Monday, September 01, 2003

Lady X Films: Episode 13.
Episode 13 of the global indie series, Lady X, is the tale of a young samurai who, through an act of treachery, loses a cherished family heirloom. Centuries later, a descendent of his disgraced clan has the opportunity to reverse the injustice through the only way he can, the sword.

Episode 13 is one of two Canadian segments of Lady X, a global web series with entries from around the world. Filmed over five days in six locations in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Episode 13 used the talents of local stunt actors, costumers and crew to recreate the look and flavour of 17th century Japan in Canada. Even after production was completed, a lengthy process of editing, foley sound FX production, visual effects and a full-length musical score by local composer Keith Gillard were needed to complete the seven minute action extravaganza.
Produced by Keith Loh & Dylan Couper of Pyroglyph Films.

Production notes are here.

Nice job!

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