Wednesday, March 22, 2017

SXSW 2017

SXSW 2017

Three people of SXSW 2017.

Casey has no idea what he is doing at CNN, but in his talk, he said that he has NEVER had any idea what he was doing. That’s what CNN needs. Someone to experiment, see what works, and throw away failures.


His tech team is building apps and I think we’ll see lots of experiments with conversations with real people. Also, he mentions the hundreds of CNN bureaus around the world and helicopters!

It will be exciting.

Gary was greeting people before his keynote at the door to the conference room.


The funny moment came when he was going ON HIS LEFT TEHN ON HIS RIGHT, taking selfies. I jumped in on his LEFT and he looked in my phone, then saw a selfie with me in it and TURNED to me IN REAL LIFE and said HEY STEVE GARFIELD!

So funny!

So much.

I heard some interesting news about Apple’s entrance into the VR/AR market. They are reportedly building their own CDN to carry all the data people will use with new AR/VR devices.


Reportedly they will come out with products that will be easily adopted by the market which do not require large and powerful PC’s to run like current VR products.

There will be options to slip your NEW iPhone into a headset, and also use some type of eyeglass/headset that will be inexpensive and be powered by a connected iPhone.

In the group I was in, everyone said they would buy all the new products.

No one has market share in AR/VR and it is a BIG opportunity for Apple.

On the other hand, many features of these new apps are also found in current phones so there’s always the chance that adoption will be smaller and slower.

But, if Apple brings out AR/VR products for THE REST OF US, it could be huge.

Time will tell…..

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