Saturday, September 20, 2003

Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk: It's Tomorrow, Donate Today.
My mom is currently battling a very rare form of cancer called GIST. She was diagnosed while down in Florida and had the support of Dr. George Demitri from Dana-Farber, a leader in the battle against GIST. Dr. Demitri consulted with my mother's doctors in Florida and supported their decision to operate.

My mother is now back up in the Boston area and is lucky to be under the care of Dr. Demitri's staff at Dana-Farber including Dr. Morgan and Dr. Desai. These doctor's are amazing and truly care about their patients.

We, you and I, can do something to help my mom and the thousands of people being treated with this disease today.

Thanks to scientific advances made at Dana-Farber, the cure rate for some forms of pediatric leukemia is 80 percent. We can achieve similar rates of success for other forms of cancer, but only if we work together.

I'm doing my part. Join me my making a donation today. Do your part.
Thanks for your support!

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