Saturday, November 02, 2002

TV Barn - Brady Bunch In The White House.
"In an entirely new installment of the cult feature franchise, the blissfully ignorant Bradys are propelled into the national spotlight as America's First Family. ... When Bobby finds a lost lottery ticket worth $67 million, Mike decides that the only Brady thing to do is try and return it to its rightful owner. Mike's honesty is rewarded by an unscrupulous President of the United States who needs to add an ethical Vice President candidate" ... blah blah blah ..."Mike suddenly finds himself taking the Oath of Office and moving himself and his family from their split-level ranch house to 1600 Pennsylvania" ... blah blah blah ... "Greg falls for an attractive intern, Jan is haunted by the disembodied voice of Abraham Lincoln" (why does that sound like an old "SNL" sketch?) "and Cindy learns that she shouldn't tattle on her family to reporters."

That airs on November 29th on Fox. Tellingly, that's two days AFTER sweeps.

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