Sunday, September 28, 2003

The Office: Second Season Starts October 12th!
I'm so happy that I was reading the Boston Globe this morning. In their story about watching obscure TV shows on DVD's, the final line of the whole three-quarter page story says, about The Office:
...the show's second season premieres Oct. 12 on BBC America.
That should have been page one news!

Finally, one of the best shows on TV starts it's second season after reapeating it's first season one hundred million billion times!

Here's a synopsis of the first episode from BBC America:
The Slough branch of Wernham Hoggs is hosting a small party to welcome the new intake from Swindon following the merger. David Brent introduces his new boss, Neil, who used to be his equivalent at Swindon. Jennifer, his old boss is also there for the hand...
Gotta go make sure my TiVo is all set!

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