on Wire Rack in Baking Pan

Peanut Butter Filling

Jelly Filling

Cake on Wire Rack

Slice off the top done

Slice in Half

Spread on Peanut Butter Filling

Spread on Jelly Filling

Put the top on

How to Lose 20+ lbs in January 2011:
#1. Cut out sugar and flour.

This step will actually get you most of the way there. Most people’s primary calories come, in some way or another, in the form of sugar. Even “complex carbohydrates” are digested as basic sugar and have mostly the same effect on your blood sugar. Besides, things like bread and rice have little nutritional value.

So, tomorrow, stop eating them and make your primary calories from food (not drink) such as meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, etc. Eat foods your great-grandmother would recognize, and have more protein than you’re used to. Have bigger meals that include these foods and you’ll feel no need to snack since you’ll be very full.

My supper yesterday was a huge bowl of Tom Kha soup (without noodles). My lunch was shrimp ceviche. Both were awesome and I did not feel deprived at all. Doing this is easy.

Giant Baking Adventures: Cakewich Success!

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