Monday, May 30, 2011

Gigantic Goldfish Surfaces at Jamaica Pond

While walking Jamaica Pond this morning a huge 'goldfish' surfaced. A darker fish was also swimming along with it.

Did someone drop a little goldfish in the pond years ago?

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Update from a reader:
I just saw your short video on the goldfish at Jamaica Pond. Just a heads up, it's an albino common carp. Common carp are found in most if not all Boston ponds and rivers, they were introduced from Asia back in the 1800's. Right now they're starting their breeding season so you'll see them in groups along the edges of ponds and rivers. Standard issue common carp is a dark olive color that appears almost black when you see them from above. Every once in a while you will see a large goldfish (that someone released) in Boston waters but their color will look more orange like a carrot and they usually have long flowing fins compared to a carp's compact fins.

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