Tuesday, September 09, 2003

For Love Or Money 2: Erin writes Chad a check for $500,000. Why?
Oh, and they confirmed their split of the winnings ... although, taking into account the 40-year payout for the prize money, all Chad received was $244,000 (not the claimed hal-million). Erin retains $732,000 -- her $488,000 present value of winnings from For Love Or Money 1, plus half of the winnings from For Love Or Money 2.
I thought she foreited the money from the first show, and was going to get $2 million for this one.

An NBC recap.
Erin had a little something-something to tell Chad. She explained that she had been in the house with Rob and that he had picked her and she had chosen the money. Then she told a shocked Chad that because he had picked her, she would win an additional million - and she wanted to split it with him!
Not how I remember it.

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