Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New SteveGarfield.TV Site

New SteveGarfield.TV Site
SteveGarfieldTV, originally uploaded by stevegarfield. CC BY-NC-SA

I've just put up a new site.

History: Why A New Page
When I first acquired the .tv domain, courtesy of .tv, I decided to forward it to the Facebook page. What I've now done, is create a page that I own and control, where I can add more things than Facebook allows. I've also embedded the Facebook Social Plugin, which gives site visitors a view into and a path to the Facebook page.

New Format: What the New Page Does
It's a splash page that allows visitors to easily be able to:
1. WATCH LIVE programming on The Pulse Network, including my show when it's live

2. WATCH a HIGHLIGHT REEL of past shows. This is great to show prospective sponsors what the show is like.

3. LIKE my Facebook page, see the most recent posts, and click over to join the community and conversation over there.

4. Follow me on twitter.

5. Link to my main site,
Behind the Scenes: How I did it
Here a couple of notes on how I put this together.

I created the page using iWeb on a Mac. Then I copied it to my Dreamhost web hosting site in a new directory, sgtv.

Then I went over to my domain registrar, hover, and forwarded my .tv domain name, to forward to

Redirecting to the new Site

I enabled stealth redirection so site visitors will see in the browser instead of

I'd love to get your feedback. Thanks.

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