Wednesday, February 27, 2002

I'll Never Forget the 11 cents!
The other day while checking out at our local Roche Bros. supermarket I came across a cashier who really understands what customer service is.

Our total order came to $42.11. I got out the $42 handed it to the cashier. Then I searched my pockets for some change. I didn't have any, and the smallest bill in my wallet was a $20. So I handed the cashier the $20.

She asked me if I had any change, and I told her that I didn't have any.

She then handed me back the $20 and said, "forget the 11 cents." It was great. It's not the savings of 11 cents that made me happy, it was the intelligence of the cashier to understand that it was better for everyone, to let me go without having to wait for her to break a $20.

Thanks Roche Bros.

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