Thursday, May 17, 2012

Staree: First Impressions and my Steve Garfield page

Staree: Steve Garfield by stevegarfield
Staree: Steve Garfield, a photo by stevegarfield on Flickr.

Staree went live today and I was approved for a page there.

My page on Staree:

I signed on because I saw that my friend CC Chapman was trying it out.

I always like to try out new sites.

This one says,

"Staree allows users to post photos and videos from their mobile device or desktop, and share them with friends through Facebook and Twitter. Users make money from display advertising targeted to their content and product placement in photos and videos.”
I still don't know how the "product placement" will work, but am intrigued by the ability for brands to license my content:

There is a "license a photo' ink at the bottom of the site that goes to this text:
"Staree gives you access to original celebrity-generated media. From photos to video, media on Staree is fueled by its users so you get the most authentic images and videos straight from the source. Want to use a photo or video featured in Staree? Make a request below!"

I've posted a few photos and videos to see how the system works. It's a simple web upload form. You can't point to content that lives elsewhere on the web and copy it over.

Videos need to be uploaded, and under 100 MB. No posting of YouTube videos here.

There's an option for visitors to ask questions. It's similar to VYou, check out my page there: I got a text question from CC and answered it with a video. There isn't an option to record directly to the site. You have to record locally and upload. That actually makes for better quality. CC got a notification via email that I answered.

I like how the commenting system is integrated into Facebook.

Here are a few comments I sent in to the site:

- The initial sign in process is BLIND, where you don't know what you get if you sign in (I only did it because of CC Chapman). More explanation needs to be online like a thorough FAQ.

- Copyright (everything is copyright by default). To me this is confusing because usually the choice would be to allow Creative Commons on top of the default copyright. Maybe make Copyright a default so the famous people can feel better. Having it be an option is confusing to people who know that everything is already copyright by default.

- Following (I get emails?). I don't understand how to follow people. Do you get emails for everything they post, instead of subscribing to them in a timeline like twitter nad facebook?

- I still have NO IDEA of how you make money on posts, and what kind of content you want on there.

Thanks to Ted Murphy for helping me get a custom header created for my page. It looks really great.

It'll be interesting to see how this develops.


  1. Hi Steve,

    We really appreciate the thorough review and your feedback! I have passed this post along to our Engineers to consider for future development.

    I hope that you will keep using the app and won't hesitate to let us know of any additional issues or ideas you may have to make it better.

    All the Best,
    Carri Bright
    Senior Manager, Community & Support

  2. Thanks Carri,
    I also sent my feedback in to Ted.

    Appreciate the comment.

  3. Hey, since it looks like there are Izea folks keeping tabs on this post I thought I'd throw some of my own impressions out there.

    I've been on Staree since earlier this morning... I'm really liking what I see so far. The site is really well designed in my opinion, and just the fact that there's an integrated web interface to compliment the mobile app is fantastic. It's something I wish Instagram would've done. Also, the advertising is very elegantly presented, so again, kudos to your designers.

    A couple things I noticed (I wouldn't be surprised if some of this stuff was already in the works):

    - So far, community interaction is very very limited. This is fine for "celebrities" who can drive traffic based on name alone, but for everyone else there's a real silo effect. I like the "see other stars" module, but it seems like it's always the same couple faces.

    - I'm dying for tagging and/or hashtag search functionality, which is something that Instagram absolutely nailed.

    - Like Steve, I'm very confused what it means to subscribe to someone's profile. If it means I'm gonna get an email every time somebody posts something, then there's very little chance it's something I'll ever use. Would much rather see some sort of "activity feed" like Instagram/Tumblr.

    - In the mobile app (Android) there are a couple things I'm missing. I couldn't find any way to delete a photo that I accidentally double posted, and an in-app crop function would be really nice (although there are definitely third party workarounds).

    Anyway, like I said, it's a really promising start. If anyone feels like checking it out, here's my Staree profile.