Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Aaron Has Another New Girlfriend?
Reports say that the tabloids have been staking out Aaron?s apartment in his hometown, and that he been secretly seeing someone. Her name is Julie Ross, she?s a 23-year-old kindergarten teacher, and they?ve know each other for about a year. The tabloids say she arrived at his apartment last Thursday at 11:30pm and snuck out the next morning at 6:20am. I also hear that Aaron had been trying to get with her since they met, but she was in a relationship, and always turned him down. Then a month ago, they ran into each other at a local bar. Of course, by then, Aaron became this big star, and she dumped her boyfriend of 4 years and went home with Aaron. They?ve been seeing each other a few nights a week since then, and Aaron?s not denying it. When they reached him for a comment, Aaron simply said that ?Yes it?s true, Julie stayed at my apartment last night."

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