Thursday, September 13, 2001

I wasn't aware that Boston was a hotbed of terrorist activity until this week. I guess that's the way they like to keep it. Quiet.

I subscribe to the theory that 'worry is a worthless emotion', but after seeing the World Trade Center tradegy in New York on TV and the recent activity in the Boston area, I feel that being cautious is a good thing.

I drove my wife to work in downtown Boston yesterday. When I looked up at the John Hancock Tower and the Prudential Center Tower, my mind saw an image of a Boeing 747 flying into them. Strange, it wasn't a concious thought, but it was there.

On my way home, I stopped in Kenmore Square to workout at my health club. After getting out of my car, two fire engines, two ambulances and a few police cars drove up to a nearby building with sirens blaring. Normally I wouldn't think anything of it, but yesterday I did. It made me pause.

After returning home, I saw that the Westin hotel, right in downtown Boston, was being surrounded by SWAT teams and Bomb Squads. My wife was working just a few blocks from there.

I called her to tell her that I'd be picking her up, she had planned to take the bus.

When I picked her up, I asked her if she had looked at the Hancock or Prudential towers during the day.

"Yes" she replied, "and in my mind, I saw a plane crash into them ."

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