Thursday, August 25, 2011

iPhone Photography in NY Times featuring Doctor Popular

Daily App Experiment #160 "Dub Mo" - A shot of the Manhattan Bridge as scene from near the Etsy offices. In Camera+ I created two versions of this image, a lightened version in red and a darkened version in cyan. I took these red and cyan versions and mer
Photo DocPop: CC BY-NC

Doctor Popular is featured in this NY Times article on iPhone Photography. See him on today at 2 ET.

NY Times - Strolling Artists, Bearing iPhones
With help from the Instagram app, Doctor Popular’s remarkable photographs have quickly established him as an innovator who uses the iPhone as a powerful tool for creative expression, rather than as a pocket-size plaything.
NY Times - Tricking Out Your iPhone Photos:

Photos: Doctor Popular photos courtesy NY Times and Doctor Popular

Doctor Popular Interview on 8/25/11

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