Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Scott Monty

A Day In The Life Of Scott Monty by stevegarfield
A Day In The Life Of Scott Monty, uploaded by stevegarfield on Flickr. CC BY ELOQUA and JESS3

Just one page of the FREE Social Media ProBook.

Great stuff in here including:

New Entrants by Brad Cohen:
As corporate blogs become more, well, “corporate,” forward-looking brands are beginning to use hosted services like Posterous and Tumblr to establish “lightweight” blogs. These properties help companies get messages and digital assets to market faster than they could on a more rigorously managed corporate blog or Website. They are also valuable tools for organizations that support the “personal brands” of select executives and spokespeople. Think of them as occupying the space between full-featured blogging platforms and Twitter.
These lightweight blogs are a great place for casual corporate videos.

Share authentic moments without having to worry about adding titles, credits and music.

You set the site visitor's expectations by placing these video moments on a lightweight blog instead of the main corporate site. Chevrolet does a great job with this on Chevy's posterous blog.

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