Monday, March 11, 2002

American Airlines Rocks! can proactively notify you of American Airlines or American Eagle flight departure or arrival status and gate information. You can choose to receive a voice message to your phone, or a text message to a cell phone*, alphanumeric pager*, personal digital assistant (PDA)* or regular e-mail account.
American Airlines is cool. I just had the best experience with them on my trip to Florida.

An American Airlines computer called me 2 hours prior to my flight to give me the status.

I purchased electronic tickets online.

When I got to the airport I checked in using a touch screen kiosk. It prompted me though frequent flyer confirmation and seat selection. This allowed me to get in a shorter line to check our bags.

That flight attendant withe the power drill was on my flight prior to our arrival. She had taken out a row of seats and gave us a ton of leg room. Lots more room than on Delta!

A computer talked to me on the 800 # and gave me my flight departure information. Really. I talked and 'she' listened. It was the best implementation of voice response I've ever encountered.

On the way home I was seated in an exit row and the flight was on time.

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