Saturday, September 01, 2001

While I take a short break from blogging, I'll leave you with a detailed list of the sites I visit daily. Enjoy!

A Fire Inside usually has a few top stories of the day with insightful commentary. You'll also get a peak into another person's life.

Roger Avary is making a movie and talking about all the behind the scenes stuff. It's really cool if you're interested in movie making.

Evhead is Blogger's daddy and has quality links.

The Web Today features Outrage, Pop and What.

gleanings comes to me in the mail, you can get it too. Everything's also in the weblog. I usually like the random bits at the end.

NetWatch has tech stuff from a Boston Globe reporter.

parallaxview let's you look into the life of someone from England. They like beer and girls too.

Scripting News has writings of David Winer. Lots of techie XMLweblogs stuff here with some fun links thrown in.

Signal vs. Noise features quality postings with space for comments.

The Ultimate Insult is a great place to visit if you want to waste some time looking at weird websites.

WFT is What's Funny Today. Funny always comes in threes over there.

Wil Wheaton is my new hero.

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