Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Michael Moore's Book Tour Diary.
As I'm getting ready to leave, a hairdresser down the street has noticed the commotion at Bookends and has come inside. When she sees it's me, she insists that, as my #1 fan in Ridgewood, NJ, she must cut my hair. Man, this is just what I have not been able to do all week. My wife will be very pleased, so I head out with her and the Bookends owner down the street to the salon chair in which my scraggly mop will be made... well, less scraggly. It's one of the better haircuts I've had in a while, and considering C-Span is taping me Sunday night, I will now look my best for my favorite rockin' cable network.
Mike's Tour Across America stops at a church in Cambridge tonight.

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