Wednesday, February 07, 2001

Top Ten Do's and Don'ts of Theater Etiquette From a Senior Retirement Community in Florida
10. Do arrive on time, enter and be seated prior to the start of the performance.
9. Do stay seated during the preformance.
8. Do refrain from loud or excessive talking during the performance.
7. Do dispose trash in the proper receptacles.
6. Do avoid singing or humming along with the performers.
5. Do adjust hearing aids so they can not be heard by other theatre goers.
4. Do use restraint in the application of prefumes, and colgnes, as many of our patrons suffer from allergies.
3. Don't bring cameras or recording devices as copyright laws stricly forbid them.
2. Don't unwrap cellphane candies during a performance, since it is impossible to do so quietly.
1. Don't leave your seats and head for the exits until the performance is complete, the performers have left the stage, and the house lights have come up.

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