Monday, February 26, 2001

Here Kitty Kitty. Wait! No! DO NOT GO NEAR THE POOL! AAAAARGH!
Should your cat fall into water by accident, some symptoms of drowning are: gurgling noises, gasping for breath, clawing wildly, or gagging - even if the cat is already out of the water. To resuscitate your cat, place him on a flat surface, open his mouth, pull the tongue forward, and clear away any debris in his mouth. If he's still in distress, hold him by his hind legs and gently swing him back and forth in an attempt to clear the water from his lungs and stomach.
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I am a woman. Are you?

Get out your camera and pose.

Say pants to poverty.

They seethru stuff over there in the UK.

Give each contestant a gun and see who survives.

Dear Mr. President...

Old double hung windows with pulleys are fine. Do not buy replacement windows.

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