Wednesday, March 06, 2002

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Business (Yours Is a Very Bad Hotel)

I saw Rudy Maxa on Public TV talking about two guys who made up a powerpoint presentation about their bad hotel experience. Rudy's cool. He had some great tips for travel.

Yours Is A Very Bad Desk Clerk!
I recently checked into The Mountain Club and had an unpleasant experience. I was there for a weekend of skiing.

I gave the desk clerk my name and he looked up my reservation. On completion of the check-in he presented me with a receipt and informed me that I could pick up my lift tickets in the morning. I also noticed that the total cost on the receipt included the cost of lift tickets.

Our conversation follows:

Me: I only wanted a room, I don't need lift tickets.
Deskclerk: (pushing reciept in my direction) That's your reservation.
Me: But I don't want lift tickets.
Deskclerk: You must have requested them when making the reservation.
Me: I didn't.
Deskclerk: You must have given the reservation clerk the impression that you wanted lift tickets.
Me: I gave the reservation clerk no such inpression. I do not need lift tickets.
Deskclerk: I'll take care of it but you had to in some way indicate that you wanted the lift tickets.
Me: (show desk clerk season's ski pass) I have no need for season tickets since I have a season's pass right here!
Deskclerk: I'll take care of this for you.

What was this guy's problem? This could have been handled without his condesending attitude.

UPDATE: 3/11/02:

I am at a total loss to explain the behavior of our Front Desk Supervisor. I will be meeting with him personally on this today. There is absolutely no excuse for his behavior and on behalf of the Mountain Club I would like to apologize.

I have forwarded this and your email to our Director of Guest Services. He will follow up with you personally.

Once again, I apologize.

General Manager

Their 'We Keep Your Cash' Cancelation Policy.
Their cancellation policy, if you make your reservation within two weeks and cancel:

You get charged a $25 penalty and they keep your deposit, one night's fee, on credit for you to use at a future date.

Have you ever heard of such a thing?

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