Sunday, March 31, 2002

A few words concerning the set up on my PowerBook G4.

Short User Name
The installation procedure asks me for my short user name.

What's that? Where will it show up? Will I be able to change it?

These are questions that will remain unanswered.

How Do You Connect To The Internet?
I normally use my cable modem, but since this Mac is so new, I haven't had a chance to set this up. I figure that I'll just plug in the phone line and let the Mac dial into an 800 # to complete my registration.

But no.

Since I told it that I use a phone, it now wants to know my Internet provider. But I don't have a dial up Internet provider.

I guess they don't let the computer dial up using a phone # any more.

Internet Set Up.
This is great. The screen says if you have questions, "Ask you network administrator."

That's a good one. It's only me here in this room.

Set Date and Time
The computer says, "You cannot set the date and time while using a network time server."


Getting My Cable Modem Working
Go to Network

Change to Built-In Ethernet

But, the Apply Now button isn't lit.

Go down to DHCP Client Name and delete whatever is in that field. A client name isn't needed.


Apply Now is available.

Click it

Open Explorer.

Success! I'm on the Internet.

Unpluging the iPod
Me: what am i supposed to do before unplugging ipod?
Tack: you have to drag drop ipod on trash can
Me: oh, that's intuitive!!!!!
Tack: hehehe

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