Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Google+ project: Hangouts

THIS is very cool.

We used to have scheduled Videoblogging Group video chats back in the day. Watch me talk about those early video chats in my talk: Introduction to Videoblogging at Podcast Academy - May 2006.

People could just pop in and video chat.

The thing that I like about The Google+ project: Hangouts is that it's not planned, without a schedule, rundown, or agenda.

There are times for planning, like, tune in Thursdays at 2 ET :-), but I like the idea of this free form open chat room.

See also an interview with Grant Crowell and me: Video Chat Platforms – Choosing The One That’s Right for You at ReelSEO Video Marketing

Update 6/30:

Tried it.

Google Hangout Video Chat

It works, and you can watch YouTube videos together.

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